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So, now we see that #GeneralStrike is now trending. A few months ago I said the arsons would continue and the protests/riots would morph into strikes and attempts to seize, sabotage, or block critical economic targets. I'm not psychic; I've just read their playbooks.
This is where you people sitting on your massive stash of ammo need to wake up. They aren't going to meet you strength on strength. They aren't going to give you the glorious easy victory. Rural people will be taken down by simply crippling your local economy.
If you live in a rural state highly dependent on agricultural exports, what good is your crate of ammo going to do when they shut down the ports that export your states' most valuable products?
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In the interest of tomorrow’s #generalstrike, here’s a list of companies with owners, CEO’s etc. who have donated to the #Conservative party:


Iceland (foods)
Dixon’s Carphone
Moonpig (.com)
Bargain booze


The Health Lottery
Euro Garages
Ted Baker
River Island
Wren kitchens
JD Sports
Red or Dead
Triumph Motorcycles
Blood Homes
Sofitel Hotels
Vanguard Healthcare
Brambles (logistics)
Well pharmacy

Northern & Shell
Rocco Forte Hotels
Gallagher estates
Addison Lee taxi
Pimlico Plumbers
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You endorsed @SheriffBernal & @stevemcshane - do better.

Bruce Taylor is in business with Dave Drew. 🤔

Bruce Taylor acquired multiple Oldtown #Salinas buildings in partnership with Basil Mills family. (during deferred compensation scandal)



Bruce Taylor’s brother, Steve Taylor, sold his #Salinas McMansion to Dave Drew for $1.8 million dollars. Dave flipped it months later for zero profit. #BusinessOwner

Bruce Taylor told the publisher of @salnews how to write articles (and she listened) Bruce controls a multi-billion dollar company @Gannett owned Salinas Californian operates out of a rented water closet, next to a Yogurt store. #journalism
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Okay so for the Green New Deal, and forcing our reps to take it seriously, is going to take direct action. It’s going to take organizing on the front lawns of our reps houses. These are the next steps because calls and emails are nothing.
Ignore Biden/Trump for a moment. Have you talked to your representative about the GND? Is your senator a fascist scumbag like Inhofe? that’s okay he’s probably losing, and when he does demand the replacement IMMEDIATELY commit to the GND
Do not let up. Make it their fucking platform to support two things. The Green New Deal, and abolition of police. And don’t let them have breathing room to do their business. “If we don’t get it, shut it down”
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I'm all for a #GeneralStrike but I'm cynical of unilateral efforts to call for one. Only 10% of American workers are in a union, and strikes are ultimately an expression of democracy. In a union, you would vote to strike.
In order to have a wildcat general strike, you need at least most workers to have heard of your general strike call and be on board with striking. If just a few people here or there are striking, it's not a strike, it's a few people losing their jobs and getting easily replaced.
It doesn't necessarily have to be an old-school union, but there needs to be organization and political will to strike. A local general strike seems more achievable. A Seattle General Strike could shut down the port and really go places.
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Good morning. Today is the day.

Here we'd like to discuss things you can do to support us. 1/
First of all, there are some downballot progressives who need all the support they can in their races! @EdMarkey, @AlexBMorse, @RobbieForChange, @ihssaneleckey and others are running today against powerful incumbent Democrats who need to go. 2/
Secondly, we recognize that it's somewhat difficult to strike without mass organizing (especially with unions) and without mutual aid. Time is running out, and we figured that we should move as quickly as possible. But to survive, we need you to help address those issues. 3/
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Have you been wanting to #ShutItDown, but don’t know where to start? Is your #GeneralStrike strike a party of one?

Don’t worry—it’s not so hard to start it rolling.

Here’s a few quick tips from books on my shelves. Image
As with any change, it’s easier to advocate in numbers. But shouting “strike” isn’t gonna get everything going. Start by talking to a few trustable and sympathetic coworkers.

A core group can strategize how to reach out widely and lay groundwork, before management notices. Image
Reach out with genuine connection. Don’t recite dogma. Talk to your coworkers about their real human concerns, and express yours.

Make issues connect to the real needs of those you need to join you. Offer real impacts that you want to strike for. Image
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#September1st is the first day of

💥 Largest organized #GeneralStrike in modern US history

💥 Begins the same day as the nationwide #MarchForJustice for #BreonnaTaylor

💥 Every city will implement the #PortlandPrototype protest model
The infamous, #antifascist City of Portland, Oregon, is now on Day 91 of its remarkably sustained #resistance against the US #PoliceState.

In fact, the #PortlandProtests serve as an unlikely vanguard of modern day #BlackResistance and have provided for us something of a roadmap
forward for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. #AntiFascistAction to #DefendPDX has given us numerous ideas on how to proceed. As we all know, sustainability is key. #TheResistance in Portland has done exactly that. Not only has Portland demonstrated the tried and true methods of
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A strike that builds our power will do infinitely more for the student loan “management” than any “tool” can, incidentally
In addition to, like, the not-dying management
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Once again, I've come across that idiotic charge, "You want things to get worse so there will be a revolution." News flash: No serious revolutionary socialist has ever believed that. Things are quite bad enough, thanks. 1/6
As Trotsky said, "In reality the mere existence of privations is not enough to cause an insurrection; if it were, the masses would be always in revolt." What is lacking is not conditions being bad, but political consciousness among the oppressed of a way forward. 2/6
And that consciousness develops in the fight to make things better. The key is this: I believe only the oppressed themselves are capable of waging such a fight; finding a "nicer capitalist" is utterly futile. They are in office to defend interests hostile to our own. 3/6
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I’m FL to cover election integrity & the Primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who often votes in line with Republicans. The beach is beautiful this time of year but unbearably hot.

Btw did you know that Wall Street is happy with Kamala Harris as VP? Image
Did you know that Harris jailed more Black & Brown people than nearly any other prosecutor?

Did you know Biden wrote The Crime Bill in 1994, signed by Clinton, and enabled people like Harris, Trump and others to jail Black & Brown people?
Did you know the establishment rigged the elections in 2000 for George W Bush against Al Gore & in turn he led us into one of the most costly, long & deadly wars, the war in Iraq, in our history, a distant war we’re still in which people born after 2001 were old enough to...
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Yes and the “how to do it” conversation is best had at work, in left orgs, tenants groups etc, ofc
But tbh, im willing to settle for trying to see how far we get with just half of the energy, time, talent and press attention that went into half of one Bernie campaign.
Imagine if “how to strike” articles were even a percentage as detailed and frequent as “here’s how Bernie can still win” takes, even just in the progressive/left press, or debates about the best strike strategy were as widespread as Bernie v Warren battles were
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I said yesterday that if the Senate wants to go home, we can meet them there. @OurUnitedLeft is inviting all orgs to join in #OccupyCongress This will be a large scale mass protest in all 50 states. We are here to show that the people have the power. Image
@OurUnitedLeft is here to be the glue. So many organizations across the country have been putting in YEARS of work. Together, we are strong. We have no desire to control the left, only to help unify it.
We have a wonderful discord we are working out of to work with any and all orgs and get this to be one of the largest show of power the working class has had in recent years. If you are interested in joining @OurUnitedLeft please DM the twitter account or visit our website.
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"We are in day 12 of #Bolivia’s #uprising and #GeneralStrike called by the unions, and the crisis has reached a boiling point. All of the country is paralysed."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #protests #BoliviaResiste #boliviaenrevolución #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling
“The #military has guns and a license to kill; we have nothing,” cried a mother whose son had just been shot in Senkata. “Please, tell the international community to come here and stop this.”
by @medeabenjamin… #Bolivia #Protests #Anez #JeanineAñez #Peace
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Let's talk about the United States. The "president" has steadily dismantled one protection after another and the American people and our elected officials have *underreacted* at every turn, in part because we're meant to be a democracy, and people THINK we can vote him out. 1/?
Now the "president," his backers, and his cult are doing everything possible--much of it right out in the open--to suppress votes, eliminate votes, discourage votes. Whether intentional or not... 2/?
...the result of his cultists believing Covid-19 is a hoax and that masks are a hoax makes them *unafraid* to go to the polls on Election Day. Whereas those who know Covid-19 is real and deadly are more likely than ever to stay away from the polls and vote by mail. 3/?
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It’s great that people are excited about a #GeneralStrike again.

Maybe this time, people on the so-called “Left” who know better and are serious can commit to linking in with @PeoplesStrike and others who have been trying to do the hard work of coordinating one for months now...
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If you support GeneralStrike #GeneralStrike2020 and are anti-Biden, which is 90% of you, you support Trump.

These are pro-Russia, pro-Trump hashtags dedicated to hurting #BidenHarris and that’s all they are
For example: “Doesn’t matter if you vote, you don’t need to vote for @JoeBiden #GeneralStrike2020” —— that’s PRO-TRUMP.

“Forget Democracy” this is RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA ImageImageImage
This thread will post occasional examples of the Russian propaganda effort #GeneralStrike2020 #GeneralStrike whose aims are to re-elect @realDonaldTrump and suppress the votes of Bernie supporters. Putin is terrified @SenSanders backs Joe Biden. Third party spoiler here Image
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The rich won't listen until THEY start to feel the same pain WE feel.

If Congress can shut down while millions are about to be evicted, then why can't we?

They could lose billions in one day.

Shut down stores.
Shut down airports.
Shut down gas stations.
Shut down buses and trains.
Shut down every single place where money exchanges hands.

The markets will TANK.
They won't act if we ask nicely.
They won't act if we scream.
They won't act if we march.

But you better believe if their money stops moving, they'll fucking cave.

We have more power than we know.
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#GeneralStrike Freedom is a verb, It is something we must actively strive and fight for to possess. Join the general strike. See that everyone has what they need by pressuring those with far more than their share. Hard work has earned a billion workers an early grave, work hard
for the things we need, not the measly dollars that buy only some.
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Anarchists won everyone the 8 hour day employing the #GeneralStrike. They won. People need housing and housing ought to be a right. People need food, that too...
should be a right. 10's of thousands are dying daily of the capitalist epidemic and the #coronavirus pandemic. Those who strike share the fruit of your labor with your fellows. Open up or liberate space to house the displaced. Either the government works for its people or we...
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Yall ready, now!?

I been saying this since April.

#GeneralStrike #GeneralStrike2020

For food
For shelter
For safety
For jobs
For justice
Hit em from all angles:

1. #GeneralStrike (see the West Coast port shutdown)

2. Protests in all 50 states

3. Rallies at lawmakers’ homes (a la @4aPeoplesParty)

4. Demands delivered to lawmakers’ inboxes (a la @TENDEMANDS)

5. Votes for downballot progressives (like @CoriBush)
“Our protesters are beaten, our voices unheard, our workers jobless, our hospitals full, our dead piled high, our pantries empty, our Senators complicit, our mail undelivered, their private jet soaring while our votes go uncounted” - @KaptainKaosATX

#GeneralStrike #RevolutionNow
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I wrote this back in January 2019 and things are so! Much! Worse! Now!
Periodic reminder that I’m a freelancer and will happily write more things like this for the right editor. (And Teen Vogue *the publication* didn’t write this or join the call for a general strike, I did, and I am! 🏴)
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Friend owns a construction company. He's on board with a #generalstrike. His employees after he explains the concept.
"But doesn't that F you?"
"Na, I just get a little foreplay. But the real assholes above me. They really get f'd."
This is what happens when that one redneck who did back breaking work for 9 bucks an hour half his life makes it big with a lucky real estate deal.
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