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On December 13, 2003 the #ENDF forces massacred the #Anuak people on their own lands in #Gambella, #Ethiopia. They cruelly murdered, raped, and tortured the Anuaks which was reported by the Human Rights Watch (@hrw) as “crimes against humanity under the international law.” (1/5)
On September 24, 2003 the Anuak genocide team met at the @PMEthiopia, n signed an order to carry out the Anuak genocide. Here are the lists of people who were involved at the meeting n are responsible for the genocide:

1. Meles Zenawi
2. Omod Obang Olom
3. Tsegaye Beyene (2/5)
4. Addisu Legesse
5. Bereket Simon
6. Samora Yunis
7. Yohannes Gebremeskel
8. Abadula Gemeda
9. Abay Tsehaye
10. Dr. Gebre-Aba Barnabas
11. Almaw Alemeraw
12. Sibhat Nega
13. Shambel Amare
14. Tadesse HaileSelase

The reason for the Anuak genocide was the oil in Jor woreda.(3/5)
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1/17 We now have the signed version of the Tigray-Ethiopia 'Agreement for Lasting Peace' released to the public, and it's time to reflect on it. While wishing peace to the country and the Horn of Africa (HoA) region, it's incumbent on us, the analysts, to call out flaws that
2/17 threaten the agreement's success. Here are key points of my take:
(1) While art. 3/5 imposes 'to restore the presence of federal authority' in Tigray's capital city, Mekelle, provisions under art 6 forcefully empower the #ENDF and rule terms of DDR for the #TDF.
3/17 These provisions are only short of unconditional surrender for the government of Tigray. (2) Art. 7--titled 'confidence building measures-- forcefully builds on art. 6 by requiring the government of Tigray to abide by the FDRE constitution, disabling its capacity to
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1/: My initial reflections on the #Tigray - #Ethiopia #peaceagreement. First, it is commendable that the parties have reached an agreement. Admittedly, this was surprising. One should sincerely hope that the agreement will pave the way for durable peace.
2/: However, the #Tigray - #Ethiopia #peaceagreement circulating (still not in signed version) leaves many questions unanswered. Although the parties have committed themselves not to question any part of the agreement, it obligates us analysts to point out some issues of concern.
2b/: A huge disclaimer here: there is confusion on which text of the agreement is authentic. The agreement I base my points on is confirmed by several internationals as authentic, but we have to wait for the full signed version to appear before one can conclude on that.
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On #TPLF’s allegations of aerial attacks on civilians:

On October 4, 2022 the TPLF falsely claimed that a drone attack on #IDPs in Adi Daero killed over 65 civilians and injured many more.
#TPLFTerrorisGroup has made it a habit to falsely accuse the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments of targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure by drone attacks.
On September 27, the TPLF also claimed that an airstrike by the Eritrean Government at the same site in Adi-Daero killed and wounded numerous civilians.
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Agnes Pareyio Recalls Hers:
"I was 14 when my mom and grandma announced that I was going to have my clitoris, my labia majora and my labia minora cut out. They said that if I resisted I was a coward. In my culture, the worst thing you can be called is a coward.
On the day I was mutilated, I was woken up at three in the morning and taken outside, naked, because the villagers believed that if I felt the morning breeze on my body it would cool me and I would bleed less. I saw that the object they would cut me with was not sharp. I was not
offered any anaesthesia, but I was told not to cry – your father is in the house, they said, and he should never hear you cry.
I was determined to show I was not a coward, so I tried very hard not to show any emotion. As a result, I was cut deeper and I could not stop bleeding. I
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1/ The #Ethiopia/n government has informed the diplomatic community in the country on the “measures taken by the Government on human rights violations related to the conflict in the northern part of the country.”
#Tigray #warcrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #genocide
2/ One may argue however that it seems evident that PM #AbiyAhmed, #PP government, and #ENDF military leadership in #Ethiopia are ultimately politically and juridically responsible for the #warcrimes, #crimesagainsthumanity, and possibly #genocide for their war in and on #Tigray.
3/ ICRC in #internationalhumanitarianlaw commentary: “Commanders & other superiors are criminally responsible for war crimes committed by their subordinates if they knew, or had reason to know, that the subordinates were about to commit or were committing such crimes... (cont.)
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#BloodyWinter: winter is coming to Ethiopia and it is going to be bloody

1/ In 2-3 months the rainy season will be upon Ethiopia. I am hoping against hope that I am wrong, but I am afraid it is going to be the bloodiest winter in our history!
2/ It appears, both #TPLF & its backers have given up their hope of bringing #TPLF back to power & have settled for an independent #Tigray to serve as their #HOA proxy to disrupt the region. The catch: An independent #Tigray can not be realized without #Welkait.
3/ #TPLF is using this respite to appease the populace severely affected by food shortage and the terrible cost of the loss from the previous campaign in terms of human life and replenish its dwindling supply to feed its army.
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If you think, Malinowski, a former Washington Director of @hrw, who never uttered a single word against #TPLF during his tenure, is sponsoring this bill out of an abundance of care for #Ethiopia, think again. #HR666!
IMO, these are the two pillars of #HR6600
1) Section 6 aims at strangling the Ethiopian economy be stopping loans & grants from the WB & IMF. This will affect millions of Ethiopians by affecting supply of seeds & fertilizers. Outcome: Inflation, food insecurity & instability.
2) Section 3, Point 3, aims at stopping the sale of weapons including drones to Ethiopia. Its effect on #TPLF is nonexistent. Here Malinowski & co are operating with the assumption that taking drones out of the equation will help #TPLF regain its military advantage over #ENDF.
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INFO:📌 Amhara & ENDF forces begin Northern Gonder, Telemt, offensive & control Tera Guder area.

#Ethiopia #Amhararegion #ENDF #Amharaforce #Gonder #Telemt
INFO:📌In Northern Shewa, Debre Sina, TPLF rebels suffers heavy losses & several captured.
#Ethiopia #AmharaRegion #Debresina #TPLF #NorthernShewa
INFO:📌In Southern Wello, Dessie, TPLF rebels urge residents to appeal on their behalf to the government to render them them free passage to Mekelle.

#Ethiopia #Amhararegion #Dessiecity #TPLFrebels
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#Ethiopia:War Report: 1/4
-#ENDF completely controls Amdewerk
-ENDF controls small towns Chela, Qozba, Saihda, & Shemeil leading to Seqota
-ENDF shelling TPLF positions in Ambassel on the Angot mountain & TPLF rebels lose an entire brigade

2/5-ENDF controls #Delanta, Teshay Mewcha, & TPLF suffers heavy losses: ENDF is moving to Meklet
-Outside Kon, Werquha school, #TPLF has placed artillery
- ENDF controls Chena, Bette Yohannes, Gefeht Amba, & Hamusit areas in Kon
- TPLF is camped in Meket, Wejela area
-Heavy fighting near Banchim School, in Weqeta
-In AteWuha rebels are firing artillery
-TPLF takes heavy losses in Debeko & 17 rebels captured
-4 Amharas spies caught in Gergera
-Rebels camped in Taja move to Gashena
-TPLF rebels attempt to recapture Delenga
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#Ethiopia:War Report: 1/4-
-Sources within ENDF, say there is deliberate sabotage
-#ENDF controls In Arbeet, Getahteet, Ataywuha, & Aqaat
-After Intense fighting in Debeko, Kurisa, Arbal, Deqa, Cherkos, & zegola rebels take heavy losses

-Intense fighting in areas between Wadla & #Delanta, in areas of Wegdet, Ganchere, Arata, & Chenah
-ENDF surrounds Kon town in #Wadla county
-TPLF rebels in #Delenga defeated & retreated to Gefat Amba
-In Wadla county, in Neja & Deroria TPLF has placed artilleries
- In Wadla, #Dawunt area several #TPLF rebels captured
-Intense fighting in Amabssel, areas of Qaaho & Berkuma towns (districts 14, 15, & 16)
-In Habru, Haron area, is under the control of ENDF s
-In Habru, near Sodoma, ENDF airstrikes TPLF rebels
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. @AFP report on escalating effort to remove TPLF forces from occupied parts of Amhara initially.

Given that these invading forces have been committing multiple war crimes one might think it would not be unreasonable to expect IC spokespersons to call on TPLF to withdraw.
Dear: @PMEthiopia and #ENDF.

Now that the international media are showing signs of reducing their partiality in favour of the TPLF, it is unfortunate that news of this operation is being reported via the false statements of the enemy.
It is fortunate that many of the media now know not to believe statements from @reda_getachew.

But it would benefit the truth greatly if news of the progress and operations underway in this law and order operation originated from official sources.
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As of May 3 #AxumCriminalInvestigation led by Federal Attorney General @FAGEthiopia has collected testimonies of 95 witnesses and documentary evidence. Discovered #TPLF trained and deployed about 2,500 para-military personnel in major cities of the region. 1/6
#AxumCriminalInvestigation found that #TPFL “trained” 1,500 youth to shoot guns during the period from 10 to 18 November 2020 to confront #ENDF. 2/6
#AxumCriminalInvestigation recorded testimonies of 116 victims of #rape and identified members of the #FederalPolice and EENDF involved in the crime. Cases with #FederalPolice transferred to the Regional Prosecution Office, members of #ENDF transferred to military court. 3/6
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 10, 2021 (Miyazia 2, 2013 EC).

In #Gidy_Ayana Woreda (district), Misraq (East) #Wollega/#Wellega/#Welega zone, #Oromia region, we received reports of shootings at ethnic #Amhara residents starting from 1:00 am local time. Credible reports...

...reveal militamen of the #Oromo Liberation Front/Army (#OLF/#OLA) in collusion with regional officials & other collaborators have opened fire on ethnic #Amhara civilians in Village 10 of the district. Residents have stated that these groups who are bent on mayhem...

...& destruction, are destroying storehouses & private residences.
After the withdrawal of the #Ethiopia|n National Defense Force (#ENDF) on April 7, 2021 (Megabit 29, 2013 EC), there were reports of stoning of residences belonging to ethnic #Amhara beginning on the...

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Thread 1) Are we witnessing a #genocidal campaign by #Eritrea’n forces in the #war in #Tigray #Ethiopia? The atrocities committed and the apparent intent may seem to point in that direction. In this thread I will outline the argument supporting such possible claim. #genocide
2) First, it is important to distinguish between #Eritrean & #Ethiopian forces, although #ENDF is also allegedly responsible for mass atrocities. But in #genocide the intent of the atrocities is also important to consider, which appears more ambiguous in relation to ENDF.
3) It has been documented widespread & systematic #massacers of civilians by #EDF throughout Tigray, targeted as #Tegaru. Many witnesses also claim that Eritrean troops have admitted to orders to kill #Tigrayan men & boys, so they shall not later revenge the atrocities.
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#PIA states that he had told Debretesion of #TPLF when they met in Umhajer January 7, 2019 that it was not in the best interest of #TPLF to prepare for war. Debretsion’s reply was “ኣይትኸውንን ኢያ"
Every war is the result of a miscalculation and #TPLF’s war on #ENDF and after that hope to march to Addis and Asmara was a big miscalculation
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Let it be clear!

Every crime that #TPLF committed prior, during, & after its assault on the Northern Command of #ENDF was "pre-meditated, well planned in advance, & approved" at the highest level of the #TPLF leadership!

በትግራይ ክልል በሰሜን እዝ ላይ ከተፈፀመው ጥቃት ጋር ተያይዞ 349 ሰዎች ላይ የእስር ትዕዛዝ ሲወጣ 124ቱ በ... via @YouTube
የጁንታው ህወሓት አመራሮች ሀገር ክህደትና የሽብር ወንጀል ዙሪያ በተካሄደው የምርመራ ውጤት ላይ የጠቅላይ አቃቤ ህ... via @YouTube
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- That a self-aggrandizing non-citizen of #Ethiopia feels he can lecture #Ethiopia-ns about how they should run their country's affairs would have been laughable if it were not derisive!

- In months past, @SMGebru was lamenting election postponement in #Ethiopia.
- The fact that a non-citizen of #Ethiopia feels he can openly squelch the rights of #Ethiopia-ns to express their inalienable right of citizenship to vote and participate in the democratic process is ludicrous, to say the least!
- His #TPLF masters have been extinguished out of existence after committing treason against #Ethiopia & #Ethiopia-ns.

- So, now is begging of a transitional govt. to delegitimize the authority of the people's choice in @AbiyAhmedAli. It's a funny pipe dream, nothing else!
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While the substance of his contribution is subject to debate, the sycophancy w/ which the likes of @SMGebru laud Seyoum Mesfin is completely belied by acts of high treason & insurrection he masterminded as one of the principal architects of #Ethiopia's destabilization!
In fact, his treasonous belligerence against the Federal Govt. of #Ethiopia & the Northern Command of the #ENDF completely nullify any achievement or contribution his sycophant followers seem to attribute to him - and force the country at large to validate!
Seyoum Mesfin became a treasonous criminal! Given how he **undiplomatically** scoffed at 3 separate ultimatums afforded to him (two 72-hour ultimatums & one 48-hour ultimatum) to peacefully surrender and instead put up a fire fight vs. the army that encircled him proves as much!
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1.Thread: Summary of Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed’s Response to the ETH. Parliament on 30 Nov 2020 on what has transpired from the day he assumed office leading up to the attack on the Ethiopian National Defense Forces #ENDF by the now defunct Tigray People’s Liberation Front #TPLF.
2. How did he come to office? The #EPRDF elected Abiy Ahmed as PM of Ethiopia in April 2018 upon the heels of massive internal resistance and unrest in the country. The #TPLF did its very best to elect its own figurehead but failed.
3.The first few months: The PM was a virtual prisoner at the palace and his every move was monitored. His and his own family safety was at stake, and in his own words, “I was not in a position to protect my family, let alone protect the country and discharge my official duties."
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Thread: What do we know so far about the #war on #Tigray in #Ethiopia, which has been running for nearly 2 months now? In this thread I will sum up some of the key developments.
First, the so-called “law and order” operation, which @PMAbiyAhmed declared completed one month ago, has not yet reached its basic objectives, and it is doubtful that it ever will. Hence, the war in #Tigray will continue indefinitely, or until a political settlement is reached.
#Tigrayan forces, under the command of the elected reg. gov. of #TPLF, are still waging an active resistance war. Over the last few days, Tigray forces seem to be on the offensive, challenging #ENDF military control of the main routes (Mekelle-Wukro-Adigrat; Mekelle-Alamata).
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THREAD: #Abdi Iley appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not-guilty to the charges brought against him by federal prosecutors on 01/30/2019 - charges relate to the violence of August 4th 2018 alone, not the decade of abuses that preceded.

What does this signify for Somalis?
State charges against Abdi reveal what Somalis have always known: their second-class status in #Ethiopia & their lack of rights. Their lives were not deemed worthy when they were being systematically wiped out, & are still denied any worth as Abdi Is charged for August 4th alone
The state shaped and empowered Abdi Iley, he was specifically handpicked based upon his willingness to carry out the most brutal counter-insurgency campaign ever witnessed, both as head of regional security and President of the Somali Region (2010-2018).
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#Ethiopia: As Ethiopians joined @PMEthiopia's #GreenLegacy initiative with a promise to plant 200 m seedlings today, team AS would like to recognize @fairytale0716 for mobilizing #EthioTweeps & everyone who participated in this inspiring civic duty yesterday.#አረንጏዴአሻራ 🌳
@PMEthiopia @fairytale0716 PM #AbiyAhmed arrived in #ArbaMinch city to participate in "#GreenLegacy initiative where he already planted seedlings with government officials and community members this morning," #PMO. #Ethiopia
@PMEthiopia @fairytale0716 Members of Ethiopian National Defense Force (#ENDF) participating in today's #GreenLegacy program.

Source: ENA.

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