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How would you draw your research career? A thread 🧵 where we will mention trains, gender inequity, modeling clay, and beer (only one of them is a lie)! 0/
Two weeks ago was International Women's Rights Day #IWD. Let's go back together on an article that focuses on women's academic careers with a particularly interesting method called Draw, Write, and Reflect (DWR) 1/
As a starting point, let’s consider what has been clearly established: female academics experience significant career trajectories. Continuing Bedeian’s (1996) train metaphor, women travel slower than men and sometimes do not reach their destination. 2/
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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"I saw this course advertised on my friend's WhatsApp story. And I thought it would enable me to work with my husband in our garage." Rutuja, a student from our two-wheeler automotive program, shared her story. Theirs is the only garage in Kogil, #Kolhapur. #Breakthebias #IWD2022
Rutuja is happy to learn about vehicles and their parts from this course. In the beginning, she attended online lectures introducing her to the field and followed it by practical training at her garage. "I always wanted to work after my studies, and now is the opportunity!"
She adapted to the garage so well that her husband could open another garage in the city and spend half a day there while Rutuja attends to the customers here. "I can do a battery & horn check-up, change the break-line, and I am continuously learning new things", she says.
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Yesterday in #IWD debate @MariaMillerUK made the old claim that some funded VAWG groups say there's no problem with the application of #SexBasedRights!
C'mon Maria - we all now know that's not right.
Brave women like @K_IngalaSmith @ShonaghDillon & ..
new Single-Sex Providers Network set up by @FrontlineFemin1 are telling it like it is:
"The spokeswoman said all 14 member groups and their boards “have serious concerns about speaking publicly for fear of losing funding for their services”..
But here's what @MariaMillerUK claimed in @HouseofCommons!
"For more than 10 years under EA2010 orgs such as Women’s Aid & Refuge have been ensuring that those spaces are absolutely safe by using risk assessments on everybody who uses them, whether they are men or women...
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"I remember the first day of my job. A group of 15 people came to our restaurant. I served them & earned their appreciation. I have learned many languages too. Apart from Marathi, I know Gujarati, Hindi, English & Nepali. This is the beauty of working in this industry. #IWD2022 Image
Nandini's professional journey began from Bhavnagar in #Gujarat & after working in #Nagpur & #Rajkot, she is currently working as Food and Beverage Manager at #Ahmedabad. Originally from #Yavatmal, #Maharashtra, she oversees operations at two properties in the city. #Breakthebias
She chose Pratham's #hospitality course at Ralegaon as a career option against her parents' wishes. "My parents were not ready. But I wanted to gain experience, work in different cities and see the outside world. And I am happy where I am", she says. #InternationalWomensDay2022
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2/ Naturally, everyone on this list I think is worth reading/following. They make twitter a more educated, welcoming and/or funnier place.

I also want to ask people add pronouns to your bio, b/c I left some people off who didn’t have ‘em & that’s the LAST thing I wanna do today
3/ First, a special thanks to the mutuals who I followed because I was learning so much from and then were gracious to follow:

All very much worth reading.
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On #IWD, how do we value health for all? I'd argue that how we measure our economy & its progress indicators are crucial in achieving this.

Based on 3 guiding principles:
Value planetary health ✅
Value social foundations & equity ✅
Take human health seriously ✅
1/ #bcpoli
As proposed by the @WHO Council on the Economics of Health for all policy brief, valuing Health for All means rethinking and building a whole-of-society approach. 2/ #bcpoli #BCEconomy #GPI…
We value planetary health, by protecting the integrity of essential common goods such as water and air, and by respecting the ecological boundaries upon which human health and well-being ultimately depend. 3/ #bcpoli #BCEconomy #GPI
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On #IWD2022, we hope leaders will address how the pandemic has threatened to reverse progress in #GenderEquality by widening gender gaps that already exist in employment, education & gender-based violence, according to our new study in @TheLancet

🔗… IHME celebrates Internation...
According to our study, political and social leaders can address the gender gap by implementing programs that focus on supporting girls & women returning to school, ensuring women’s growth and empowerment in years to come #InternationalWomensDay2022
For #IWD2022, Emmanuela Gakidou, @luisaflorr, @JosephRFriedman expand on the aforementioned @TheLancet study about the #COVID19 pandemic worsening gender gaps in:

📚 education
💼 employment
‼️ gender-based violence.

Read more in @ThinkGlobalHlth ⤵️…
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Given its #IWD & I'm a mental health researcher working on Complex PTSD as well as (like many women) having my own experiences with it, I felt it was important to weigh in and talk about how the understanding of trauma and PTSD Bindel expresses has a long and sexist history 🧵 1/
Most initial research done on PTSD was on military (read male) populations, and tended to look at exposures to trauma happening over a brief time period (often even a one off event) happening somewhere far removed from the person's 'normal' life. 2/
People experiencing trauma of this kind have horrendous symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety & it has often a substantial impact on their lives, however this is not the majority experience of trauma and defo not the majority experience of traumatised women & children 3/
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In honour of #IWD, a fairly in-depth thread on what the core issue is with the Bill @ScotGov has introduced. Lot of folks like @MhairiHunter and @agcolehamilton are spinning this as simple admin, as Sturgeon did last night. That's a lie.

De-medicalising transgender identification cannot be understood as an isolated, technical matter. Removing the medical hurdle will be to complete a profound shift in our institutional posture towards trans issues, from a healthcare framing, onto a human rights framing.
This has far-reaching implications for gay, lesbian and gender non-compliant children, for all dysphoric patients, and for many others (eg women, children and vulnerable patients) whose safeguarding rests on the clear boundary of sex – both in law *and* in public understanding.
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in 1979, a group of Black feminists, the Combahee River Collective (CRC), organized a march in protest of missing and murdered Black women.

I spoke with Barbara Smith, co-founder of CRC, on how Black lesbian feminist socialists cultivated bridges:… #IWD Image
Barbara Smith, a Black feminist lesbian socialist, is a living elder and has contributed significantly to Black feminist thought and activism. Please consider supporting her through this retirement care fund (or share it!):…
This crisis that CRC was responding to did not end after the Roxbury murders of 1979. I'm sharing this as the number of missing Black girls continues to rise in Toronto and one month after Minnesota became the first to create a task force on missing and murdered Black women. Image
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To a World Where We Are Seen. #IWD #BreakTheBias
We believe that achieving a world that is free of bias and discrimination starts with education. We remain committed to our Girls’ Education Program and would like to thank our donors @radiocacanft @BundleAfrica for their continuous support.
On Women’s Day, the social, political & economic achievements of women are celebrated around the globe. Gender discrimination continues to threaten the lives of women and girls everywhere, so while we celebrate achievements, we must also highlight consequential failures.
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This #IWD, we’re highlighting some of the great women journalists in the ICFJ network. Independent journalist @soul_restlesss is based in Kashmir. Much of her work explores issues of gender and how it intersects with health, conflict, social justice & human rights. #BreakTheBias
Nabi has written for @guardian, @techreview, @vice, @AJEnglish & more. Her stories are built around strong female characters, but she also writes about her culture and community, which she sees as a way to preserve her heritage. #IWD #BreakTheBias
“We [Kashmiris] are an ethnic group and we come from a minority background. We need to preserve our history, our language, and our cultural roots,” she said in a recent @IJNet interview:… #IWD #BreakTheBias
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Convened by the United Nations in 1975, a time of great division and global conflict, the World Conference on Women gathered in Mexico City for the first time. This poster for the groundbreaking conference is from our @amhistorymuseum. #IWD Red poster with a large "M" in center. Inside the
Helvi Sipilä, a Finnish leader and organizer of the conference, said governments had ignored the issues the conference would tackle because, as she told the New York Times, "they thought they were women's problems, which women themselves have to solve." #IWD
"They have not recognized the connection between women's problems and such things as food production, population and the environment," Sipilä said. The conference was part of the International Women's Year, which was celebrated on this 1975 stamp from our @PostalMuseum. #IWD2022 Ten-cent US postage stamp with text International Women's Ye
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This #iwd I’d like to shout out my mum, who lives on the GC, has spent three days delivering hot food and supplies to the northern rivers, & who plans on going back tomorrow. With permission these are some of her observations from being down in #Lismore, Murwillumbah & Coraki a🧵
2/ “We delivered this and more food yesterday. The green portable Bain marie is on loan and keeps food warm for 8 hours. 3 people cried yesterday and so many said they only realised yesterday they do need help and the gesture of feeding them a hot cooked meal meant so much.
3/ Last night some friend drove 2 hrs to my place and helped prep food til 2 am. I'm so tired I just woke up and I know I'll go in the kitchen and everything will be cooked or cooking ready to go to coraki. I think I'll sleep more while they drive down. 3 large 4wds full of
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The gender dimension of this war is very important.

I'm starting a thread on how the war affects women's rights in Ukraine: including access to healthcare, domestic and sexual violence, and sex work. #IWD
.@amnesty has already documented how the last few years’ militarization and war in Donbas have led to increased rates of gender-based violence and reduced access to essential services. It is a pattern now set to spread across the country as a whole.
Our 2020 research focussed on domestic violence and sexual violence against women and girls in Ukraine's conflict-affected government-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions:…
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For #IWD, we’re spotlighting the shocking #onlineviolence campaign against Indian journalist @RanaAyyub, which our research team’s studying with @SheffieldUni computer scientists. Since 2019, we’ve collected & analyzed 8.5million tweets directed @ the @washingtonpost columnist
Maligned, condemned, reviled & repeatedly threatened with rape & murder, @ranaayyub is the target of an orchestrated campaign of #onlineviolence with links to India’s ruling party, in which disinformation tactics and hate speech are clearly evident… #IWD
Today, we’re publishing the first insights from our research into the internationally emblematic case of #onlineviolence against @RanaAyyub. She is attacked:
1. For her critical independent journalism
2. For her gender
3. Because of her Muslim faith #IWD
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Today is International Women’s Day. As usual, social media will be flooded with pastel colours and “girl bosses” and “bad ass bitches” and so on.

I’d like to bring attention to some of the atrocities that occur in this world, that affect females only or disproportionately. #IWD
- Domestic violence, including physical, sexual, emotional abuse, financial & coercive control. A pattern of constant threat. 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced partner violence. On average, one woman a week is killed in Aus at the hands of a current or former male partner.
- Female genital mutilation affects at least 200 million women and girls alive today. It is linked to a range of poor health outcomes including fever, infections, vaginal and menstrual problems, and psychological trauma. It can also lead to death.
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EXCLUSIVE: Mine and @LavinSascha big scoop for @BylineBITE @BylineTimes on #IWD2022

Thousands of NHS staff sexually harassed by patients since 2013 - with at least 12,675 cases recorded inc sexual assault & indecent exposure…
This investigation has been 3 months in the making and exposes the widespread nature of third-party sexual harassment in the public sector, including NHS…
@LavinSascha @BylineBITE @BylineTimes
Anyway, I won't be wishing people a happy international women's day - I am wishing for liberation, an end to misogyny, and an #IWD where women are free from sexual harassment. Which is why we published this today.…
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I have no advice this #IWD.

I am not going to tell you to "ask more" or to "carry yourself better" or to "learn how to negotiate" or to "network more" or to "learn more about investment" or "stop being so emotional" or my favourite bit of nonsense "stop fighting other women".
It's boring. It's repetitive and most importantly it enforces stereotypes that are NOT true.
The same Nigerian women abroad excel in politics.

If things don't change there will be a higher percentage of women of Nigerian heritage in British politics than even in Nigerian politics.
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🧵A thread for International Women's Day

#InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2022 #IWD2022 #IWD
With talking points from my speech delivered at the IWD 2022 event (starting at 40 minutes: ).

Lots of great speakers; I highly recommend watching the whole video.
International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 in many countries around the world. The UN website says that it is a day when women are recognized for their achievements “without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.”
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Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). Something to consider in the midst of corporate breakfasts or cupcakes. #IWD was born out of the struggles of working women. In 1910 Clara Zetkin, a German Communist, proposed an IWD to the International Conference of Working Women.
The day was mostly celebrated by the socialist movement until the UN declared the day in 1975. The first IWD was in the US, and came a year after mass protests from working women in NYC in 1908. In Australia, IWD has been celebrated since the early 1920s.
While IWD was celebrated on various days, March 8 became the offical day. On March 8 1917 in Petrograd, late Feb in the Russian calendar, women workers (importantly militant textile workers), demonstrated across the city, demanding Bread and Peace.
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This #InternationalWomensDay I’d like to remind my doctor colleagues that medicine has an androcentric history that may impact upon women patients. That woman isn’t « difficult », she’s under-researched and we know less (and even less has been translated to practice). 🧵
We can do Better. Women are also represented less in medical and anatomical textbooks. Here are some papers for further information.
Androcentricity in medicine:…
Misogyny in medical research:…
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Today I learned that the world’s most visited International Women’s Day website is operated by a shadowy for-profit London-based marketing agency called Aurora run by an Australian woman accused of serious workplace bullying.
Each year Aurora suggests a banal but catchy hashtag/theme — this year #BreakTheBias — adopted by corporate breakfasts everywhere, overshadowing the UN proposed theme — this year to do with women and climate change.
There is genuine confusion over the role of Aurora in #IWD. Given the prominence of their site in google searches — I’m kind of in awe at how good they are at SEO — many assume they’re official. See this piece by @niltiac…
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