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1/18 🇪🇹 The Ethiopian government, led by the Prosperity Party and primarily representing the Oromo ethnic group, has been accused of using starvation as a weapon against the Amhara region. In this thread, we'll explore the reasons behind this troubling issue. #Ethiopia #Amhara
2/18 🌍 Ethiopia's diverse ethnic makeup has given rise to ethnic tensions and political rivalries. The Amhara region, home to the Amhara ethnic the group has been particularly affected by these dynamics. #EthnicTension #AmharaRegion
3/18 🏛️ The Prosperity Party, which emerged from the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), has been in power since 2019. The party has strong representation from the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia. #ProsperityParty #Oromo
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Thread on #politics and #religion in #Ethiopia 1/14: The country is bracing for a new, nationwide, protest, with possible ensuing widespread violence on Sunday 12. Feb. This time ostensibly over #religion and control of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church #EOTC. #Oromo #Tigray
2/14: The conflict in #EOTC has deep roots, but flared up recently when a group of #Oromo clergy broke with the Church leadership and established a separate Synod, arguing that Oromo representation and culture had been marginalised throughout centuries.
3/14: #Oromo clergy protested that Afaan Oromo was not used in Church, leading to an alienation of the Church from its flock & the decrease of adherents, as well as clergy appointed to #Oromia “don't understand the language and the culture of the people”.
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I wish that I had something nice to say about the international mediators, but I don't. The AU, US, and UN all put humanitarian aid to innocent civilians on the negotiating table in #Tigray and kept it there all the way until the end.
The world proved that they were not watching Tigray; but terrorists, tyrants, and autocrats were watching. They all saw the gap between US rhetoric about promoting human rights and the reality of our commitment. It will only get harder from here.
Hundreds of thousands of innocent Tigrayan civilians paid for our weakness with their lives. More will starve tonight and die of easily treatable medical conditions until aid gets to them. But they aren't the only ones who will suffer.
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Being Nilotic (Dark skin) in #Ethiopia

Growing up in #Gambella, I have always been curious about the second-class citizen treatment the #Anuak people have always faced. We were never seen or treated equally with the rest of lighter skinned highlanders. The same thing could be 1/
said for the dark-skinned people of #Benishangul who have also faced genocide and mistreatments from the #TPLF and Derg regime. Why are the Nilotic treated differently in Ethiopia? This goes back to the Abyssinian Empire. During the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie in Ethiopia,2/
dark skin people including the Anuak, had faced kidnapping and they were forcefully taken to the capital Addis Ababa and other towns as slaves. This continued until the early twentieth century, when the #Anuak land and kingdom came under #British rule. The British abolished 3/
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❗Thread 1/10
Here is why I believe the very large part of #Amhara/#Ethiopia political, religious media, academic, business, art elites continue to be a cause for innocent Amharas getting slaughtered all over #Ethiopia.

It starts with their toxic & dangerous politics.
❗Thread 2/10
Their toxic rhetoric, their idiotic alliances with elements, who're dangers to #Amhara people like #IsaiasAfwerki & @AbiyAhmedAli their unending love & nostalgia of medieval times kings & princes earned the #Amhara people enemies across #Ethiopia & made it a target
❗Thread 3/10
Its political "leaders" organize lawless bandits like 'Fano', and send them to all directions to wreck havoc on peoples of #Tigray #Gumuz #Oromia and made the people friend-less, ally-less and made #Amhara people target of unending attack.
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Locating an atrocity in #Ethiopia.

As the Ethiopian army advances, upsetting images and videos have emerged of the alleged killing of prisoners outside Tinishu Rebi/Chefa Robit in Wello during December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I investigate ⬇️

#OSINT Image
The images and videos available on social media accounts have shown bodies in a pit on a roadside in #Ethiopia varying states of decomposition in December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I will not be sharing some parts of the images and videos as they are too graphic for @Twitter Image
According to a resident, the people in the pit were from prison. Their bodies were recognised by locals.

They were allegedly executed by #Ethiopia’s security forces who are in control of the nearby town. Image
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#GPE_RedAlert: May 9, 2021

#GPE has reviewed photographs of property destruction targeting homes & assets belonging to ethnic #Amhara civilians in Mender 24, #Welgay & #Debis kebeles (wards) of #Abe_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region.

[1/5] Image
In addition, homes of recently displaced ethnic #Amhara civilians have reportedly been looted by Oromo militias allegedly part of the #Oromo Liberation Army (#OLA) but residents have also accused local authorities namely the Oromo Special Forces of participating in the...

...injustice as well.

Local sources revealed between May 6 to 7, 2021 alone, more than 20 homes belonging to ethnic #Amhara residents were broken into & looted. Similar incidents have been reported in #Welgay kebele. In some instances, residents have also reported...

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#COVID_SSA Update #Ethiopia - 13 weeks into their 2nd wave. 7,107 new cases last week, one-third⬇️on week 60. So it could be peaking🙏but caution indicated THREAD 1/8 @EPHIEthiopia @abebawfekadu @EthiopianNomad Image
Caution 1 - cases are falling in Ethiopia, but so are the number of tests performed. The test +ve proportion (>20%) remains much too high overall 2/8 Image
Caution 2 - regional data issued by @EPHIEthiopia (latest to 18/4/21) indicates that while incidence *may* have peaked in #Addis it is rising in most other regions (having taken off later) 3/8 Image
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 23, 2021 (Miyazia 15, 2013 EC).

#GPE has received reports of startling atrocities targeting ethnic #Amhara civilians in #Gorete kebele (ward), #Abi_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region. Local witnesses said on...

...April 22, 2021 (Miyazia 14, 2013 EC) at approximately 4 am local time, three people including a man, his child daughter and another child were killed as local militias locked them in their home and set it on fire burning all three inside under gruesome circumstances.

#GPE has obtained disturbing photographic evidence of their burned remains.

Names of the decedents are as follows:

1. Mr. Adam Hassen (father)
2. Hawa Adam (daughter)
3. Zewdia Fetene (neighbor’s child)

Residents also reported the militias opened fire on civilians...

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I had asked @EthzemaLeader the following question after his controversial/deliberate remark against #IslamicBanking/#InterestFreeBanking (as it is called here in #Ethiopia). I have today watched another video of him where he tried to "Clarify" but continued to insult us more.
First of all, he has tried to defend that he is not an #islamophobe by bringing #Muslim audience & that his grandmother was a Muslim. This is the same reply many persons give when they are confronted with their #Islamophobic attitude. #BerhanuNega is no different.
You can have #Muslim parents, lived with #Muslims fasted #Ramadan, eaten #Dates or #Sambusa etc you can still be an #islamophobe. One can claim to be a Muslim but in reality be the most #Islamophobic person that hates #Muslims and #Islam. It is a lame excuse!


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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 10, 2021 (Miyazia 2, 2013 EC).

In #Gidy_Ayana Woreda (district), Misraq (East) #Wollega/#Wellega/#Welega zone, #Oromia region, we received reports of shootings at ethnic #Amhara residents starting from 1:00 am local time. Credible reports...

...reveal militamen of the #Oromo Liberation Front/Army (#OLF/#OLA) in collusion with regional officials & other collaborators have opened fire on ethnic #Amhara civilians in Village 10 of the district. Residents have stated that these groups who are bent on mayhem...

...& destruction, are destroying storehouses & private residences.
After the withdrawal of the #Ethiopia|n National Defense Force (#ENDF) on April 7, 2021 (Megabit 29, 2013 EC), there were reports of stoning of residences belonging to ethnic #Amhara beginning on the...

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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 10, 2021

#HoroGuduru #Wellega (also spelt ‘Welega’ and ‘Wollega’), #JardigaJartee Woreda (District), #Horodaddi Kebele (Ward), #Dacheen area

We have received news from residents in Horo Guduru #Wellega that armed militias of the (1/E)
#Oromo Liberation Front (#OLF) have continued targeted killings of ethnic #Amhara across the region. Credible reports have emerged detailing a disturbing wedding massacre in which militiamen of the OLF converged onto a local wedding gathering killing all attendees except one(2/E)
elderly woman that survived the horrific incident by hiding under a family member’s dead body. All attendees including the bride, groom and 8 of their family members were all slaughtered in this horrific massacre.

Many sources have also reported that #OLF militia have been(3/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: February 14, 2021, East Wellega, Oromia

In East Wellega, Gida Ayanna, Oromia Liyu Force and #OLF opened fire on ethnic #Amharas in broad daylight. It has been repeatedly reported that the ethnic #Amhara residents in the area are under constant threat (1/E)
for their lives and face ethnic cleansing.
Oromia Liyu Force and #OLF are reported to have opened fire around 4pm following an attempt to disarm the ethnic #Amhara residents of the area.
The altercation has led to the displacement of the #Amhara residents into the nearby(2/E)
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#GPE has been closely monitoring the unfolding situation in #Ethiopia.

The question of accountability for crimes committed is being posed not just by #Ethiopia/ns but also the world and with time, the truth will be revealed.
#GPE also believes sexual violence against women(1/E)
must be unequivocally opposed by all #Ethiopia/ns.
Local authorities and administration at all levels must take measures to immediately stop all forms of violence against women in #Tigray. Any suffering inflicted upon women and children is no indication of victory but rather(2/E)
of a country’s fall.
Protection of civilians must be a top priority as long as there is believed to be an active threat to their safety.
#Ethiopia has become a place where female students are kidnapped from their schools and murdered. Even now, under the cover of war, (3/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: January 18, 2021, #EastWellegaZone, #HoroLimuWoreda #GenjKebele, 7 #Amharas were killed by #OLF and #Gumuz armed groups. The victims were reported to be residents of the #KamashiZone in #BSGRegion. These repeated attacks across the borders of BSG and [1] Image
Oromia regions show that #OLF and Gumuz armed groups are carrying out coordinated attacks. There are reports that OLF armed groups get information whenever Amharas are on the move, they are stopped and attacked even while trying to leave the area through public bus services.[2]
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: In #HoroGudru in JardaJarta Woreda in #Wollega, ethnic #Amharas have been massacred by armed #OLF/Shane militia. Although the regional administration had received information of looming threats from residents prior to the attack, they were unable to 1/
intervene and protect their residents. The residents have also mentioned they suspect the #Oromia Liyu Force is working with #OLF/Shane militia. Here are the names of some of the victims:
1.Kassaye Baye along with 5 family members
2.Yibre Admassu along with 6 family members 2/
3.Beletech Gobbaw
4.Hamid Ibrahim
5.Makka Ibrahim
6.Hassen Ibrahim
7.Ahmed Ibrahim
8.Mussa Darso
9.Hamid Yibre (a 7th grader who was died as a result of severe injuries and lack of hospitalization)
Although the situation in Ethiopia Ethiopia is worsening for citizens 3/
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Among many outrageous claims a Tigrean wrote: “Ethiopians oppose development projects in Tigray, & is 1 of z main reasons 4 z war on Tigray today. “ He should have said #TPLF neglected development projects in #Tigray because it chose to steal money earmarked 4 Tigray development
“in many ways, z Ethio-Eritrea war of 1998-2000 was a Tigray-Eritrea war”, TRUE, except z price was paid by lives of 135K #Oromos &other Ethiopians while #TPLF made a bundle by swindling #Ethiopia from arms purchase schemes, aid & stealing wealth of Eritrean-Ethiopian deportees.
“EPLF ... blocked z route to Sudan that Tigrayans were using to escape the[84-85] famine and civil war.” What author doesn’t mention is #TPLF had broken ties with #EPLF as early as 1983 and #TPLF, according @BBCAfrica documentary, was selling Aid agencies sacks of sand for grain.
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Reports of targeted killings, burnings and lootings in Eastern Wollega-

In Horo Gudru Zone, Amuroh Woreda, at 7 in the morning on December 15, 8 ethnic #Amharas were attacked by #OLFShane and #OLFShane supporters. The estimated number of attackers were(1/)
were 50, with about 10 of them that were armed with guns, and the rest machetes. The 8 innocent victims were slaughtered using machetes and known to be long time residents of the area. Here are their names:
1. Hawa Hassen [Elderly female]
2. Melkeye Hamza [Adult female]
3. Hassan Ayalew [Young male]
4. Kedija Adem [Young Female]
5. Wude Hebre [Severe head trauma (transferred to Bahirdar and under critical condition)]
6. Demeke Yemer [Young Male]
7. Tuba Gede [Young Male]
8. Mamush GetewAlem [3 DAYS OLD BABY BOY]
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: We have received reports that OLF Shane has carried out attacks in East Wollega, Waja area, Limo Woreda. 18 ethnic Amharas have been kidnapped including Hanaye Tiruneh, Aschalew Mengesha, Melaku Yemesgen. Tesfaye Abebe, Chekole Alemu by OLF Shane. Their(1/)
whereabouts are currently unknown.
The attack started on November 30th, 2020 when the farmland of Kenaw Setegn was burned at around midnight. OLF Shane proceeded to attack and kill Kenaw and 8 other ethnic Amharas injuring 7 others who were lured out. We urge @PMAbiyAhmed(2/)
and the regional government of Oromia @shimelesabdissa to take the necessary measures to protect the residents of Wollega. The international community should not forget that these repeated attacks on ethnic Amharas have been happening for some time now. Therefore alarming (3/)
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#Ethiopia The worst enemies of Abiy Ahmed are those who are around him & who Abiy thinks are his friends. In their desire to be YESmen/YesWomen, they are giving him advice that just reinforces his callous actions. They failed to help him instead paved the road to his disgrace!
#Ethiopia #Tigray Aside from keeping yes men & women around him, Abiy's other major failure was using Derg Generals in this war. They pushed Abiy into a corner & replicated the same failed tactics that was used by the Derg in 80's, which was mass starving a region & air bombing.
#Tigray Third and gravest mistake by Abiy was bringing Issias as an ally in the internal affairs' of #Ethiopia. Issias had tried everything possible to destabilize Ethiopia, including sponsoring OLF, G7, etc. Issias deep desire was to revenge TPLF whom he had a fall out in 90's
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TPLF & Abiy Ahmed Oromo nationalist dominated government at the expense Amhara framers/militia &Amhara special force. Shimelis Abdissa OPD special force & OLF militia are continued the Amharas genocides & ethnic cleansing in Oromia, South Ethiopia & Metekel Benshanglue. Yeaterday
in Wollega OLF & OPD special force attacked the Amharas farmers with heavy weapons & machine guns. Some of these Amhara farmers tried to defend themselves, but Shimelis Abdissa & Abiy Ahmed deployed more special force to disarm the farmers. Shimelis Abdissa lead
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1. The #WarOnTigray, as the Oromo public intellectual @awolallo rightly put it in his latest appearance on @AJENews, is ''an extension of the war that @AbiyAhmedAli has been prosecuting in places like Oromia”.
2. The recent military confrontation in #Tigray cannot be properly understood without making a reference to the underlying nature of & the alignment of forces in the already ongoing conflict dynamics all over #Ethiopia.
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#Ethiopia:Residents of #Borena zone, #Oromia, say mass detention of hundreds of civilians in recent weeks after being accused of supporting the rebel group #OLA. Among the detainees is Jaldessa Guyu,a candidate for #AbbaGada, a traditional leadership of the Oromo community
As per community members who spoke to @VOAAmharic, individuals are being arrested for as little a reason as expressing criticism with local authorities through social media. The list for up to 200 people who are detained is available, but the residents say it could be above 600.
Case in point is the arrest of the #AbbaGada candidate, Jaldessa in #Yabelo after he spoke about lack of good governance in his district & criticized local authorities. Another resident says 4 of his family were arrested & are being tortured suspected of killing a local official.
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The possibility of a lasting peace in Western & Southern #Oromia & the political atmosphere for a negotiated settlement appear to be exhausted, sadly. The people of #Wollega & #Guji & their environs are bleeding from a double-edged frontier of a war that has no winner so far..1/6
Trust, the foundation of a negotiated settlement, is one of the major casualties in the two year's attempts so far for peace between the fed. & #Oromia govs on one side & the rebel groups, OLA,on the other b/se party politicking, deception & lack of sincerity have overruled.. 2/6
...these attempts for negotiated settlement thus far.

The result is what we kept witnessing: mothers of civilians & security forces agonizing; families losing their loved ones; the social fabric of a community being ripped apart by two warring brothers.

It's painful!
... 3/6
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