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Side note - I want to say don't let this discourage you from hosting @WePublicHealth. Here are my tips:

1. Try & find people to tweet with u during the week. When I've hosted with even one person its made a huge difference, particularly when you've run out of ideas (or get sick)
2. Plan out the content in draft form for the week. Even if this is on a scrap of paper. You might have guessed from my tweeting this week that I had planned Mon, Tues & Thurs. I had guessed it would be easy to tweet about #IWD on Weds but I didn't plan my final 3 days.
3. Starting your tweet Acknowledging the Country on is normal practice for @Croakey but also an important choice to make when you host. Try to include photographs. As you can see thats easy for me to do but if you don't take a million pictures like me just get 7 in preparation.
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Stonewall got 140 likes out of 17.8k views of their video saying "lesbian" is an umbrella term that includes men who identify as women or non-binary
It's not like there aren't women on Twitter wanting to amplify #IWD messages if they are authentic and important. @UNSRVAW got 828 likes
And @jk_rowling got 15.5k likes for her message standing up for women's rights
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Women’s empowerment is a fundamental part of the global fight for democracy. ✊

But women’s rights remain under attack by autocrats keen to repress women on the frontlines of freedom. On this #IWD, we invite you to check out the below @ThinkDemocracy products to learn more:
Writing for @JoDemocracy, @zetterberg_par and @elinbja explain how and why authoritarian governments use “genderwashing,” the adoption of gender-equality reforms to obscure human rights abuses. (2/5)…
How has the #pandemic affected women? @ThinkDemocracy’s Ariane Gottlieb considers the global impact of COVID-19 on women, including increases in barriers to political participation and domestic violence and a disproportional effect on female workers. (3/5)…
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It's International Women's Day and naturally, my inbox was flooded with coupons and sales "celebrating women". So, here's an article on what not to do as a marketer on women's day.
#IWD is a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women. But, without a doubt, it has morphed into something overly commercial. This is in no way saying that paying attention to women's issues and topics is not important.
But when you do that with a pizza coupon once a year, it makes it a cheap and empty gesture. The stark gap between the ideal and the reality of gender equality is never more apparent than on #IWD.
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The infamous Denton's report which it was hoped would become "a powerful tool for activists" appears to have been followed once again in focusing on the "woman-in-the-home" clause - whilst casually slipping in an innocent looking but more contentious aim.…
The much maligned 1937 "women-in-the-home" clause includes a guarantee to women. The late Mr Justice Brian Walsh was surprised that it had never been tested.

Did @NWCI ever advocate for it be used to support women?

26/2/93: "Article of family faith ripe for test in courts"
So now with eyes focussed on this "sexist" language - but entirely of its time - the public may not notice what else is going on, as the Denton's handbook recommends:…
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Activists planned rallies and marches to celebrate International Women's Day while governments in several countries promised action to help improve the lot of half the world's population 1/6 Image
🇨🇦 Canada repealed historic indecency and anti-abortion laws.

🇮🇪 Ireland announced a referendum in November to remove outmoded references to women in the constitution.

🪧 Marches and events were planned in cities including Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Istanbul and Singapore 2/6 Image
🇮🇹 Giorgia Meloni, Italy's first woman prime minister, focused on the role of women in the economy saying state-controlled companies should have at least one female leader 3/6 Image
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On this day in 1917, working-class women in Petrograd launched a riot that began the Russian Revolution. The day has been celebrated as #InternationalWomensDay ever since. Wishing all of our comrades a joyful and successful #IWD2023! ✊🚩🌹 Image
1/7 On this day on 8 March 1917, soldiers’ wives and other working-class women in Petrograd, Russia launched militant protests against their country's participation in World War I and the devastating effects it had on living conditions.
2/7 The riots kicked off what would go down in history as the February Revolution, the first phase of the revolutionary process that led to the establishment of the Soviet Union. It would also firmly establish 8 March as #IWD, an international feminist holiday.
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🔊Today, for the first time, on #InternationalWomensDay2023, we're sharing more about the 7 incredible Composeher works that will be premiered on 27th May at City Halls, Glasgow.


#IWD #EmbraceEquity
The @GSAChoir commissioned 7 female composers to create new works of around 10 minutes in length to seek to address, in our own way, the huge gender inequalities in the granting of music commissions.

Today, on #IWD, we have released programme notes to accompany the new works.
'Angel of the Battlefield', composed by Cecilia McDowall, lyrics by Clara Barton and Seán Street, is inspired by the outstanding work of the pioneering American nurse and founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton.

Read more:
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Reminder - before I get cranky tomorrow - International Women's Day is a UN initiative and this year theme is:

"Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future".

The site that comes up & often quoted by corporates is NOT who you should heed.
If you see International Women's Day #IWD2023 stuff and it is using a hashtag about "embracing equality" it is from the spiv corporate hijack site, not the official UN site, please don't reward them ☹️

And... we wake up to people yet again using the Corporate spiv site that Google ranks higher than the UN site for #IWD2023 🙁

This from 2020 explains the Corporate spiv site - again I beg you, don't reward it 🙏…
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"The next general election, expected to be held in two years’ time, will see the gender quota for female candidates increased to 40 per cent, with political parties facing a 50 per cent cut to their state funding if they fail to meet the quota."…
So why is the Women's Caucus and Women for Election hearing from a representative of TENI at tomorrow's function in the Dáil Chamber for International Women's Day? (The Dáil isn't sitting tomorrow).

@women4election ImageImage
Especially from a member of TENI who has said Image
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I am beyond pissed-off.
It's #InternationalWomensDay next week & my TL is full of stupid people & businesses/oganisations whining that men should be included.

No. Fuck off.

IMD was in November.
And even fucking worse, they want to exclude me, & every single woman I know.

They only want to include men who pretend to be women & women who are so desperate for male approval that they define themselves by regressive & repressive stereotypes.
Men who pretend to be women will NEVER be a subset of women.

It's a ridiculous notion & if you pretend that they can, then you're letting your ancestors & future generations of girls & women down.
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138.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-eight, March 4-10, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 137 below.
138.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight is another one of my favorites, the underrated "A-Team (2010)"…
138.03/ [I forgot to link to my essay - appropriate for Shabbat #Zachor]

Moral Echoes of a Doomed King: the Fallen Reign of King Shaul (Alei Etzion 4, 1996, pp 83-101)…
Orig:… from…
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Now that March has arrived, it's time for annual #IWD rant thread...

Here's to everyone who will get up early on March 8th, not to go to a breakfast that costs more than their weekly grocery shop, but just to do the same shit they do every damn day
And to those who do the heavy lifting to ensure that those overpriced #IWD breakfasts go ahead - the cooks, servers & cleaners - who could never afford to attend but will never be recognised for their work beyond a minimum wage pay packet that doesn't cover their expenses
Here's to those who couldn't ever make one of those #IWD breakfasts, especially the single parents, that start before the sun rises because they don't ever provide childcare services, despite claiming to be for equality
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I was @Kings_College in the late 80s, and there was an active women's group. One of the events we held was to celebrate 15 years of women having been admitted (in 1972). FIFTEEN YEARS. Five years after I was born. It felt as though barriers had fallen for ever. So...
@Kings_College ...imagine my surprise and dismay to receive an invitation to this year's women's dinner, to celebrate International Women's Day, 'open to all self-defining women and non-binary King's Members', pre-dinner entertainment provided by the Women and Gender Minorities Choir.
@Kings_College So, it's no longer a women's dinner. @Kings_College was founded in 1441. Some 530 years later, women were admitted, and allowed to organize on their own account. That was permitted to continue for about 45 years, and has now come to an end.
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Inspired by the #FarewellMarks trending today, I thought I would write a thread about everything that we boycott in our household. Usually it's because of gender ideology and woman hatred. But a few special mentions for other reason, including 'bad dad' ads and the like. 🧵
@marksandspencer is part of my Terf origin story. I was browsing the website looking for some new knickers. Started reading reviews; they were like soft core porn, obvs written by men. And 'upvoted' by other men. I wrote to M&S, found someone on their web team. 2/
Explained it was easy to spot these patterns and make the reviews disappear. They replied that all reviews were moderated by a human being and legitimate. An eye opener. The OH spotted the TIM in the local M&S. And turns out they are a bra fitter. 3/ #FarewellMarks
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How would you draw your research career? A thread 🧵 where we will mention trains, gender inequity, modeling clay, and beer (only one of them is a lie)! 0/
Two weeks ago was International Women's Rights Day #IWD. Let's go back together on an article that focuses on women's academic careers with a particularly interesting method called Draw, Write, and Reflect (DWR) 1/
As a starting point, let’s consider what has been clearly established: female academics experience significant career trajectories. Continuing Bedeian’s (1996) train metaphor, women travel slower than men and sometimes do not reach their destination. 2/
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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"I saw this course advertised on my friend's WhatsApp story. And I thought it would enable me to work with my husband in our garage." Rutuja, a student from our two-wheeler automotive program, shared her story. Theirs is the only garage in Kogil, #Kolhapur. #Breakthebias #IWD2022
Rutuja is happy to learn about vehicles and their parts from this course. In the beginning, she attended online lectures introducing her to the field and followed it by practical training at her garage. "I always wanted to work after my studies, and now is the opportunity!"
She adapted to the garage so well that her husband could open another garage in the city and spend half a day there while Rutuja attends to the customers here. "I can do a battery & horn check-up, change the break-line, and I am continuously learning new things", she says.
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Yesterday in #IWD debate @MariaMillerUK made the old claim that some funded VAWG groups say there's no problem with the application of #SexBasedRights!
C'mon Maria - we all now know that's not right.
Brave women like @K_IngalaSmith @ShonaghDillon & ..
new Single-Sex Providers Network set up by @FrontlineFemin1 are telling it like it is:
"The spokeswoman said all 14 member groups and their boards “have serious concerns about speaking publicly for fear of losing funding for their services”..
But here's what @MariaMillerUK claimed in @HouseofCommons!
"For more than 10 years under EA2010 orgs such as Women’s Aid & Refuge have been ensuring that those spaces are absolutely safe by using risk assessments on everybody who uses them, whether they are men or women...
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"I remember the first day of my job. A group of 15 people came to our restaurant. I served them & earned their appreciation. I have learned many languages too. Apart from Marathi, I know Gujarati, Hindi, English & Nepali. This is the beauty of working in this industry. #IWD2022 Image
Nandini's professional journey began from Bhavnagar in #Gujarat & after working in #Nagpur & #Rajkot, she is currently working as Food and Beverage Manager at #Ahmedabad. Originally from #Yavatmal, #Maharashtra, she oversees operations at two properties in the city. #Breakthebias
She chose Pratham's #hospitality course at Ralegaon as a career option against her parents' wishes. "My parents were not ready. But I wanted to gain experience, work in different cities and see the outside world. And I am happy where I am", she says. #InternationalWomensDay2022
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2/ Naturally, everyone on this list I think is worth reading/following. They make twitter a more educated, welcoming and/or funnier place.

I also want to ask people add pronouns to your bio, b/c I left some people off who didn’t have ‘em & that’s the LAST thing I wanna do today
3/ First, a special thanks to the mutuals who I followed because I was learning so much from and then were gracious to follow:

All very much worth reading.
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On #IWD, how do we value health for all? I'd argue that how we measure our economy & its progress indicators are crucial in achieving this.

Based on 3 guiding principles:
Value planetary health ✅
Value social foundations & equity ✅
Take human health seriously ✅
1/ #bcpoli
As proposed by the @WHO Council on the Economics of Health for all policy brief, valuing Health for All means rethinking and building a whole-of-society approach. 2/ #bcpoli #BCEconomy #GPI…
We value planetary health, by protecting the integrity of essential common goods such as water and air, and by respecting the ecological boundaries upon which human health and well-being ultimately depend. 3/ #bcpoli #BCEconomy #GPI
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On #IWD2022, we hope leaders will address how the pandemic has threatened to reverse progress in #GenderEquality by widening gender gaps that already exist in employment, education & gender-based violence, according to our new study in @TheLancet

🔗… IHME celebrates Internation...
According to our study, political and social leaders can address the gender gap by implementing programs that focus on supporting girls & women returning to school, ensuring women’s growth and empowerment in years to come #InternationalWomensDay2022
For #IWD2022, Emmanuela Gakidou, @luisaflorr, @JosephRFriedman expand on the aforementioned @TheLancet study about the #COVID19 pandemic worsening gender gaps in:

📚 education
💼 employment
‼️ gender-based violence.

Read more in @ThinkGlobalHlth ⤵️…
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Given its #IWD & I'm a mental health researcher working on Complex PTSD as well as (like many women) having my own experiences with it, I felt it was important to weigh in and talk about how the understanding of trauma and PTSD Bindel expresses has a long and sexist history 🧵 1/
Most initial research done on PTSD was on military (read male) populations, and tended to look at exposures to trauma happening over a brief time period (often even a one off event) happening somewhere far removed from the person's 'normal' life. 2/
People experiencing trauma of this kind have horrendous symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety & it has often a substantial impact on their lives, however this is not the majority experience of trauma and defo not the majority experience of traumatised women & children 3/
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