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#NiaHansen #sounddesign thread on EXPLOSIONS and fun with liquid nitrogen. Because liquid nitrogen is fun. Don’t try this at home. 💥💦❄

#filmsound #soundeffects #fieldrecording #audiopost #postproduction #gameaudio
This explosion recording day was for War Horse. World War I is a time period that not very many living people have actually HEARD. This gave the sound designer and editors some liberty to be interpretive and nonliteral with some of the war environment, guns, vehicles, etc.
We tried various things with the liquid nitrogen, which all had very different qualities. When sealed in a plastic jug, it will eventually explode (or implode a trash bin). We tried different sized jugs… and different material cans.
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We don’t always have the time or budget to collect many new/unique sounds for every film, esp. on Marvel projects which are so busy. We also may not know what we need until a visual effect shows up, or we learn that something cut/designed isn’t working.
Ideally, we put together a recording wish list at the very start of the project. These are sounds we don’t have in the library, or have but want better recordings of/variations of, or textures & components to use for designing.
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How about another #sounddesign thread? With gifs! This time about #BigHero6 and some tricks for humor.

Animations are fun because no sound is recorded on “set.” It’s a blank slate.

#filmsound #soundeffects #filmmaking #fieldrecording #audiopost #postproduction
I love recording funny sounds. Baymax’s squeaky body was a yoga ball I sat on at work (good for spine!). There are so many ways to perform a squeaky prop. I manipulated every phrase I could out of it. Fast, slow, rhythmic, impacty. It had a nice resonant “inflated” feel.
A lot of humor both visual and sonic comes from rhythm and pacing. (Sometimes in writing too!) A squeak in just the right moment, or a beat of silence so the next sound has more impact. Play with expectations.
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Long #sounddesign thread! First half will be obvious stuff to people in #filmsound #audiopost #postproduction, but maybe interesting to outsiders. Second half is about rhythm and the importance of silence.

#soundeffects #filmmaking #fieldrecording #WinterSoldier
Viewers often think all sound is recorded magically on set. Nope! 90% of the sound is added in during post production. Ambiences, crowds, foley (footsteps, props, cloth movement), sound effects. Not just for films with lots of visual effects.
The focus of on-set recording is to capture clean dialogue, and often even that may be replaced later if it’s too noisy, the line needs to be changed, or director wants a different performance.
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Some people enjoyed my #sounddesign craft thread the other day + they’re fun for me, so let’s try another! This time I want to talk about hard-to-describe sound concepts. e.g. Vormir in #InfinityWar

#filmsound #soundeffects #filmmaking #fieldrecording #audiopost #postproduction
Sometimes the hardest part is translating clients’ explanations & descriptions into a sonic experience. Esp. true for surreality, ambiguous objects/powers, magic, etc. Often deciphering comes down to “just make it really cool”—which is all all about drumming up creative ideas.
The Vormir plateau was more or less pitched as giant stone/magnetic tuning forks vibrating to create tiny vacuums in spacetime… I can’t go out and record giant vibrating stones or spacetime vacuums or mini black holes. So, where to start?
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