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My mom sent me this and the loop came to light (ha).

There’s a relationship fostered in separation where one party is producing the drugs that is divorced from the party, the principal agent, reason for using it.

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Consider it is generally accepted that harm from doctors, not including risks from germs in hospitals, account for more deaths than any single cancer.

If there’s anything COVID exposed it was iatrogenics - across all sectors, not just the human body.
Medical iatrogenics is obvious when doctors amputate the wrong leg, but what of the doctors that medicate unnecessarily, and not just with this vaccine.

Net loss, usually hidden or delayed damage caused by “treatment”/excess of the benefits is called iatrogenics.
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SEMINAL ARTICLE re: #ICD11 Chapter 08 - Diseases of the #NervousSystem 🧠

Study Title: The #leptomeninges as a critical organ for normal #CNS development and function: first patient and public involved systematic review of #arachnoiditis (chronic #meningitis). @PLOSONE

#CES- #CaudaEquina Syndrome
#DLM – Diseases of the #Leptomeninges
#ESI- #Epidural Steroid Injection
LM - #Leptomeninges
#LMF- #Leptomeningeal #Fibrosis
#NAA- #neuraxialanesthesia
PSR- PRISMA Systematic Review
#SAH- #Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
#SAS- #Subarachnoid Space

Key Findings:

1. A varyingly described, and poorly characterized #CNS disease called #arachnoiditis (aka #adhesivearachnoiditis) was exhaustively systematically-reviewed for the first time.
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WEF, WHO, UN banking cartel, big business and most governments resetting the system they created to control us! They made us believe we funded them thus they work for us be we were wrong! We thought we worked and controlled them we were very wrong!!
We thought we paid taxes and their salaries thus they work for us, we were very very wrong. Fact is we’re just above nature in their eyes. They actually hate it and have been destroying it for as long as I’ve been alive and much longer. You’ll soon understand what’s going on and
it’s going to shock & scare the bejesus out of you. Stay calm & process. You may be an insider able to help the non tyrants…

Other than that I’ve decided it’s time for action so I’m preparing to survive this reset and fight them all the way!
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1/4 I started advocacy work years ago after my teen was #prescribedharm & died an avoidable, #akathisia-induced death. Initially, I thought prescribers, medical & #suicide organizations needed to be made aware that prescribed harm & iatrogenic "suicides" are not rare occurrences.
2/4 Soon I learned that most of these organizations & prescribers already knew they were promoting & prescribing harm & death. Trusting consumers who took the pill-pushers' products didn't know they were taking part in a Russian Roulette game, but many of the drug pushers knew.
3/4 Research about #akathisia-induced violence & #iatrogenic death has been available for decades. @DrDavidHealy's work was well known among prescribers, particularly #psychiatrists, long ago. Ditto for the #SSRI clinical trial deaths, mounting body bags & wrongful death cases.
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There are no doubt some brill clinicians at #BIGSPD19 + more importantly service users bravely speaking out. But what appears to be missing is consideration of how the lack of services +care for the majority of patients that is lamented is produced by ideas of ‘BPD’ it promotes.
Rather than have conferences for specific diagnoses,which exclude as many people as they include but make attendees feel like vanguards, we need whole workforce, trans-diagnostic commitment to depth help for those experiencing the kind of sphlintering anxiety that can wreck life.
That is whole workforce training on things like:
- dissociation and other extreme states
- the profoundly complex and human ways that we can try to show others the often unspeakable pain we are in
- staff sadism and it’s enactments
- scaffolding alongside trauma work
- hope etc
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