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I am sympathetic to #medical professionals as well as to #MentalHealth providers, however, IF you have uttered ☝🏼 of following statements or engaged in ☝🏼 of following behaviors you may want to reassess your #profession:

- ‘I am sorry you are to complex, complicated, we 1
can’t help you’
-‘You don’t want help bc you did not do x, y, or z’
-If you are unable to truly #Listen
-If you are unwilling to continually assess if you are negatively impacting situation
-If you use manipulation
-If you feel person & or family should not have #voice in 2
planning - it should be central.
-If you are unable to discuss difficult topics/concern w person & or family.
-If you make assumptions
-If you are unwilling to collaborate with others that support/provide care to person/family
-If you say ☝🏼 thing to person & or family & 3
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So you want to be a dance physio? 🩰

🧵1/12 Image
Get to know the terminology, lifestyle & culture. Many dance physios have a background in performing, but not all. However, knowing the difference between ‘fosse walks’ & a grande jeté en tournant will help you understand/manage dance injuries & importantly gain performers’ trust Image
Read the literature 📚🩰 Dance Science is a fast-developing area and there’s a growing body of evidence to refer to. @JDMS_IADMS publish a quarterly journal with fantastic articles. Also follow @ACPSEMdance @NIDMS_ @onedanceuk @TL_DanceScience @ukbapam @AdamMattiussi Image
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1/ Ever wondered how the 4th industrial revolution (#AI, robotics, and big data) is reshaping healthcare? 🏥 🚀
Let's dive into some fascinating facts and insights I found in the #book "Deep Medicine" by @EricTopol
2/ 💻👨‍⚕️ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are mostly designed for billing, not for physicians' ease of use, contributing to doctor burnout 😩
How can we leverage #AI to improve the EMR and serve both purposes effectively? #HealthIT
3/⏱️ Did you know? If physicians make a #diagnosis within 5 minutes, they have a 95% chance of getting it right (System 1 thinking). This rate can drop to 25% afterward!
How can we harness #AI to assist in faster, more accurate diagnosis?
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Rules of Engagement #WorldAutismAwarenessDay 1) foster #AutisticAcceptance 2) Believe us when we say, Puzzle Pieces DO NOT help promote #AutisticAcceptance (Dig Deeper into the very problematic history of Autism organizations to understand why)
3) Avoid using toys or childhood images to represent #Autism. #Autistics are #Autistic and will remain as such. We are #DifferentNotLess. When you use toys to represent us, it infantilizes our authentic Ways of Being. Use Rainbow Infinity or Gold Infinity symbols instead
4) Always take an #Intersectional approach to understanding #AutisticTruths. We are from all faiths, cultures, gender identities and more, but our experiences are dramatically impacted by how the world sees our diverse layers of identity and whether we are multiply marginalized
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📢🧐 How can we improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others? This article explores expert advice on relationship management.👥💕…

#relationships #selfimprovement
1/15 Our relationships with others reflect the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Can we change our behavior and chemistry to cultivate more positive relationships?🤔💭

#selfreflection #positivity
2/15 Building and nurturing a relationship requires being available for the other person, clear communication, and meeting your partner where they are.👫💬🤝

#relationshipadvice #communication
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DoorDash has all the appslaves it needs to minimize pay. Few Dashers (heaven help YOUR "friends") complete 270 deliveries within 60 days (~15 hours per week, at 2 deliveries per hour).

📉DoorDash reports, "In 2021, 90% of Dashers worked less than 10 hrs per week on delivery." Image
You’ve heard, “if it’s free, you're the product." Here’s a new version for DoorDash Singularity. In the DoorDash game #Dashers ARE NOT PEOPLE WITH JOBS, they’re expenses judged by their all-in cost; the sum of their recruitment costs and delivery payments.…

DoorDash is "#LaborLaundering" - engaging in compensation schemes insidiously-designed to obscure any measurable rate of #DasherPay, any calculation of operational #Expenses, reporting of income from workers making under $600/year and the major issue of #Risk. Image
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This is why we do what we do...

👇 is by Abi, recently turned 16.

Gaslighting can even come from those closest to you.
"But you look fine"
"I can't understand why you're not better yet"
"How can you be tired, you sleep until midday".

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #SARSCoV2

Tomorrow, Anna & I, & some of the @LongCovidKids team will attend a @ScotParl Reception hosted by @ALLIANCEScot to celebrate ours & others work around self management.

Self mngmnt is a valuable tool but it won't cure #LongCovid #LongCovidKids

There is much more work to do.
Please share Abi's work. It is beautifully written, took her months to complete and encapsulates the struggle of so many #LongCovidKids in Scotland.



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10 qualities that make a #doctor popular (among #patients)
Surprisingly, it is not the #NEETPG score, reputation of medical college, gold medals received in medical college or number of research papers published. After 30 yrs as a practicing doctor, I present my observations here
1. Ability to #listen: You will be #popular if you let your patients speak without interrupting them. You should start only after patients have finished saying what they have to. Also, they like it, if you don't interrupt or cut them short, while they are speaking.
2. #Smile: Patients love it, if you smile while receiving them. A serious face puts them off. If you get angry (even if it is their fault such as if they arrived late, or they have not followed your instructions), your popularity as a doctor would diminish. Smile relaxes them.
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Global Macro Review - 4/10/2022


The 💦🍋 has begun as the #FOMC drains the 👊🥣

And they are coming after YOU dear investor

"'The Fed needs to 'inflict more losses' on the stock market in order to rein in soaring inflation.’”

Let’s dig into the 🧮!

Realizing the Fed bid is no more, bonds headed for the ⛰️⛰️

10/2s steepened ↗️ to 18.6 BPS from #inversion the week earlier

MOVE 125.96 🛗🔺

Chart: $TNX with a new cycle high 2.72% - there’s no reason this cannot go to 5-6%

Bond ETFs go 'no bid' as the 🐻🐻 continue to roam

$TLT -5.5% (w) -12.05% (T) = 3 mos
$BNDD -5.45% (w) -2.2% (T)
$LQD -3.2% (w) -9.65% (T)
$HYG -2.1% (w) -6.55% (T)
$TIP -1.2% (w) -3.65% (T)
$IVOL +1.6% (w) -3.75% (T) ⬅️

Chart: Despite #inflation, $TIP no place to hide
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1. #Narcissism Thread: What is the quickest way to tell if someone is a #narcissist? 🚩Raise a concern with them. Hands down this works Every. Single. Time. #Narcissists are unable to manage conflict. By conflict, I mean be cooperative & problem solve concerns or disagreements
2. I mean being held accountable or addressing a concern with the genuine interest in resolving it. Resolving issues are important to healthy relationships, #trust boundaries & safety. When issues remain unresolved between #Psychology #abused
3. Couples, family members, groups, organisations, it leads to #resentment, #anger & #contempt. This is why: Say you raise an issue with your partner that’s of a concern to you. Your partner disagrees 🚩 & it doesn’t seem like she is listening to you. 🚩You keep trying to express
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It occurred to me that some may think I “waste” time on Twitter (as I primarily Tweet during my evenings/weekends when I am not working). As a #Hyperlexic , my first & most natural language is actually writing because I take in such inordinate amounts of sensory data… 🧵
…so, when I Tweet I am actually doing a number of things which folx may not realize: 1) I am processing my 💡ideas 💡, some of which are incorporated into my 📕 projects: they may be saved for later or might even inspire a cathartic impromptu writing session…
2) I am engaging with a global community of advocates & amazing humans of multiple ages, across all time zones & representing diverse intersecting lenses specifically because my specialization is understanding perspectives which are different from my own, and this enriches me…
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[THREAD] #AskingAutistics and allies, especially people in Africa or of African descent throughout the world: We need your help. A bad thing has happened for #DisabilityRights in Africa: ABAI has sponsored an American, Ashley Knochel, to promote ABA in Africa by formalising it.
There has been a neocolonialist trend with aggressive ABA infiltrations from America into Ghana, Kenya and other countries for some time now, including a CARD-associated organisation in South Africa; but this latest move is worse.
This American person has established a Pan-African Association of Behaviour Association along with Kenyans, and they are launching this Saturday.
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This was 2 months after high school graduation. My classmate was missing for 7 months. The devastation & grief were immense after the unexpected loss. We were naïve teenagers facing overwhelming sadness. Eventually her death was ruled a #suicide. #ph260720
In 2016, while living with my best friend, I briefly had a #suicidal roommate. The aftermath of my classmate’s death inspired me to study suicide, but I was not prepared to be the caretaker to a loved one in her time of crisis. #ph260720
About me: I choose #suicidology because I have seen the effects of suicide on families & communities. I am a sociological suicidologist turned #publichealth researcher. Learning from #livedexperiences and using #qualitativemethods in #suicideresearch is important to me. #ph260720
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“Building a Person”: Legal and Clinical Personhood for Autistic and Trans Children in Ontario (by @JakePyne)

"Despite open violence, Lovaas framed ABA as compassionate... Despite uncertain evidence, he presented ABA as scientific..."…
"Psychologist George Rekers, a key figure in the world of conversion therapy (and co-founder of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council), used Lovaas’s techniques to treat so-called “deviant sex-role behaviors” in male children."
The man behind ex-gay “conversion therapy” started out trying to make autistic children “normal”:
"Both projects were based on the same fundamental view: that it’s easier to change a child’s behavior than it is to destigmatize that behavior in society"…
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To ABA therapists who say, "OMG, I don't do what the Judge Rotenberg Center does!":

Renounce your RBT or BACB credential.

The BACB accredits the people who work at the Judge Rotenberg Center with the same BACB credential.

You should be ashamed that you wear the same letters.
Sorry. BCBA or RBT. 😑 You know what I mean.
Scared of losing your job? Yeah, that could happen.
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Here are some of the things I want rather than having people spend money on a cure for autism:…
Evidence that most autism research is not done or funded by people who care about autistic people's actual needs.
"But you're high-functioning. We care about the severe cases."

Oh, really? Then why don't you listen to them?

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When they speak about disabled children having "challenging behaviour", what does "challenging" mean? Why do they use THAT word? (Not a sarcastic question.) Do they believe that the child is "challenging" them like a drunk person in a bar challenges another guy to fight? Or what?
Or are they projecting the challenges (difficulties) they have in understanding or coping with a child's behaviour onto the child? Like "I'm out of money and it's a challenging situation to be in." So, the OTHER person, not the child, is the one feeling like it's a "challenge"?
There's a webinar coming up with a bunch of 'autism experts', about dealing with autistic children. A bevy of white guys presenting, incl. an autistic vet; and one brown man... And on the TOP of the list of topics is "challenging behaviour".
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I learned this week how many parents and therapists strongly believe that speaking out against child abuse is inappropriate, and that one should only focus on the positives and not rock the boat.
My filters are gone. I can't be professional and dignified anymore. There are rules to online engagement and being civil and polite. I can't do what is demanded.

I don't want the world to exist with humans in it.
Thank you to my friends @Psyentific, @makermom3D and others who put on the light that showed me the way out of that hole. 👆

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Let's get it on!
Wir widmen uns heute dem symbolträchtigen und geschichtsschwangeren Jahr 1968. Folgt diesem Thread für viel Musikliebe und -geschichte an diesem Abend und als erstes diesem Spotify-Profil hier:…
Let's start with this:
HEY JUDE wäre nicht ohne John Lennons Affäre mit Yoko Ono entstanden. McCartney schrieb es, um Lennons Sohn Julian wegen der Trennung seiner Eltern zu trösten - und irgendwie markiert der Song damit das Anfang vom Ende der #Beatles
Das muss man natürlich beantworten mit: "Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of walth and taste"... dem ultimativen Meisterstück der Rolling Stones: Im Dezember 1968 erscheint das unerreichte "Sympathy For The Devil". #JAHRESPLAYLIST
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Well. That was 5 days ago. It's over 40,000 YouTube views now, and thousands more on Facebook. Maybe some people are starting to #LISTEN to nonspeaking autistic people? 😊
By the way, @Communica1st have been inundated with requests for translations into many other languages. The Spanish version will be out shortly, with five or more other language versions soon after.
The main reason why CommunicationFIRST are handling the translations with their own partners is that ableism and inaccuracies can creep into translations, and each language has its own nuances in that regard, so every translation gets vetted.
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1/I'm excited that Dr. @AjayManhapra is presenting on concerns about mandatory opioid taper for VA's MAT-VA journal club, based on our shared paper... he notes Human costs of mandatory and widespread opioid taper
2/He cites @BethDarnall as the best available study, noting that even when one offers the best support system, a significant % of patients do not have a reduction in pain or pain worsens.
3/In a way that will seem controversial, he proposes that opioid therapy is not exactly an analgesic. This is daily use of an addictive substance that offers relief, where only a minority develop addiction.
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#LISTEN, a short film made by and with nonspeaking autistic people, was launched on Friday to coincide with the US launch of #SiaMusic. (Sia did NOT fulfil her offer to sponsor a short film.) To date, LISTEN has had more than 31,000 views on YouTube.
For a background to the film, visit this page, where you'll also find a downloadable #LISTEN toolkit for training via discussion groups and watch parties. The toolkit addresses a variety of topics relevant to understanding nonspeaking autists.
#LISTEN is NOT a detailed critique of #SiaMusic. It addresses general principles, and was created to help future authors, filmmakers and playwrights avoid the traps that Sia and her team fell into over the years of making MUSIC.
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There seems to be confusion. I'll clear it up:

Sia said she wanted to work with CommunicationFIRST; she offered to sponsor an intro to dispel misinformation; she promised she'd add a content warning and remove the restraint scenes.

The short film #LISTEN was not paid for by Sia.

Sia broke all her promises. The production was done by disabled people, with the exception of the filmmaker, who is not disabled, but he had a disabled brother (now deceased).

Sia has an enormous fan base. The movie presents harmful stereotypes and practices in a manner that some fans love it so much that they are watching the movie twice. Because they weren't provided with the correct information, they can't see the harm. They just see a sweet movie.
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It's been a hard...timespan. But this week our community has done some incredible things, even in the face of all the awful the world can throw at us. Inspired by @AuroralAutistic's 🧵, I want to highlight 5 examples of Autistic Excellence that are getting me through today. (1/6)
This piece by @slooterman about guardianship. “There’s this double standard where, if you’re perceived as having a disability, your preferences are subsumed by what’s in your, quote, best interest. That’s just not how humans function.”(2/6)…
This piece featuring @jessicalbenham talking about running for (and winning) elected office as an openly autistic candidate. Jess is already kicking ass in her new position. (3/6)…
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