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Internationalism Thread

Politics typically boils down to a choice between two tough options - perhaps two awful options. We all sort of know this, but at some point this concept becomes a hot reality. In 2021, I supported #NoMore &
viewed sanctions as borderline betrayal to the homeland. I viewed the west as being permanently fixated on installing TPLF, specifically, in order to destabilize the HOA region for one reason or another. I viewed changing the narrative in the west to be virtually impossible.
But since then, I've seen the deterioration of the nation under @AbiyAhmedAli 's growing dictatorship. I've seen the mounting evidence that his government, in concert with Gov. @ShimelisAbdisa's & Mayr @AdanechAbiebie's respective administrations, is highly likely behind the
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@KristaKiuru #Tedros Adhanom: #WHO chief may face #genocide charges | Dec 14
- David #Steinman accused Tedros, 55, who took over at the WHO three years ago, of being one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security services from 2013 to 2015.
@KristaKiuru 27 years, the #TPLF dominated and controlled every walk of life in every corner of #Ethiopia.
- #HumanRights abuses were rampant, independent media and journalists were non-existent and arrest and intimidation of opposition politicians was commonplace.
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LIVE: Opening of the 76th World Health Assembly with @DrTedros. #WHA76…
@DrTedros "In 1977, Ali Maow Maalin was a 23-year-old working as a hospital cook in the port of Merca, #Somalia.

In addition to his duties in the kitchen, Maalin had worked as a vaccinator in WHO’s #smallpox eradication programme, which had hunted down the last remaining cases of smallpox……
@DrTedros "In October of that year, two children with #smallpox from a nomadic group were sent to an isolation camp near Merca. The driver who was transporting them stopped at the hospital where Maalin worked to ask for directions.

Maalin offered to accompany them. The driver asked if he……
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🧵 1/14 The Struggles of #AddisAbeba Under the Rule of Abiy Ahmed 🇪🇹
This extended thread delves into the challenges facing #AddisAbeba, Ethiopia's capital city, under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mayor Abebech Adane, and the urgent need for change.👇
#Ethiopia #AbiyAhmed
🧵 2/14 Who is Abiy Ahmed? 🤔
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Prime Minister since April 2018, was initially seen as a beacon of hope. However, his tenure has been marred by persistent social issues that plague Addis Abeba and the nation.
#AbiyAhmed #EthiopianPolitics
🧵 3/14 Who is Abebech Adane? 🏛️
Abebech Adane, the Mayor of Addis Abeba, has faced criticism for her inability to address the city's pressing social issues effectively. The government needs to prioritize the well-being of its citizens to prevent further deterioration.
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After 2 years of war, the #Tigray region in #Ethiopia is recovering slowly.
People are traumatized but also hopeful.
A thread with pictures from my latest trip.
In #Adigrat people live in an IDP camp in a secondary school. A mother with 5 children sleeps on a blackboard (left), covered with plastic sheets. Nights in mountaineous Tigray can be cold.
The family can not return home. «There are still militia at our village», the mother says.
Here people have at least drinking water. They complain that food aid still hasn't reached them for months. During the war, over one million people have been displaced.
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The Grand #Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD).

A thread.
If you happen to look at the news in the last couple of weeks about it, you will find a lot.👇

For the casual reader, what these news articles Don't tell you WHY exactly #Egypt and #Ethiopia are locked in these bitter disagreements over the #Nile water use via the #GERD.
Quick background:

The #Nile river is shared by 11 countries. Of its total annual flow contribution, #Ethiopian rivers including #Abbay (Blue Nile) that #GERD is being built accounts 85% or ~77 Billion Cubic Meters (BCM). The rest of the Nile countries accounts ~15%.
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Introducing an insightful Twitter thread discussing the concerns raised by prominent Oromo politician Lencho Leta about Ethiopia's current state and exploring the implications of various government actions. Find out more about the challenges Ethiopia faces
🧵1/9: Lencho Leta, a prominent #Oromo politician, expressed concern for #Ethiopia's current state in a recent interview, fearing system failure. As a founding member of the Oromo Liberation Front and initiator of the Oromo Democratic Front, Leta is a key figure in Oromo politics
🧵2/9: Leta is a strong supporter of PM Abiy and has been influential in releasing Oromo political prisoners. However, certain actions by the PM, such as imposing Oromo interests in Addis Ababa, have led to unrest and the loss of core supporters. #politics #Ethiopia @ervstours
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Tweet 1/10:
🇪🇹 Ethiopia Removes TPLF from Terrorism List: A Balanced Assessment of Pros and Cons @
Tweet 2/10:
✅ Pro 1: Facilitates peace negotiations - Removing TPLF from the list may pave the way for dialogue between the government and Tigray authorities, leading to a peaceful resolution.
Tweet 3/10:
✅ Pro 2: Reestablishes humanitarian access - Easing restrictions on aid organizations, allowing them to provide crucial support to the affected population in Tigray.
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1/ 🚨 #Ethiopia: Ongoing crisis in Oromia region with hundreds killed, thousands displaced, & increasing violence linked to OLF-Shane, irregular forces from Amhara, & unnamed individuals. Authorities' response not adequate. #EthiopiaCrisis @ervstours @NeaminZeleke
2/ Religious & spiritual leaders, humanitarian orgs, & intellectuals must break their silence & condemn ongoing violence. Forums for national reconciliation, stability, and sustainable peace are crucial. #StandWithEthiopia 🇪🇹
3/ Dr. Daniel Bekele of EHRC criticized for not admitting genocide in Ethiopia despite evidence. Psychic numbing theory suggests that people become indifferent when individuals are "one of many." It's time to address this deficiency in humanity. #PsychicNumbing
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🧵1/12 Meet Eskinder Nega, a symbol of resistance against ethnic inequality, oppression, and injustice in Ethiopia. A journalist and political activist, he has faced imprisonment and harassment for standing up for press freedom and freedom of expression. #EskinderNega #Ethiopia
🧵2/12 Eskinder is the founder and leader of the opposition party, Balderas for True Democracy. Despite spending a total of 20 years in and out of prison under two regimes, his resolve for democracy and justice remains unshaken. @ervstours #FreeEskinder #BalderasForTrueDemocracy
🧵3/12 As editor of Etopis, Satenaw, Asqual, and Menelik, Eskinder received multiple international awards for his fearless journalism and dedication to democracy. Yet, he continues to be perceived as a threat to the political elite in Ethiopia. #PressFreedom
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Today, Secretary Blinken has announced the findings of the State Department's review of atrocities reported during the war in northern #Ethiopia:
🔹all parties to the conflict committed war crimes
🔹the ENDF, EDF, and Amhara forces committed crimes against humanity in Tigray
🔹Amhara forces committed the crime against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer, and committed ethnic cleansing through their treatment of Tigrayans in Western Tigray.
Blinken cited "murder, rape, and other forms of sexual violence and persecution" in the @StateDept's determination that members of the ENDF, EDF and Amhara forces committed crimes against humanity in #Tigray.
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1/15 📰 "@reda_getachew From Spokesperson to President" 🇪🇹 Introducing Getachew Reda, former Tigray gov't spokesperson & now its president. Despite his resilience, his controversial past raises concerns. @ervstours #Ethiopia #Tigray
2/15 🚨 Getachew's tenure as spokesperson was marked by controversial speeches against the Amhara ethnic group. His inflammatory rhetoric has been widely criticized, and many question his ability to establish peaceful relations with other ethnic groups. #Amhara #Controversy
3/15 📣 During the war in Tigray, @reda_getachew was accused of engaging in criminal activities, which raised doubts about his moral standing and suitability to lead the region. #WarInTigray #CriminalActivities @NeaminZeleke
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1/18 🇪🇹 The Ethiopian government, led by the Prosperity Party and primarily representing the Oromo ethnic group, has been accused of using starvation as a weapon against the Amhara region. In this thread, we'll explore the reasons behind this troubling issue. #Ethiopia #Amhara
2/18 🌍 Ethiopia's diverse ethnic makeup has given rise to ethnic tensions and political rivalries. The Amhara region, home to the Amhara ethnic the group has been particularly affected by these dynamics. #EthnicTension #AmharaRegion
3/18 🏛️ The Prosperity Party, which emerged from the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), has been in power since 2019. The party has strong representation from the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia. #ProsperityParty #Oromo
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1/7 Let's talk about Taye Bogale, an influential Ethiopian author, political analyst, and public speaker who has significantly impacted the country's political discourse. #Ethiopia #TayeBogale @ervstours @NeaminZeleke
2/7 Taye has authored several books and articles, often shedding light on Ethiopia's political landscape, historical events, and social issues. His insightful analyses have earned him a strong following. #EthiopianPolitics #AuthorLife
3/7 Known for his fearless criticism of power structures, Taye Bogale is unafraid to take a stand against injustice and challenge the status quo. His efforts have made him a target of both admiration and controversy. #FearlessCritic #PoliticalCommentary
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While high-level US & EU diplomatic visits drew int'l press attention to #Ethiopia this week, most of the focus was on diplomatic relations, $, and the #Tigray peace deal. There was little coverage of the dangerous undercurrents that continue to threaten the country's stability.
On Mar 15, while the intl press was focused on Blinken's visit, Ethiopia's election board issued a statement condemning the persecution of some political parties by the govt & its security forces, citing illegal detentions, intimidation & harassment.…
The day prior, the Mayor of Addis -Ethiopia's culturally diverse capital city- made highly controversial comments alleging that youth from "some regional states" were trying to flood the city to overthrow the govt. Addis's police chief claimed most of the youth were from Amhara.
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A friend who hails from Wollega related to me what was said by former OLF senior leaders in Addis. Reflecting on precarious conditions unfolding. “… ODP has transformed from thievery to massive plunder of the people’s & state resources.” On the entity now named Oromo PP . 1/
Abundant indicators show that Oromo PP ‘a relentless drive for pol. Instn. & econ. dominance in #Ethiopia . Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it , paraphrasing one bard. 2/
All concerned must be cognizant that the people of Ethiopia will not accept or tolerate any and form of domination, plunder, &oppression masked under “equality” by any ethnic elite. In any form by any ethnic elites 3/
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During the Eritrea war of independence over 30% of Eritrean Freedom Fighters during Eritrea's war of independence were women.

The Eritrean War of Independence was a conflict fought between Ethiopian governments and Eritrean independence fighters from 1 Sept 1961 to 24 May 1991.
Eritrea had become part of Ethiopia after World War II, upon the defeat of Italy and both territories were liberated from Italian occupation.
The marxist Ethiopian government enjoyed Soviet Union support until 1989 when glasnost and perestroika started to impact Moscow’s foreign policies, resulting in ceasing of support to foriegn allies.
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In another tweet which I will append below, I write about the dizzying diplomacy that #Eritrea #Sudan #Somalia #SouthSudan are going thru. Here, I am going to include momentous changes all happening at once. A New World Order?

This happened, via #China…
“Last week, #SaudiArabia and #Iran announced that they would reëstablish diplomatic relations after seven years of severed ties. The two nations pledged to reopen their embassies and also agreed to begin coöperating in areas such as security and trade.”
(3) Then #SouthKorea and #Japan decided that focus on the future is more paramount than letting your interpretation of history keep u estranged for 12 yrs. #NorthKorea shot an ICBM to remind them yeah, we should meet.…

Reason over passion.
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#Tigray had it all. We had Ahmad ibn Ibrahim & the Ottoman Turks/The Egyptians, Italians, Menelik, Fascist Italy, Haile Selassie, Mengistu. But this genocidal war on #Tigray is incomparable to any that hitherto occurred. Its design, scope, intent, & the execution of action plans
defines its sadistic uniqueness. It was cataclysmic & is ongoing. They decided & came to eliminate #Tigrayans as people. Despite the incalculable sacrifices paid in lives lost, ethnic cleansing, genocidal rape, starvation, millions of IDPs, materials destroyed, in the end as
it has always been, our enemies have come back with unrevealed vengeance, the impact we will eventually notice & intent to rule the land of #Tigray. As things stand, they're back in, watched by #TEGARU they had tried & still desire to eliminate. Those who have not left are still
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The negative impacts of ethnic politics Thread 🧵🧵🧵

1. The negative impacts of ethnic politics are far-reaching & can be seen in many aspects of society. Ethnic politics is a form of politics that is based on the interests of a particular ethnic group.

@NeaminZeleke @iyoba4u Image
2. It is often used to gain political power and influence, and leads to discrimination and marginalization of other ethnic groups.
One of the most significant negative impacts of ethnic politics is the potential for increased conflict and violence.
3. When a particular ethnic group is favored over another, it leads to resentment and hostility between the two groups. This can lead to violence, as well as a breakdown in social cohesion. In some cases, it can even lead to civil war.
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Somalis are appalled @ATMIS_Somalia allowed #Ethiopian army in #Baidoa to abuse the proud military #history of our @SNAForce by adoring and glorifying #SovietUnion alliance’s acts of aggression against #Somalia in #Karamardha as part of 1977-78 #WesternSomalia #Liberation War-1/4
These abhorrent antics are not only an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, dignity and sensibility but are also against the Status of Mission Agreement #SOMA signed by @amisomsomalia. Article VI addresses conduct of #AMISOM and #ATMIS personnel who are required to always adhere to……
#Somalia must demand answers from @ATMIS_Somalia and @_AfricanUnion for #Ethiopia’s appalling violations of #SOMA. @MOFASomalia must also summon Ethiopia’s Ambassador and demand an apology from @mfaethiopia for the abuse of Somalia’s military #history and national sensibility-3/4
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#Ethiopia #Adwa 💚💛❤ ✌️

"Most nations have independence day. Ethiopians have victory day and It is... Adwa"

[THREAD🧵] attributed to Adwa.

The african victory in the age of empire. One of the proudest moments in african history & an ever-smarting wound of imperialists. 1/14
1. Cause of The Battle of Adwa

It was the result of Italian encroachments south of their colony of Eritrea on the Red Sea. Though bound by the Treaty of Wichale (1889) to friendship, the Italians and Ethiopians had different opinions about the nature of that friendship. 2/14
2. Treaty of Wichale

There was a mistranslation on Article 17 of z treaty, where z Italian version stated that Ethiopia as a protectorate of Italy, while in Amharic it stated Ethiopia's independence. Italy tried to get menelik to accept their interpretation but he refused. 3/14
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#ADWA is an African victory (thread)
Rather than a friendly alliance, fascist Italy wanted to crash #Ethiopia, its Leader of the time Emperor Minyilik and the Ethiopian people’s spirit. They tried to obtain a solid foot hold in Ethiopia.
A mistake was committed Ethiopians were treated as a "savage". It hadn't yet been understood. They thought they had to deal with local backward savages but a dormant civilization awakened and reappeared before the world!
While the fascists were flattering themselves that they subdued the king and his people he was preparing his nation to prove the contrary.
The victory of the Ethiopians at ADWA is that of all Africa and this point of view gradually became patent.
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He is well raised, went to a private school, and has a master's degree from a European university. Speaks four languages - two foreign, his native, and Amharic.
He is willing to guard ethnic politics with his life.
''Why,'' I asked.
''Because we have suffered,''
''What do you mean by 'we'? You got the best of everything this country has to offer, and some more. So tell me how you suffered,''
''Your ancestors were cruel to mine," he said with a straight face.
''My ancestors were dirt poor. My parents are the first generation to leave their villages. Tell me how my ancestors could be cruel to yours,''
''The war;'' he said.
''Which war''
''The Emporer had with my people,''
''How do you know my ancestors fought alongside the Emporer?''
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