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Dear Chagall Elementary School Families,

We have exciting plans for our schoolwide end-of-year/holiday celebration!
Sivan break begins on Fifthday this week, so please take a break from your yom tov preparations and join us this evening for some #seasonal family fun at Chagall Elementary.
Our schoolwide celebration this Sivan will feature games, foods, and activity stations. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take a break from yom tov prep and join us on Fourthday evening to make our #holiday #party special!

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Astonishingly the temperature will soar close to 30 degrees today...the hottest day of the year so far😓

As this heat is a little unexpected we swooped on Ishidatami (石畳) for their famous matcha soft serve (抹茶ソフトクリーム). Fresh matcha is kneaded into the ice-cream🍵🍨🙌 ImageImageImageImage
Fresh matcha as an ingredient in cooking and baking tends to lose its flavour quickly, and so Ishidatami doesn't serve ice-cream older than 3 hours, preferring instead to make new batches throughout the day😮

#Kyoto #京都 #matcha #抹茶 #icecream #Ninenzaka #二年坂 ImageImageImageImage
Another favourite (though much pricier) way to cool down is with Oimatsu's (老松) cheerful 'natsukan-tō' (夏柑糖 'sugared Chinese citron')🍊🥰

#Kyoto #京都 #夏柑糖 #老松 #oimatsu #Japan #citron #chinesecitron #orange
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Case of a radiation induced pseudoaneurysm in this patient with headache and AMS 🧠

Imaging in thread #Neurosurgery #Neurology #neurotwitter #radres #MedEd #MedTwitter @TheASNR ImageImageImageImage
▶️Initial head CT shows subarachnoid hemorrhage centered in the right cerebellopontine angle cistern

▶️CTA confirms an aneurysm of the right anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) ImageImage
▶️MR displays and ice cream shaped enhancing mass extending through the right internal auditory canal into the cerebellopontine angle cistern, consistent with a vestibular schwannoma #icecream

▶️Careful search into the history confirms the schwannoma was treated with radiation ImageImage
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#Nestle business model analysis

1/ Nestle is a global food and beverage company that operates on a hybrid business model, using both in-house manufacturing and outsourcing to produce its products. #Nestle #BusinessModel #FoodAndBeverage
2/ Nestle sources raw materials and ingredients for its products from various suppliers around the world and manufactures its products at its own facilities in countries around the world. #RawMaterials #Manufacturing
3/ Nestle's product line is diverse and includes a variety of food and beverage products, including coffee, water, milk, ice cream, and snack foods. The company also licenses its brand to third parties for use on non-Nestle products. #Coffee #Water #Milk #IceCream #SnackFoods
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"Model Drinking Water"

"Model Eating Bread"

"Model Drinking Beer"

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Happy "Ice Cream Day" (アイスクリームの日)!🥳

The celebration was created by the Tōkyō Ice Cream Association (now Japan Ice Cream Association) in 1964, to remember the day in 1869 that ice cream was first sold in Japan (in Yokohama)🙌
In 1860 Machida Fusazō (町田房造) was part of an official delegation sent to the United States from Japan aboard the Kanrin Maru (咸臨丸).
Whilst in San Francisco the group tasted ice cream for the first time & Fusazō determined to recreate this delicious dessert back home.
Back in Yokohama, Fusazō marketed his creation as 'aisu kurin' (アイスクリン). Containing milk, eggs and sugar, it was more like frozen custard than the ice cream we’re now familiar with.
On May 9th 1869 he began selling 'aisu kurin' from his store "Hyōsuiten" (氷水店).
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Did you know about the Skateboard Shoes, #IceCream ? …

Why do you think FAKE biden has made all those TRIPs getting ice cream? ..

I guarantee you, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with saying Hi to the public or his love for ice cream ..
No, I’m not team ice cream but The Team Ice Cream video was really good .. A lot of talented riders.

Oh, by the way—One of the Riders last names is Kennedy, He is in Prison for doing something really bad ..

Kennedy was the 35 President, read the Article Below & look at all
The smallest of details ..

It’s going to blow your freaking mind !

Dates & ALL time stamps matters . . .

He road for #BAKER & this happened 3 days after I posted all those BAKER Video posts. Meaning, I saw it happen before it all took place within my mind ..
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Pondering the tax consequences of the #celsius #hodl and #accrued profits come tax time. I thought I'd brush up on my #cryptotax understanding I found the following blog to be really clear, concise and useful.… h/t @coinledger
The tax framework I had assumed would be applicable was/is pretty well as I expected. Most of which I've learnt over the years the hard way by getting shit wrong (don't get me started on the pain of get pegged in the bum by the tax-office for failing rollover relief tests).
Paying the tax piper..Income tax or Capital Gains. What's not well understood by the swinging dick muppet brigade is referals fee's, staking, mining, shilling and lending ..... that's ALL income tax. You might think it all pools into one big HODL fantasy. but it don't.
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Kabuki Theater Revealed With #Kabul’s Saigon Weekend Part 2 - To put it bluntly Mr. President, your comments during today’s presser on a “consensus” you relied upon to make withdrawal decisions are absurd- by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #KabulHasFallen…
Link to thread from Part 1... - a new thread for #Part2 begins here.
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1| I try to focus on a single story in every post, but I want us to have proportions. So let's compare and contrast #Israel's response to @benandjerrys's not wanting to be complicit in its #WarCrimes, to Israel's actual war crimes.…
2| The beautiful soul in this picture is 11 year-old Mohammad ‘Allami, who was executed by Israel's army, when he was convincing his daddy to go back to a shop to by him something. Mohammad's sister was also in the car, she wasn't physically injured.
3| Mohammad 'Allami is the 312th indigenous #Palestinian to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, the 52nd to be executed in the #WestBank, the 76th #child executed in total, the11th child to be executed in the West Bank.
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2| There's probably not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard the earth shattering news:
Ben & Jerry's will no longer sell ice cream to Israelis living in occupied #Palestinian land.
3| Reminder: Transferring your civilian population to a territory your army is occupying "Attempts to alter the demographic composition of an occupied territory" and is "unlawful and engages State responsibility and criminal responsibility of individuals."…
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An Women turned her initial ₹20,000 Investment into a net worth of ₹1,000 Crores.

Story of RAJNI BECTOR Founder of @cremicafoods (Bector's Food)

A #Thread 🧵🧵

@ipo_mantra @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @JoePompliano

Hit the 're-tweet' and help us educated more investors..
Imagine a woman who once used to prepare ice creams in the backyard of her Ludhiana home as her way to fight boredom heading a Rs.1,000 crore food enterprise.

#burgerking #food @FinancialAdda @stocktalk_in
Mrs Bector was born in karachi and then moved to Delhi with her family.
After her children went to boarding school, she noticed that there was huge demand for her desserts. 

#Delhi #India #market
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So I'm intending to do a post/pick a day of art I've bought or commissioned from an artist hopefully along with @chiefy2shoes & @seddonism
Day 1 is #hellboy by the great @duncanfegredo This started a theme of characters eating ice cream, I've not got too many in this theme though Image
Day #2 of sketches/commissions posts of art that I've got over the years. Continuing the theme of characters with #icecream here is #thegoon by the amazing Eric Powell @goonguy done at @ThoughtBubbleUK in Leeds. #ComicCon #commissions #comics #goon @chiefy2shoes @seddonism Image
Day #3 of art/commissions bought over the years. Baroness eating an ice cream by @RachaelAtWork. Think this was my final "character eating an ice cream" so not many in that theme, need to do more @chiefy2shoes @seddonism @Talking_Joe @TheFullForce #GIJoe #Baroness #comicart Image
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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lets confuse kidz nowadays

#Viennetta adalah #eskrim produksi @wallsidn yang sempet hitz dan harga nya cukup mahal.
Kala itu #WallsViennetta punya bbrp varian yang enak dan paling dicari penggemar #icecream
Ternyata saya masih simpen flyer promo nya saat 2008 😂
Dulu #Viennetta biasa nya suka promo menjelang puasa di berbagai supermarket di jakarta
#Viennetta penampakan dari walls di china
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