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Estamos aún en la fiesta de #pesaj pero los días ya no son festivos. ¿De que se trata entonces #Jolhamoed?

Hilo va.
En el calendario judío, los días de pueden clasificar según el grado de santidad (definir este concepto queda para otro hilo).
Si de ustedes dependiera, ¿cual dirían que es el día más santo del año?
La base de la escala son los días "comunes", llamados jol que literalmente se puede traducir como profanos o carentes de santidad.
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And now, we present the #WholeMegillah... @JewishTweets style!
Book of Esther, Chapter 1: Achashverosh hosts massive party. EVERYONE is invited. #WholeMegillah #Purim
Queen Vashti denies the king. Oooo she's in trouble. A new queen is sought. #WholeMegillah #Purim
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Chapter 1:
In #Persia, in days long ago
The king tossed 'em back like a pro.
But he wasn't amused
when Queen #Vashti refused,
so he opted to change status quo.

Chapter 2:
#Achashveirosh's anger was shed
and he thought, "It's about time I be wed."
Then just as was planned,
he took #Esther's hand --
though her or'gins she kept in her head.

Chapter 3 (part 1):
The royal advisers just stared
when #Mordechai wasn't prepared
to bow to a man
whose Amalekite clan
had too often in mem'ry been spared.
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#Purim tomorrow around the world. (Friday in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Lod, Mosul?, Damascus?) 🤡🥳😊
How it was celebrated 160 y.a. in New York
#Purim tomorrow. How it was celebrated in Tel Aviv 85 years ago. 😊🥳🤡😍
Yemenite Jewish girl crowned as "Queen Esther."
#Purim tomorrow. How it was NOT celebrated by the American Colony. But its Drama Club and Book Club got into the spirit some 120 - 90 y.a.
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#Purim Thread: Esther, or Hadassah, her Babylonian-Hebrew name, had a tough decision to make: enjoy the riches of the palace, or take action, jeopardizing everything she had.
American Jewry finds themselves in the same predicament as Esther.
At the beginning of the Purim story, Esther was just another Persian woman. When she arrived in the palace she was never treated as royalty, was always looked down upon, and had no real power. Esther did not have any power until the day that Ahasuerus decided to make her a queen
Esther could have just enjoyed this power and never look back at the Jewish people, but she didn’t. Instead, she was willing to give up her new status and riches for her people.
“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place
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#Purim #פורים What is so significant in the change of empires that we define גלות פרס ומדי as distinct from גלות בבל? (Cf. גלות פרס *ומדי* and the many empires which have flipped during גלות אדום.)
My rabbi has hypothesized a sexual revolution of Achashwerosh and Vashti (that's based on מגילה יב, א But this doesn't seem to get much attention in the Megilah itself or elsewhere in chazal unless it's central to the Megilah's opening. 2/
We do see a shift to a populist, multicultural empire & there's much to be said about "leveling" in that sort of regime & #Amalek & all that that may be part & parcel of the Achashwerosh-Vashti sexual revolution. 3/
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