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What makes Freddy Krueger an iconic horror villain?

I thought it would be fun to look at a specific horror icon and examine the psychology behind their appeal.

For the general background on this, see my recent thread:

So, why is Freddy so great?

Let's start with his looks.

Freddy loves kids, has a great sense of fashion and is, in some ways, the man of your dreams. However, I think we can all agree that he might not fare too well on Tinder.

Rather than masking his face, Freddy proudly shows it.

When you first saw these photos, you probably had a similar reaction as when you saw Freddy’s face. You likely experienced a feeling of disgust.

This response is part of the behavioral immune system — it helps us avoid infections.

Freddy's looks trigger this response

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👹What makes a horror villain psychologically appealing?👹

There are an almost endless number of ways that a horror monster can be built, yet most of them share some common features.

So, what are some of the shared features of a successful horror villain?

1/🧵 Image
Let's start with the weapon.

The weapon of choice for horror villains varies quite a lot, but they all share one common feature: Sharp edges.

Machetes, knives, razor gloves, chainsaws, hatchets, big teeth, large claws.

Sharp weapons are the go-to for horror. But why?

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What do nearly all predators have in common?

Sharp teeth and/or sharp claws.

The sharp blade-like appendage is a near-universal feature of predators. Attending to and fearing it is a phylogenetically old imperative.

Wes Craven understood this when creating Freddy.

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Both the public and academics often claim that horror fans are less empathetic and compassionate, but is this true?

My new paper suggests this stereotype is inaccurate.

Read on to see why. This was a fun set of studies

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The rise of slashers led to moral panic from the public & critics in the 80's. Gene Siskel encouraged readers to mail complaints to Paramount's chairman, & The UK banned what they called "video nasties," leading the Scotland Yard to raid VHS stores.…

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There's some evidence that horror fans are lower in empathy, but this literature is small, mostly from the 80s, and suffers from some methodological and conceptual flaws. I addressed these issues in a previous thread.

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Oru different aana horror movie than indha THE MEDIUM(2021)
Matha horror movie la vara mari jumping scares yellam illama... Oru unamaya oruthangaluku pei pudicha yeppudi behave pannuvanga nu appudiye kamichurukanga. ..
Idhu oru documentary style la make panna oru movie , adhunalaya indha movie unamaya irundha madhuri irundhuchu.. Yedhu acting yedhu unmai nu theriyadha alavuku performance irukum🔥 mukiyama heroine oda performance 👌
First 1hr slow ah ponalum 2nd 1hr sema interesting ah pochu..yenaku first 1hr um pudichurundhuchu☺
+ve- acting and different style of making (so real)
-ve- duration (2hr) , usual story and ending.
My ratings - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Ini cerita waktu aku masih SMP kelas 2. Aku kos bareng kakakku, kosnya cukup jauh dari sekolahanku, masih naik angkutan untuk sampe sekolah. Kebetulan pemilik kos, kenal sama ortu jadi kami dapat harga murahlah waktu itu.
Kos- an itu terdiri dari 4 kamar, saling berhadapan. Kamar pertama di huni seorang mahasiswi, kamar kedua, di huni pasangan suami istri tapi keduanya jarang di kos karena sibuk kerja. Kamar ketiga, tak berpenghuni, aku sama kakakku tinggal di kamar keempat.
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This year’s Halloween fest is heavily biased towards Hammer Horror, generally chronologically by release. So far: Curse of Frankenstein; Revenge of Frankenstein; Horror of Dracula and now… Image
Most of these films were unobtainable here until the 2000s-Only ones I managed to see growing up were Evil of Frankenstein (arguably worst in Hammer’s series), and the 3rd and 4th Draculas (Prince of Darkness & Dracula has Risen From the Grave) plus occasionally Dracula 1972.
When I finally saw Horror of Dracula it quickly became my favorite of the novel adaptations, although they all have their moments-plan to watch a bunch more during this season, including Langella’s 78 version & the BBC one with Louis Jordan (1st time)
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🔥The Conjuring Movie Series🔥

The Conjuring 1,2

Annabelle 1,2

The Nun

The Curse of La Llorona

இந்த படம் தமிழ் Dubbing 720p Quality Telegram ல இருக்கு பாக்காதவங்க பாருங்க..


#HorrorMovies Image
Order Of Movie Series 👇🏻

🔥 Waiting For The Conjuring 3 ImageImage
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So I'm intending to do a post/pick a day of art I've bought or commissioned from an artist hopefully along with @chiefy2shoes & @seddonism
Day 1 is #hellboy by the great @duncanfegredo This started a theme of characters eating ice cream, I've not got too many in this theme though Image
Day #2 of sketches/commissions posts of art that I've got over the years. Continuing the theme of characters with #icecream here is #thegoon by the amazing Eric Powell @goonguy done at @ThoughtBubbleUK in Leeds. #ComicCon #commissions #comics #goon @chiefy2shoes @seddonism Image
Day #3 of art/commissions bought over the years. Baroness eating an ice cream by @RachaelAtWork. Think this was my final "character eating an ice cream" so not many in that theme, need to do more @chiefy2shoes @seddonism @Talking_Joe @TheFullForce #GIJoe #Baroness #comicart Image
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ALL RIGHT KITTENS. At the request of literally no one, and as the world burns, I'm going to take a brief respite into trivia and live tweet a viewing of Alice Sweet Alice tonight. Join me in this thread. #slashermovies #gothichorror #HorrorMovies
Screening starts around 8!
Everybody comfy?
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