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1/ Welcome to the Cypess Weekly Thread Index Thread.

I implemented the long thread concept in July 2020 in order to have an easy system to access my weekly writing.

Week 1, July 18-24 2020, 10 posts:…

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There’s actually a fascinatingly eerie, deep connection between CPAC’s #GoldenCalf & today’s holiday of #Purim.

<Short thread>
The Purim story is driven by an act of resistance: Mordecai’s refusal to bow to the authoritarian vizier Haman.

This simple defiance infuriates Haman, leading to the genocidal decree. ImageImage
But it’s unclear why Mordecai refused to bow to Haman as this would seemingly have been standard protocol given Haman’s status. Two complementary explanations are:
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32.01/ Week thirty-two (Feb. 20-26) thread begins here. Week 31 - which was broken into three pieces like Gaul - is linked below:

32.02/ Well put. The key difference is whether they can treat people, any person, as having equal humanity no matter their abilities/background and not as a collection of specific identities.
32.03/ The GOP & 'conservatives' seem to lack empathy & an ability to imagine others having a different mindset from their own. They don't care about right vs wrong, only Us v. Them, so they assume we're the same. Their mentality is insulting but revealing
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1/ A thread of comments & observations about the death of the cackling vampire Rush Limbaugh.

My first observations in the main thread are here, but this offshoot is needed because there's been so many wise & witty things I've seen
2/ First, re: those who in their wayward moral obtuseness feel we "can't speak ill of the dead." I've said that this is what abuse enablers say, but I hear that some religious traditions preach this. Oy.
So there's this: & receipts:
3/ Drucker is another great wit, and this carries the proper mood
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Es sabido que purim es: salvación, alegría, disfraces y fraternidad. Lo que no es tan conocido es que existen decenas de purim distintos y uno de ellos se destaca por su infrecuencia: pueden pasar 20 años entre una oportunidad y la siguiente. Veamos de que se trata. Sale #hilo.
En tiempos del Imperio Persa, el rey Ajashverosh, incitado por su malvado ministro Hamán, decretó el exterminio de todos sus súbditos judíos. Tomando en cuenta que sus dominios se extendían por casi todo el mundo conocido, dicha ordenanza implicaba la aniquilación de Israel.
La tácita intervención Divina, con la reina judía Ester y su tío Mordejai a la cabeza, logró que se de vuelta la historia y los judíos se salven venciendo a sus enemigos el día 14 del mes de adar. Es en este día que festejamos el milagro ocurrido celebrando #purim (el original).
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31.52b/ This is a continuation of the week 31 (Feb. 13-19) thread which is getting too big for stable threading. This is an experiment for this week: to split a thread when it gets to 50 or so.

Part one is here:
31.53/ I've been thinking the same thing (not so well put, of course). How did Skype become the fax machine of this tech crisis?
31.54/ This is good to see! I'm glad the effects are empirically demonstrated.

It's nice when virtue is demonstrably effective. Social science for the win!
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1/ I love #Thanksgiving but #Purim is pretty awesome too & the pandemic hit my town right on that holiday. We were supposed to go to someone's house for seudah & of course traipse all over town delivering mishloach manot. We didn't b/c, thank God, I understood disease
2/ Unbeknownst to us, my whole family were COVID19 positive on Purim. If we had gone to the seudah, if we had given out shlach-manot, we would have been passing disease to dozens of people. I was already using sanitizer heavily but nobody wore masks in March.
3/ I told my family (and anyone who would listen to me) that we had to not only assume that every person was infected but that WE were infected & contagious. Sadly, I was right.

As people have been saying, we needed to follow zombie apoc. rules.

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1/ #blockchain in the Book of Esther for #Purim 2020
"for the writing which is written in the king's name, and sealed with the king's ring, may no man reverse."
Immutability of a signed transaction on the chain.
CC: @thebitcoinrabbi
2/ ..If Tx is still pending, it can be replaced!
"Now you may write in the king’s name as you please regarding the Jews, and seal it with the royal signet ring."
3/ Ring signatures are cool, but still:
Not your ring, not your laws!
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In honor of #Purim, here's my thread of 2 yrs ago where I explain why I say <ym'sh> after Trump's name that doubles as a class about the book of #Esther
Actually I see that the thread is old and there's a broken link somewhere, so I will reprint it in tweets below. Again, this is from June 20, 2018:
1/ Thread: Thoughts abt. the #TrumpCrisis, 18 months of living in a proto-dystopia that followed the 2016 campaign:

When this started I tried to limit how often I used Trump's name; he loves his name sooo much (see: everything he owns) that I felt saying it was giving him a gift
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my holiday message for purim is may all would-be genocidaires meet the same end as he did: strung up in the public square. fuck nazis forever and across time. may you watch your legacy die in front of you. and may the communities you target defend themselves. #purim #antifascism
the moral of #purim is: fuck around and find out. the moral of #purim is self defense against state violence and genocide. it's a pretty radically antifascist holiday.
and to underscore the point here's the polish-jewish artist arthur szyk's rendering of the hanging of haman. we boo and jeer haman's name not because he is uniquely evil, but because his emissaries recur in every generation. and we will never stop fighting back. #Purim2020
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Tonight #Jews celebrate the jolly holiday of #Purim. Customs include dressing up in costumes, reading the book of Esther, eating traditional foods like Hamantashen and in general - partying and having a good time.
But where did it all come from?

Here’s the story of PURIM 1/9 >> Image
#Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian empire from a plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the #Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day,” as told in the book of Esther 2/9 >> Image
The First Persian Empire existed between 559 BC and 330 BC. It was king Xerxes who ruled the empire for 20 years, between 485 and 465 BC 3/9 >> Image
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Breaking: Iranian authorities are threatening to destroy the historic tomb of Ester and Mordechai in Hamedan and convert the site to a consular office for Palestine. @AAzoulay @USCIRF @UNESCO
Ester and Mordechai were biblical Jewish heroes who saved their people from a massacre in a story known as #Purim. Their burial site has been a significant Jewish landmark for Jews and history buffs around the world.
According to covering reports, members of Iranian #Basij attempted to raid the historic site yesterday in an act of revenge against the Israelis Palestinian peace plan by President Trump. #dealofcentury. #EsterandMordechai
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Estamos aún en la fiesta de #pesaj pero los días ya no son festivos. ¿De que se trata entonces #Jolhamoed?

Hilo va.
En el calendario judío, los días de pueden clasificar según el grado de santidad (definir este concepto queda para otro hilo).
Si de ustedes dependiera, ¿cual dirían que es el día más santo del año?
La base de la escala son los días "comunes", llamados jol que literalmente se puede traducir como profanos o carentes de santidad.
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And now, we present the #WholeMegillah... @JewishTweets style!
Book of Esther, Chapter 1: Achashverosh hosts massive party. EVERYONE is invited. #WholeMegillah #Purim
Queen Vashti denies the king. Oooo she's in trouble. A new queen is sought. #WholeMegillah #Purim
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On #Purim, as with every day, we must always ask ourselves, what does #God want of me in this place, at this time? Because there is always something God wants of us, and we don’t have to be anyone special to have a sacred task.
We can just be a #Jewish woman called #Esther, or a Jewish man called #Mordechai, and yet, somehow or another, our acts might have consequences that we cannot even begin to imagine.
Even though you may feel sometimes that this is a world or age in which there is 'hester panim', where you look for God and you can’t find Him, He is still saying to us "U’mi yodeia im l’et kazot higa’at lamalchut?", “Was it not for this moment that I placed you here on Earth?”
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Chapter 1:
In #Persia, in days long ago
The king tossed 'em back like a pro.
But he wasn't amused
when Queen #Vashti refused,
so he opted to change status quo.

Chapter 2:
#Achashveirosh's anger was shed
and he thought, "It's about time I be wed."
Then just as was planned,
he took #Esther's hand --
though her or'gins she kept in her head.

Chapter 3 (part 1):
The royal advisers just stared
when #Mordechai wasn't prepared
to bow to a man
whose Amalekite clan
had too often in mem'ry been spared.
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#Purim tomorrow around the world. (Friday in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Lod, Mosul?, Damascus?) 🤡🥳😊
How it was celebrated 160 y.a. in New York
#Purim tomorrow. How it was celebrated in Tel Aviv 85 years ago. 😊🥳🤡😍
Yemenite Jewish girl crowned as "Queen Esther."
#Purim tomorrow. How it was NOT celebrated by the American Colony. But its Drama Club and Book Club got into the spirit some 120 - 90 y.a.
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#Purim Thread: Esther, or Hadassah, her Babylonian-Hebrew name, had a tough decision to make: enjoy the riches of the palace, or take action, jeopardizing everything she had.
American Jewry finds themselves in the same predicament as Esther.
At the beginning of the Purim story, Esther was just another Persian woman. When she arrived in the palace she was never treated as royalty, was always looked down upon, and had no real power. Esther did not have any power until the day that Ahasuerus decided to make her a queen
Esther could have just enjoyed this power and never look back at the Jewish people, but she didn’t. Instead, she was willing to give up her new status and riches for her people.
“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place
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#Purim #פורים What is so significant in the change of empires that we define גלות פרס ומדי as distinct from גלות בבל? (Cf. גלות פרס *ומדי* and the many empires which have flipped during גלות אדום.)
My rabbi has hypothesized a sexual revolution of Achashwerosh and Vashti (that's based on מגילה יב, א But this doesn't seem to get much attention in the Megilah itself or elsewhere in chazal unless it's central to the Megilah's opening. 2/
We do see a shift to a populist, multicultural empire & there's much to be said about "leveling" in that sort of regime & #Amalek & all that that may be part & parcel of the Achashwerosh-Vashti sexual revolution. 3/
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Tonight and tomorrow is the Jewish festival of #Purim which marks the first attempt in history to destroy the Jewish people. One might think it should be a day of mourning, but the Jewish response to trauma is counterintuitive and extraordinary.
You defeat fear by joy. You conquer terror by collective celebration. You prepare a festive meal, invite guests, give gifts to friends.
While the megilla is being read and the story is being told, you make a rumbustious noise as if not only to blot out the memory of Amalek, but to make a joke out of the whole episode. You wear masks. You drink a little too much.
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