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[THREAD Marvel] Le projet de Kang: l'importance de Shang-Chi et Miss Marvel dans la conquête Multiverselle

Quantumania est peut être sur le point de lever une partie du mystère sur l'origine des 10 anneaux de Shang-Chi et du bracelet de Kamala Khan

#Kang #MCU
Une des énigmes les plus intriguants du MCU est l'origine du bracelet et des 10 anneaux
Des artefacts d'une grande puissance mais ayant une origine complètement inconnus, même par des êtres cosmiques ou grand scientifique de la Terre

#CaptainMarvel #Hulk ImageImageImage
Dans la bande annonce de #AntManAndTheWaspQuandtumania , il y a cependant un début de réponse

Une image assez troublante, avec des structures géantes sous la ville quantique ayant une ressemblance avec la technologie des anneaux du film Shang-Chi (lueur, lévitation,...) ImageImage
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Gara-gara dibilang lambang bintang di dada #Gatotkaca dibilang mirip #CaptainMarvel, aku jd ngubek-ngubek gugel karena penasaran.

Dan ini beberapa info yg aku temukan:
Mengutip dari FB Garudayana, Gatotkaca aslinya adalah dari kisah Mahabharata, yg ditulis Begawan Wyasa dari India, kemudian berkembang ke Asia hingga ke Asia Tenggara, termasuk Indonesia.
Diperkirakan kisah Mahabharata masuk ke indonesia sejak abad ke 4-14, yg kemudian mengalami asimilasi budaya, perubahan penokohan bahkan deskripsi visual. Sehingga tokoh Gatotkaca India dan Indonesia sangat berbeda dari tampilan visualnya, dan juga kisah asal usulnya.
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Abro hilo para explicar de manera CRONOLÓGICA todo el Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel 😱

Incluiré proyectos recientes cómo #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier y #WandaVision también 👇

Así que ya saben, denle mucho ♥️♥️♥️
Hace millones de años, el Universo creó SEIS poderosas gemas cósmicas 💎

Cada una tiene la habilidad de controlar un aspecto específico:


Comencemos con la GEMA DE LA REALIDAD:

Dicho objeto fue utilizado por MALEKITH, un elfo oscuro, para intentar traer oscuridad al Universo ⚡

Bor, rey del mundo Asgard, logró detenerlo y escondió este artefacto cósmico 💎

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Okay so I'm watching #AvengersEndgame for the first time and I've already had to pause cause my anxiety is through the roof.

Where is his baby girl? She just went to get the arrow.
Oh my gosh. Where's the kid? That would break me.
Should I have watched that other Avengers film first?
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Who is your favorite superhero and what is their superpower?
My favorite superhero...

I have several actually.

Nightcrawler. He could transport himself. #Bamf!
I also like Kitty Pryde, she can phase / walk through walls.
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#NowWatching “X-Men.”

A film franchise with a complicated, but surprisingly important legacy.

Although there were obviously superhero films before, and films like “Blade” are often overlooked, “X-Men” is ground zero for the modern superhero boom.
Of course, it is, quite rightly, impossible to talk about the series without acknowledging that Bryan Singer is a well-documented sexual predator.

This informs the films’ legacy, although it seems under-discussed compared to the emergence of the MCU.…
The cornerstone of the modern American popular landscape was laid by a serial sexual predator. Built to a blueprint he laid.

While it seems like the cultural mood has shifted on the “X-Men” films, it’s strange to me that this isn’t the catalyst.…
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Sería muy interesante armar el maratón de #MCU alrededor de #Avengers, pero acomodando todas las escenas de todas las películas en una sola línea temporal. No incluyo las series por que sería sumamente largo y complicado.

Abro #hilo y me explico.
Actualmente hay dos formas (bueno hay un chingo) en que puedes ver todas las películas del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel:
1.- En el orden cronológico de lanzamiento, es decir comenzar con #IronMan (2008), hasta llegar a #AvengersEndgame (2019).
2.- Viéndolas en orden cronológico de tiempo de los eventos, es decir, comenzar con lo que sucedió primero con #CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger y terminando con #AvengersEndgame. Esto sin contar los "flashbacks" con los que comienzan algunas como #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
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11 years and 21 films later, #AvengersEndgame is just a few days away. So, here’s presenting the #UltimateMarvelMarathon, where we watch every film in the #MCU, in the greatest Marvel Studios throwback you’ve seen.

Join us, won’t you?
Here's what we are watching on the first day of #UltimateMarvelMarathon.

Which one is your favourite?
#UltimateMarvelMarathon | And so we begin with #IronMan !

"I can’t help but think about how Tony Stark's Iron Man suit has evolved over time. In every film sees the suit change subtly. In #AvengersEndgame it looks like the sleekest it has ever been" | @pradeep_smenon
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Okay I took a few days to process after watching #CaptainMarvel and my take, not that anyone asked, is it was good MCU but not great MCU. Ant-Man/first Cap level, not Black Panther/Thor Ragnarok. It centers women—this is good.

All of its WOC are pushed to the edges. Not as good.
The storytelling was complicated—maybe more than needed—and there were plot flourishes that felt forced (like Goose as Flerkin and the Supreme Intelligence’s projective avatar). It felt like with fewer such Whoa! moments it could’ve had more time to spend developing character.
Specifically, more time examining the relationship between Carol and Maria/Monica (we only really see brief montages and hear exposition on their relationship as kids...yeah Carol kept getting up when she fell but Maria grew up to be a single mom and test pilot, BACKSTORY PLEASE)
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#CaptainMarvel has had ticket fraud inflate its numbers and income.

Disney admits to manipulating social media and search algorithms to assist #CaptainMarvel

The dropoffs and the empty theaters are being covered up by Disney committing ticket fraud.
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🇳🇿1. En el tiroteo de Christchurch, Nueva Zelanda, uno de los tiradores retransmitió por Facebook el ataque terrorista a una de las mezquitas. Mientras se preparaba, dijo a los espectadores: "Y recordad suscribiros a PewDiePie".

¿Por qué? Lo voy a explicar en este hilo👇🏼
🇳🇿2. PewDiePie es el youtuber más famoso del mundo. Desde hace años, lidera la lista de canales con mayor número de suscriptores.

Esto es, hasta la llegada de T-Series, una megaproductora de Bollywood cuyo crecimiento llevaba meses siendo mucho más acelerado que el de PewDiePie.
🇳🇿3. PewDiePie es un gamer, pero desde hace un par de años su contenido es mayoritariamente vídeos de reacción a memes. Su programa más famoso es Meme Review, en el que analiza los memes más relevantes de cada semana.

(Opinión: soy fiel seguidor desde hace tiempo y me encanta).
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If you can’t get enough of #CaptainMarvel, you’re in luck! WIRED has a story (or three) for you. Start with the comics—for those who want the full backstory, we sorted through more than 50 years’ worth to figure out where you should start. 1/
Next, check out @waterslicer’s review, which examines how the female-specific superhero origin story of this half-human, half-Kree warrior challenges so many of the origin stories that came before it. 2/
Skrulls have been in the Marvel Comics for decades, appearing as everything from superhero impersonators to religious extremists to cannon fodder in several Avengers brawls. But #CaptainMarvel tells a different story. 3/
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Quick thread.
A couple of days ago, I shared this image of my youngest son looking at a picture of #CaptainMarvel.
It got quite a bit of attention. Most of it very positive...
...But it blew me away that people could see this picture, and use it to launch an attack.
As a writer for @DCComics AND @Marvel, I genuinely love the heroes at both companies. And I want nothing but success for all their films and comics. #ManyUniversesOneFamily...
...A friendly rivalry can be fun, but I will never understand those who feel they have to put down one hero to boost another. That’s not how this works. If you love these heroes, and you’ve learned from them, then you know this...
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Alright I wanna talk for a second about one of the many (stupid) #CaptainMarvel memes that Sadboys are trying to stroke their hate-boners over.

Specifically the idea that the movie is a) man-hating in general and b) emasculates Fury in particular.

So. A thread. /1
The impetus of this is a ComicsGate adjacent site called CosmicNews or some shit. I'm not interested in sending traffic their way so you can read about it over at We Hunted The Mammoth.… /2
A lot of it is your basic "WE NEED TO BE ANGRY" bullshit twisting things out of all sense of how they actually happened or straight-up straw-manning into a weird Ship-of-Theseus version of the movie that only exists in their heads.

Then there're the complaints about Fury. /3
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On va faire un top du MCU. Ceci n'est que mon avis et il ne s'agit pas de taper dessus pour taper dessus. Par ailleurs, je n'ai pas revu les 3 films avant Captain Marvel, donc il se peut que mon avis sera différent à l'avenir. En attendant, allons-y !
21 - Thor de Kenneth Branagh. Film pauvre en intérêt. Les effets-spéciaux font bien cheap et vieillissent très mal (le film a moins de 10 ans). Chris Hemsworth n'est pas encore à l'aise avec le personnage et en fait des caisses. Natalie Portman semble souvent se demander ce
qu'elle fait là. Kat Dennings est un sidekick insupportable (ce sera encore pire dans le second film individuel). Loki est un méchant en carton et l'intrigue est malheureusement très prévible. Hankeye est juste là deux minutes pour l'introduire avant Avengers, ce qui au vue de
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Vamos aqui converssr sobre #CapitãMarvel sem carteirinha, só sendo de boas?
Filme é filme, quadrinho é quadrinho. Por mais que possamos ler o filme como Tradução de uma linguagem pra outra, vale a pena entender que estamos ali no cinema diante de uma obra autônoma. Livre pra mudar, adaptar e ocultar e que deve ser analidada e medida pelo que é.
Representatividade é conceito, não adianta esvaziar o termo pra esvaziar o filme. Nao adianta dizer que Carol Denvers é sinônimo de empoderamento pura e simplesmente porque ela é mulher e poderosa.
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Respect #CaptainMarvel thread! All the POWER of one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes

-Superhuman Strength/Speed/Stamina/Durability
-Photonic Blasts
-Energy Absorption
-Healing factor
-Molecular control
-Contaminant Immunity
-Cosmic Awareness
Holds and throws a giant meteor into the sun! #CaptainMarvel
Holds up a train while while getting rail power absorbed! #CaptainMarvel
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