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138.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-eight, March 4-10, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 137 below.
138.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight is another one of my favorites, the underrated "A-Team (2010)"…
138.03/ [I forgot to link to my essay - appropriate for Shabbat #Zachor]

Moral Echoes of a Doomed King: the Fallen Reign of King Shaul (Alei Etzion 4, 1996, pp 83-101)…
Orig:… from…
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83.01/ Week eighty-three, February 12-18, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 82 below.
83.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight, Police Squad! In color! @policeincolor

Specifically, 3 of the 6 episodes, my favorites:………
[Video below is part of the show intro, that of Alan North]
83.03/ For #PurimKatan I've introduced a new custom: I give out mini ("fun size") candy bars for half-mishloach manot. This year I tested it out with my kids and wouldn't you know it, they approved. Next year, the world!
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Es uno de los superhéroes más populares y queridos. ¿Puede ser que esté íntimamente relacionado con el judaísmo? ¿Y si está asociado a un pasaje extremadamente curioso y poco conocido de la Torá? Conozcamos esta historia. Sale #hilo.
El enmascarado vió la luz el 30 de marzo de 1939 y, como la gran mayoría de los héroes de ficción, surgió de la creatividad de artistas judíos. Para el caso se trató de Bob Kane (originalmente Robert Kahn) y Milton "Bill" Finger.
A diferencia de #Superman que es es un ser supernatural con superpoderes (como la gran mayoría de superhéroes), #Batman es un ser humano sin ningun poder especial. Un hombre de carne y hueso que utiliza su fuerza e inteligencia para defender a los inocentes.
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1/ #ReshetKeshet. For #KiTisa, I taught my explanation for why they chose a calf as the object of worship. My exegetical method (parshanut) is peshat focused. I define peshat as an attempt for a necessary interpretation of the text (as opposed to 'drash' which is a possible one)
2/ Why a young, male cow? There could be a lost external significance to that animal, e.g. the Egyptians worshipped cows. We're told that this was the reason for a lamb for the Pesach offering, except: it can also be a goat. And nowhere is cow worship mentioned in Tanakh.
3/ It's tendentious b/c it requires an "okimta" i.e. outside data not found in the text. That takes it outside peshat.

Note, Ramban suggests the Pesach is a lamb b/c the month of Nisan is Aries in the Zodiac. This is more of an internal proof (Pesach needs to be in the Spring).
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34.01/ Week thirty-four, March 6-12, 2021, begins here. Last week's thread linked below
34.02/ This just happened:

11yo "What is the word again for throwing things out a window?"
My wife: "Defenestration"
Me: "Yeet"
34.03a/ We've been having Family Movie Night (tm) for these early Sat. nights with me as MC (I've been a movie maven since a wee lad). We went through a three week Bill Murray period (Osmosis Jones, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters) & last night may start a three wk Danny Kaye series
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33.01/ Week thirty-three, Feb. 27-March 5 2021, begins here.

Week thirty-two linked below
33.02/ #ReshetKeshet for #Tetzaveh: a good resource for understanding the laws of the priestly clothing (bigdei kahuna) is the Rambam. See Hilchot Klei Hamikdash, esp. chapters 8-10, in Rabbi Eliyahu Touger's exemplary translation below:…
33.03/ I missed the entire discourse about the horrible National Anthem at CPORK? CPAWK? (whatever) but whoa just heard it. My wife just showed me this great attempt by pianist Brandon Ethridge (@brandonethridge) to accompany the roiling swamp of this song
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