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Can we find and predict which accounts spread the most #misinformation on Twitter? What is Twitter doing about misinformation #superspreaders?

We take a stab at this problem in our new working paper.…

A 🧵 for results… 👇
We use various metrics to predict whether an account will be a superspreader in future months and then see which ones perform the best. Then we do a qualitative review of the worst superspreaders we find and report what we learned.

The four major results are…
1) How we find them:
We extend the classic h-index metric to the misinformation domain and propose the False Information Broadcaster index (FIB index).

This metric finds the worst misinfo. spreaders who consistently share low-credibility content.
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In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles is another example. On one level it's obviously all about the ecstasy of mad shagging. But for "those in the know" the allusion is to this pink drug, I reckon. Harry even sings that "he can't do without" it.
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#COVID19 Une grande difficulté face est de comprendre que cette viralité touche nos modes de vie bien au delà d'une courte période, la plus visible celle des pics. C'est une nouvelle réalité qui doit aller avec une autre pédagogie dans un monde globalisé, interconnecté #Thread
Si nous voulons retrouver de l'apaisement face aux montées des extrémismes, manipulations, un effort d'explication est indispensable pour sortir de NOS certitudes. Le #COVID19 a encore des zones d'ombre, c'est un défi pour la science qui avance à grands pas pour le comprendre /↩️
En date du 6 juillet l’#OMS a fait état des 4 VOC (Variant of Concern) et 4 VOI (Variant of Interest) #COVID19 identifiés. #Delta qui sévit en Europe actuellement s’est déployée massivement en #Inde avant d'arriver en #UK, début décembre et ensuite se propager aussi en France/↩️
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#StephanieRuhle - My family's Covid diagnosis

Had we not gotten my husband tested, we would have kept our kids in school, exposing our family, our kids' classmates and our colleagues.

We were a day away from unknowingly becoming #SuperSpreaders

His rapid test came back positive.

We weren't naive enough to think driving home with my head out the window with two masks on would stop me from getting it, too. If he had it, I knew that meant I did or soon would. So we needed to figure out the next two weeks quickly.

I self-quarantined in a guest room above our garage, separate from my kids. I didn't see them for an entire week. They were forced to take care of themselves while I was isolated

Our neighbours and family dropped off meals at our doors; I am incredibly thankful — and lucky...
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🎶 Happy birthday to you 🎶

Baby #coronavirus is celebrating his first birthday in Great shape! Special thanks to Sturgis for a wonderful half million #superspreaders ... also Trump sabotaging the US pandemic response infrastructure, doing nothing to help, and his 50 rallies!
Trump continues to aid the #coronavirus in an effort to hand a half million dead Americans to Biden, BEFORE he even gets into office. That way Trump can spend 4 years blaming the millions of dead on the #BidenHarrisAdministration

As @GSAEmily aids Trump in his #Treason we wonder if Emily will be charged for the thousands of Americans dying unnecessarily ... due to forcing a 2 month delay on the #BidenHarris response to a deadly pandemic.
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W Maharashtra
#covid19 has reached hinterland in tier 2 /3 cities & beyond becoming uncontrollable as all beds in different designated centers are occupied full with covid19 person
Admitted either due to breathlessness requiring oxygen or comorbidities abound requiring vigilance
Pandemic Decipher
covid19 is an attack on our distorted might In our #Variedresponse most will overcome, some would suffer protracted misery & sadly unlucky few, FEW won't survive

We must empathize, urgently mitigate & strive best to protect humanity as we face this menace
Pertinently this virus is a #Stresstest to physiological, psychological & immunological competency, challenging each individual until present time
Testing our multisystemic resilience, developmental journey, comorbidities, immune memory & subjecting us to scrutiny of viability
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Hey @GovAndyBeshear, you remember how you said people can’t be going on vacation to beaches? Well, the head of the Madison County Education Association, @SusanCintra (who is demanding no in-person classes due to #COVID19), enjoyed a vacation; but doesn’t want Madison Co...1/2 Image
...students to attend in-person classes despite the districts plan to take the SAME safety precautions she used on vacation! We think students education, a safe haven from potential abuse at home, & their food security is BIT more essential than her getaway. Height of hypocrisy!
“Good enough for me, but not for thee.” Right out of the @GovAndyBeshear playbook.
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With talk about asymptomatic transmission & #superspreaders with #COVID19, dug into a first & most fascinating story in public health when George Soper identified Mary Mallon as the healthy carrier of #typhoid, responsible of many outbreaks in #NYC.

I was able to find and reconstruct the 1919 article by George Soper in Military Medicine (thanks to Google, JSTOR, others) and put it together in the PDF link above for your enjoyment and consideration!

Here are some excerpts from this article which I found particularly amusing.
And if you want to be a hard-core historian of medicine, here is the link to Dr. Soper's original report in @JAMA_current from 1907!

JAMA link:…

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1. Eminent 'Liar' shares fake news- woman in UP's Bhadohi drowning her children as she had no food.

2. PTI reports that she did it after an argument with her husband.

3. Bhadohi police calls out the fake news.

Now if UP police files FIR against PB, FoE will be in danger. ImageImageImage
Standard operating procedures of Eminent Liars and Alleged Journalists.

Dear @bhadohipolice, hope you are filing FIR against @pbhushan1 @kavita_krishnan @ppbajpai @_sabanaqvi for spreading fake news. ImageImageImage
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Are people grasping the sheer level of unrepentant, unapologetic cowardice on display from @GregAbbott_TX and the @TexasGOP right now? 🧐 Their heads are so far up Trump’s ass that they won’t even take the “risk” of demonstrating competent leadership in a global health crisis.
Abbott thinks he’s slick and is using linguistic gymnastics & the patchwork system of local govt/states’ rights to both downplay the threat of Coronavirus for Trump *and* work behind the scenes to handle the problem internally at the same time. 😒 3/19/20:… ImageImageImageImage
These red state Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths on #COVID19 b/c keeping the profit margins healthy at their fave businesses and appeasing #TemperTantrumTrump are way higher priorities for them than protecting/saving lives. “Pro-life” is a habitual LIE.
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@OmarAbdullah Um yes. Your obstinate fundamentalist and delusions about "Allah" are a huge source of the spread of #COVID the world. Islamic preachers continued to have congregations, told people this was a curse on kaffirs from Allah. You are #superSpreaders.

@OmarAbdullah Explicitly rejecting social distancing. Because "Allah" is greater.…
@OmarAbdullah Muslim mosque gathering became the largest known vector for spreading the virus in South East Asia. This gathering also spread it to India.

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Revelation that #Muslims from #TablighiJamaat r wilful #superspreaders of #COVID19 in parts of India, highlights a bigger issue that secular, democratic (and diverse) societies like India face.
It should serve as a lesson for US & other democracies.
My take on this thread below-
Most democratic societies around the world (including US) used to turn a blind eye towards the activities by #TablighiJamat, because they thought (& some still think) that the "non-political nature of Tablighis" make them less likely to indulge in anti-state terror activities.
But the true pan-Islamic nature of #TablighiJamaat makes them one of the most efficient half-way-house for terror groups like #AlQaeda,#ISIS, et al, that actually indulge in anti-state activities.
An article from 2008 on how #Tablighis recruit for #Jihad…
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