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[1] #GPE_AtrocityReport
Incident Date: February 02, 2023
#Ano town, #GobuSeyo Woreda, #EastWollega Zone, #Oromo Region, #Ethiopia
The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) group has massacred over 70 innocent Amhara civilians.… Image
[2] The attack started from 5am and lasted through the evening. This was a house-to-house killing targeting ethnic Amharas. Survivor testimonies included that an unknown number of people have been wounded. In addition, they have not been able to collect the remains of the dead,
[3] as some of the attackers are still present in town. The Ethiopian National Defense Force army, which is stationed in Nekemte, a city not far from the attack, has not come to the aid of the Amhara victims. We received information that an Oromo man who tried to save his
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Following a major disinformation campaign that tried & succeeded to blame an attack on Amharas by armed forces on the victims themselves, the threat of extermination against all Amharas in Wollega has become imminent! See full report:… WARNING! Amharas in Wollega are under actual threat of exter
#GPE_AtrocityReport: on August 29, 2022 over 107 Amharas were killed by OLA armed forces & their allies in #Agamssa town & other Kebles in #Amuru Woereda, #HoroGuduruWollega Zone, #Oromo Region, #Ethiopia
OLA fighters were also killed by a few Amhara residents that evaded
[3] a prior disarming campaign and tried to defend themselves from the onslaught of OLA. OLA fighters & supporters then came up with a complex web of disinformation that led to Amharas being blamed for the attacks. However, they proceeded with their campaigns to overtake zones in
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: Incident date: December 22, 2022, #BenishangulGumuz Region, #Kemashe Zone, #Mizghiga Woreda, #AngerMite Kebele. It is reported that members of the Oromo Liberation Front/Army #OLF/#OLA a.k.a Shanee armed group have killed 26 ethnic Amharas that were 1/
harvesting crops on their farms.Local Gumuz residents have recovered the bodies and carried out their burial.Partial list of victims
1. Bishaw Yirsaw
2. MItiku Bishaw
3. Belisti Yirsaw
4. Tewachew Asmare
5. Shegaw Chanie
6. Fentahun Bishaw
7. Aster
8. Tiblet
9. Zemen Gedefaye
On December 25, 2021 #Worinka Kebele the #OLA terrorist group has abducted three women and a man. It’s reported the man has escaped and has reached Nekemt city. On the same date, a displaced senior man Ato Getachew Hassen was horrifically killed on his way to work on a farm.
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: Incident date: December 20, 2021, #Oromo Region #WestShoa Zone Ambo Zuria area, 10 ethnic Amharas were killed by the OLF/OLA Shanee armed group. The incident happened at 1 o'clock in the morning 10KM from Ambo city, close to the Wodessa Menkaka peasant 1/
association. It was reported that the victims were murdered execution style, they were dragged out of their houses, lined up and gunned down. The residents reported that early December, the armed group has killed a resident by the name Amsal and told his compatriots that they 2/
need to be prepared to pay 200,000 ETB each. Other residents have reported that it is has been more than a year since the group has been sending ultimatums to Amhara residents to leave the woreda or face death. 3/
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 23, 2021 (Miyazia 15, 2013 EC).

#GPE has received reports of startling atrocities targeting ethnic #Amhara civilians in #Gorete kebele (ward), #Abi_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region. Local witnesses said on...

...April 22, 2021 (Miyazia 14, 2013 EC) at approximately 4 am local time, three people including a man, his child daughter and another child were killed as local militias locked them in their home and set it on fire burning all three inside under gruesome circumstances.

#GPE has obtained disturbing photographic evidence of their burned remains.

Names of the decedents are as follows:

1. Mr. Adam Hassen (father)
2. Hawa Adam (daughter)
3. Zewdia Fetene (neighbor’s child)

Residents also reported the militias opened fire on civilians...

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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 10, 2021 (Miyazia 2, 2013 EC).

In #Gidy_Ayana Woreda (district), Misraq (East) #Wollega/#Wellega/#Welega zone, #Oromia region, we received reports of shootings at ethnic #Amhara residents starting from 1:00 am local time. Credible reports...

...reveal militamen of the #Oromo Liberation Front/Army (#OLF/#OLA) in collusion with regional officials & other collaborators have opened fire on ethnic #Amhara civilians in Village 10 of the district. Residents have stated that these groups who are bent on mayhem...

...& destruction, are destroying storehouses & private residences.
After the withdrawal of the #Ethiopia|n National Defense Force (#ENDF) on April 7, 2021 (Megabit 29, 2013 EC), there were reports of stoning of residences belonging to ethnic #Amhara beginning on the...

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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 30, 2021, #Babu Woreda, #Wellega, #Oromo Region #Ethiopia. A coordinated attack by OLF/OLA and Oromo regional forces against targeted ethnic Amharas left 70 Amhara farmers dead. No one has ever been made accountable for these heinous crimes against 1/E
humanity. Local reporters have stated that 27 buses full of fleeing Amharas left Wollega already. Such mass exodus out of an area just because they are targeted due to their identity is a horrible indicator to what is to come, as the fighters are more emboldened, organized 2/E
and coordinate even further with the regional security apparatus. The situation in #Wellega and #Metekel is extremely grave! We demand #access2metekel #access2Wellega 3/E
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 10, 2021

#HoroGuduru #Wellega (also spelt ‘Welega’ and ‘Wollega’), #JardigaJartee Woreda (District), #Horodaddi Kebele (Ward), #Dacheen area

We have received news from residents in Horo Guduru #Wellega that armed militias of the (1/E)
#Oromo Liberation Front (#OLF) have continued targeted killings of ethnic #Amhara across the region. Credible reports have emerged detailing a disturbing wedding massacre in which militiamen of the OLF converged onto a local wedding gathering killing all attendees except one(2/E)
elderly woman that survived the horrific incident by hiding under a family member’s dead body. All attendees including the bride, groom and 8 of their family members were all slaughtered in this horrific massacre.

Many sources have also reported that #OLF militia have been(3/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: February 8,2021, #Wollega in Village 2, a family was killed by #OLF militia, for no reason other than being ethnic #Amhara. Their names are as follows.
1)Temme Bayle
2)Abraw Bayle
3)Mitiku Gette
4)Four year old daughter Mittu Mitiku
In Village 3, Mr. Getnet was slaughtered by #OLF militia.

February 14, 2021 Limuh Woreda, Argunbi Kebelle, East #Wollega
5 ethnic #Amhara/s were killed by #OLF militia, along with an ethnic #Gumuz that was with the victims.
1)Abdu Arage
2)Priest Nigus Debas
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: February 14, 2021, East Wellega, Oromia

In East Wellega, Gida Ayanna, Oromia Liyu Force and #OLF opened fire on ethnic #Amharas in broad daylight. It has been repeatedly reported that the ethnic #Amhara residents in the area are under constant threat (1/E)
for their lives and face ethnic cleansing.
Oromia Liyu Force and #OLF are reported to have opened fire around 4pm following an attempt to disarm the ethnic #Amhara residents of the area.
The altercation has led to the displacement of the #Amhara residents into the nearby(2/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: January 18, 2021, #EastWellegaZone, #HoroLimuWoreda #GenjKebele, 7 #Amharas were killed by #OLF and #Gumuz armed groups. The victims were reported to be residents of the #KamashiZone in #BSGRegion. These repeated attacks across the borders of BSG and [1] Image
Oromia regions show that #OLF and Gumuz armed groups are carrying out coordinated attacks. There are reports that OLF armed groups get information whenever Amharas are on the move, they are stopped and attacked even while trying to leave the area through public bus services.[2]
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: January 2, 2021, East #Wollega Zone, Limu Woreda (District), Beko Kebele (Precinct) in Village 1 and Village 5.
A coordinated attack has been carried out against civilians in the aforementioned locations. Especially in Fiti Beko area the attacks begun(1/)
around 4:00 PM local time and continued until 9:17 PM local time. Ethnic #Amharas were killed in mass and their houses were burned. The number of people who have died is not known yet. The reports stated that there is no sight of law enforcement in the area. #StopAmharaGenocide
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: In #HoroGudru in JardaJarta Woreda in #Wollega, ethnic #Amharas have been massacred by armed #OLF/Shane militia. Although the regional administration had received information of looming threats from residents prior to the attack, they were unable to 1/
intervene and protect their residents. The residents have also mentioned they suspect the #Oromia Liyu Force is working with #OLF/Shane militia. Here are the names of some of the victims:
1.Kassaye Baye along with 5 family members
2.Yibre Admassu along with 6 family members 2/
3.Beletech Gobbaw
4.Hamid Ibrahim
5.Makka Ibrahim
6.Hassen Ibrahim
7.Ahmed Ibrahim
8.Mussa Darso
9.Hamid Yibre (a 7th grader who was died as a result of severe injuries and lack of hospitalization)
Although the situation in Ethiopia Ethiopia is worsening for citizens 3/
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Reports of targeted killings, burnings and lootings in Eastern Wollega-

In Horo Gudru Zone, Amuroh Woreda, at 7 in the morning on December 15, 8 ethnic #Amharas were attacked by #OLFShane and #OLFShane supporters. The estimated number of attackers were(1/)
were 50, with about 10 of them that were armed with guns, and the rest machetes. The 8 innocent victims were slaughtered using machetes and known to be long time residents of the area. Here are their names:
1. Hawa Hassen [Elderly female]
2. Melkeye Hamza [Adult female]
3. Hassan Ayalew [Young male]
4. Kedija Adem [Young Female]
5. Wude Hebre [Severe head trauma (transferred to Bahirdar and under critical condition)]
6. Demeke Yemer [Young Male]
7. Tuba Gede [Young Male]
8. Mamush GetewAlem [3 DAYS OLD BABY BOY]
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: We have received reports that OLF Shane has carried out attacks in East Wollega, Waja area, Limo Woreda. 18 ethnic Amharas have been kidnapped including Hanaye Tiruneh, Aschalew Mengesha, Melaku Yemesgen. Tesfaye Abebe, Chekole Alemu by OLF Shane. Their(1/)
whereabouts are currently unknown.
The attack started on November 30th, 2020 when the farmland of Kenaw Setegn was burned at around midnight. OLF Shane proceeded to attack and kill Kenaw and 8 other ethnic Amharas injuring 7 others who were lured out. We urge @PMAbiyAhmed(2/)
and the regional government of Oromia @shimelesabdissa to take the necessary measures to protect the residents of Wollega. The international community should not forget that these repeated attacks on ethnic Amharas have been happening for some time now. Therefore alarming (3/)
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