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1\ Since #CES is happening, and this year I'm not attending, time to tell the story of how I hacked CES a few years ago 😬

As an entrepreneur (and with recession and all), you have to know how to save every $

This is how I saved thousands of $$ and maximized my time @ CES...
2\ Some background first

Conferences have different business models, where a big part is selling stands \ booths

Stands usually come with a super expensive price tag

Even the cheapest ones

But that’s where conferences make their majority of income, and best way to meet people
3\ however, very rarely do vendors manage to sell out all stands / booths at conferences.

Now, another important piece of information - most usually if you pay for a stand - you get a few extra tickets for the conference to share.

That’s the background

Here’s what I did:
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SEMINAL ARTICLE re: #ICD11 Chapter 08 - Diseases of the #NervousSystem 🧠

Study Title: The #leptomeninges as a critical organ for normal #CNS development and function: first patient and public involved systematic review of #arachnoiditis (chronic #meningitis). @PLOSONE

#CES- #CaudaEquina Syndrome
#DLM – Diseases of the #Leptomeninges
#ESI- #Epidural Steroid Injection
LM - #Leptomeninges
#LMF- #Leptomeningeal #Fibrosis
#NAA- #neuraxialanesthesia
PSR- PRISMA Systematic Review
#SAH- #Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
#SAS- #Subarachnoid Space

Key Findings:

1. A varyingly described, and poorly characterized #CNS disease called #arachnoiditis (aka #adhesivearachnoiditis) was exhaustively systematically-reviewed for the first time.
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Pre-dawn, MP is working remotely from the roof-top pool at the hotel, preparing for the session @IUPESMWC2022. He gets text on ‘WhatsApp’ from IM
IM: Hey doc, I see that you are checking the slides one final time. BTW, we all are looking forward to your session this morning

MP: Really, how come?
IM: Since #WC2022 is hybrid, even though it is late in some parts, we are looking forward
MP: Thanks–Yes, lot of efforts went in pulling this session. Thanks to Dr Borras (@IOMP & @aapmHQ ) & Dr Tom Judd (@IFBME & @WHO ), even I am looking forward to

IM: BTW doc, my cousin said, she liked your title, “Symbiotic relationship between #MedicalPhysicists and #Clinical Engineers” & so do I.
MP: Glad you liked, hopefully y’all will like what I present

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Hace 2 años regresé a los pasillos y salones que navegué durante 14 años en el Colegio Espíritu Santo de Hato Rey. En algún rincón del Alma Mater (Pre-Kinder a 4to Año), todavía conservaban mi foto de graduación.

📸: Carlos Rivera Giusti
Hoy recibo la triste noticia que la institución que me brindó mi formación académica y que cambió la vida de miles de familias como la mía, cierra sus puertas después de 80 años de servicio.
Todavía puedo nombrar a cada una de mis maestras y maestros; al personal de biblioteca, seguridad, mantenimiento y cafetería; a mis dirigentes del baloncesto y tantos otros deportes; a mis moderadores de clubes y clases graduandas; y a la familia extendida que construimos en CES.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/16/2022…
What complexity science says about what makes a winning team | Aeon Essays…

#ComplexityScience, #WinningTeams, #AeonEssay
Our behaviour in bulk is more predictable than we like to imagine | Aeon Essays…

#HumanBehavior, #BehaviorPatterns, #predictability
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We're ready to declare these 14 products to be the most interesting things we saw at CES 2022.…
📷: Ethan Miller / Getty Images #CES2022 #CES 1/7
The Best PC - @ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold
Foldables are still finding their place, but Asus' design for a folding laptop-tablet hybrid is one of the more promising efforts we've seen this year:… #CES2022 #CES

📷: Asus 2/7
Best in Mobile - @Google Fast Pair & Audio Switching
This tech is expanding to include the quick-pairing of headphones with Google TVs & Chromebooks, connecting an Android phone to a new Chromebook for faster setup, and more:… #CES2022 #CES

📷: Google 3/7
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#Radix is at #CES, perfect time for an informational MEGATHREAD about @radixdlt! Radix is a sharded and #decentralized distributed ledger that is specifically built to serve DeFi. Rather than fixing #scalability by breaking #composability, Radix delivers both without compromises!
Consensus layer: Cerberus.

After seven years of intense R&D and testing, the academic whitepaper of Radix’ Cerberus consensus protocol was published in 2020. Cerberus allows the Radix network to scale linearly with no upper limits!
On top of that, Cerberus also allows for atomic composability across shards! These are two features that are critical for DeFi. It's achieved through the unique 'braided' synchronization of consensus across shards and the ability for all transactions to be processed in parallel.
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1/ Steve Jobs said #innovation is "saying no to 1000 things" before saying yes

For more than a decade, Apple has used Pablo Picasso's Bull to drive home the lesson

#CES2022 #CES #design #designthinking #tech #innovation @EvanKirstel @jblefevre60 #art
Thx @TrungTPhan for this!
2/ In Dec 1945, Picasso created "The Bull", a series of prints

With each successive one, a bull is simplified & abstracted. Picasso's goal was to find "spirit" of it

Apple employees are taught this philosophy

#CES2022 #CES #design #designthinking #tech #innovation @EvanKirstel
3/ Below is the 1st, 4th & last print

Picasso's bull progresses from:
a realistic drawing
to a deconstructed image (abstract)
to a lines outlining the bull's shape

#CES2022 #CES #design #designthinking #tech #innovation @EvanKirstel @jblefevre60 #art
Thx @TrungTPhan for this!
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Got the first demo of @luminartech's production grade Proactive Safety LiDAR system. Narrated by Luminar CEO Austin Russell. Chilling to see this demo of a child running across the street, in dark, occluded by a car. At $1,000 per car, cannot imagine why every mfg doesn't offer.
Here is the same video of the @luminartech tech from another video POV. This is the LiDAR enabled car automatically braking. $LAZR #CES #CES2022
Here’s me driving the Tesla Model Y on the left. It, of course, doesn’t have LiDAR. On the right is the @luminartech enabled vehicle. $LAZR
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Available in 2024: Snapdragon ride system platform
Cristiano Amon, CEO, Qualcomm

#CES2022 #CES @CES @Qualcomm @cristianoamon #mobile #5G #smartphone #MWC22 #auto #automotive
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Following the recent @realbrainbook CBD, this #tweetorial is going to address the basis for the neurological findings you expect to see in acute cauda equina syndrome, how to approach this often-misunderstood condition systematically, and some tips and tricks. #CES #FOAMed 1/24
The cauda equina (CE) is the bundle of lumbosacral spinal nerves destined for the legs, perineum, bladder and bowel. Any pathology in this area can cause 'cauda equina' features, but I'm going to focus on the emergency condition, usually caused by an acute disc prolapse. 2/24
Here is a view from behind of the lumbar vertebrae 1-5, the top of the sacrum and the intervening discs. The backs of all the lumbar vertebrae except L5 have been removed so you can see inside. Here is the CE, starting below L1/2 where the spinal cord terminates (the conus). 3/24
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Virtual #CES How-To:
Since CES 2021 this year is virtual, there's a lot of you that are going to be missing out on the true physical experience. I have compiled a short guide for you to play along at home.
1) WALKING: While you watch the streams, read your emails, and watch product launches, you're going to want to walk in place at your desk. Make sure you walk a lot. I mean walk during the entire thing. If you aren't on the verge of developing shin splints, you're doing it wrong.
2) TALK: You need to be talking. Talk to yourself. Talk about the products that are on screen. Fire up your favorite voice chat application and discuss with your peers. If you're voice isn't getting hoarse, you're doing it wrong.
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Hoy, sale a la venta en Europa la @PlayStation #PlayStation5 y hemos preparado un #HiloInfocaliptico con la historia de la compañía ¿Te gustaría saber cómo llegaron a ser una de las compañías más grandes de tecnología? Pues acompáñanos en esta historia. Dentro Hilo.
Primero hay que hablar de Masaru Ibuka y Akio Morita, quienes fundaron la compañía en 1946. Ambos se conocieron como ingeniero y físico, respectivamente, durante la segunda guerra mundial, formando parte del llamado Comité de Investigación de Japón Image
En septiembre del 45, tras la rendición de Japón, Ibuka regresa a una devastada Tokio y funda la empresa #Totsuken (Instituto de investigación de telecomunicaciones de Tokio), reparaban y fabricaban radios con tanto éxito que el periódico #AsahiShimbun publica un artículo.
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