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Starting day 2 #AACE2022 with @ArchanaSadhu talking to us about #diabetes technologies in 2022 #endotwitter
Look how far we have come in #diabetes technology and there is still a lot more to go #AACE2022. #CGM technology has been a game changer and the accuracy continues to improve with each generation
So what's new in the pipeline for #diabetes technology? Let me tell you starting with #dexcom G7. It will be smaller with a better MARD, better warm up and ALL-IN-ONE applicator and transmitter! Just pending FDA review #AACE2022 #endotwitter #medtwitter
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14-day comparisons! Photo 1 (2/27-3/12) is the baseline. #2 (3/13-3/26) is full #closedloop with Humalog and #DynamicISF. #3 (4/20-5/03) is full closed loop w/a 50/50 Humalog/Lyumjev mix. Best results with faster insulin. TIR gains are minimal (starting from a high baseline). 1/?
What jumps out at me are the reductions in variability. Also, the Lyumjev/Humalog results probably would have been even higher TIR and less variable had the restaurant not messed up last night, delivering basically a whole chicken rather than the 2 chicken burritos I ordered. 2/?
Common conditions in full #closedloop- basically no manual boluses. Even if a meal sent me close to 300 (16.7). Manual boluses were only applied when the loop was not running (comms failures, #CGM warmup, etc) maybe 2/week. No carb counting at all. Ate when hungry. 3/?
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“Doctor, what should be my targets for Hba1c, Fasting and Post meal (PP) glucose?”

Many of our friends with Diabetes have this question. I will try to explain in the thread below.

#Diabetes #GlycemicTargets #HbA1c (1/n)
HbA1c should be done at least 2 times a year if goals are met and glucose control is stable,

Done more often if goals not met or there is change in the medicines.

A1c goal for many non pregnant adults is < 7% without any significant hypoglycaemia.

#Diabetes #HbA1c (2/n)
Tighter HbA1c goals ( less than 7%) may be considered in some.

Less stringent goals (less than 8%) may be appropriate in pts with limited life expectancy or side effect of drugs.

Individualisation of glycemic targets is a must. It’s not a one size fits all criteria.

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Three days. Three #CGM plots. Difference 100g sweet potato early, late, and absent


Daily Average Macros: 1967 kCal
Grams: 25% Fat, 57% Pro, 18% Carbs
kCals: 43% Fat, 44% Pro, 14% Carbs

100g sweet potato: 20g carbs, 4.2g sugars/net
#1 Sweet potato first thing (9am for me) along with 4-6oz burger, then main meal around 1pm.

High peak, brief hypo, quickly returns to baseline.
#2 No sweet potato. 4-6oz burger around 9am, then main meal around 1pm.

Much flatter response. 20g fewer carbs than the other two days.
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Looks like another low-fat heart-healthy diabetic special tray!

Potatoes and sugar syrup fruit. So sad. Sorry for your loss Sean.

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#GatedEating Week 14
Cumulative change: -15.5 lbs
Weekly change: -3.5 lbs

Back on track. Extended fasts seem to do the trick. It takes at least 48 hours to see any drop in typical BG levels, and a rise in ketones. With all this fasting, #CGM Daily Patterns graphs are quite flat. Image
#CGM Daily Patterns


During considerable fasting, zero carb some days, 4-8g other days, and deliberate weight loss. ImageImageImage
This week's weigh day "of record" will be Thursday, rather than Friday. It's not because I'm going to (carb) binge on Thanksgiving. I'm long past that habit now. Rather, I usually feast on Fridays. This week I'm shifting forward one day is all to align with family day of thanks.
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@Insulet is working on #Omnipod5, their #closedloop system connected to the #DexcomG6 #CGM. The PDM will be similar to #DASH.

#dedoc° #dedocvoices #EASD2020 #EASD
@EASDnews #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs Image
@Insulet travaille sur #Omnipod5, leur système de #bouclefermée connecté au #DexcomG6. Le PDM sera similaire à #DASH.

#dedoc° #dedocvoices #EASD2020 #EASD
@EASDnews #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs Image
#Omnipod5 is actually Omnipod #Horizon 🚀
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#T2RevFoodCGM #keto #CGM #ketoAF

A thread on two diets with differences in WHAT and WHEN to eat.

Low-fat, three meals plus snacks (my HistoricDiet™)


Low-carb, 4 hour TRF (time restricted feeding)
There is a lot of chatter on social media debating whether a low-carb/keto diet can improve health, and perhaps prevent certain disease. Much of this chatter turns out to be covert vegan disdain for consuming animal products, which confounds any discussion of the real question:
Does consuming less carbohydrate improve health and prevent or reduce the severity of long term chronic disease? We can't really know for sure given the prohibitions against conducting RCTs to find out. IRBs won't approve such trials. Subjects would never actually comply.
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I’m level 37 ✨✨✨
Celebrating that I’ve been keeping myself alive - and well - for the last 37 years living with type 1. This month marks my #Diaversay. As I don’t know the exact day of my #diagnosis - it was at the beginning of the summer break - I have decided it's July 7 🎉 Image
I had been having the usual symptoms for some time before I arrived at my grand parents for the holidays: weight loss, unquenchable thirst, constant peeing. My grandma realised something was wrong and took me to the GP.

#type1diabetes #invisibleillness #diagnosis
I thought I’d share a throwback picture to remind me how far I’ve come with living with #T1D for 30+ yrs: rigid treatments in the 1980s, denial in my teen yrs, hiding to inject my life saving #insulin, 1st pump in 2009, 1st #CGM when I was pregnant in 2010, & looping last yr 🟢 Image
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#CGM update THREAD

I've been #LCHF since 2014, and KetoAF for nearly two years. I am still prone to growing a spare tire and hypertension, two conditions indicative of metabolic syndrome. The other MS markers are good: My blood glucose (90) and TRIGs (60) are lower, and HDL is
higher (62). I've wanted to use a CGM for a while, to track BG on a OMAD KetoAF diet, and to see how adding in some carbs affects BG levels. I assumed BG would rise after eating, the question is how far and for how long? Then, during a carbohydrate assault, how far and for
how long does BG rise? I'm also interested in the theory that abstaining chronically from all but 20g carbohydrate per day, I've become psychologically insulin resistant and somewhat unable to handle carbs (as @CarnivoreMD suggests). The second question: Does introducing a
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Menschen mit Diabetes haben oft einen schweren Verlauf, wenn sie an #COVID-19 erkranken. Grund genug für die Diabetes-Schwerpunktpraxis, den persönlichen Kontakt auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Video-Sprechstunden dienen als Ersatz.(1/11)
Man kann den Kontakt halten, kann gemeinsam die BZ- oder #CGM-Werte betrachten.
ABER: Viele Patienten scheuen sich, ihre Daten in die Cloud zu stellen. Gibt es eine Alternative?(2/11)
Zumindest bei CGM-Geräten kann man die Daten NICHT lokal auslesen und speichern und z.B. per Mail an die Praxis zu schicken. Wenn der Medtronic-Server ausfällt — das ist nicht selten —, können meine Patienten keine Daten mit mir teilen.(3/11)
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Thread for @ashish30sharma versatility ✨💥
Gif 1 ..The early days is the fun days 😜🕺💃
#LSD movie
@ashish30sharma was such a cute in it 💕
Gif 2: The Badass 💥 Bhayaji 🔥🔫
Though it was @ashish30sharma First Role in ITV but turned to be one of his best and one of my favorites ❤️..He rocked it 💥👏
#GKD #Ashishsharma
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I’ve been “lent” a #cgm (continuous glucose monitor) so I’m fascinated to see what I can learn over the next 2 wks about how my life affects my sugar
I’m NOT diabetic or pre-diabetic and plan to monitor the impact of different foods and activities
@grahamsphillips @Diabetescouk
1st observation is that application of #cgm is painless and adherence to skin is secure
Surprised my ave glucose is 6.3mmol/l
3 x glucose by finger prick finds #cgm over-reads by 0.9-1.5mmol/l (have allowed for 10min delay in #cgm but assumes sticks accurate) 🤔
Effect of exercise: 50min hard interval session running in the pinewoods shoots my glucose up to 9.8 from 5.9 just before I set off. In <1 hour it’s back to 5.9
Conclusion: Exercise puts my sugar up. Surprised at this but @lowcarbGP noticed the same
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@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 Just for you @lowcarbGP and for science: after 18h fast I took the #bananachallenge 😳

1pm Glu from 3.7 to 5.6 over 60min and made me hungry+++

Second ‘hump’ after 2pm was the other half #couldntresist
@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 And in further exciting news:

50:50 mix of heavy cream with @Breyers #lowcarb ice-cream is both delish and #flatlineish

I’m not one for treats (and don’t wish to re-awaken my sugar-cravings) but this is good to know #cgm
@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 And after tomorrow’s #runandfast I shall be testing this trusted #runningfuel:
22g CHO as maltodextrin/60ml
Recommended dose 1-3x per hour
I’d need ?20x for 100k (that’s 1200ml to carry/digest) 😳
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