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Terror in #Tigray ‼️

According to reliable sources, #TPLF has made #Tigray a "Living Hell' and the young generation is confused, most are fleeing away. There are kidnapping everywhere, from streets and homes for the war.

Parents are required to pay some 50K if they don't let their children to go to war and will not get food aid.

Currently, #TPLF is preparing for a full scale war assuming the following scenarios:

👉 Some groups from #Afar will side with them,
👉 The desperate young will join in mass for their families to get food aid,
👉 Some groups from #Amhara will join them assuming their grievances,
👉 #OLA attack in #Oromia Region will weaken the central Gov't,
👉 #US's sanction bills crippled the Gov't,
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Top 9 Upcoming IPO's for 2022:

A Thread 🧵 :

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1. LIC

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is the largest and the most awaited IPO in India. The government plans to sell around 5% of its stake in the company.

@LICIndiaForever #LICIPO
#LIC #IPO #StocksInFocus #StockMarket #stockmarketcrash
2. OYO

OYO is a leading name in the hospitality sector led by @riteshagar. It plans to raise INR 8,430 crores through its IPO. This amount will be raised through fresh issue of Shares and Offer for Sale.

#oyo #IPO #StocksInFocus #stocks #stockmarketcrash
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: Incident date: December 22, 2022, #BenishangulGumuz Region, #Kemashe Zone, #Mizghiga Woreda, #AngerMite Kebele. It is reported that members of the Oromo Liberation Front/Army #OLF/#OLA a.k.a Shanee armed group have killed 26 ethnic Amharas that were 1/
harvesting crops on their farms.Local Gumuz residents have recovered the bodies and carried out their burial.Partial list of victims
1. Bishaw Yirsaw
2. MItiku Bishaw
3. Belisti Yirsaw
4. Tewachew Asmare
5. Shegaw Chanie
6. Fentahun Bishaw
7. Aster
8. Tiblet
9. Zemen Gedefaye
On December 25, 2021 #Worinka Kebele the #OLA terrorist group has abducted three women and a man. It’s reported the man has escaped and has reached Nekemt city. On the same date, a displaced senior man Ato Getachew Hassen was horrifically killed on his way to work on a farm.
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Locating an atrocity in #Ethiopia.

As the Ethiopian army advances, upsetting images and videos have emerged of the alleged killing of prisoners outside Tinishu Rebi/Chefa Robit in Wello during December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I investigate ⬇️

#OSINT Image
The images and videos available on social media accounts have shown bodies in a pit on a roadside in #Ethiopia varying states of decomposition in December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I will not be sharing some parts of the images and videos as they are too graphic for @Twitter Image
According to a resident, the people in the pit were from prison. Their bodies were recognised by locals.

They were allegedly executed by #Ethiopia’s security forces who are in control of the nearby town. Image
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An OLA S1 Pro was delivered to me at the Visakhapatnam event today.
It has cracks & dents all over the body. The manager says she will get it repaired before delivery. But repair is not the option. I paid for a new product, not a refurbished product
@OlaElectric @don4every1
#Ola ImageImageImage
@OlaElectric @bhash All the vehicles that got delivered today and even the existing ones in Bangalore have this gap between the LCD Panel. If it rains, LCD will get damaged and the warranty will not be covered and will take money from us again.
#SCAM Image
@OlaElectric @bhash The test drive vehicles were showing 152Kms on 98% charge but the final vehicles are just showing 135Kms on 100% full charge. Why this difference? Why scam people?

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If you can’t buy #Ola or #Tesla shares, these are six stocks to track if you are looking to play the EV revolution in India…

By @Bhaktimakwana18

#WorldEVDay #WorldEVDay2021
@Bhaktimakwana18 With the recent launch of Ola’s electric scooters, and buzz around existing #ElectricVehicle (EV) models by Tata Motors, MG Motor, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), Audi and others, electric vehicles are increasingly becoming the flavour of our times.

#WorldEVDay #WorldEVDay2021
@Bhaktimakwana18 On the occasion of #WorldEVDay, let us get to know about some of the companies that seem to be celebrating the #ElectricVehicle revolution.

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After Rattanindia (Revolt), let's explore another promising listed Electric 2W player, Greaves Cotton. (Read till the end for a comparison of #Ampere scooters with #Ola #Ather Okinawa). @itsTarH @sahil_vi @Investor_Mohit @ishmohit1 @MarathaIn @dmuthuk
1. Business Verticals & Products
1.1 Greaves is a 160+ years old company and has 4 key businesses:
A) Auto: Diesel, Petrol, CNG Engines
B) Non Auto: Farm equipment, Smart Gensets
C) New Mobility: EV 2W (Brand: Ampere), EV 3W (Brand: ele)
D) Aftermarket: Greaves Care Service Center which caters primarily to 3W (incl. Electric 3W) - spare parts, lubricants, batteries etc.

Finance is a non-core business
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#GPE_RedAlert: May 9, 2021

#GPE has reviewed photographs of property destruction targeting homes & assets belonging to ethnic #Amhara civilians in Mender 24, #Welgay & #Debis kebeles (wards) of #Abe_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region.

[1/5] Image
In addition, homes of recently displaced ethnic #Amhara civilians have reportedly been looted by Oromo militias allegedly part of the #Oromo Liberation Army (#OLA) but residents have also accused local authorities namely the Oromo Special Forces of participating in the...

...injustice as well.

Local sources revealed between May 6 to 7, 2021 alone, more than 20 homes belonging to ethnic #Amhara residents were broken into & looted. Similar incidents have been reported in #Welgay kebele. In some instances, residents have also reported...

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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 10, 2021 (Miyazia 2, 2013 EC).

In #Gidy_Ayana Woreda (district), Misraq (East) #Wollega/#Wellega/#Welega zone, #Oromia region, we received reports of shootings at ethnic #Amhara residents starting from 1:00 am local time. Credible reports...

...reveal militamen of the #Oromo Liberation Front/Army (#OLF/#OLA) in collusion with regional officials & other collaborators have opened fire on ethnic #Amhara civilians in Village 10 of the district. Residents have stated that these groups who are bent on mayhem...

...& destruction, are destroying storehouses & private residences.
After the withdrawal of the #Ethiopia|n National Defense Force (#ENDF) on April 7, 2021 (Megabit 29, 2013 EC), there were reports of stoning of residences belonging to ethnic #Amhara beginning on the...

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Razones por la que deberíamos prestar atención a la variante de #SARSCoV2 #B117:

Ya ha sido identificada en todos los continentes, y al paso que va (50%) será la más prevalente en #Europa. Dicho esto debemos preocuparnos. (1/n)
Es importante identificar la #transmision #criptica (mucha gente infectada sin síntomas) esto lo observamos en una estudio hecho en #RD (niños y jóvenes/sin síntomas/ni morbilidades:… (2/n)
El continuo de transmisión aumenta la variabilidad del virus (mutaciones) Aprox. ciclos de ~15 días, incluso podrían #seleccionarse mutaciones que no representaban mucha importancia en su #transmisibilidad. (3/n)
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It was growing by 37% in Q4 ’19 🚀

Building the GLOBAL MOBILITY holding 🌎🚗 the world didn’t know it needed 🤯

Operating in China 🇨🇳 Russia 🇷🇺 USA 🇺🇸 Middle East 🇦🇪 Europe 🇪🇺


Here is a SHORT thread 👇
was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp 👥 after they wanted to reduce the cost and ease transportation 🚏

By 2013, it was operating in 35 cities 🏙 and launched UberEATS, their food delivery service in 2014 🛵
expanded at an aggressive pace, entering international markets very quickly 🌎

When they could not *WIN*, they gained market share and then left while taking a stake in their competitor 🏋️

This helped avoid self-harming business battles with their competitors 🤯
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मा.निर्मला सितारामनजी..देशाला खर्या अर्थाने दिशा देणारे जे ठराविक सर्वोच्च मंत्रीपदं आहेत त्यातल्या एका पदावर आपण विराजमान आहात..पण ज्यादिवशी पासुन आपण अर्थमंत्री पद धारण केले तेव्हापासून नेहमीच media समोर आपल्याला ऐकताना आपण मंत्री कमी आणि पक्षाच्या Image
प्रवक्त्या असल्याचा भास झाला..आणि माझ्या मताला बळकटी द्यायला आपल्या सभोवतालची मंडळी तेव्हढीच जबाबदार आहे..उदाहरणं देतो त्याशिवाय माझ्या thread ला आणि मताला बळकटी येणार नाही..
१)जेव्हा वाहनक्षेत्रात तीव्र मंदी कशामुळे चालुय अस विचारलं गेल तेव्हा आपण निरागसपणे म्हणालात,"ओला,उबर
मुळे वाहनांचा खप कमी झालाय,त्यांचा वापर वाढलाय म्हणुन कोणी गाड्या विकत घेईना"..मला वैयक्तिक वाटत की देशातल्या मेट्रो सिटी आणि महत्त्वाची शहर सोडली तर ओला,उबर दुसरीकडे कुठे अस्तित्वात नाही..मग त्याचा एव्हढा परिणाम कसा झाला?(माझ चुक असेल तर दुरूस्त करावे🙏)
२)देशात मंदी आलीय अस
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Yesterday I wanted to buy a #OnePlus 8Pro but I stopped because it's made in #China. So I changed my opinion and searched for #iPhone, sadly 80% of iPhones are made in China☹️ Finally I decided to open #Flipkart to search for other mobiles but flipkart is funded by Chinese 🤘👇
I was extremely disappointed and thought of eating some delicious food 🍴🍕🍔 for that I opened #Zomato and #Swiggy irony is that both are funded by Chinese firms. Finally I decided to order some snacks from #Bigbasket, this is also funded by china. 😭🥵👇
I was vexed and wanted to go to restaurant and eat 🍝 . To go there, I tried booking #Ola and cancelled because China funded Ola too. I wanted to compromise for food but Ola driver was accepting ride only if I pay through #Paytm but again China has made investment in Paytm. 👇
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#Ethiopia:Residents of #Borena zone, #Oromia, say mass detention of hundreds of civilians in recent weeks after being accused of supporting the rebel group #OLA. Among the detainees is Jaldessa Guyu,a candidate for #AbbaGada, a traditional leadership of the Oromo community
As per community members who spoke to @VOAAmharic, individuals are being arrested for as little a reason as expressing criticism with local authorities through social media. The list for up to 200 people who are detained is available, but the residents say it could be above 600.
Case in point is the arrest of the #AbbaGada candidate, Jaldessa in #Yabelo after he spoke about lack of good governance in his district & criticized local authorities. Another resident says 4 of his family were arrested & are being tortured suspected of killing a local official.
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FY19 results of Start-up companies:
(Courtesy: Financial Express).
#Flipkart: 4234 Cr revenue & 1624 Cr loss.
#Amazon: 7594Cr revenue & 5685 Cr loss.
#PayTm: 3050Cr revenue & 3960 Cr loss.
#OYO: 6457 Cr revenue & 2385 Cr loss.
#BigBasket: 2381Cr revenue & 348 Cr loss.
#Grofers: 70Cr revenue & 448 Cr loss.
#Zomato: 1159Cr revenue & 571Cr loss.
#Swiggy: 1122Cr revenue & 2346Cr loss.
#Ola Cabs: 1886Cr revenue & 1160 Cr loss.
#Delhivery: 1654Cr revenue & 1781Cr loss.
#Rivigo: 1003Cr revenue & 510 Cr loss.
#LensKart: 474Cr revenue & 28 Cr loss.
#UrbanLadder: 298Cr revenue & 49Cr profit.
#Pepperfry: 193Cr revenue & 183 Cr loss
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1/9 I have purchased a car very recently. So, I went through the usual motions of a large and involved purchase at the time of my decision. This might also give you an insight into the auto sector slowdown #AutoSector #SlowDown #Economyslowdown #economy
2/9 Clean fuel vehicles are coming: Hydrogen fuel cell, & #ElectricVehicles (#BEV & #PHEV) are coming sooner than we thought. Govt envisions an electric mobility future for us & is taking a lot of steps to push EVs under #FAME2 scheme. To reduce pollution & fuel import bill.
3/9 If I buy a regular petrol/diesel car, it may get obsolete sooner than I imagined. Eg: NCR banned 10yr old #diesel vehicles to improve air quality, push towards electric. All this affects resale value of the #cars. Hence, I considered pushing the life of my current car
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Next Milestone for #Maps is to include the last mile #commute. Indian Cities have almost all mode of local commute. We have Rikshaw, E-Rikshaw, Auto Rikshaw, E-Scooter, Vikram, Toto, Launch Boat, Ferry Boat, Tempo Traveller, Mini Bus, Local Bus, Cabs, Metro Train (subway),
Local Train and even Helicopter Service. In some places we have shared Auto Rikshaw service. Typically, 3 or 4 commuters share one Auto Rikshaw which have fixed onboarding and offboarding points. Vikram and Toto are always shared. #UX #CX #GoogleMaps #BingMaps #AI #Surveillance
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