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Please #RatifyC22 the way in which #SOCI provided it and close the book on this chapter.

The insurance industry will NOT challenge the amendment, they didn't when it was used in the other case in the last 27 years. 1/ #RatifyC22 with all senate ...
Even if they did for some reason think they could win and did decide to challenge it, the amendment is constitutional. It does not encroach on provincial jurisdiction because this IS a federal benefit.

The federal government has the equal right to provide a supplement 2/ too long to reproduce manua...
The Amendment, ONLY affects the treatment of the Federal Benefit (C-22) and does not encroach on their ability to gouge people from all the other ways they already do.

Furthermore, we signed all parts of the CRPD.
The CRPD clearly states that a federal body signing on 3/
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ABA alert, possible #CRPD/#DisabilityRights violation: Just saw mail from Dr Anchen Laubscher, Medical Director of @Netcare_Limited (well-known hospital group in South Africa). They're having a briefing by ABA providers for clinical staff on 10 May. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs
@Netcare_Limited Given that I've only heard about this now, I'm guessing that the @Netcare_Limited leadership team have not yet received #DisabilityRights training, and that they may be unaware of the implications of what they have agreed to. Disability activists are contacting them right now.
For those who don't know what ABA is and why human rights activists want ABA-based therapies banned in South Africa and internationally, here is an article explaining some of the abuses inherent in these methods.

#BanABA #ABAisAbuse…
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Rules of Engagement #WorldAutismAwarenessDay 1) foster #AutisticAcceptance 2) Believe us when we say, Puzzle Pieces DO NOT help promote #AutisticAcceptance (Dig Deeper into the very problematic history of Autism organizations to understand why)
3) Avoid using toys or childhood images to represent #Autism. #Autistics are #Autistic and will remain as such. We are #DifferentNotLess. When you use toys to represent us, it infantilizes our authentic Ways of Being. Use Rainbow Infinity or Gold Infinity symbols instead
4) Always take an #Intersectional approach to understanding #AutisticTruths. We are from all faiths, cultures, gender identities and more, but our experiences are dramatically impacted by how the world sees our diverse layers of identity and whether we are multiply marginalized
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So many American and Canadian parents of autistic children are being given no options but ABA. If they refuse direct ABA, people in charge slip the ABA methods into speech therapy, classroom practices or anywhere they can.

I'm seeing parents ask in Facebook groups how they...
...can get their children out of this, but they are being blocked all over. Even when officials agree not to use ABA, things happen that lead them to investigate what's going on, and you find out ABA-based approaches were used anyway, they just didn't call it that.
While all these people have this odd idea about 'evidence-based practice', they are unable to face the evidence playing out in front of them.
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#DisabilityRC has released the legal opinion it sought from eminent Int’l Human Rights Law Emeritus Prof @acbyrnes_andrew re Art 24 #CRPD. It concluded Aus is obliged to (1) build an inclusive general education system AND (2) abolish segregation for student with disability 1/ Article 24 of the CRPD obliges States Parties to transition
In his expert opinion for #DisabilityRC, Prof Byrnes also confirmed that the interpretation of Article 24 of the #CRPD set out in General Comment No. 4 is “the one that would be reached by the proper application of the accepted rules of treaty interpretation” (p.1). 2/
Professor Byrnes @acbyrnes_andrew specifically considered – and REJECTED - the (previous) Australian Government’s interpretation of Article 24 #CRPD & int’l law obligations (set out in its submission to #DisabilityRC) that it can continue to allow segregated special schools: 3/ “I do not agree with the central contentions that the CPRD
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🔴 We're LIVE! Join @InclusionCA and @InclusionIntl to discuss the expansion of medical assistance in dying/#euthanasia in #Canada.

We'll be live-tweeting the session and sharing key points from the discussion here, follow this thread to catch the conversation!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, #Canada legalized a pathway to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill, provided they have a disability or disabling medical condition.
In practice, people with disabilities are dying because they live in poverty, can’t secure affordable adequate housing, and are avoiding #institutionalization.
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🔴Join us at the #Community2030 side event, starting now!

📢@mhiri_manel of @InclusionIntl, self-advocate Camila Lozano Ruiz of @AsdownColombia, and @FatmaWangareHaj of @inclusionafric1 will be sharing the perspectives of people with intellectual disabilities & their families.
.@mhiri_manel of @InclusionIntl is speaking on behalf of the @IDDC #CBID Task Group, which has been leading regional dialogues on key topics, including community support. Image
.@mhiri_manel of @InclusionIntl:

"Key recommendations that came across for improving community support is the presence & implementation of legal frameworks & policies stressing #CRPD Article 19 as well as participation of persons with disabilities and their families."
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🔴The 15th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the #CRPD is now live.

📺Watch the the Opening of the Conference here:…

🧐Look out for our President, @sdswenson, who will be delivering a statement shortly! #COSP15
Our network is following in-person and online! #COSP15 #CRPD #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #CRPDNow @IDA_CRPD_Forum @DSiupdate Our in-person delegation tu...Screenshot of Prof Gerard Q...
Watch @sdswenson deliver her statement now LIVE from the United Nations:…
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Below are links to some of my threads related to autism, autistic health, and advocacy. I'll also add a few threads by other people.

Several threads are unfinished or have perpetual additions. A picture of fractals which...
Words of nonspeaking autistic people


LINKED THREAD: Treating sensory overload

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#CoSP15 is coming up!

Get to know #InclusiveFutures partners and how we're working towards a #disability-inclusive future at the following side events next week ⬇️
Wednesday 15 June ➡️ Beyond placing persons with disabilities in jobs: The case for CRPD based inclusive employment.

Register here:… #CoSP15 #CRPD #InclusiveFutures @IDA_CRPD_Forum Graphic with the times you can join the COSP15 side event, w
Thursday 16 June ➡️ Beyond the rhetoric: Realizing meaningful participation of persons with disabilities through inclusive programming.

Register here:… #CoSP15 #CRPD #InclusiveFutures @IDA_CRPD_Forum Graphic with the times you can join the COSP15 side event, w
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What #ABA professionals are telling us is, "We're not bad! Let us tell you how we help! We'll even listen to you a bit."

What we're saying is, "Forget what you know. Listen from scratch as though you know nothing."


A few of the enlightened ones have memorised how to placate us.

I'd actually want to give them a questionnaire, though, to see how much relevant knowledge they really have, considering they're supposed to be PROFESSIONALS.
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A certain autism service organisation I've dealt with for 12+ years tends to have staff and leadership churn, causing them to lose all their institutional knowledge.

This has lately resulted in me dealing with a nice, new, freshly gratuated appointee, who knows very little.
So every few staff-churn cycles, it seems that they go, "Oh dear, we've been doing mainly children, we'd better chat to some adults to find out what services they need."
I think this one is also becoming as perplexed as the last two were who were sent to talk to that difficult activist in their jurisdiction (me).
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[THREAD] The movement to #BanABA in South Africa is gaining ground. We're now getting through to some of the right people in legislature.
One of the things we need (both locally and internationally) is to help people currently involved in selling, promoting, delivering and buying ABA services to make plans to move out before such bans come into effect.
If we don't start working on this now, we may meet with STRONG opposition, and even if we get the bills to pass, we may have a lot of people going underground or disguising what they do whilst pretending to not use behaviourist practices.
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When you're an autism organisation run by ABA promotors and you choose to have your autism conference in a country 🇬🇭 that also happens to be one of the most notorious for its abuse of LGBTQ+ people, then we need less reminding that ABA and #ConversionTherapy are the same thing.
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[THREAD] Autism research could prioritise researching abuse.
Examples of abuse.
Categories of abuse.
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These 'experts' want autistic children to be accepted in society someday, but they cannot even accept what thousands of speaking and nonspeaking autistic people say about what what works best for them.
Based on what they are modeling for parents and for society as a whole, how on earth do they expect to succeed in reaching their magnanimous lofty goal?

Here's the challenge, O Magnanimous Autism Experts! This is for you!
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The core element needed for anyone to adopt ABA for use on vulnerable autistic people is #ableism. The cult of ABA believes that ABA helps autistic children. To provide this 'help', it is important to strip the subject of their agency and to get them into self-preservation mode.
While most ABA practitioners no longer use slaps and electric shocks, all ABA regards the work of Rekers & Lovaas as part of the evidence base in support of ABA. Rekers went on to use behaviour modification against gay and trans people, while Lovaas continued with autistics.
Today there is an international movement to #BanConversionTherapy and #BanABA.
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[THREAD] #AskingAutistics and allies, especially people in Africa or of African descent throughout the world: We need your help. A bad thing has happened for #DisabilityRights in Africa: ABAI has sponsored an American, Ashley Knochel, to promote ABA in Africa by formalising it.
There has been a neocolonialist trend with aggressive ABA infiltrations from America into Ghana, Kenya and other countries for some time now, including a CARD-associated organisation in South Africa; but this latest move is worse.
This American person has established a Pan-African Association of Behaviour Association along with Kenyans, and they are launching this Saturday.
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Referring to :…


I Cite examples of actions and basis of actions you have taken in recent history.

You have acknowledged & stated Ontario recognizes its obligations in regards to the #CRPD (1/?)
On June 11, 2021 the Minister acting as head of #ODSP, Todd Smith acknowledges what their publicly released stats have stated, that the majority of those on ODSP cannot work. (hence, the entire point of the program)
May 22nd 2021 Premier Ford (via a press conference)
"its very tough for people on ODSP" "we're gonna help them anyway we can" 3/
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In this thread, I am going to provide definitions for some of the key concepts which often feature in discussions, training, arguments and even academic papers about autism.
Defining them and agreeing about the definitions can help us reduce our arguments and gain consensus more quickly -- or at the very least, it can help to ensure that we're at least arguing about the same thing, even if we don't agree about how to approach it.
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I have repeatedly stated that while I support the #StopSpectrum10K campaign, I am in favour of genetic and biological research. There are numerous autistic activists with chronic illness who feel the same. Some even attend biology research conferences.
We know that the @spectrum_10K do not support the social model of disability. That is not news.
It came as something of a surprise that the @spectrum_10K leaders deliberately appointed the type of people they knew would destroy the hope, relatability, community-building and support offered by people like Pete.
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Pete was a great community connecter, a good explainer and a humble learner. He was helping people who don't usually #ListenToNonspeakers realise that nonspeakers deserve our advocacy and amplification. I am angry with the leaders of @spectrum_10K who are to blame for him going.
Maybe you will say that the leaders of @Spectrum_10K are INDIRECTLY to blame. I disagree. This is squarely their fault. They enabled this, they continue to support this. They deliberately keep their ambassadors out there to say their quiet part out loud.
An organisation which finds that its representatives are not representing them well, can reel them in or dismiss them.

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The online review of #France by the UN Disability Committee starts today at 12.30 pm CET. You can watch the dialogue live in English, French and International Sign. #CRPD25 #CRPDNow

We will be live-tweeting.

👉 Review of France by the UN ...
L'évaluation de la France par le Comité ONU sur le handicap commence aujourd'hui, en ligne, à 12h30. Vous pouvez suivre la session en anglais, français et langue des signes internationale. #CDPH25

Nous allons twitter en direct (en anglais).

Review of France starts now with an introduction by French delegation and presentation of the French report by the Secretary of State in charge of People with Disabilities @s_cluzel. Today the Committee will ask questions on articles 1 to 10 of the UN Convention. #CRPD25
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"Conversion therapies are pseudoscientific practices of trying to change an individual’s behaviour to conform to the social expectations of a particular culture using psychological and physical interventions."
"Various jurisdictions around the world have passed laws against LGTBQIA+ conversion therapy."
"However, the same underlying techniques of coercion continue to be applied to young autistic children and other vulnerable people, as can be seen in [the School of Psychology, University of Auckland] description of the scope of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)..."
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