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The 10,000 workers striking @JohnDeere represent the tension between Stein's Law ("trends that can't continue won't") and Keynes's "The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

Deere has been a cursed hot mess for years, but somehow trundled on.

1/ The John Deere logo; the deer in it is inverted with a red '
Until it stopped.

From Deere's management's perspective, this must come as a hell of a shock. They've relentlessly hollowed out their company, shafted their workers, and screwed farmers and the profits just kept piling up. What's not to love?

The reality is that Deere was accumulating the kinds of non-monetary debts that mount in secret and default in public - like slowly eroding foundations beneath a glass-and-steel office tower that rot in secret until the whole thing pitches over.

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Now more than ever Leftists are making their cases against the State. We always seem to be so damn close but we must shake people from their constant consumption. Entertainment, Nationalism, and Religion are the new opiates of the masses.
We can't do it without them. They must understand they can have more and be more than they ever imagined if we but commit to the Revolution. Only Leftist like us can do this. We must seep through every crack in their consciousness. Touch their hearts.
We must reach others deeply as humans. We must show them the better way. We must welcome them in and let them know they are our fellow human beings and we don't seek to divide but unite. Only the power-hungry seek to divide us.
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Many thanks to @rjeskow for yet another fantastic conversation. You can also catch it today on @freespeechtv.✊

#labor #history #LaborDay #laborday2021 #generalstrike #LaborDayWeekend2021

Keri Leigh Merritt: The South's Radical Labor History via @YouTube
1. Thread from a piece I wrote for @BillMoyers on #LaborDay a few years ago. It's more relevant now than ever:…
2. The main reason for poverty in America is not necessarily the lack of jobs, but the lack of a living wage and a social safety net. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a full quarter of full-time workers still earn poverty-level wages...
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1/I'm doing a "mad as hell" list of things we can do to fight these evil, fascist theocrats.

People outside Texas can target Republicans for the Texas tip line for bounty hunting, as Elie Mystal says. Spam, too. Here's the site: prolifewhistleblower . com
2/This amazing guy created a workaround to overwhelm that TX bounty-hunting website (prolifewhistleblower . com). Check out his video. Overwhelm the site and the Texas courts with lawsuits.
3/Contact GoDaddy that is hosting the despicable Texas bounty-hunting site and file a complaint against prolifewhistleblower . com
File complaint at:…
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I first met with @ShahidForChange last year to talk #GeneralStrike. Then he and @EFF helped recover my Twitter account from hackers, and later he joined our call with @FlyingWithSara.

I interviewed him on everything, including the allegations against him

During our 60-min conversation, lawyer, organizer, Congressional candidate and rapper @ShahidForChange and I talked Mike Gravel, the Squad and #ForceTheVote, the George Floyd Act, police reform, #DefundThePolice and abolition, and power in protest music

"Mike Gravel was like an actual real-life Jedi… He’s one of the only members of congress in the entire last century to show up for work"

- @ShahidForChange on Mike Gravel, who endorsed Shahid and whose legacy continues today through @GravelInstitute

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THREAD: The corp Dem establishment & its media allies are LOVING THE current divide & Conquer/mass cancellation/neverending war among indy media.

To rightfully politically frustrated progressives giving this oxygen for a month now at expense of all else...THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT
In reality, this goes back far earlier than this year and the current online war bw hosts and channels...I started seeing this in 2016 after @BernieSanders endorsed @HillaryClinton. Rightfully disappointed and frustrated progressives' began turning on Bernie & diving head first..
into a political nihilist mentality that believes ANY politician--whether or not you agree with them on policy/morality--that takes a direction or makes a policy or strategic choice you don't agree with is a "sell out" or "fraud." Now this has extended to YouTube hosts...
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ACAB Daily Digest (May 21, 2021)🧵

[📽️h/t @nagawingz]
Palestine | "for the Palestinian struggle, the uprising in what is called for short “48” is one of the most important developments over the past two weeks."… #PalestineGeneralStrike #GeneralStrike #PalestineWins #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Seattle, WA | "Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers," Judge wrote.…
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ACAB Daily Digest (May 19, 2021)🧵

[No charges to be filed in Elizabeth City, NC against death squad that executed Andrew Brown, Jr. there in April.]
Related | Andrew Brown's tire as he plainly and unmistakably tried to steer away from the death squad that murdered him after he had already passed them.

#CopsLie Image
CN: dv, domestic, abuse, police, pigs

Former #LiveLeak "star" cop charged for attacking a DV victim in Georgetown, TX | "We don't get your cooperation — this is what happens," Hernandez said at one point.… [h/t @ethanbrown72]
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🚨 The Palestinian people have declared a 48-hour general strike across the whole of historic Palestine starting today ✨This is a moment of unprecedented popular resistance, as Palestinians unite as one✌🏽 🇵🇸

Here’s how you can support - a thread 🧵

#GeneralStrike #Palestine
Grab some friends & family and hold a local vigil, dabke circle, teach in or banner drop - be creative!

#GeneralStrike #Palestine #GazaUnderAttak
• Put up supportive posters/banners in your home or office windows

• If you’re in the UK haven’t already, email your local MP & demand action by the UK govt to stop Israel’s occupation & systematic discrimination against Palestinians

#GeneralStrike #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack
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ရန်ကုန် WE ARE 1❗
We have zero tolerance on military dictatorship.
2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣22 February 2021
#Myanmar #Burma
#CivilDisobedienceMovement #CDM
Mandalay WE ARE 1❗
We have zero tolerance on military dictatorship.
2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣22 February 2021
#Myanmar #Burma
#CivilDisobedienceMovement #CDM
Nay Pyi Taw WE ARE 1❗
We have zero tolerance on military dictatorship.
2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣22 February 2021
#Myanmar #Burma
#CivilDisobedienceMovement #CDM
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The clock is ticking on the final 24 hours of the Trump presidency. Let's take a minute to acknowledge how the inexperience and chaos of his administration directly affected aviation. 1/x
Trump's first major act was the first Muslim Ban enacted on a Friday(!) night, Jan. 27. Passengers took off with one immigration status and upon landing had another. This led to massive confusion at CBP & prompted airport protests across the U.S. 2/x…
This was the first time aviation had to deal with the fallout of an ill-conceived, in this case illegal, Trump Admin policy. It wouldn't be the last. Some "highlights" of the cluster the following 4 years would prove to be. 3/x
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We deserve $47 trillion, not $1,400.

Here's why the next stimulus must consist of $7 Trillion in direct financial relief, not including a cancellation of all student debt and medical debt in a #DebtJubilee.

A THREAD. Please share--I think everyone needs to know this.
By now you've probably seen this chart on productivity and compensation, creating a wedge like decoupling in the 1960s.

If we fill in the wedge, how many dollars are represented? ImageImage
According to RAND (not exactly a lefty institution), the dollars represented by that wedge is ~$47 trillion.

Every year we tack on ~$2.5 trillion.

Make no mistake: this money is being STOLEN from you.

You're not a charity case; you deserve reparations.…
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Everyone who says "#BoThSiDeS" can shove that phrase right up their backside, because of the @GOP using the turocharged capitalist equivalent to #warlordism in #congress and #senate, holding the entire nation as hostages for their reactionary bullshit!

And this "political #instability" and "#political uncertainty" is making the #USA a worse place to invest, conduct business in or with and to have to deal with in general.
Because Ghouls like #McCornell are just being #assholes for the sake of doing so and not facing #accountability for it!
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We call her Plutocrat Pelosi.

We call her Platitude Pelosi.

But we’d rather there just be #NoMorePelosi.

This crumbling statue does not care about us.
This could’ve been us...

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[thread ]
So as many of you all know, I am a very easy going, laid back kind of person. As a leftist, I try first and foremost to punch right. I try not to involve myself with the petty bickering on the left...
...because we (Americans) are so far to the right that socdems are considered leftists too (which is fine btw). One thing that has bothered me on the left, though are shitty class reductionist takes like this!
It’s a meme that was dropped by @th0risy . Now I have seen this meme before and ignored it because again I don’t like to involve myself with leftist infighting.
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You endorsed @SheriffBernal & @stevemcshane - do better.

Bruce Taylor is in business with Dave Drew. 🤔

Bruce Taylor acquired multiple Oldtown #Salinas buildings in partnership with Basil Mills family. (during deferred compensation scandal)



Bruce Taylor’s brother, Steve Taylor, sold his #Salinas McMansion to Dave Drew for $1.8 million dollars. Dave flipped it months later for zero profit. #BusinessOwner

Bruce Taylor told the publisher of @salnews how to write articles (and she listened) Bruce controls a multi-billion dollar company @Gannett owned Salinas Californian operates out of a rented water closet, next to a Yogurt store. #journalism
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Good morning. Today is the day.

Here we'd like to discuss things you can do to support us. 1/
First of all, there are some downballot progressives who need all the support they can in their races! @EdMarkey, @AlexBMorse, @RobbieForChange, @ihssaneleckey and others are running today against powerful incumbent Democrats who need to go. 2/
Secondly, we recognize that it's somewhat difficult to strike without mass organizing (especially with unions) and without mutual aid. Time is running out, and we figured that we should move as quickly as possible. But to survive, we need you to help address those issues. 3/
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A strike that builds our power will do infinitely more for the student loan “management” than any “tool” can, incidentally
In addition to, like, the not-dying management
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Once again, I've come across that idiotic charge, "You want things to get worse so there will be a revolution." News flash: No serious revolutionary socialist has ever believed that. Things are quite bad enough, thanks. 1/6
As Trotsky said, "In reality the mere existence of privations is not enough to cause an insurrection; if it were, the masses would be always in revolt." What is lacking is not conditions being bad, but political consciousness among the oppressed of a way forward. 2/6
And that consciousness develops in the fight to make things better. The key is this: I believe only the oppressed themselves are capable of waging such a fight; finding a "nicer capitalist" is utterly futile. They are in office to defend interests hostile to our own. 3/6
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I’m FL to cover election integrity & the Primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who often votes in line with Republicans. The beach is beautiful this time of year but unbearably hot.

Btw did you know that Wall Street is happy with Kamala Harris as VP? Image
Did you know that Harris jailed more Black & Brown people than nearly any other prosecutor?

Did you know Biden wrote The Crime Bill in 1994, signed by Clinton, and enabled people like Harris, Trump and others to jail Black & Brown people?
Did you know the establishment rigged the elections in 2000 for George W Bush against Al Gore & in turn he led us into one of the most costly, long & deadly wars, the war in Iraq, in our history, a distant war we’re still in which people born after 2001 were old enough to...
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Yes and the “how to do it” conversation is best had at work, in left orgs, tenants groups etc, ofc
But tbh, im willing to settle for trying to see how far we get with just half of the energy, time, talent and press attention that went into half of one Bernie campaign.
Imagine if “how to strike” articles were even a percentage as detailed and frequent as “here’s how Bernie can still win” takes, even just in the progressive/left press, or debates about the best strike strategy were as widespread as Bernie v Warren battles were
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I said yesterday that if the Senate wants to go home, we can meet them there. @OurUnitedLeft is inviting all orgs to join in #OccupyCongress This will be a large scale mass protest in all 50 states. We are here to show that the people have the power. Image
@OurUnitedLeft is here to be the glue. So many organizations across the country have been putting in YEARS of work. Together, we are strong. We have no desire to control the left, only to help unify it.
We have a wonderful discord we are working out of to work with any and all orgs and get this to be one of the largest show of power the working class has had in recent years. If you are interested in joining @OurUnitedLeft please DM the twitter account or visit our website.
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"We are in day 12 of #Bolivia’s #uprising and #GeneralStrike called by the unions, and the crisis has reached a boiling point. All of the country is paralysed."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #protests #BoliviaResiste #boliviaenrevolución #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling
“The #military has guns and a license to kill; we have nothing,” cried a mother whose son had just been shot in Senkata. “Please, tell the international community to come here and stop this.”
by @medeabenjamin… #Bolivia #Protests #Anez #JeanineAñez #Peace
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