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#WATCH: Everyday Mohammed Al-Fifi gets up and goes to work – he’s a teacher, has #cancer and his classroom is a video link from his hospital room where he is undergoing chemotherapy
The #coronavirus has posed many problems to us all, but #cancer patient and school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has turned it to his advantage and used the virtual world to get back to his students while he undergoes #chemotherapy Image
#WATCH: Saudi school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has cancer and is currently in hospital, but he still teaches from his bed – it’s something he sees as a duty, despite undergoing #chemotherapy
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Expanding on my post from the other night...with some added insight. A thread on #ChildhoodCancer
My sons Surgery to remove tumor cost $189k
Radiation treatment $127k a month for 2 months
His Inpatient chemo $23k just for room/board. (1/12)
Once you add in #chemotherapy drugs it was a 40k minimum.
Outpatient Chemo cost $1600 per dose
There were 9 cycles of chemo. That means 3 outpatient and 1 inpatient for every cycle.
While doing Radiation 5 days a week for 2 months he also had weekly Chemo. (2/12)
Add labs, MRI's, CT's, office visits, OT, PT, Hearing, Eye, Ortho, Endo, Drugs, ER Trips, caretaker for Derek, gas money, hotels, meals, therapy sessions, anti-depressants, leg braces, shoes that fit leg braces...
It adds up quick.
Over 1 mil in 22 months. (3/12)
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I have something I need to get off my chest, and I’m going to rant for a bit. Sorry about that, but it needs to be said, and I need to say it. You know what the worst thing about having cancer was? ...
It wasn’t chemo. Chemo was easy. Boring, but easy. You sit down, they hook you up, you watch Netflix on your cell phone for three hours, they unhook you, you go home. Easy.

It wasn’t losing my hair. Now, losing my hair wasn’t fun, but I’m not all that vain, and I really didn’t care.
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Would you agree that #Science today is mainly motivated by #politics… NOT #Health
Do you believe Cures exist?
Would you believe me if I told you that #Cancer, #Aids and #Diabetes, all diseases thought to be incurable, actually had Cures and have been proven to be cured?
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Thread of Thanks-If you know me personally or follow me you know that the last few years have been trying to say the least. 2017-Wife #breastcancer & dbl mastectomy. 2018 10 year old Stage 4 #braincancer. Just as life gets back to normal enter #COVID19 1/10
To say that #ComicBooks helped save my life would not be overstating fact at all. They were my escape from the horrifying reality of my life. I read @JeffLemire #DoctorStar in the @RMHMN with no idea of the story content. I bawled-purging pain from my soul 2/10
The number of @TomKingTK books I have read in waiting rooms at @MayoClinic, @AveraHealth and @SanfordHealth are too many to count. As poison pumped into my son, as they took my wife from me for 10 hours of surgery I read tear stained pages to escape the antiseptic void 3/10
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Truly grateful to announce I have been promoted to Associate Professor at @MonashBiol 😊

I would like to thank my team & former team members, my collaborators, mentors, colleagues for the support and feedback @BBM_Wong and @RobertB_R, & my boss @OBryanMoira for the push to apply
Inspired by @jane_bourke_phd I would like to share how I got here because I look up to many & constantly think I am not doing 'well' enough. What I learned over the years is that on paper things look much more glamorous than they are (I call it the Instagram of academia) 1/
I came from a developing country (#Brazil) where research is not valued and there is little $ available. But I had amazing lecturers and teachers, and amazing opportunities to do research since I was an undergrad. This resulted in 5 papers prior to my PhD & helped me a lot 2/
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Today is #BiomedicalScienceDay2020 - and what better way to celebrate than sharing our latest #ResearchSpotlight with you all!

🔬 This month we're celebrating the work of Professor James Allan, who leads on a Blood Cancer UK funded project and is based at the @UniofNewcastle.
💉 James' work is about understanding how unique genetic changes in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) can be used to tailor treatment.

🧓 AML is most common in the elderly and many of these people cannot have #chemotherapy because of the harsh side effects it causes.
💊 To get around this, James and his team are looking to find ways of using other existing therapies more strategically, based on specific characteristics of these peoples' disease. This is called "stratified medicine."
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I don't know that I have the words to describe how emotionally exhausted I am. In 11/17 my wife was diagnosed with #breastcancer and had a double mastectomy in 1/18 followed by rebuild. Between 1/18 and 5/18 I lost 4 clients. 3 to overdose and 1 to murder. (1/12 )
I turned 50 in there someplace. In 11/19 my then 10 year old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 medullablastoma #braincancer. Surgery, 35 doses of #ProtonRadiation at @MayoClinic. Over 50 chemo doses @SanfordHealth. Split family as wife and I took turns living at @RMHMN. (2/12 )
Weekend nights sleeping in recliners and on couches at the Sanford Children's #hospital as we watched poison be pumped into our child to attempt to save him. Watching him miss 1.5 years of his childhood. #Homeschooling, isolation, fear, tears, anger (3/12 )
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Missed #COVID19nCancer plenary in #AACR20 @AACR?
Here’s a thread to catch up on all the fascinating global research presented by:
@AACR @AACRPres #AntoniRibas #LiZhang @marinagarassino @barlesi #CarlosGomez #LouisVoigt #HongbingCai cc:@OncoAlert @COVID19nCCC @ASCO @ASH_hematology
#1: Chinese Experience by #LiZhang and #HongbingCai

More evidence of increased prevalence of #Cancer among #COVID19, ~2% similar to what we found in our #metanalysis @ASCO_pubs #JCOGO here:…
#LiZhang described 35.7% required mechanical ventilation and significant risk factors for severe outcomes on #multivariate analysis was recent #cancertreatment and #consolidation on CT
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I'm not near as at risk as #frontlineworkers but in the last week I've had clients in office from #Smithfield, Homeless Shelter and Residential Treatment Center where there are confirmed cases of #COVID19. Even doing #telehealth not all my clients have wi-fi. It's scary 1/3
My son just finished #chemotherapy in January and is still on super antibiotic because his immune system hasn't recovered, my wife has high blood pressure and there is a link between HBP and #coronavirus-she is benched from work to 28th. I have autoimmune disease. It's risky 2/3
I have #Masks, #handsanitiser and #CloroxWipes from dealing with Wife Cancer and Son Cancer since 2017. We're prepared. But #SouthDakota #ShelterinPlace order would stop those that won't on their own, slow spread, #FlattenTheCurve and keep us all safer. 3/3
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Gang I'm here to ask for another in my long list of favors from the #twitterverse. My little #ChildhoodCancer warrior is really struggling. His anxiety is through the roof. He is crying almost every day and throwing up during meals. All of this is overwhelming him (1/10)
The other day as he was crying I asked him if he could explain what is happening. All he could do was point at his head. He is working with his #counselor via Zoom, he is taking anxiety medication as needed & we are back on appetite stimulant. #remotelearning has triggered (2/10)
memories of being at the @RMHMN while getting #ProtonRadiation therapy at @MayoClinic 200 miles from home and weekends at @SanfordHealth doing his homework on his #chromebook away from #teachers and friends-for months at a time. It's #PTSD (3/10)
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THREAD 1/12 Patients with #cancer are being advised to #cocoon due to #COVID-19. This means they cannot shop for food. If you are caring for someone on cancer treatment including #Chemotherapy please be mindful that their nutritional needs are different to healthy people.
2/12 Patients with cancer can lose large amounts of muscle mass very quickly. Severe muscle loss (sarcopenia) affects 40% or more of patients with cancer. This causes poorer tolerance to chemotherapy. To slow muscle loss it is important that patients eat enough #protein.
3/12 #Poorappetite is common in patients with cancer - about 50% experience this. This means they do not feel hungry and when they eat, they often feel full very quickly. Little amounts of food and often are key to improving intake – small nourishing meals & snacks.
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The Fall of a Once Great Newspaper…
I have been writing for well on 40 years now: TFT; The Muslim; The Nation; The News; Dawn; and The Express Tribune are all publications I have had the honour to write for. I am a news hound and read the World's press 2/
2/ for 2 hours every single day. Never in all these years of reading and writing have I seen such a #Shameful editorial, the language of which suggests it was written by the Editorial Board which makes it all the more #Disgusting. I am unpleasantly surprised but not gobsmacked3/
3/ because the ET has been on a downward trajectory ever since #Selected @ImranKhanPTI was rigged into power before our very eyes, in broad daylight. Just two examples: ET's bending every muscle to drumbeat and praise the absolutely dumb @asadumar's coldhearted and insensitive 4/
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A thread of shots from our first day of our celebration of the end of Derek's #chemotherapy at #HollywoodStudos @WaltDisneyWorld ImageImageImageImage
@WDWGuestService were amazed when Derek showed them he had a #fastpass for #RiseOfTheResistance ImageImageImageImage
I personally live #toystoryland where Derek was charming everyone. ImageImageImageImage
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Bob Collymore, Joyce Laboso, Ken Okoth these are the 3 prominent leaders who have succumbed to Cancer this past month. The number on the ground, that of poor Kenyans known to their families and friends. In KNH David and Epiot have died in the same cancer ward as my Paps.Thread
2. A few months ago we received this shocker. My paps had long been complaining of stomach pains and we always assumed it was Ulcers. After many tests were done, he learnt that he had #Adenocarcinoma which is a #CancerFreeTwitter that affects the Colon. So what to do
We got a refferal to KNH and after weeks of consultations, Counseling, prayers and denial the doc said he needed to start #Chemotherapy. Mind you this is something we knew nothing about, say from what we saw on telly or heard on the radio. So day 1 of chemo
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I don't do this well. I was raised to give my time, talents, money and effort to those who need it more than I, but I am asking again for help for my family. Derek has had to increase his #physicaltherapy and #OccupationalTherapy…
The #chemotherapy has caused significant neuropathy in his hands, fingers, feet and toes. He has started falling so he is in leg braces all the time now. All of this has meant more medical bills, gas money, child care, unpaid time off from work, new shoes, etc. ImageImageImageImage
If every #littleleague team coach or parent, #comicbook creator, #prowrestling fan and wrestler, #ComicCon volunteer, #cancersurvivor #ChildhoodCancer parent and more would #donate and/or #RT #share it would take a burden from us that is getting too heavy ImageImageImageImage
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In late-August of 2010, my dear first-cousin was diagnosed with inoperable, non-curable, small-cell lung #cancer. He and I were raised like #siblings and cared for one another as brother and sister, a very close-knit family.
My #cousin was an amazing man, husband, and father to twin boys; who were only 14 when he died in September 2017. He died at his home, surrounded by his family and friends…just how he’d wished.
Of course, he only had these wishes after his experiences spending extended periods of time in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories. Blood draws, lung scans, injections, medications, #chemotherapy, hospitalizations, emergency room visits from all the awful side-effects of his...
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1. The sleeping giant is slowly awakening to the corruption that is enslaving us all.

Once this giant has fully awoken we shall be unstoppable.

Public awakening is their greatest fear.

#QAnon @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
2. It’s essential that #WeThePeople understand how #Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry has a stronghold on people.

#QAnon @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
3. This long & detailed thread will shine light on corruption in the vaccine and cancer industry.

These are complicated & touchy parts of the #DeepState rabbithole for obvious reasons but facing the #Truth is very important.

The truth shall set everyone #free.

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