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Feel Good Friday! 😃Here's some #GoodNews stories to encourage you -- not all news is negative. 💙
Asbury University Revival Makes History: ‘God Is Moving’ #AsburyRevival #AsburyRevival2023 #Revival #GenZ…
Joshua Bassett baptized at Bethel Church, shares what Jesus delivered him from #JesusSaves #Baptism…
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Satanists are becoming more emboldened with targeting people with Curses, Energetically and with Demons over the last decade.
Hollywood and Singers and Musicians can be thanked for promoting Satan.
Also with the uprise of different satanic churches in the last decade
has also added to their emboldment to Target people with Satanic Ritual Abuse.
There are Hindu Secs that also get involved with other satanists targeting people with Satanic Ritual Abuse.
There are many Hindus that will do anything for money.
Katy Perry is around and involved with many Hindus. She also practices their beliefs.
It's suspected that she had something to do with the death of Sister Catherine Rose Holzman. I suspect the same!
Because I know what Katy Perry is capable of especially with her Hindu buddies.
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The story of Gomer in the book of Hosea is a testament that God gives second chances but when we've had a colourful past, it takes a lot for us to leave it.

It must have been hard for Hosea to accept a woman who was once a prostitute but he did because God instructed it.
Gomer would leave Hosea and go back to her past but Everytime she comes back, the Lord would have him take her back.

This act was symbolic of how God takes the children of Israel after they have gone back to their gallivanting with other idols.
They see that the pull to do as they please is always shortlived. This is what many of us go through when our past calls.

It calls because there's a whisper that you're missing out of something but I've seen that it's really dust and chaff.
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@elonmusk – Praying for your eternal salvation in JESUS, John 3:16:
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Have never regretted giving my life to Jesus Christ. Every day I discover new & exciting things about knowing HIM and the unravelled mysteries of HIS WORDS enriches my life more than I can fathom.

Give Jesus a try and you'll NEVER regret it.
What names of God do you know? I will try to list some of the names and nature of God recorded in the Bible. I encourage you to list the names of God and their meanings you know be it in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Pidgin English or your dialect.

Let's go!

1. Jehovah: I AM that I AM.
Exodus 3:3-15

2. Elohim: God.
Genesis 1:1

3. Adonai: LORD or Master.
Genesis 15:1-3

4. El-Elyon: The most high God.
Genesis 14:18-20

5. El-Shaddai: The Almighty God.
Genesis 17:1-4

6. El-Olam: The Everlasting God.
Genesis 21:33

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Special Analysis
"Some 80 percent of #evangelicals voted for #Trump – either to save #America or to usher in the second coming of Christ."
by @HomePalestine… #elections #JesusSaves #DonaldTrump #israel #Zionism #tuesdayvibes #tuesdaymood
A study conducted by #MintPress’ Alan Macleod revealed that both #MSNBC and #FoxNews intentionally slanted their coverage to highlight #Epstein’s links to either #BillClinton or #DonaldTrump.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #JeffreyEpstein
Special Analysis
"[#Israel] has no place for negotiations or compromise [and] wants only to tell the world that it is wrong and that #Israelis don’t care what others think…”
by @HomePalestine…
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Without the Word-Made-Flesh, Jesus, human life on earth was doomed to the ever-recurring cycles of human history, to repetitive beginnings, flowerings and decay of human civilisations and cultures.

But with Jesus human life could be raised above these
#Christian #Jesus #Christ Image
2. earth-bound cycles to the eternal Now of God.

God Himself had descended into the world of man, became a man to raise men to God.

Without Jesus all men had been doomed after this present life to the eternal boredom, frustration and pain which is hell.

#JesusSaves #God
3. Through Jesus it became possible for all men to rise to the perfect satisfaction of all human desires which is life with God in heaven. (Martin J. Healy STD) #heaven #peace #JesusChrist #history
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I, (name), give myself

to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and I consecrate to Him
my person and my life,

#SacredHeartOfJESUS #SacredHeart #Jesus #JesusChrist #religion #faith #Christianity Image
2. my actions, pains, and sufferings,
so that henceforth I shall be unwilling
to make use of any part of my being
except for the honour, love, and glory
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

#JesusChrist #Jesus #JesusIsKing
3. My unchanging purpose is to be all His
and to do all things for the love of Him
while renouncing with all my heart
whatever is displeasing to Him.

#Jesus #JesusChrist
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