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🧵 I did 10 parent teacher conferences yesterday where my kids have an A in the class & I had nothing to discuss. I used the time to tell #TeacherTwitter a few things:
👉I know you risked your own health & life, & your family’s, to come to work in a #pandemic. #ThankYou

👉I know you spent 1.5 yrs teaching our kids virtually, navigating unfamiliar technology, staring at a little dot on your monitor instead of a class full of kids, not knowing if the kids with cameras off were there, wondering about the ones who never connect. #ThankYou

👉I know you are now trying to teach students this year’s content, but also content that was learned & forgotten during the #pandemic…or never learned at all. And that, as you do this, your schools, & in turn you, will be held accountable for how your students are performing. /3
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Among the many things I am #thankful for: recent progress in hematologic malignancies. When I started my career - not that long ago! - standard therapy for myeloma was melphalan & prednisone or VMP, chlorambucil for CLL, CHOP (without R) for NHL, epoetin & transfusions for MDS./1
CML was treated with Hydrea, busulfan, or interferon & Ara-C,and the big debate was transplant timing. Most patients didn't have an allo transplant donor & the age cutoff was 50-55. Karyotyping was inconsistently done even in AML/MDS; FISH was new; single gene testing was rare./2
No one knew about JAK2 mutations, let alone envisioning specific JAK2 inhibitors. There were elderly patients with polycythemia we treated with radiophosphorous. Many clinical trials were small IITs. The most "exciting" progress was in hairy cell leukemia: pentostatin & 2-CDA./3
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Post-midterm reflections THREAD: I am #thankful for every voter who looked at the candidates on their ballot and chose those who respect our electoral process over those who do not, especially candidates running for important election-related offices such as Secretary of State.
I give thanks for the thousands of volunteers and election officials who worked to ensure that #voting and vote counting proceeded efficiently and fairly. #midterms2022 #VotingRights
I am also thankful for the numerous pro-democracy groups (including @CampaignLegal!) who guarded vigilantly against efforts to disenfranchise #voters, and responded when necessary, including with legal challenges. #midterms2022
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July Passive Income Report

Final numbers received, happy with the results. #thankful

Dividends - $3,581.04
Options - $2,492.23 (Covered calls and Cash Secured Puts)
Total - $6,073.27

#Dividends and Selling #Options is a powerful #income combination!

Here are the details 👇
Dividends received:

Dividends Received, cont. -

Grand Total$3581.04
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“Goldfish might not know the chemical composition of H20, but it's still central to their lives. In the same way, I'm guessing that the [following] concerns …resonate with you: equality, compassion, consent, enlightenment, science, freedom and progress…” Image
“…None of these values are self-evident, nor are they widespread among the civilisations of the world. So where did they come from, and how did they get to become "the air we breathe"?
We can answer that question in one word, in two sentences or in ten chapters…”
“The one-word answer is: Christianity. The two-sentence answer goes something like this:

The extraordinary impact of Christianity is seen in the fact that you don't notice it…”
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7 things which really helped me in changing my #life altogether for GOOD!!

A Thread...

Like & retweet!!!

#healthy #HealthForAll #health #HealthyEating #wealth #finance #personalgrowth #investing #Investment #lifestyle

Spending less than u earn..

This is simple but yet a POWERFUL statement to stick in ur mind.
It helps u to stay with no #debt and be in #debtfreecommunity which brings immense peace and can focus on ur #happiness rather than earning mindlessly to clear ur debt.
Thread (2/7)

Investing every month.

Keep #investing a small amount of ur earnings - expenses in a medium which can beat #inflation.

@RichifyMeClub is a great person to promote this a lot.. ❤️
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In Oregon, yesterday was day 140 of the Summer CoVid wave, the day before Thanksgiving...
That means it's time for a WaveyWednesday update, comparing this wave to all the others in Oregon.
So, happy holidays, more that 2,000 have died from CoVid in these 140 days, this "summer".
Until this week, we didn't actually know that. A month ago OHA announced that it had found more than 500 deaths which were not reported over the course of this summer, at that time there were about 1,000 deaths reported in this wave, horrific yes, but not 2,000...
Since that announcement, we have had another 500 pass away in this "summer" wave, in addition to the 1,000 we knew about, in addition to the 500 we didn't know about.
Thankfully, a large portion of the population is vaccinated, or it could have been so much worse.
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Here's a thread...
We don’t get anywhere in life without help. Our success is based on the good folks we meet along the way. Excluding family, that was certainly the case for me and what helped kick s tart my tournament and bass fishin’ career into high gear. #wednesdaythought
My mentor was a tall lanky fella from southern Missouri who had the uncanny ability to locate and catch bass like no one on earth. He truly was the best bass fisherman I’d ever met and was definitely responsible for teaching me how to catch bass in deep water. #mentor #fishing
Back before B.A.S.S. there were national bass tournaments, which most of us don’t really remember. But, ole Glen Andrews won nearly all of them! @bassmaster
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What is a TEN TEN MOMENT? @1010moment

Do you ever find yourself in a search for that perfect 10/10 burger or 10/10 movie?🍔💯🎬

We live in a world where things are often judged, for better or for worse.
#WorldMentalHealthDay #thankful #gratitude Image
Do you spend your life pursuing perfection?

We grow up going to school striving for high scores. Then we search for the perfect job, partner, wedding, family, & home.💯🏃🏻‍♀️💨

However, in this pursuit, we may miss small moments that make life meaningful.
How can we focus on the small things happening at THIS moment, that bring us joy & meaning? How we can be mindful & grateful for the little things?🤔💭☺️

Can we take a step back & learn to recognize all the small joys that occur in our daily lives?
#1010moment @1010moment ☀️
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#Respect #gratitude #Thankful

In September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a History teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock, USA, did something not to be forgotten.
On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks in her classroom.
When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. 'Ms. Cothren, where are our desks?'

She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn the right to sit at a desk.'
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This evening at 4:45pm we got a call from a social worker that works with seniors. She called us in a frenzy asking us for immediate help.

She told us of an emergency so extreme that her voice shook with concern over one of her clients.

#YYC #Calgary #CalgarySeniors #hope
This is what she said:

"Hello Jen, I was hoping I would be able to contact you before I left my work for the day in regards to a rather important situation that came across my desk this afternoon. I hope you have the time to chat?"

I said "Yes of course, how can we help?" #care
She said "We have a senior lady that is struggling so much that she has been going door to door asking for food from others in her complex."

I was quiet and honestly speechless.

I said "Of course we can and we will help. What is it that you need." #FEEDYYC #FoodHamper #helping
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So #thankful to have spent the last many days wandering a deserted island, doing what I haven’t been able to do in a good decade. A woman in a peach windbrea...
I am #thankful for my body, which is fragile but resilient. This year, I spent six months mostly bedbound following #COVID19. In the aftermath, I found myself almost as weak as I was after my neurosurgeries. COVID also worsened my #MCAS to a terrifying degree.
In September, I began a (second? third?) long climb of physical therapy and strength training so that I could stand and walk again.
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#GatedEating Week 14
Cumulative change: -15.5 lbs
Weekly change: -3.5 lbs

Back on track. Extended fasts seem to do the trick. It takes at least 48 hours to see any drop in typical BG levels, and a rise in ketones. With all this fasting, #CGM Daily Patterns graphs are quite flat. Image
#CGM Daily Patterns


During considerable fasting, zero carb some days, 4-8g other days, and deliberate weight loss. ImageImageImage
This week's weigh day "of record" will be Thursday, rather than Friday. It's not because I'm going to (carb) binge on Thanksgiving. I'm long past that habit now. Rather, I usually feast on Fridays. This week I'm shifting forward one day is all to align with family day of thanks.
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President* Trump’s attacks on our U.S. Postal Service are deliberate decisions to hurt our veterans and to hurt our seniors who depend on mail for medications and checks. VOTE EARLY. @votevets #TrumpYouLose

Every journalist should ask President* Trump @svdate’s question:

“After three and a half years, do you regret all the lying you've done to the American people?"

Does he have any regrets AT ALL?

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Rep @AOC: "Treating people w dignity and respect makes a decent man. When a decent man messes up, as we all are bound to do, he tries his best and… apologizes genuinely to repair and acknowledge the harm…”

“Our fight does not end on Election Day. It’s the days or weeks that follow — as the mail-in votes are counted — that are most important.” @FindAClearTruth

President* Trump has corrupted everything he has touched… November 3rd, America admits its greatest mistake and fires Donald Trump.

Fire #AmericasGreatestMistake October 20 if you vote by mail.

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Rep @AOC: "Treating people w dignity and respect makes a decent man. When a decent man messes up, as we all are bound to do, he tries his best and… apologizes genuinely to repair and acknowledge the harm…”

“Our fight does not end on Election Day. It’s the days or weeks that follow — as the mail-in votes are counted — that are most important.” @FindAClearTruth

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“Don’t trust anything President* Trump tells you. The safest place for your child to be is home, with you. If they go back to school, you could be driving your own child to their death.” #KeepYourChildHome

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Pass it on.

Republican Senators who acquitted #TraitorTrump in February are going to go through some things.

Who does #MoscowMitch work for, America or Putin?

So Trump signed off on Russian murders of American soldiers, Chinese concentration camps, extorting Ukraine, betraying Kurds, selling nuclear secrets to Saudis, putting kids in cages, tear gassing U.S. citizens, and politicizing masks during the #COVID19 pandemic? Anything else??
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Did President* Trump beg China to help him win in 2020?

And why DOES he keep hiring people he says are wackos or liars?

Sir David Attenborough narrates #RampGate:

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@ACCinTouch program #CAAACC starting now. Yesterday over 10,000 watched the first session #COVID19 Today they will discuss cases and their management @hmkyale
celebration: no new case in China 🇨🇳 today!
Case1: #COVID19
🔹 diabetic male age 31 from Wuhan
🔹 febrile on admission, +SOB
🔹ECG On admission
🔹 elevates troponin and elevates CRP, D Dimer
🔹 ground glass CT lungs
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Yesterday a regular patron/customer, former volnteer, & guy who was on the committee to interview me for my job six years ago verbally assaulted me when I asked him and another man to use quiet voices in the library. Among other things he...
... said that hiring me was a huge mistake and he would regret it for the rest of his life. He, and some of the other long-timers, are not happy with the changes I’m making by employing best practices for libraries, archives, museums, and non-profits...
... This man must have been stewing for some time over the changes I’ve made, which, again are all normal in the library/archive/museum world. But the long-timers have had many years to do what they want, so the changes are sometimes met with resistance.
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SoulCycle instructor: Are you a trainer at a gym? You should totally be a @soulcycle instructor. I was thinking that the entire class!!!

Me: *overwhelmed with emotions* Wow. Thank you! (That’s all I could say in the moment) #FitnessMotivation #GetUpDC @SOULRELATABLE_

Soooo... many of you know that I have been on this very personal fitness journey. It has had many many many ups and downs.

For me, it means something when someone else sees the progress... even if they don’t know where I came from. #Thankful
I have plenty of work to still do on my physical fitness. Trust.

However, it felt super awesome for one of the toughest @soulcycle instructors in DC to think I can lead a class. It was affirming and inspirational. #FitnessJourney
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Trump: Day 671
-163rd Day at Trump Golf Club
-215th Day at Trump Property
-Says He's #Thankful 4 Himself
-Permits Troops 2 Use Lethal Force
-Threatens 2 Close "Whole Border"
-House R's Subpoena Comey/Lynch
-Defends Saudis 4 Khashoggi Death
-Turkey Sz Tapes Indict Saudi Prince
Day 776 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 627 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Sick and just sent my family off to Thanksgiving in Chicago without me so send me all your recommendations for classic rom-coms and murder mystery/heist movies. Currently watching Charade.
Campbell’s chicken noodle soup consumed, rolling into How To Steal a Million, for the first time
There is someone in this movie named “Moustache”
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