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1/48 A #HistoryKeThread pictorial journey through #VintageNairobi.
2/48 1899: An early photo of Nairobi as a tent city.
3/48 1909: A market scene in the fast growing town.
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1/18 #HistoryKeThread: Short Story On Life and Killing Of Pio Gama Pinto
2/18 Born in 1927, Pio Gama Pinto studied journalism in India before returning home to Kenya in the late 1940s.
3/18 He almost immediately plunged himself in anti-colonial activism and trade unionism. He not only served as an official of the Kenya Indian Congress but also worked with KAU, the precursor to KANU.
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1/60 #HistoryKeThread: The Army Mutiny Of 1964 - During the last week of January of 1964, the armies of Tanganyika, Uganda and Kenya staged mutinies as if in synchronized succession.
2/60 The three armies had one thing in common. They had all emerged from the King’s African Rifles.
3/60 But they also had grievances in common. Soldiers demanded higher pay, and the removal of expatriate British officers from their ranks.
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1/41 #HistoryKeThread: #WW2 Action In Kenya’s North
2/41 With rumours of war mounting in Europe in the late 1930s, the Kenya Regiment was founded. It was meant to provide, in case war broke out, a supply of white military officers to lead the growing number of African soldiers in the King’s African Rifles (KAR).
3/41 So when WW2 broke out in Europe in 1939, all British men in Kenya aged between 18 and 35 were called up to join the Regiment. At the time, Kenya had a German population of about 700.
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1/20 #HistoryKeThread: These are Uganda railway labourers flanked by local Wakamba men at Mtito Andei, circa 1897.
2/20 In the mid-eighteenth century, a large number of Akamba pastoral groups moved eastwards towards the coast.
3/20 This migration was occasioned by extensive drought and lack of cattle pasture.
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1/17 #HistoryKeThread: The Lost Clan Of The Agîkûyû:
2/17 The original inhabitants of Kikuyu-land, it is said, were the Thagicu, who practised iron-working, herded cattle and sheep and goats, and hunted. The similarity in name between Thagicu and Gikuyu would suggest that they were in fact the Agîkûyû’s earliest...
3/17 ...known ancestors, if not their primary lineage.
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1/37 #HistoryKeThread: Abandu Vosi - Not much has been recorded about the early history of the Abaluhya, who some early explorers refer as the Bantu Kavirondo.
2/37 But one thing is clear, the Abaluhya had diverse chiefdoms or kingdoms that had distinct names. So it should not be a surprise that we have Bukusus, Tirikis, Maragolis, Isukhas and so on today.
3/37 And, to a large part, they are in the aggregate the washemeji of the Luo, considering these two communities have for many years shared cultural similarities, and intermarriage.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: Somalis’ ‘Conquest’ Of Eastleigh, And Horses
2/ During the pre-colonial times, Somalis were just about the only indigenous community with the experience and mastery of handling horses.
3/ In fact, Ret. US President Roosevelt tagged a platoon of Somalis (he called them 'native Mohammedanis') along with him in his post-presidential retirement hunting trip to East Africa. He wrote about the Cushitic community and how they related with other communities at Juja...
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: The Ouko Murder And The Funeral Marches That Followed Him
2/ Investigators and government officials at the spot where Dr Ouko’s remains were discovered at the foot of Got Alila. This was about three kilometres from the late minister's Koru home where a herdsboy stumbled on the remains, three days after the former foreign affairs...
3/ ...minister had gone missing on the night of February 1990.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread Locusts were not the only things that dotted our skies around 1929. Since 1927, small privately owned aircraft had began to fly over Kenya.
2/ A settler and flying enthusiast, Lord John Carbery was among the first, well, Kenyans, to own an aeroplane.
3/ I can tell you a thing or two about this Irishman Lord Carbery, who many believe was a psychopath. Not only was he cruel, but he was also an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: The Drama After The Drama That Was Mboya's Assassination
2/ As cabinet minister Tom Mboya strode out of Chhani’s Pharmacy along Victoria Street, Nairobi, on the early afternoon of 5th July 1969, the bustling din of Victoria Street was suddenly interrupted by the sound of gunshots.
3/ Seconds later, the politician lay unconscious, bleeding profusely from his chest. The assassin, who later turned out to be a Mûgîkûyû, Nahashon Isaac Njenga, quickly disappeared amidst the confusion, having pumped two bullets into Mboya’s chest.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: This is a photo of #MauMau Gen. China aka Warûhiû Itote (below) being escorted to court after his capture by colonialists.
2/ Moments earlier, he had been receiving medical treatment. During the operation that led to his capture, Warûhiû was shot and suffered bullet wounds in the neck.
3/ Born in 1921, Gen. China served in Burma during WWII and was retired as a corporal. When the emergency was declared in Kenya, Gen. China retreated to the forests of mount Kenya.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: Ernest Hemingway -The Kenya Connection
2/ American adventurer & author Ernest Hemingway takes the pulse of one of his Maasai staff in February, 1954.
3/ While on safari in Kenya, the Pulitzer award writer and one time WW2 journalist used to conduct regular clinics for his gun bearers and porters.
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1/35 #HistoryKeThread: The Murder Of Koitalel Arap Samoei
2/35 This is the scene from the peace discussions between the Nandi and the British after the October 1905 killing of Koitalel arap Samoei, the Orkoiyot of the Nandi. The Nandi escarpment can be seen in the background.
3/35 "A tall spare man of about 40, who had bloodshot and weary eyes in a long intelligent face, and pierced earlobes that brushed his shoulders".
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: Bildad Kaggia
2/ Bildad Kaggia was born in 1921 in Dagoretti, where his father, Mwaganu, worked. His family, however, hailed from Fort Hall district (Murang’a).
3/ Through his book, Roots of Freedom, Kaggia gave us a glimpse of who the real organizers of Mau Mau were.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: The Story Of Mekatilili wa Menza
2/ It is unimaginable to speak of the history of Kenya's armed struggle for freedom without talking about Mekatilili', one of Kenya's earliest freedom fighter.
3/ Born at Mtsarea wa Tsatsu in Ganze division of Kilifi County around 1850, she was named Minyazi wa Menza. She had four brothers and a sister.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread: The Kedong Massacre of 1895: When The Maasai Smote 600 Men
2/ In November 1895, the acting commander of Fort Smith (Kikuyu), Thomas Gilkison, dispatched a food caravan of some 1,150 men to Ravine. The men were to replenish supplies needed by the advance railway survey team.
3/ The caravan consisted of about 1,000 Agïküyü porters and 150 swahilis, fifty of them armed with rifles. In those days, for a caravan of that size, a European was expected to be leader.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread How The 1982 Coup Plot Was Crushed
2/ It is troops that go to war and Generals take the credit, so goes a common adage.
3/ A famous military general to much acclaim did both; he led from the front on the ground, and got credit for the victory.
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1/ #HistoryKeThread Kenya’s Key Role In The 1976 Israeli Raid On Entebbe
2/ One early evening on the eve of 4th July 1976, a number of Mossad agents were holed up at an unnamed building in downtown Nairobi.
3/ They were in a radio room, coordinating with Tel Aviv the final part of what would turn out to be the world's most daring hostage r
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