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Despite COVID-19 deaths topping 10,000 in the U.S and case numbers surpassing 350K+, 79% of Fox “News” consumers who responded to a Pew Research survey believe the media “slightly or greatly exaggerated” the risk of the pandemic. | via @VanityFair 🦊😷… ImageImageImage
How Trump and his gang of intransigent @GOP Governors are fundamentally incapable of managing #COVID19 altruistically b/c their profit motives & false pride take top priority, but Democrats are turning the tide with science & empathy | via @RickSmithShow…
“Two Texas prison units are on a complete lockdown after most of their inmate population was placed in medical restriction for possible exposure to COVID-19...”
| via @HoustonChron 😬😷… ImageImageImageImage
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Are people grasping the sheer level of unrepentant, unapologetic cowardice on display from @GregAbbott_TX and the @TexasGOP right now? 🧐 Their heads are so far up Trump’s ass that they won’t even take the “risk” of demonstrating competent leadership in a global health crisis.
Abbott thinks he’s slick and is using linguistic gymnastics & the patchwork system of local govt/states’ rights to both downplay the threat of Coronavirus for Trump *and* work behind the scenes to handle the problem internally at the same time. 😒 3/19/20:… ImageImageImageImage
These red state Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths on #COVID19 b/c keeping the profit margins healthy at their fave businesses and appeasing #TemperTantrumTrump are way higher priorities for them than protecting/saving lives. “Pro-life” is a habitual LIE.
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It needs to be clearly understood what the GOP lusting for other peoples death reveals about their deep, axiomatic, values & principles.

They pose as a party that cares for life.
They are not. Never have been.

They need the unneeded,per their values,to go away
The fundamental axiomatic needs and goals of the GOP is
1. Power
2. Money
Money being an expression or the mechanism of wielding power.

This is why you cannot recognize the GOP today from days ago. The policy contradictions are staggering. But understandable if you understand
what are actual "principles" for most people..those beliefs & values that are not negotiable, these are simply tools for the GOP elite.
When it is useful for them to rail against a communist Russia, they are totally anti Russia. When it serves their purposes to accept Russia
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My husband just left for his shift in the ICU, working with COVID19 patients.

Please stay home.

This healthcare worker had been dead from coronavirus 12-16 hours when the police discovered her body.

Her 4-year-old child was home alone.

She was 42.…
If you have PPE's to donate or if you are sewing masks and don't know where to send them, please go here for resources.

#Notdying4wallstreet #generalstrike #GOPDeathPanels #DieForTheDow #StayAtHomeOrder…
When frontline healthcare workers start getting sick and dying, that means that less experienced healthcare workers have to jump into the breach.

If you don't want to be intubated by someone who has seen one but never done one and certainly couldn't teach one, please stay home.
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