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From the beginning of this #COVIDー19 crisis, the idea that british people would not adhere to lockdown rules if applied too early was the start of the confusion caused by government but what is extraordinary is the idea that the UK is any different to anywhere else in Europe. 1
It’s not been easy for citizens of nations like Spain and Italy to have undergone the sacrifices they have made these last 3 months. The cultures are gregarious, outgoing, noisy, loving and warm. 2
Southern Europeans love crowds and enjoy brushing shoulders with strangers and friends alike in big events and fiestas. Yet somehow their governments managed to get the broad support of the people to put those instincts aside and sacrifice their closeness for the greater good. 3
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#Eyam #SocialDistancing


When victims of the Plague start getting rashes that looked like rings & were the colour of roses

Pocket full of posies

Some people thought the disease was due to bad air, so they carried sweet herbs in their pockets ImageImage
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all fall down

When the people were getting really ill, they started coughing and sneezing and subsequently died.

#COVID19 #SocialDistancing ImageImage
The earliest cases of the Black Plague occurred in the spring of 1665 in a parish outside the city walls called St Giles-in-the-Fields.

The death rate began to rise during the hot summer months and peaked in September when 7,165 Londoners died in one week.

#COVID19 ImageImage
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⚠️WARNING ⚠️Do NOT become a casualty in Trump’s race war‼️ @realDonaldTrump will allow White Supremacists to incite violence tonight at George Floyd #protests and then blame YOU when he arrests you. Do not lose your right to vote‼️ #MAGANIGHT #StayHomeSaveLives
🤔What are the odds⁉️This is Russia’s goal as well. 🔥U.S. Inteligence reports that Putin wants to incite a race war using white supremacists👇…
🔥Don’t head to Trump Tower Chicago‼️They will make an example out of you‼️…
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Few thoughts ahead of DC show...none of us decent people would normally berate a parent for taking pre-emptive steps to safeguard their child, to lean on family for help during illness, or to head for sanctity in the nicest possible surroundings...
...nor, as has been reported, would anyone blame him for wanting to support his mother through the grief of losing her brother, his uncle. Add in hinted-at issues linked to the child, and the natural response is one of sympathy. We understand....
...we understand but these are not normal times. Most of us can point to horrific moments over the past 8 weeks when our natural instincts, love for each other, desire to be close and to comfort, to make the best choice for us and our family was pulling on us so hard...
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Things Illinois will shut down:
- Parties
- Weddings

Things Illinois is too afraid to take action on:
- Religious services
Like hey, I hate to break it to you, but someone who defies a stay-at-home order to go to a party and someone who defies a stay-at-home order to go to church are both equally as negligent and put other people at risk because of it.
This guy SOOOOOOO obviously wanted the cops to shut him down so he could go cry about being oppressed when he was only being asked to follow the same rules as *literally everybody else*
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There seems to be confusion about the very clear monitoring that UK govt has put in place to adjust lockdown measures in the near future.
So I clarified the clear graph that was provided.
In case more clarity is needed, here is the formula provided by the govt applied to another one of its clear graph.
It clearly says encouraging people to get back to work now is willingly deciding to risk their health and overwhelm the NHS.
Joke aside, what govt clearly said is
It doesn't understand science, not even a bit
It lacks info about on the epidemic, so can't "monitor" anything
2nd peak is coming, it's going to be bloody awful
And it won't be science's or people's fault, but govt's
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#Pakistan 🇵🇰
#COVID19 confirmed cases ..
👉🏻What is the total number of confirmed cases?
👉🏻Total confirmed cases: how rapidly have they increased?
👉🏻What is the daily number of confirmed cases?
👉🏻Confirmed cases: How did the total and daily number change over time?
#Pakistan 🇵🇰
#COVID19 confirmed deaths ..
👉🏻Total confirmed COVID-19 deaths: how rapidly are they increasing?
👉🏻Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths
👉🏻Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million: are we bending the curve?
👉🏻Daily COVID-19 tests per thousand people
#Pakistan 🇵🇰 can’t afford #LockdownEnd and the data analysis doesn’t justify to lift the #lockdown measures.
Case fatality rate of the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic ..
The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is the ratio between confirmed deaths and confirmed cases.
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At 1046 am my baby sister died from COVID-19. She was on a ventilator. She was 43 years old. I am so sad. 😭 Why, why did this have to happen? I just can't work right now I was given a week off paid, to prepare for a funeral. She died in my hospital. 🏥 #COVID19
#COVID19 doesn't discriminate, doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, which political party you like or hate, it doesn't care what age you are, doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. This disease will kill you. For people like my sister working every day to deliver
food or online orders please becareful. She knew the risks but she thought about humanity, she thought about the helpless, she was so selfless. Our families are risking there lives. I been crying non stop all afternoon. #StayHomeSaveLives #StayHome
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On 29th August 2004, Vanderlai De Lima had almost won the men’s marathon at the Athens Olympics.

Then, something unbelievable happened.

It’s time for another #Coronavirus history lesson from Doncaster Council.
Picture the scene.

You’ve trained for years to become your country’s first ever Olympic gold medallist in the men’s marathon.
You’re 22 miles in to the 26.2 mile race, and you’ve got a lead of almost half a minute.
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COVID Update May 4: We’ve been lied to about the potential death toll in this country & it matters. 1/
The warping of the conversation about death tolls is problematic. People who warn of dire consequences get labeled fear mongers or worse. Some are accused of wanting to be right at all costs.

All this wrangling cheapens our losses. 2/
It wasn’t a month ago that the IHME, touted by Trump, released a 60,000 estimated death forecast. 3/
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1/8 This weekend I am reflecting on what 🇨🇦’s #COVID19 cases and deaths mean in human terms. There is so much behind these daily numbers, it is almost impossible to encapsulate in words.
2/8 Each one of the cases counted has been an illness, striking fear and concern in a person and their family, friends and community. Each death has been an incalculable tragedy – requiring goodbyes from a distance. #COVID19
3/8 It is in these unimaginable tragic situations, that we are most thankful for everyone on the frontlines of this crisis. Offering comforting words, human connection & healing touches. #COVID19
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RM0. Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB). Sila rujuk / telegram MKN untuk semak Garis Panduan (SOP) perkhidmatan yang dibenarkan.
RM0. PKP masih dilanjutkan sehingga 12 Mei 2020. Kelonggaran PKPB hanya diberikan kepada sektor perkhidmatan yang dibenarkan dengan perlu mematuhi SOP.
RM0. PKPB - Tindakan undang - undang akan diambil terhadap mereka yang ingkar PKP walaupun bermula 4 Mei hampir semua aktiviti perniagaan dibenarkan beroperasi.
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Earlier, I retweeted a notice from the New Mexico Governor ordering Gallup into full shutdown. It occurs to me that everyone outside of the Southwest might need some context. Gallup is the largest "city" (Gallup population is around 21k) near the Navajo Reservation.
2/ Most people on the rez do not have running water because there is no infrastructure for it. You'll see groups of people in a truck drive into town to buy water. Indian families are often close-knit and tend to live close together.
3/ Often multiple generations live in one house (or trailer). So the numbers from the Rez have been staggering. They currently report over 2,000 cases and over 70 deaths. So I understand the why the Governor is trying to get things under control.
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So here is a thread compilation for post relating to:
Webinar this...
Webinar that...
Webinar here...

Webinar that...

Webinar here...

You better keep kwaqeit and Zoom in.

Best still, take out the content and leave the container.

Thanks to
for helping in this pandemic stay home moment.

*Minus Day 16 of the lockdown
Webinar this...
Webinar that...
Webinar here...

A show off of IoT in Nigeria, most especially in this moment.

What will you be featuring when this is all over?

*Minus Day 17 of the Lockdown
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It is incredibly difficult to keep up with social media, etc while under quarantine and responsible for keeping your mother-in-law who is in final stage dementia as healthy and happy as possible. It is three full time jobs worth of work, especially as the numbers of confirmed
cases increase in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, and the world. It is wearying, emotional, mentally difficult, and physically exhausting work. But we are alive and healthy and we have each other. We know she will likely die during this pandemic (this wave of this disease
is our first of two, three, or even four waves we can expect over the next 18-24 months) but we're doing all we can to keep her from dying of this virus. I cannot imagine what we'd be feeling if we'd placed her in a nursing home instead of keeping her with us, in our home.
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Let me #redpill you big JB #PritzkerLockdown:
As governor, he holds more private wealth than any other governor in U.S. history & is the 2nd-wealthiest U.S. politician to have ever held office, after Mike Bloomberg.
In 2008, he was nat'l co-chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
#PritzkerLockdown & Blago discussed filling Obama's U.S. Senate seat, with Pritzker being recorded on the tapes as saying appointing then-Secretary of State Jesse White would "cover you on the African-American thing" and that he was the "least offensive" candidate.
On 1/22/2019, #PritzkerLockdown signed an executive order giving state employees & women covered under Illinois state health insurance expanded reproductive coverage which includes ABORTION.The move was praised by the Nazis at Planned Parenthood who also attended the signing.
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Thread that will likely annoy everyone. What happened yesterday in Williamsburg is a case study: ‘whatever can go wrong, will go wrong’ - pandemic version. Let me count the ways.
1. The Chasidic synagogue wanted to honor their saintly rabbi so they came up with a misguided scheme for an outdoor ‘socially distant’ public funeral. They were so convinced they could pull this off they COORDINATED with NYPD and even handed out masks.
2. The NYPD wanted to work with the chasidic synagogue out of respect for their revered (and well-known) late Rabbi so they literally barricaded streets for this “socially distant funeral.”
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I see people posting things like "Kids are normalizing a police state. This is VERY problematic", and "You can see how we're being groomed for tyranny". #cdnpoli #COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives #WashYourHands 1/10
No, we are fucking NOT being groomed for tyranny. This is NOT tyranny. This is not oppression. This is not even fucking hardship. Not if you have somewhere to live and access to food. 2/10
We are being told to stay home, sit on our couches and watch tv, or read, or sew, or start a garden, or make bread... 3/10
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1/7 Heroes walk among us – some #StayHomeSaveLives, despite disrupted schedules, daily inconveniences, challenges and losses of all manner, shape and size. #TeamCanada #COVID19 #StayAtHome #StrongerTogether
2/7 Some are #EssentialWorkers who are out on our roads, in our shops, pharmacies and hospitals, despite being away from their families and worrying about the risk of #COVID19 exposure. #ThankaTrucker #PharmacistsOnTheFrontline 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🚛🚒🚜
3/7 Some are #HealthcareHeroes who have rushed in to help. This is one family’s story with a poem to a hero Mom who is a nurse, recently reassigned to care for #COVID19 patients in a nursing home in Nova Scotia. #OlderAdults #ProtecttheVulnerable
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@SRuhle This is appropriate to drop here:
I'm confused.

You say it's your right to protest, but you get angry when Kaepernick takes a knee.
You say your body is your own, but you get angry at a woman who demands the same.
You are against abortion saying every life is precious, yet
@SRuhle 2.
you are willing to sacrifice your parents and grandparents for the economy.
You claim coronavirus is fake, yet you wear a mask, gown, and gloves.
You say healthcare is a privilege, but want your covid-19 hospitalization covered.
You say socialism is bad, yet your hand is out
@SRuhle 3/
for a stimulus check, unemployment benefits, and you wait in line at a food bank.

What you say confuses me.
Forgive me if I no longer care what you say.

-Author unknown
#selfish #StayHomeSaveLives
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Live tracker: How many coronavirus cases have been reported?
Using data from the COVID Tracking Project, we’re following how each state is responding to Covid-19.

Scroll down to the photo of the States in this article & then click on the State.…
Iowa 3,159 positives on Monday. And now today Wednesday, 3748 positives, Iowa has a population of 3.18 million.
Georgia on Monday had 18,947 positives, today they have 20,740. Georgia has a population of 10.6 million.

But they have opened up their stay at home orders. Salons, restaurants, tattoo parlors now open. Expect these numbers to go way up. #Georgia #Georgians #COVID19
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On 26th October 1985, a scientist named Dr Emmett Brown sent an unsuspecting local teenager back in time.

This whole event can teach us some valuable lessons about #coronavirus Image
Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you some amazing true stories about historical events and how they can teach us important lessons during #covid19.

Today is no different.

Let the lesson begin!
In 1980s America, the boom of capitalism led many entrepreneurial scientists to create a range of incredible inventions.

Just look at this amazing HANDS FREE telephone system, and a home hair-cutting machine! Incredible. ImageImage
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🚨 Recently we got you to send in your questions for @m8arteta...

Thank you to every single one of you who got involved 🤝

Here's how the boss responded to some of our favourites 🤳

🔗 @RthHillary wanted to know who @m8arteta's favourite midfield partner was during his time with us

If you love football... 😉

👨‍🏫 @figgystein was keen to find out which of our current players would make a good manager...

And which former team-mate could go into coaching?

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On The Recent Rumor of Mass Death in Kano State. #COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
2. Kindly disregard the rumors of having mass deaths recently in Kano metropolis. The State Task Force on #COVID19 has activated community informants structure of the World Health Organization (WHO) #StayingAliveTogether
3. report deaths and cause of deaths and have also deployed officers to all burial grounds to count bodies brought in for burial everyday (the workers would conduct 2 shifts). #StayingAliveTogether
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