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Joe Rogan

Symbolism will be their downfall.

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My mother stumbled upon some news clippings saved by my Grandmother two nights ago.
+++Nothing can stop #God +++ Keep Praying❤️🤍💙
For God and Country o7🇺🇸
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I, (name), give myself

to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and I consecrate to Him
my person and my life,

#SacredHeartOfJESUS #SacredHeart #Jesus #JesusChrist #religion #faith #Christianity Image
2. my actions, pains, and sufferings,
so that henceforth I shall be unwilling
to make use of any part of my being
except for the honour, love, and glory
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

#JesusChrist #Jesus #JesusIsKing
3. My unchanging purpose is to be all His
and to do all things for the love of Him
while renouncing with all my heart
whatever is displeasing to Him.

#Jesus #JesusChrist
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My family had the opportunity to attend a @KanyeWest Sunday Service this morning in Pigeon Forge, TN – a far cry from Hollywood – and I thought I’d describe the hard-to-describe experience. /1
The service was a part of a Christian high school/college conference called @StrengthtoStand – 12,000 people attended the early service. Most of these attendees were rule-abiding and Bible-carrying which allowed us to jockey past them to the first few rows. /2
The songs were a combination of old (revamped to reflect this new spiritual/artistic direction) and new. Also included: How Great Thou Art and Jesus Loves Me. Most poignant to me was how they incorporated the old spiritual ‘I Want Jesus to Walk with Me’ with ‘Jesus Walks.’ /3
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Quick year-end thread. I wrote 13 pieces in 2019. Most were about things I liked, which I’m glad about (so much negativity already). Most were for @NBCNewsTHINK - a great, diverse site I was proud to be a small part of. Special thanks to @MBennettSmith, a fantastic editor…
@NBCNewsTHINK @MBennettSmith 1. @AOC is a millennial role model when she’s away from the keyboard - in a culture where status is increasingly defined by likes and followers, she proves doing the work is real power. Now, if she just focuses on walking the walk > tweeting the talk...…
@NBCNewsTHINK @MBennettSmith @AOC 2. @BernieSanders breaking with the other Democratic candidates and agreeing to a Fox News town hall was a win-win, and proved out the value of intellectual discomfort. I’d argue his out of the box media choices is keeping him in this race:…
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How we wrongly interpret the scriptures! We interpret based on letters without the spirit. Its why many are caught off guard and lose relevance. Religion has a way of making it about do's and don'ts. Always intellectualising spiritual things. They have formulas and what not.
Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
Matthew 22:29 KJV…
God is a spirit and seeks spiritual children who walk in Truth. Right under their nose the antichrist spirit is having its way with them, their children and posterity. Slaves they are and will continue to be! Their systems of pseudo- science and religious systems built to trap
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For those of you who still haven’t gotten around to it - you should listen to Kanye West’s new album. Not simply for listening pleasure or to find a new song to jam to in the car, but to witness the transformation. This is the kind of change that validates the gospel of Jesus.
Ye built his career on rapping about the objectification of women, violence, extreme narcissism, etc. He went from proclaiming that he’s a god and an album title to back it up (Yeezus) to proclaiming about him being a servant of God and an album title to back it up (Jesus is
King). From the looks of it, Kanye’s life has changed - a complete 180. That’s the heart change that the gospel brings. How does that change come about? One realizes that they’re disconnected from God - a sinner (Romans 3:23). Our offenses against God (sin) have consequences just
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Few thoughts on @kanyewest and #JesusIsKing:

1. Christians should celebrate that people are hearing about Jesus. Whatever Kanye’s motives, we can be like Paul who says, what does it matter as long as Christ is preached? (Phil. 1:18) Some people need to stop trippin.
2. Kanye is doing more evangelism than most evangelicals seem to be doing. He’s simply putting his gifts to work in that worship and it happens that he is reaching a lot of people in the process.
3. Kanye is reaching people most evangelicals aren’t likely able to reach through our status quo modus operandi. People who probably haven’t stepped foot in a church are blasting Jesus in their @beatsbydre headphones.
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#JesusIsKing by #KanyeWest initial thoughts: 1. Every Hour - gospel choir bops, 2. Selah - words of truth, favorite lyric "the strong start on Sunday", Matthew 6:33-34 seek God first, 3. Follow God - do it! heavenly Father > earthly father,
4. Closed on Sunday - more than just an ode to Chick Fil A & lemonade, this is how he wants to live every day, 5. On God - insight into old Kanye, Jeremiah 29:11, Ye didn't die because God has plans for him, and all things work for good Romans 8:28,
6. Everything We Need - my favorite track, favorite lyric "Baby let's put this back on the tree cause we have everything we need." A godly man leads his fam, and it's about contentment, 7. Water - a prayerful cry out to God, favorite lyrics "clean the music", He did. Matt. 12:34,
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**Thread Incoming** Listened to #JesusIsKing by @kanyewest a few times. 10 quick thoughts: 1. I LOVE that the album is called “Jesus is King”. No better title for an album. God decided to flex His Son’s glory at the top of the charts and trending- for all to see.
2. Like many, I’ve watched Kanye closely and been praying for him. Based on what I’ve seen, it appears that Kanye is a new believer. Praise God! #JesusisKing has the aroma of someone who’s had an encounter with the Lord and wants everyone to know it.
3. Much could be said about the artistry on #JesusIsKing. The soulfulness, how he pulls from traditional gospel in fresh ways, the catchy melodies, the passion, etc.- All that is dope. But what I love is that His aim is so clear. To give praise to the God who saved His soul.
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You mean Jesus is Queen.

Responses to this are gonna be super nuanced and respectful. 😂
I mean... the evidence speaks for itself. I don't make the rules.
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