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Bueno, pues, llegó el momento.

Hora de hablar con detalle de #Loki

Dentro hilo.
Este año nos han presentado tres series acerca de Wanda, una vengadora "aprendiz" que es quien más perdió en los eventos que orquestó Thanos.
Esto es, perdió a su hermano (los acontecimientos de Ultrón son una manipulación indirecta) perdió a su amado y a las expectativas con él.
Con Wanda se nos revelan varias cosas:

- La gema de la Mente no le dió poder. Amplificó algo ya existente.
- Su existencia estaba en cierto modo prevista.
- Su poder es superior al de Strange... así pues es el personaje más poderoso que existe relativo a la magia.
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#Loki is a character who has died many times, but his own series may be his most brutal character assassination yet.

(thread below)
1. Loki’s role in the series. Instead of tackling Loki's most villainous state of mind in Avengers 1, the series literally speedran through his development in the subsequent films, after which they almost entirely halted his character progression.
Loki was supposed to be the main character, but he wasn't the protagonist in this story. In fact, he was more of a side character than we’ve ever seen him be in the MCU before, perhaps excepting IW and Endgame.
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I suspect the Prime Directive in Star Trek is a Graves 8 idea.

At 7, you have the awareness and ability to influence civilizations and eco-systems.

Even though 7s don't operate on ego, it's still singular discernment.

8 creates collective discernment for larger societal moves.
8 is a collective of 7s all capable of systems moves and together can make decisions that influence the trajectory or a country or continent...socially, economically, and even spiritually.
At 9, as possibly seen with the big reveal in the #Loki series, is a singular being capable of controlling the entire ecosystem themselves but only does so when absolutely necessary. A second tier dictator of sorts but not the same resource grabbing motivation.
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Here a thread of my #Loki preaching points over the course of this first season.

Absolutely loved it.
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After peering through the murky gloom of the #Loki finale, I had to write about this: The MCU's lighting is *so* bad!…

(Spoiler-free, BTW!)
The MCU is obsessed with flat, low-contrast lighting:…

It makes things easier for CGI & digital color-correction, but creates a murky aesthetic where you can barely see what's happening.

These are all official promo screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
In many MCU projects, the color palette is *extremely* limited.

However this wouldn't be a problem if the lighting & cinematography made use of shadow and light!

For comparison, here's a dark, limited-palette shot from Loki vs. some "dark" scenes from classic B&W movies. (1/2) ImageImageImageImage
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He Who Remains' window caught my eye. #Loki
Played with the design in @CuttleXYZ.
* Is this a traditional pattern?
* Fork the project if you have ideas how to parameterize it... would be neat to animate, like the iris of a camera.… PS we opened sign up. 🚀 circular window design with...
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He Who Remains
Gue suka plot twist dan endingnya... Tp hardcore fans sih mungkin bakal mengkritik keras bbrp hal

Gpp yg penting aku suka kok gak usah pikirin orang lain
Masih kepikiran endingnya #Loki
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Ok Disney, #WhatIf we replaced all of Richard E. Grant's dialogue in #Loki with his dialogue from Withnail and I? Would it still work?

"We've gone on holiday by mistake."
"All right, this is the plan. We get in there and get wrecked. Then we eat a pork pie. Then we drop a couple of Surmontil-50s each. That means we'll miss out on Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning."
"I'm not having this shag sack insulting me. Let him get his drugs out."
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Catching up on #Loki? @tracybrown explains each episode.

To avoid spoilers, read each explainer after you’ve watched.…
Here’s the backstory behind the new characters and organizations introduced in the first episode of #Loki…
It was the ladies of #Loki who were responsible for the biggest surprises of Episode 2.

Everything you need to know:…
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Not that he needs me to say it, but @SiddhantAdlakha is a gentleman and a scholar, and one of the finest critics to write about the Marvel Cinematic Universe from a place of knowledge and insight.
Also, it is frankly terrifying that @ign would consider replacing him as a reviewer on #Loki because he gave an opinion on the show that rabid Marvel fans didn’t like.

It’s a potentially chilling critical precedent. “Validate fans’ opinions, or else…!”
It’s weird how insecure fans get about these things.

There are plenty of my peers and people I respect who hold different opinions than I do.

However, I am secure enough in my opinion to know in my heart that “Demolition Man” is a true masterpiece of American cinema.
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#Loki is trending, which provides a great opportunity to share cryptography’s tie-in with the Norse god and, slightly less so, the Marvel universe.
LOKI is a family of Australian block ciphers dating back to ‘89, designed by Dr. Lawrie Brown, Dr. Jennifer Seberry, and Dr. Josef Pieprzyk. (Dr. Seberry’s work was a fundamental part of my introduction to symmetric cryptography in the 90s. She’s a pioneer.)
LOKI89, and its improvement, LOKI91, are both Feistels, and while they didn’t become widely used (due to susceptibility to cryptanalysis), they did offer rich insight into block cipher design (e.g., differential cryptanalysis) during an impending post-DES time in cryptography.
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השם של הפרק הנוכחי, שעוד לא ראיתי, של לוקי מעולה: Journey into Mystery. זה שמה של סדרת הקומיקס של מארוול שבה הופיעו לראשונה ת'ור (#83), לוקי* (#85) ודמויות נוספות מהמיתולוגיה הנורדית

* אם נתעלם מלוקי אחר, משנת 1949, שמשום מה היה אל אולימפי
לוקי מ-1949, בקומיקס Venus של "טיימלי קומיקס" (לימים "מארוול קומיקס"):…

וההופעה הרשמית הראשונה של לוקי המוכר:…
אגב, Throg – ת'ור, צפרדע הרעם – הופיע לראשונה בחוברת Thor #365

🎨 @skottieyoung, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #4 (variant cover) Image
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Okay something is bothering me re: #Loki & Lokius & I need to write it out.

It actually is, like, actively insane that we have a CANONICALLY QUEER character & STILL have to include caveats/disclaimers in our minds & on media analysis because we can never just... trust a story.
?!?!? Loki is BISEXUAL! & yet we can’t say with confidence, though all signs point to it, that Lokius will happen or be given breathing room.

Why? Because we have been conditioned to think that at the end of the day there is ALWAYS somehow a catch when it comes to queer content.
It doesn’t even fully make sense to think this way! WHY THE FUCK WOULD DISNEY ALLOW BI LOKI BUT NOT ALLOW M/M ROMANCE? What kind of piecemeal homophobic corporate logic would that be?
“Out of sight, out of mind” queerness?
The bitch of it all is it isn’t impossible to imagine.
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The Manifest is not a great show, but it’s compelling popcorn faithpunk.

Fair warning it’s designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Lots of copaganda. Lots of weird ideology on display conspicuously.

There’s a conspiracy board with a card that says “conspiracy?”
Disney’s Loki is faithpunk, and I’m really interested to see how it plays out in the remaining episodes.
#Loki Episode 5 included the scene I knew would be in this show, a character choosing to "die" to experience a new reality. Death as a doorway. I told you this was #faithpunk.
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Are Loki & #Sylvie in love, & #Mobius knows it? Is Sylki canon? What happened to #Lokius? Yada yada yada, I've got my thoughts & I'm here to break them down for you.

This is (still) a love story.
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Firstly, in case you're new here, below is the "previously on" edition of Char Writes Long Loki Meta. I suggest reading it now if you haven't before, though obviously I'm not your boss. But it's your prerequisite for understanding why this is a love story!
Here we go.
So I feel as if there are 2 ~big themes~ going on in regards to Loki's growth when it comes to love.

1. Learning to love yourself & knowing you DON'T DESERVE to be alone.
2. Learning to trust/love people who aren’t you, so you WON'T BE alone.

These are not the same.
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Upcoming Movies and TV Shows
Nothing is more addictive than the past. Hugh Jackman's new film #Reminiscence reveals first trailer:… @WarnerBrosPH Image
Check out the trailer for the Fear Street trilogy, coming to @Netflix_PH in July.
Details here:… Image
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OK I know earlier I was joking that Jimmy's missing witness might be Trevor. then it occurred to me we still don't know why some people could see/remember Westview and others couldn't. #WandaVision
But the theory in the back of my head had always been related to CMBR from the Infinity Stones. Which explained Monica and Darcy, but not Jimmy. So what if the WITSEC missing person also had been in contact with an infinity stone and that's how Jimmy was exposed? #WandaVision
What I'm getting out here is it would be HILARIOUS if Jimmy's missing witness is in fact Loki. I mean they filmed by the same time, right? #WandaVision #Loki
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Abran paso, llevo #BaronZemo con mascara y todo!!! ImageImage
Bienvenidos todos a #Madripoor!!! ImageImageImage
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O ano de 2020 foi difícil para os fãs da @Marvel, sem nenhuma novidade lançada em quase um ano e meio. Porém, em 2021, o universo dos quadrinhos promete recuperar o tempo perdido e a Exitoína organizou um calendário de estreias para você acompanhar:
#WandaVision, que traz #ElizabethOlsen no papel de #WandaMaximoff, a #FeiticeiraEscarlate, chegou ao #DisneyPlus nesta sexta (15). Na trama, ela cria uma realidade paralela para viver a vida perfeita que desejou ao lado de #Visão (@Paul_Bettany), mas nada é tão simples assim.
Com @AnthonyMackie e #SebastianStan, "Falcão e o Soldado Invernal", chega ao #DisneyPlus no próximo dia 19 de março. Com intenção de ampliar o #MCU, os protagonistas procuram uma nova figura para assumir o escudo do Capitão América (@ChrisEvans), após o herói se aposentar.
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Este año 2021 amplío mi típico hilo de pelis vistas por otro más general de "Cultura consumida" en el que entrarán pelis, series, libros, videojuegos, comics, juegos de mesa y escape rooms: ¡A tope!
Dejo enlace al hilo del año pasado para que no se rompa el continuo espacio-tiempo
El formato será un poco más caótico ya que en algunos casos dejaré link a letterboxd/goodreads y en otros no diré gran cosa. La idea es tener organizadita toda la mandanga cultural que consumo por si a alguien le parece interesante o le descubro algo que no conocían.
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#ANTMAN va #KangTheConqueror !!!???🐜💥

El actor Jonathan Majors se une al reparto de #AntMan3 y podría ser #KangElConquistador!!

Vínculo directo con #Loki???

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU Image
Sera #KangTheConqueror el nuevo gran villano del #MCU!!??

Quien es #Kang? Te lo contamos aca!!!

Su nombre original es Nathaniel Richards (del linaje de #ReedRichards #MrFantastic de los #FantasticFour), viene del futuro, del siglo XXX.
De joven se une a los #YoungAvengers bajo el nombre de #IronLad, pero cuando encuentra los planos de una máquina del tiempo, viaja al 2950AC
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Vuelven los rodajes:
En #Atlanta continúan los rodajes de #FATWS y #Loki

#WandaVision está en etapa de reshoots en la misma ciudad

#Sony anuncia que formalmente #Spiderman3 se encuentra en preproducción y con viento a favor podrían empezar a rodar antes de fin de año
Además, con motivo del #SpiderManDay se celebrará #LaSemanaDeSpiderman con descuentos en compra de Merch y otras sorpresas
Vamos a #MarvelComics
Empezó a emitirse el arco #SinsRising de Amazing #SpiderMan donde veremos el ascenso del Comedor de Pecados como un gran villano del arácnido

#MarvelPodcast Image
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En noviembre del 2020 tendremos #DisneyPlus en Latinoamérica!!!!!

#Marvel #MarvelPodcast
peeeero.... no tendremos trailer de #Eternals posiblemente hasta el estreno de #Blackwidow
ATENCION!! #Mulan se estrenara en VOD por la modica suma de U$S 30 (?).... y si es un exito... Posiblemente #BlackWidow siga el mismo camino
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Been down the rabbit-hole of #Croatian #folklore - here's a #thread of what I found:


This one is especially close as its my family island.
'From #Folklore to Fiction: Early Literary Manifestations of the #Vampire Motif'

Fun fact: the term 'vampyr' first appeared in an 11th century Slavic manuscript vilifying #Bogomils, a #Gnostic dualist heresy that was endemic to the #Balkans
'#Witches' Zoopsychonavigations and the Astral Broom in the Worlds of #Croatian Legends as (Possible) Aspects of #Shamanistic Techniques of Ecstasy (and Trance)'…
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