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#GatedEating has demonstrated that I can lose weight—and keep it off—by extended fasting. That fasting is either coffee only, or a minimal amount of protein for several days each week. I have yet to demonstrate holding a particular weight, but that is mostly because I am 1/
trying to reach a target waistline and am not satisfied holding the current weight. Hunger is under much better control that pre-LCHF days, and emotional eating is also better controlled now. I must not lose sight of these accomplishments despite remaining above goal weight/size.
I had a DEXA scan last July, which revealed 3.6 lbs of visceral fat. My goal since then was to lose excess fat (determined more by waistline appearance than the scale), and have another scan this July to determine the remaining amount of visceral fat. 3/
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#GatedEating Week 24
Cumulative change: -22 lbs (-86 lbs from peak)
Weekly change: +1.0 lbs
To go: ~17.0 lbs🆕

Weight ↑1 lb over last week, but both waistline and hips ↓1/4" so I am happy and continue to see improvements. The "gated" part—fasting when above target—is working. Image

… I want to lose that final **39** lbs …

And finally stop kidding myself‼️


#GatedEating Week 25
Cumulative change: -23 lbs (-87 lbs from peak)
Weekly change: -1.0 lbs
To go: ~16.0 lbs

Back on track. A tad above weekly target, but heading in the right direction again—catch up this week? Looking forward to first full week of #croissantfreecroissantdiet. Image
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#GatedEating Week 14
Cumulative change: -15.5 lbs
Weekly change: -3.5 lbs

Back on track. Extended fasts seem to do the trick. It takes at least 48 hours to see any drop in typical BG levels, and a rise in ketones. With all this fasting, #CGM Daily Patterns graphs are quite flat. Image
#CGM Daily Patterns


During considerable fasting, zero carb some days, 4-8g other days, and deliberate weight loss. ImageImageImage
This week's weigh day "of record" will be Thursday, rather than Friday. It's not because I'm going to (carb) binge on Thanksgiving. I'm long past that habit now. Rather, I usually feast on Fridays. This week I'm shifting forward one day is all to align with family day of thanks.
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I want to lose that final 25 pounds because 1) I want to look better and eliminate a MetS factor (waistline), and 2) HBP.

Maybe if I share publicly, I'll be less likely to bail out and fail to reach my target weight. First some background, then the plan.

Well, I'm quite fat-adapted now which is a big advantage compared to every other time I calorie-restricted using a low fat diet (which started in junior high!) to lose weight.

After 6 years of LC/ZC I have found I can't eat until I'm full, no matter what fat:protein ratio I
use, or in what order I eat the fat and protein. I don't "count calories," but I do have to portion control or I'll eat too much. I'll always want to eat more. I think I'm still hung over from years of being so hungry while dieting on low-fat (and even when I'm not)
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