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Unusual events are developing in Horn. The president of #Somalia with the president of Ethiopia are expected to visit Hargaisa, self-declared republic of #Somaliland: not recognized. The speaker of the upper house of Somaliland though disliking the visit, suggested accommodation
The upper house, Guurti or the house of traditional elders is un-elected body that wields the power( to extend terms to both the executive and the House of Representatives: it did it many times.
For background on Guurti:
see this:……
Guurti, the house of elders, lacks constitutional powers to extend terms, however, they played major role in building #Somaliland state: negotiated its contours, resolved disputes and so on. Many fear younger ‘elders’ may be tempted to advance other interests. #Somalia
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The New Hate Speech & Disinformation Suppression Proclamation No. 1185/2020: What it is and what it means to Freedom of Expression in Ethiopia

On February 13, the Ethiopian parliament passed the controversial bill countering hate speech and disinformation in #Ethiopia.
1/Many activists, academia, and human rights defenders are concerned about the potential impact of this law. Now the bill is approved as a law. As an observer of this drafting process, I would like to briefly highlight affirmative moves, and areas of concerns.
3/The Good moves

The drafters—the Attorney General (AG) and lawmakers were guided by good faith and incorporated many of our major concerns both at the parliamentary hearing and written submissions. First, the definition of hate speech embraced ‘intent’ element.
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This clip was circulated in social media; An Ethiopian officer lectures to Somali officials, including acting governor of Gedo and armed officers. He said the federal army and regional army are one; others incorrectly interpreted his saying as #Somalia and #Ethiopia are one
However, this shows that Ethiopia supports the Federal leaders agenda of taking over Gedo police and Dervishes from Jubbaland. and other blogs report now Kenya massing troops in Mandere, where Janan, former security minister of Jubbaland is located.
The Ethiopian officer says ‘we’ and adds per Somali translation that ‘ we are one country’ and ‘ we are working becoming one country’. The officer may have been talking about Somali troops working for their one country, but Somalis are already one country, no need to becoming one
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Video by #Ethiopia officer lecturing Somali troops (mostly child soldiers!!) sent to #Gedo: "we are one nation and one people"!!! Ethiopia is no longer even hiding their plans and ambitions in #Somalia!! The is the end of #AMISOM in Somalia!! #Jubaland…
Ethiopian troops have killed 11 civilians and one member of parliament during elections in #Baidoa. They have sent a plane full of soldiers to try and intervene in #Kismayo during elections. How is this country a contributing member of a 'peace-keeping' mission in #Somalia?!!!!
#AMISOM is discredited and now directly and openly involved in Somalia politics and internal affairs!! Exit plan needed and urgently. They went from a 'peace-keeping' mission to a threat to stability of Somalia!!!
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1/ Thread on #DembiDollo students - For nearly 2 months, more than 17 students from Dembi Dollo university in Oromia, most female, have reportedly been missing @hrw
@hrw 2/ An increasing number of Ethiopians, including several human rights organizations, have begun to speak out against the government’s response to the students' reported abduction
@hrw 3/ Family members have told the media that they are desperate for answers as they have also not been able to speak to or reach their loved ones
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This is the UN briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for 573rd day by corrupt UNSC @AntonioGuterres - Inner City Press has submitted 10 questions to @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric, who answers nothing on #LuandaLeaks #Coronavirus, #Cameroon #Nepal - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi With China-purchased UN Sec-Gen @AntonioGuterres still silent on #Coronavirus in China, his spox @StephDujarric just read out a bland statement about WHO Tedros. Guterres who bans Press to conceal UN bribes by CEFC China Energy, is corrupt…
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Even after throwing investigative Inner City Press out of the UN, SG @AntonioGuterres can't handle softball questions. He canceled press conference on Jan 20, then now on Jan 28 (afraid of being overshadowed by Trump's Middle East plan). #pathetic
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This is indicating that the #GERD will serve as #Egypt's RESERVOIR, which is absurd considering the GERD is fully financed & 100% owned by #Ethiopia. @seleshi_b_a

This would also mean that the GERD’s power generating capacity could be reduced to reflect the 31 BM3 threshold. 1/3
If the volume of water reaching the #GERD becomes lower than 31 BM3 due to drought, which:

- the GERD has nothing to do with; &
- could have occured even if the GERD wasn’t built

Therefore, why would #Ethiopia agree to release water that was previously stored in the GERD? 2/3
It’s becoming apparent that the ongoing tripartite negotiation's main aim is to protect #Egypt’s best interest, not #Ethiopia's.

Unfortunately, Ethiopia’s current leaders are intentionally/unintentionally compromising Ethiopia’s sovereignty in the process. 3/3
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1/ 3 You have misinterpreted Kevin Wheeler et al's report which rather indicates that, to reach the full supply level, the #GERD filling process is expected to take between 5 to 10 years (see the screenshot 👇). Was this an honest hiccup or ---?

@seleshi_b_a @globetrotter1_
2/3 Kevin Wheeler et al's report is based on the #GERD releasing 28 BM3 per year which is no longer the case i.e. @seleshi_b_a & #Gedu indicated at the presser yesterday that #Ethiopia agreed to discharge 37 BM3 per year. I'm confused by why Ethiopia now changed its stand on this
3/3 I just did a quick estimate based on releasing 37 BM3/yr & my calculation confirms that the filling will take:

- 5.9 years to reach the Active Capacity volume of 59 BM3

- 7.4 years to reach the Total Capacity volume of 74 BM3

@seleshi_b_a, do you agree with my estimate 👆?
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#Ethiopia #SundayThoughts

My parents & grandparents generations lived beyond 80. Quite a few 90+. Some even 100+. They remained healthy & strong until the end. One famous uncle, devoid of any major illnesses up until he reached 96, said on his deathbed “በሽታ መጣ ሞት መጣ።“
Here’s what I saw the old timers do:

1. They were all deeply spiritual, attended church daily & prayed several times during a day. My grandma had a መቁጠሪያ which helped her focus. This was a form of meditation. She had also become መነኩሴ & entirely devoted to the spiritual
Family was everything to the old timers. They had big families & lived together. Much time was spent to celebrate, grieve w/family. Being together was like medicine. They believed “የሰው መድሃኒት ሰው ነው”...
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1/ If, as this thread by @yashar suggests, the #US airstrikes in #Baghdad, #Iraq lead to #Iran violently retaliating worldwide, one region of immediate concern could be the Horn of Africa.
@yashar 2/ There is latent Muslim Brotherhood presence in #Sudan, Iranian nationals have been arrested in #Kenya multiple times in recent years attempting to carry out attacks, and Iranian weapons flow across the Gulf of Aden into #Somalia.
@yashar 3/ Regarding #Kenya, in 2016 two #Iran ian nationals and their Kenyan driver were accused of planning an attack on #Israel's embassy in #Nairobi:…
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To all my gullible #Ethiopia|ns that are actually under the impression that Ethiopia is launching its "own" satellite into space, lol... Here are a few things that you missed:
1. The image that you are sharing incessantly on social media is a photoshopped picture showing a totally different rocket. (…)
2. #Ethiopia has almost no hand in the whole project, as the project is a joint project between China and Brazil to help Brazil better monitor the Amazon forest, and the main payload is this satellite named The China-Brazil Earth Resource Satellite-4A (CBERS-4A)
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Here is UN noon briefing at 12:10 pm; Inner City Press is banned for 520th day by @AntonioGuterres. @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric has not answered any of ICP's 7 written questions today, they cut his audio when he speaks of tomorrow, @USUN it seems - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @USUN @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @simonateba Banned Inner City Press asked On Cameroon, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Calls for a boycott of elections are increasing. Biya claims the conditions will be met for the elections, scheduled in two months. What role will UN play?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @USUN @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @simonateba @NeverAgainGC @Beatriceijang Banned Inner City Press asked On SG Guterres' ("fake") savings and Qs of staff, including to ICP, and not answered, explain: ICP reported Nov 16, reached out to by workers inside ignored by others, that they are being hurt by UN and its contractor CulinArt 1/2
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Will Tigray leave or remain in #Ethiopia?

#TPLF's calculated moves so far could assist with predicting the likely future of #Tigray.

The current TPLF (since #Abiy came to power) had been carefully following procedures when it comes to dealing with the federal govt. 1/12
#TPLF had been releasing a number of statements/announcements, both written & verbal, which may seem pointless to the juvenile, naive and/or intentionally deaf ears but they're calculated & sensible than anyone could imagine. Every statements had some reasoning behind it. 2/12
#TPLF peacefully handed over power to #Abiy in the hope that he will execute #EPRDF’s future plans in line with the party member’s agreement. Unfortunately, Abiy had other sinister plans. Abiy & Co. fooled TPLF & managed to successfully undertake the #SoftCoup. 3/12
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1/8 Thread on #Article39 & its consequence

Now that the #ProsperityParty is formed, which seems to be the final phase of formalisation of the “#SoftCoup, it's worthwhile to discuss about what will happen to #Article_39 which is one of the key sections of the current constitution
2/8 Some may feel that the #Article39 matter is a sensitive/difficult issue which shouldn’t be discussed now. However, the ongoing unpredictable & confusing moves by the current govt makes this matter highly critical which needs to be discussed/considered now than ever before.
3/8 So, here is my two cents on the likely scenarios & consequences should the government attempts to abolish/amend #Article39:
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Glad the NYT is reporting from #Ethiopia, but there are some glaring errors in this piece. In particular, it is necessary to connect statements like these from Jawar to at least a basic understanding of the electoral system, and push back. 1/
Ethiopia's electoral system is a first-past-the-post constituency based model at federal level. For Jawar to 'defeat' Abiy, he would need to either 1) challenge him directly in his constituency, or 2) build a bigger party & get a majority in parliament. 1st seems unlikely. 2/
Jawar has signalled he will launch a new party. But he is also a committed Oromo nationalist. His party won't contest beyond Oromia regional state. Even with every seat in the state, he won't have a majority. So on basic math, this doesn't work. He needs a coalition. 3/
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“Twenty years ago, I was working as a #malaria researcher in #Ethiopia. I could never have imagined then the incredible progress we would make, and @MedsforMalaria has played a vital role in that progress”-@DrTedros #EndMalaria
@MedsforMalaria @DrTedros@MedsforMalaria has helped to bring forward 13 new medicines that have saved almost 2 million lives”-@DrTedros #EndMalaria
@MedsforMalaria @DrTedros @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @RMinghui @PAlonsoMalaria "Since 2000, the number of people who die from #malaria has halved, and incidence has been cut by an estimated 30%"-@DrTedros #EndMalaria
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Mercury will pass between Earth & Sun on afternoon, 11 Nov 2019 Monday. Most of #MercuryTransit2019 can be seen from all of Africa, till local sunset. @SKA_Africa @SAAOOutreach @AfricaAstronomy @Astro4Dev & others are coordinating a Africa-wide campaign for #ToM2019 #ToMAfrica
It is VERY dangerous to look at the Sun directly using telescope binoculars or naked eyes. Looking at Sun's image projected onto a sheet of paper by a telescope is safe. There r a few public events by science centres etc in Africa where u can see #ToM2019 safely (pic @samyukta_m)
An interactive map of public events in Africa for #ToMAfrica, transit timings, a free handbook on #ToM2019, posters, and a podcast on #MercuryTransit2019 are at…,… and
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My take on the latest saga relating to the #GERD, mainly focusing on the key element of the official joint statement of #Egypt, #Ethiopia, #Sudan, #US & #WorldBank which was released following the meeting held in the US on 6th of November 👇

The key word is "INVOKED" 1/9
#Egypt achieved its main goal by getting #Ethiopia to agree to invoke Article 10 of the 2015 Declaration of Principle should the ministers of the tripartite failed to reach an agreement by 15 January 2020. Ethiopia shouldn't have attended the meeting, let alone an agreement. 2/9
The fundamental question is: why is #Egypt now keen on invoking Article 10 of the 2015 Declaration? Why not in the past? It's been nearly five years since this Declaration

Let me start with the basics by identifying the critical item that would raise eyebrows in Article 10: 3/9
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In near empty UN press briefing room, @UN_Spokesperson Haq starts with "Happy Halloween" then says ghoulish @AntonioGuterres is in Turkey, with no discussion of press freedom or Inner City Press Q on #Halkbank & #Honduras and today's other Qs - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @hondurassol @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong Banned Inner City Press asked What are the comments and actions if any of SG @AntonioGuterres on the filing now in 2d Circuit that UN briber Patrick Ho entered the UN 10/9/2014, 11/14-7/2014, 12/5/2014, 3/4-9/2015, 4/21/2015, 3/3/2016, 3/28-30/2016, 4/20-27/2016
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @hondurassol @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @sdnylive @tingdc Banned Inner City Press asked on #Honduras, again, what assurances do the UN have that the $50,000 you bragged about getting is not from the $1 million JOH was shown to have taken from narco trafficking El Chapo?
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THREAD: #Abdi Iley appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not-guilty to the charges brought against him by federal prosecutors on 01/30/2019 - charges relate to the violence of August 4th 2018 alone, not the decade of abuses that preceded.

What does this signify for Somalis?
State charges against Abdi reveal what Somalis have always known: their second-class status in #Ethiopia & their lack of rights. Their lives were not deemed worthy when they were being systematically wiped out, & are still denied any worth as Abdi Is charged for August 4th alone
The state shaped and empowered Abdi Iley, he was specifically handpicked based upon his willingness to carry out the most brutal counter-insurgency campaign ever witnessed, both as head of regional security and President of the Somali Region (2010-2018).
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Am 1. März 1896 gelang den Äthiopiern ein entscheidender Sieg gegen italienische Invasoren, die Äthiopien für sich beanspruchen wollten.

Mehr als 60.000 Menschen kämpften in der Schlacht von Adua um die Souveränität Äthiopiens.

#Ethiopia #BattleOfAdwa #BlackHistory
Bereits im Jahre 1887 hatten die Italiener in der Schlacht bei Dogali eine schwere Niederlage erlitten.

Es folgte der Friedensvertrag von Uccialli. Italien betrachtete Äthiopien daraufhin als Protektorat. Äthiopiens Kaiser Menelik der Zweite wollte (um es einfach zu erklären)...
... Unabhängigkeit und Souveränität. Italien wollte den Einfluss auf Äthiopien halten.

So brach im Jahre 1896 ein weiterer Krieg aus.

Das italienische Militär wollte Äthiopien umzingeln und in das Land vordringen. Bei dieser Expedition verliefen sich einige Verbände...
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My view:
Since Jawar's first fb post (on gov't's attempt to remove his security) last night, violence erupted in much of central Ethiopia, & citizens are hurting.
Jawar is using the situation to perfection, & seems prepared. He isn't just an activist, but a political force.
The gov't seems confused although tried to calm the situation with a press conference to deny some of the allegations by Jawar, though it might not change the situation.
Now it seems that there are clear interests that are enjoying the fiasco. Eg: Abiy's #1 adversaries, TPLF.
TPLF's statement at dawn (as if they had a late night meeting) is still so puzzling. Its summary reads as: Tigray & Amhara aren't enemies, the security situation in the country is bad & the admin'n is incapable, the army must be ready, & act & elections must happen on time.
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Here is my take on #EPRDF's statement released today - rather a rebuttal to #TPLF's one released on 15/10/19:



N.B. It shouldn't have been referred as EPRDF's statement but I am going to let this one slid. 1/9
1) #EPRDF indicated: #TPLF said the merger plan started since #Abiy took power. Wrong, TPLF said the reverse, admitted its involvement in the past & confirmed they aren't ready to join now due to the current unstable situation in #Ethiopia & the unsustainable move by others 2/9
2) Since #Abiy came to power, he was presenting himself as the originator of the merger plan & was taking all the credits - why is he now saying it was #EPRDF's idea & #TPLF was involved, etc i.e. why is he retreating when the gone gets tough. He can't have it both ways! 3/9
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#Ethiopia: this stupid conflict between Afar/Somalis needs to stop ASAP. We need serious civic engagement to achieve this. So please. If you are an Afar brother or sister out there. Pleaes reach out to me so that work together to end this senseless conflict. After all we are the
Change we want to see. And you are not a Afar or Somali. Please amplify my call for peace by sharing and supporting this noble cause. It’s apparent that the political class is failing to do the bare minimum of saving our peoples’ lives.
As two muslim communities. We should follow the tenets of our faith and show love and brother hoods and not split our Haram blood. This is costing to much in this world and the next one.
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