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Also.... the @Russo_Brothers being the benevolent geniuses that they are, really didn’t put any end credit scenes in. Because they knew we had to pee. So unless you’re looking for your friend’s name, you can leave when the names start scrolling. Promise. #AvengersEndgame
Oh snap (pun intended)! I just made a connection between #AvengersEndgame and #InfinityWar. While eating my noodles. This is my life for the next several days, isn’t it?
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I'm rewatching #InfinityWars before I see #AvengersEndgame tomorrow. And if they can bring back Loki, who died on Asgard, they damn well can bring back Heimdall.
Also... (apparently I'm live tweeting #InfinityWars), if Dr. Strange had just listened to Stark and put the Time Stone in the garbage disposal, we wouldn't be in this mess. But NNNNNOOOOOOOOO. Strange and his stupid oath. Look at this fool.
What year is it in #InfinityWars if Tony Stark has a flip phone but also the Google Glass glasses thing? Make it make sense.
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11 years and 21 films later, #AvengersEndgame is just a few days away. So, here’s presenting the #UltimateMarvelMarathon, where we watch every film in the #MCU, in the greatest Marvel Studios throwback you’ve seen.

Join us, won’t you?
Here's what we are watching on the first day of #UltimateMarvelMarathon.

Which one is your favourite?
#UltimateMarvelMarathon | And so we begin with #IronMan !

"I can’t help but think about how Tony Stark's Iron Man suit has evolved over time. In every film sees the suit change subtly. In #AvengersEndgame it looks like the sleekest it has ever been" | @pradeep_smenon
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Excited to see #InfinityWar again tonight, this time with @Russo_Brothers Q&A
Was fantastic to see this movie again on the big screen with a packed audience of Marvel fanatics. Now for the Q and A.
Here we go.
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Some people enjoyed my #sounddesign craft thread the other day + they’re fun for me, so let’s try another! This time I want to talk about hard-to-describe sound concepts. e.g. Vormir in #InfinityWar

#filmsound #soundeffects #filmmaking #fieldrecording #audiopost #postproduction
Sometimes the hardest part is translating clients’ explanations & descriptions into a sonic experience. Esp. true for surreality, ambiguous objects/powers, magic, etc. Often deciphering comes down to “just make it really cool”—which is all all about drumming up creative ideas.
The Vormir plateau was more or less pitched as giant stone/magnetic tuning forks vibrating to create tiny vacuums in spacetime… I can’t go out and record giant vibrating stones or spacetime vacuums or mini black holes. So, where to start?
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Time to talk about #InfinityWar. I'll keep the hashtag in all tweets.
#InfinityWar is the culmination of 10 years of building a whole connected universe of movies. It is an incredible feat. And all of that was to make it even more devastating to watch it all collapse.
I don't know what their plans are for Avengers 4. But the MCU is effectively changed as of #InfinityWar. It'll be like TV where the second to last episode is really the season shocker. The season finale is just about wrapping up and setting up next season.
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I'm going to rant a bit about Thanos. So, if you're one of the twelve people who isn't my mother that hasn't seen #InfinityWar yet, don't read this thread. There will be spoilers.
Except for a couple of years of X-Men in the mid-80s, I never really read comics. I like them-and I've mostly liked comic book movies-but they were never my thing. So I didn't come to the MCU with any knowledge of the backstory or expectations about the stories.
I generally accept changes to stories moving from one medium to another of they're necessary and done well. But I am one of those people who gets annoyed when something I like gets made into a movie or TV show and stuff I consider really important gets screwed with.
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Been a week since I watched #InfinityWar and another week till it’s #GE14, so here’s a thread on which Malaysian #PRU14 calon is which #InfinityWar character.

Spoilers warning ⚠️
Thanos: Najib. The power stone is GST; space stone is redelineation; reality stone is 1MDB; soul stone is Altantuuya; time stone is UndiRabu; and mind stone is cybertroopers. (1/10)
Iron Man: Mahathir. Was supposed to retire but none of us can actually remember him retiring. Everyone thinks he’s gonna die soon. (2/10)
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ME: Hi, um. Mr. Thanos, was it?
THANOS: That's correct.
ME: Could we just talk for a second here? I feel like if I'm going to die here, I'd appreciate having a clear understanding as to why.
THANOS: Hm. Well, I don't see why not.

#InfinityWar #Marvel #SpoilerAlert #Thanos
(I now pause for a half hour or so, specifically so @KolarRachel @eflind and others trying to avoid spoilers can mute this thread)
ME: So I understand that your lifelong goal is to curb overpopulation on a galactic / universal level.

#Thanos : Indeed.

ME: So I might disagree with your means, but rationally, I guess I can at least sort of see where you're coming from? Kind of? A little anyway.
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ஒரு வழியா #InfinityWar ரிலீஸ் ஆகிடுச்சு.
படத்துல நீங்க கவனிக்க தவறிய விஷயங்கள்,
அடுத்து நடக்கப்போறதுக்காக கொடுத்த Hidden hints,
Climax explanations, Hulk ஏன் படத்துல வரல & இன்ன பிற குறியீடுகள தெரிஞ்சுக்க இந்த த்ரெட்ட ஃபாலோ பண்ணிக்கங்க மக்களே!
முதல்ல படத்தோட கதைய தெளிவா விளக்கிடலாம்.
தேனோஸ் உலகத்தை அழிக்க Infinity stones தேடிட்டு இருக்கான்.
ஸாண்டர் கிரகத்துக்கு போய் பவர் ஸ்டோன எடுத்துட்டு ஸ்பேஸ் ஸ்டோன தேடிட்டு இருக்கான் தேனோஸ்.
படத்தோட ஆரம்பத்துல ஆஸ்காடுலருந்து வந்த ஷிப்ல எல்லாரும் செத்து கிடக்காங்க.
தேனோஸ் லோகி
கிட்ட டெசராக்ட்ட கேக்கறான்.
லோகியும் கொடுத்துடுறான்.
அந்த சமயத்துல ஹல்க் தேனோஸ அடிக்க வரான், தேனோஸ் ஹல்க்க செம்மயா அடிச்சு போட்டுடுறான்.
அப்போ ஹெம்டால் ஒரு போர்டல ஓப்பன் பண்ணி ஹல்க்க பூமிக்கு அனுப்பிடுறான்.
தேனோஸ் லோகிய கொண்ணுட்டு டெசராக்ட்ட எடுத்துட்டு அந்த ஷிப்ப
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Ok @tnyfrontrow I've given some thought about your article in The New Yorker, a very presumed and prestigious news/media/pop culture publication that has been around for quite a long time. I've temporarily stepped out of my comfort zone - 1
2 - to understand the viewpoints that you are attempting to address amidst the flurry and overwhelming amount of Superhero genre movies and television shows that have surged in popularity in the past few years. I've disagreed with some of the reviews in the past, but have not...
3 - ... addressed them as they seemed to still give their fair opinions about superhero movies. Here's the thing, though. I'm not here to address you as a person because I don't know you, and I'm sure that you have a respected following as a writer. What you have failed...
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ok you could say the exact same thing about the characters in Homer's Iliad but go off i guess
it is 2018 no one is going to slow-motion explain to you how crossovers work or what the genre conventions are

read a book
"um so the god Apollo just...shows up? And then he shoots some arrows? And then he leaves? PRETTY LAX STORYTELLING IMO"
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Ok guys, disebabkan aku suka sangat cerita Avengers Infinity War ni, aku nak cerita secara ringkas tentang siapakah “Children Of Thanos” atau “The Black Order” bagi sesiapa yg belum kenal diorang ni [No Spoilers]
Seperti yg kita tau, Thanos memang main character dalam cerita ni. Thanos ingin memusnahkan separuh humanity dalam dunia ni untuk beri keseimbangan manusia dan sumber yg ada dalam alam semester. Asal usul Thanos ni panjang aku nak cerita so korang baca lah sendiri ye.
Demi merialisasikan impian Thanos, dia perlukan 6 infinity stones iaitu 6 jenis kuasa yg jika Thanos dapat kesemuanya, dia boleh musnahkan kehidupan dekat dunia ni dengan satu petikkan jari sahaja.
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“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more.” @Avengers: #InfinityWar (1/6)
“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more.” @Avengers: #InfinityWar (2/6)
“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more.” @Avengers: #InfinityWar (3/6)
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Gros #Thread à lire avant de voir #InfinityWar !

Si vous n’êtes pas à jour jusqu’à Black Panther, que vous avez oublié la moitié des films Marvel ou que vous voulez juste une piqûre de rappel, ce thread est fait pour vous !

⚠️ RT pour partager la bonne parole ! ⚠️
Sommaire :

- Les pierres d’infinité
- Thanos
- Les héros

⚠️ Vous serez prévenus en cas de spoileur ⚠️
- Introduction

Les films Marvel sont tous reliés entre eux, c’est ce qu’on appelle le Marvel Cinematic Universe (ou MCU) qui ne contient pas les 4 fantastiques, ni les X-men, ni les anciens Spiderman (Andrew Garfield et Tobey Maguire). Voici la liste des films du MCU :
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I’m watching all of the @Marvel movies with @ThereseTheBeast, we are going in release order over the next 8 weeks leading up to #AvengersInfinityWar

Yesterday was Iron Man, we just started The Incredible Hulk now.

Updating this thread with thoughts and lists as we go #marvel
💭 Most shocking moment so far in the @Hulk 2008 is @LivTyler dating the dad from Modern Family.

Also as much as I like Edward Norton I’m just picturing @MarkRuffalo in my head and this movie is even better.
Putting @Hulk on pause to talk Iron Man.

1. I forgot how we used to talk about Marvel movies being “grounded” or “realistic” especially when it comes to color pallete and portrayal of characters or events.

The colors in Black Panther and Thor 3 have come a long way since 2008.
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1. Going through my TL this morning and except for the #InfinityWar trailer, it is a bunch of “are we in full blown authoritarianism yet?” hemming and hawing.
2. POTUS outright promoting white supremacy in our closest ally (I suppose this is payback for being barred from the royal wedding).
3. More commentary on how the guy with a medal of friendship from Putin and promoted by Gates and Rice has single-handedly disemboweled our diplomatic infrastructure.
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