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Azadi is not an option
A #Thread
What does a misguided #Kashmiri mean by “Azaadi”? Is it the right to #equality, right to #freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural & educational rights, right to property & right to constitutional remedies
If that is the meaning of “Azaadi” then it is already entrusted to them through the #constitution then who are these people and why are they asking for Azadi?
The people of #kashim for long have been disassociated with the #progress in mainland due to provisions of #Article_370 which restricted the investment and #development in the state.
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Students in our universities are inundated with critical race theory. This is a marxist doctrine holding that America is a wicked and racist nation. That even young children are complicit in oppression, and that our society needs to be radically transformed.
Critical race theory is being forced into our children’s schools, it’s being imposed into workplace trainings, and it's being deployed to rip apart friends, neighbours and families.
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long day ... multiple press calls and interviews ... new policy piece on direct payments up ... mentoring and emails ... and sifting through news and data ... totally privileged to have my platform and access to others’ wisdom ... but srsly, it’s like screaming into the void
I’ll be fine. mindless TV after I reply to one last request ... but moms out there trying to figure out how to feed their kids tonight ... what the hell are we doing? we will pay for today’s mistakes for decades. I win’t stop screaming but that ain’t enough either. do something!
PS in my (not quite unpacked) home office 👇 ... made it on jobs day in June to take to a protest in DC after George Floyd’s murder. will update on Friday and go to DC again ... when it’s back under 5%, then y’all can take a victory lap. not now. Image
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There is great #progress under @narendramodi @PMOIndia, on the issue of retaining Public Sector only in Strategic Sectors & in limited numbers (1-4), so as to fully benefit from privatization & private competition. 👏👏. I hope all elements are formally approved within a year.
2/pvt Ports, Airports & other "Natural monopolies' have limited competition from similar facilities in 50-75 km radius. Whether they are owned by Govt or privately, they have to be regulated by independent professional regulator(s), to function efficiently in public interest.
3/pvt 3/pvt The strategic privatization policy was spelt out by Finance minister a few months ago. It's very comprehensive. Once approved formally by the Union cabinet and notified, it will be the first major change in Public sector policy since Nehru-Indira. Several specific..4/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/07/2020…
The Pandemic's Biggest Mystery Is Our Own Immune System - The Atlantic…

#pandemic #system #immune #mystery
In northern China, scientists have found what may be the 2 billion-year-old birthmarks of Earth's first supercontinent…

#china #geological #earth
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1. It seems they have decided to oppose it by all means. They are doing it to avenge the demolition of #Baburi Mosque in India, back in early 90s.

This is a gentle request to them, please don't forget that your brutality, hate against your people, the minorities of Pakistan,
2. Pakistani Hindus, won't chang anything, it won't hurt them, neithr produce anything gud 4 any1.

If u want to build a #Baburi Mosq at d site of the #Mandir in Islambad, u r free. But trust me, it won't chang anything in India, rathr weaken our stance at d international levl.
3. It would disturb interfaith #harmony in our country, it would stop us from #progress, it would damage #Peace and #prosperity in our country, Pakistan.
It is better to make religion our private matter, and accept the difference rather than imposing our belief on others.
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The world's gone collectively mad. Searches for "pride fist", "pride flag black brown" and "trans rights" are reaching all-time highs.

Every year we get more stripes on the flag, new letters in the LGBTQ2IA+ #Progress ImageImageImageImage
Gayblack is no longer enough. We must focus on Gay black men who dress in women's clothing. Our society must be reshaped to center on a mentally ill minority 0.01% of the population.

This year's pride flag is literal trans black penetrating the gay symbol. ImageImageImage
I've made my own new flag to describe this effort. Black trans will penetrate your life, your consciousness.

They MUST tread. They WILL tread. If you want a picture of the present, imagine a black lady dick stamping on a human face—for ever. Image
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Why can’t people debate anymore? I’ll be honest, until this year I was leaning left. I really liked Bernie’s policies even if they don’t work in the real world due to liars who take advantage of the “system”. I thought, “the world is going in the can anyways so why not make
everyone’s lives easier financially, and hopefully people will start to do right and not con the system”. When the DNC very obviously pushed Bernie out, i was shocked! How could someone do this to their own?
What was worse than the facts that i was seeing, was the fact that “typically” when asking about or discussing a fact with a “leftist”, i would get attacked without any sort of evidence. When you try to argue facts against someone who argues that trump is rude or a bad man, it’s
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Ceux qui me suivent depuis un moment savent que je me suis engagé depuis plusieurs mois avec @LeGouessant dans des essais sur l'arrêt de la caudectomie (coupe des queues) chez les #porcs.

#bienetreanimal #BEA #éthologie #Recherche #progress
#CeuxQuiFont #FrAgTw

Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
pour rappel, on coupe les queues des cochons pour prévenir les risques de caudophagie/cannibalisme des cochons entre eux. Ce phénomène est généralement expliqué par les conditions d'élevage et la promiscuité des animaux dans l'élevage. Mais en réalité ce n'est pas si simple.
en l’occurrence,
nous avons observé d'une part qu'il n'est pas impossible de sortir des cochons à queues naturelle de nos élevage sans dégâts, mais on sait aussi que d'autre modèles plus extensif sont aussi exposés à ce problème.
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#Thread If you thought “critical social justice” (as @ConceptualJames calls it) was going to take a break during (or better yet, become a fatality of) the #coronavirus #COVIDー19 outbreak, think again:
At @Independent after arguing that gender specific vaccines are needed, the author expresses skepticism that this will happen because,

“To date, our understanding of health has developed through a male lens, based on studies of men, carried out by men.”…
For the “male lens” reference, he cites:…
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Upon multiple request I will try to recreate the construction of the #ISS with the recent released @LEGO_Group model in this thread (if you find any errors please let me know):
On November 20th 1998 the first #ISS module #Zarya aka #FGB was launched from #Kazakhstan with a #ProtonK rocket. It was built in Russia but funded by @nasa but operated by @roscosmos. Its purpose is cargo storage
On December 4th Space Shuttle #Endeavour launched with the 1st US #ISS module #Unity on #STS88. Shortly after launch #Unity together with #PMA1 + #PMA2 were lifted from the payload bay and docked to the shuttle docking adapter:
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V positive step forward as @10DowningStreet have decided #UK is to be the first country to go further on #TCFD = Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure ...

Govt will consult on proposals following amendments to #PensionSchemesBill we laid last night ⏩ #Progress 1/
This amendment imposes requirements on trustees + managers of certain occupational pension schemes as regards taking into account the effects of climate change / publishing information relating to those effects - takes #TCFD to next level 2/
Massive step forward in battle against #climatechange.
Transparency and disclosure are key to both
- a #NetZero by 2050 approach
- and an understanding by investors of the #investmentchain.
Progress on #TCFD assists with #COP26 and more 3/
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The well at my house in Arkansas has been busted since Thanksgiving due to lightning damage. Thanks & glory to God, today the water is running & the well is repaired better than it was before. I am thankful for my neighbors & for the church community that came to help today. 🙏
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SFI President David Krakauer introduces our annual board of trustees symposium on New #Complexity #Economics - follow this thread for live coverage of talks by @EricBeinhocker @AKStanger @ole_b_peters @JacksonmMatt @cmoncap & W. Brian Arthur today...
"I think we have to be aware that we're not just discussing financial systems. We are discussing the future of the stability of the planet."

- David Krakauer
on #Complexity #Economics
"What is the #economy? I would argue that it doesn't exist in the physical world. It is a product of our #imagination. It is made out of #ideas. It does have an effect on the physical world. But the imagined order that we have is not succeeding."

- @EricBeinhocker
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Saying No can be incredibly liberating..
I used to feel guilty for saying No. I used to feel that I needed to justify why I’m saying No — justify why something just isn’t a priority.

Now I just say it’s not. No guilt, because self-care matters the most to avoid burnout.

I said No *a lot* today. I feel happy. #progress
I don’t know what I’m doing on Twitter when I should be getting some sleep instead

someone kick me out please
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There is no disputing the worldwide shortage of mental health professionals available to take up post, however, sometimes the facts get lost in debate. #Progress #MentalHealth
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“You get to exhale now?

Growing up LGBT+ in the UK today”

This is a @TwitterUK version of the talk I gave @RCPCHtweets Conference this month

I grew up in Scotland in the 80s and early 90s.

The social and media attitude towards gay people, and LGBT+ people in general, was actively hostile and toxic.

Stories like this were the norm. The way people talked about gay people around me was generally negative
In 1987, 75% of the UK population agreed with the statement:

“Homosexual activity is always or mostly wrong”

Think about that for a second

It’s only 32 years ago - 3/4 of UK population thought there was something fundamentally wrong just with being gay
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Relevant context: In the April 1910 issue of the journal @sciencemagazine, the #American #historian of #medicine Fielding Hudson Garrison writes: "Kircher's "Scrutinium pestis," one of the acknowledged landmarks in medical #progress, was published in #Rome in 1658, at least
.. seventeen years before #Leeuwenhoek's discovery of the #infusoria (1675) and twenty-five years before his #RoyalSociety paper on the #microorganisms found on the teeth (September 17, 1683); so that making every allowance for the skill and proficiency of #seventeenthcentury
.. #opticians in grinding and polishing #lenses, the question whether #Kircher's lenses were better or worse than #Leeuwenhoek's is one of those "improbable problems" that each one can settle according to his personal preferences. No one will deny that Kircher saw some minute
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@KeishaBlain @politico Shocking that @politico would only include white historians because wow look at their leadership team — 20 members but only 18 are white! #progress #ihaveadream
@KeishaBlain @politico Though the folks at @BuzzFeed are also doing a great job on diversity. Here is their leadership team.
@KeishaBlain @politico @BuzzFeed And here is the @buzzfeed board of directors. These guys really get it! Great job, new media companies.
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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This story about melatonin use in children is in the Guardian today

A few key points:

@EvelinaLondon @maxdavie @RCPCHtweets…
As we better understand the importance of good quality sleep in childhood to short and long term health and development outcomes, more attention is being paid to sleep problems in children

Assessing, and deciding if/when intervention is needed, is therefore happening more often
Most childhood sleep issues can be managed without needing to use medications.

Medication for most sleep problems, as in adults, is only appropriate after thorough assessment and where non-medication options have been unsuccessful

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Hi everyone thank you for all your support and empathy in the past few days.
To minimize further injuries, the original voicemail with the intended subject's name has been removed, but I am reposting here with name obscured:… (thanks for tech help!)
I am also reposting my entire Twitter message regarding this incident, with other important ideas I forgot to include:
four days ago my work phone got a rambling but confrontational 3.5 min voicemail from someone questioning my legitimacy to teach based on my presumed #citizenship and #ethnic identity. You can hear the actual message here:…
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#Sterlini: "#Axini, wanna try this together thing again? We could both be dark matter!"
Axini: "I dunno, you were mean last time. I'm a good dark matter candidate too!"
S: "I know. Let's try!"
A: "You CAN'T bully me around anymore, got that?!"
S: "okay I'll be good! MAAAYBE."
Not quite there yet, but they've gone from squabbles to just sniffing each other intently! The quest to reunite the #darkmattersisters continues. #Progress
I posted that video after about 30 minutes of me removing the barrier and a couple of squabbles. This is what's happening right now! 😀
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I am at the scene of #mprracoon, already been interviewed by a TV reporter w/in 5 mins
I have seen some movement but for the moment he/she looks content to stay on the ledge
Got interviewed by another reporter. #mprraccoon is launching me to fame
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