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Katharine Beals and team work hard, to the level of fanaticism, to discredit techniques used to help nonspeaking people with poor motor control or apraxia be able to communicate. Facilitated communication has been discredited by a small team who seem to make it their life's goal
They are not scientists, though. They are bullies. These are the same people trying to commandeer ground to discredit that sensory processing disorder affects behaviors. I have evidence of far more than a decade of academic and social bullying of autistic people at their hands
They are part of the crew responsible for editing the Wikipedia articles and having them removed for people like Tito Mukhopadhyay, who literally can use a pencil and write his words, yet they still try to invalidate his words. There's loads of evidence!
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Nonspeakers are rarely the authors of their own narratives in academic journals. This article changes that, with nonspeakers Samuel Capozzi, Dillan Barmache and Emma Cladis giving their own direct accounts of mentoring for autistics by autistics.…
Today I'm sharing a 2018 interview with nonspeaking autist Rhema of the Rhema's Hope blog, in which she gives advice to therapists about helping her and others like her with impulse control and other challenges associated with autism.…
Nonspeaking autist Matteo Musso writes about how learning to use a letterboard liberated him, and how ABA is not useful to nonspeakers trying to prevent themselves from having meltdowns. #CommunicationFirst #istandwithnonspeakers…
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Here's what I see in the lethargic response from most #ABAICon19 delegates towards the idea of condemning torture...
The ABAI leadership and conferencegoers actually don't care about human rights because they don't care about humans.
There's no point anymore in trying to persuade them to care. All that remains now is to show those who do care that the ABAI is a despicable institution, and that membership and adherence to its code of ethics is merely a pact of honour among thieves.
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Talking about people in their presence hurts, writes non-speaking autist Rami Kripke-Ludwig.…
Today's featured non-speaker is Cindi, who writes about the paradoxes of her autism: "This life of mine is hard just because I have autism. The thing is autism makes my life good too. My family wants it cured. I want it channeled for success."…
Damon Kirsebom writes about frustration of being autistic and a non-reliable speaker. Do NOT assume that when his mouth repetitively starts chattering away about Thomas the Tank Engine (which happens often) that he is IN ANY WAY obsessed with trains.…
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I have undertaken to post a piece of writing, or a video or some other artefact every day from a nonspeaking autistic person who uses words or word-linked symbols to communicate.
I feel that this is necessary, because non-speakers are being suppressed around the world, and deserve to have their words amplified.
I will also gradually start working on a blog series to elucidate the reasons why many autistic people do not speak, and to point to what autistic people themselves have said helps them communicate.
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