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Supongo q ya has marcado en tu calendario 2⃣1⃣-0⃣7⃣-2⃣0⃣2⃣3⃣, día estreno #Oppenheimer (Christopher Nolan):
Buen momento para repasar su filmografía como director en formato #hilo, ordenadas de manera creciente, según mi ránking: Image
Puesto número 1⃣1⃣: #Insomnia (Insomnio) (2002)
Puesto número🔟: #TheFollowing (1998)
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🎨🦇 You know their names - Sorolla, Van Gogh, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Klimt, and many others - but can you describe their unique artistic styles?

In this MEGA 🧵 let's use #BATMAN to learn what makes each renowned painter unique.

#midjourney #midjourneyAI #AIcommunity #AIart Image
All the #PROMPTS are as simple as this:
(i.e., Batman by Velazquez)

If the result wasn't good, a famous painting is added to the prompt:
(i.e., Batman by Velazquez in the style of Las Meninas)

That's it :)
1. #JoaquínSorolla

Known for his mastery of light and vibrant beach scenes, #Sorolla might depict Batman under the bright sun of Valencia, casting a dramatic shadow, with the cape mimicking the fluidity of the sea. Image
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I wanted to try out some text to video AI....
So logically I recreated the entire Dark Knight trailer frame for frame 😅
@runwayml #Gen2 #batman
Here is a side by side to help show strengths/weaknesses 👀
@nickfloats @icreatelife you guys may like seeing this stress test
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A thread 🧵

I am a big superhero fan, so here is a MidJourney V5 prompt that creates cool black-and-white comic/manga-style images

Prompt in the ALT

Note: Remove "disheveled hair, fierce eyes, moody expression" for masked heroes.

Is that a bird? It's Superman!

#superman Manga-style Superman: Black...Manga-style Superman: Black...
Gamora, The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy.
#MidJourney #gamora Manga-style Gamora: Black a...Manga-style Gamora: Black a...
The liberator of Kahndaq, Black Adam.

#MidJourney #blackadam Manga-style Black Adam: Bla...Manga-style Black Adam: Bla...
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Bazı sorulara cevaplar:
1-3 veya 4 büyüklüğünde #deprem oldu, bu bir #öncüdeprem midir? = Öncü depremin kendine has bir özelliği, bir işareti yoktur. Arkasından büyük deprem gelirse onun öncü deprem olduğu anlaşılır, ancak iş işten geçmiştir
2-Bu #fay henüz kırılmadı diyorlar siz ne diyorsunuz?= Hiçbirşey. Hangi fayın kırıldığı üniversitelerin, MTA nın raporlarında var oralara bakın uzman olmayan, fayı sahada görse tanıyamayacak kişiler fay kırığı ile diğer yüzey deformasyonlarını ayırt edemezler, yanılırsınız.
Bir başka yöntem artçı dağılımıdır, nerede yoğun iseler orası kırılmıştır. MTA Haritasında #Göksun’dan #Doğanşehir ve #Malatya’ya kadar uzanan hat ile #Pütürge’den #Pazarcık, #Türkoğlu, #Hassa, #Kırıkhan ve #Samandağ’a kadar olan alanda artçıları görüyorsunuz. Neresi kırılmış
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Let’s use BATMAN-ADV to set up the mesh network (for educational purposes once again🌚)
#NigeriaDecides #NigeriaElection2023
1/7 Check hardware compatibility: Before starting, check if your hardware is compatible with BATMAN-ADV. It works with most Wi-Fi devices that support the IEEE 802.11s standard. You'll also need a computer running Linux.
2/7 Install BATMAN-ADV: To install BATMAN-ADV, open a terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install batctl

This will install the BATMAN-ADV tools.
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Wat hamse nur aus unsren #Superhelden gemacht?

▪️#Batman löst angeblich ne Pandemie aus
▪️#Aquaman kriegt nicht mit, wer bei ihm Gasleitungen sprengt
▪️#AntManAndTheWasp dürfen demnächst zu Mehl verarbeitet werden
▪️Vor #SpiderMan & #BlackWidow ekeln sich eh immer alle
▪️#Loki verwandelt sich in den Präsidenten der Ukraine und verarscht alle
▪️#MissMarvel ist jetzt ein Kerl
▪️#CaptainAmerika war am Ende von Endgame doch nicht zu alt
▪️#DrStrange wird Gesundheitsminister und macht zumindest seinem Namen alle Ehre
▪️#Thor mit seinem Hammer nimmt horrende Preise für normale Arbeiten
▪️Und #Groot & #IronMan kann sich kein Mensch mehr leisten

▪️ Nur bei den Grünen ist alles beim Alten:
#Hulk ist weiter komplett hasserfüllt &
#GreenLantern einfach peinlich
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❗️Hilo recopilando toda la información del anuncio de #DCStudios:

Todos los proyectos anunciados, las fechas de estreno, sinopsis, comentarios de Gunn y Safran, detalles de las películas y serie una a una, las distintas fases del nuevo DCU, y más.

Hilo con todo 🧵👇🏼
Gunn no ha comenzado diciendo que esto es un reboot, ni un soft reboot... ha dejado claro que todo sigue (Shazam, Flash, Aquaman, Blue Beetle) y que se lanzarán nuevos proyectos que estarán más o menos conectados al resto del universo.
Esto es un poco ambiguo... porque ha comentado que algunos actores podrán retomar su papel en el nuevo universo, pero a la vez no confirma que vayan a seguir. Veremos cómo evoluciona todo. Ha dejado claro que TODO depende de la historia.
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#Batman’s Opinion of His Greatest Weakness Is a Sobering Message About Mental Health…

Now - To be clear: I think that (modern) #comics are silly, self-serious, & written largely by pompous idiots!

BUT - Isn't this above JUST the crux of the matter! 😄
And yet: WHY devote an entire article to this? When it can be so much better summarised, in a few hashtags?? 👇

#toxicmasculinity #herocomplex

(#fascistcrap I might well say.. 😏)
#Takingyourselfmuchtooseriously (Which is something that a good Trickster (an #archetype which is often the opposite of the hero archetype) Would NEVER do.. As the Joker never would, IF he were written *true to archetype*, which he usually isn't.. These days. 😏
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#Batman What if when Bruce Wayne was a kid, instead of his parents being shot in Crime Alley by Joe Chill, they encountered a homeless man?

The man asked for money and Thomas Wayne generously opened his wallet. Then more homeless showed up. Thomas quickly ran out of cash...
...and the family was surrounded.

One of the homeless men grabbed Martha, she pulled away but he pearl necklace was broken. Thomas knocks him out. The homeless mob gets violent.

Thomas scoops up his son and him and Martha run fast to where Alfred and the limo are parked...
...Martha and Bruce get in and lock the doors. They watch in horror as Thomas and Alfred [former SAS in this universe] fight off the homeless who caught up to them. One manages to stab Thomas with a broken bottle.

Quickly enough the homeless are defeated and Afred drives to...
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Thanks for the RTs & likes guys. Here is some Batman's Armor. Much love 💕💕💕
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بمناسبة الاحتفال بـ اليوم العالمي لـ #باتمان #Batman في وقت لاحق من هذا الشهر، واحتفالًا بكل ما يتعلق بواحدة من أشهر سلاسل الأبطال الخارقين على الإطلاق، تستعد دور العرض السينمائية لإعادة عرض ثلاثة أفلام كلاسيكية من السلسلة الشهيرة. Image
وبحسب تقرير موقع comingsoon، ابتداءً من يوم السبت الموافق 17 سبتمبر، سيتم إعادة عرض ثلاثة من أكثر أفلام #باتمان الكلاسيكية شهرة على الإطلاق في دور العرض، وهم فيلم "Batman" عام 1989، "Batman Returns" عام 1992، وفيلم الرسوم المتحركة "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" عام 1993. Image
كما أفاد تقرير في موقع screenrant أن اليوم الاحتفالي بـ #باتمان بدأ في عام 2014 احتفالًا بالذكرى السنوية الـ 75 للبطل الخارق الشهير، ويقام كل يوم سبت ثالث في شهر سبتمبر، وأصبح هذا اليوم احتفالًا بارزًا للبطل الخارق الشهير. Image
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#Batgirl was a casualty of new corporate strategy from David Zaslav, who opted to shelve the project in order to take a tax write down on the $90 million film, multiple sources tell THR Image
According to multiple sources, Warners considered pumping more money into #Batgirl to beef it up into a theatrical release. Another source downplays that the notion was seriously in contention Image
When a very early version of #Batgirl test screened it landed a score in the low 60s and is believed to have only tested once. The test score is comparable to tests for 2017's 'It' as well as an early test for the upcoming #Shazam: Fury of the Gods Image
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Why care about DC’s Bat Cowl Collection: A Thread 🧵🦇
We're launching @batcowls with @palmnft and @DC this week, and I want you to understand why this project is a big deal. For 5 days, these access passes are on public sale. #batman (1/8)
(2/8) I’ve spent years inside with big storyworlds creating projects that engage directly with fans. At @palmnft we're working on the most exciting audience-led experiences I’ve ever worked on.…
(3/8) The Bat Cowl Collection is a 2 Year+ fan-driven experience, as @JimLee said, “The intent is to pull back the curtain and bring fans into the creative process.”
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OMG! Queen Studios announces the #Batman Batfleck sculpture series 🤩 🤩 🤩
It will include Bruce Wayne, Batman suit, Knightmare version, Armored version and Tactical suit #Batman #Batfleck #JusticeL...Image
#Batman #Batfleck #JusticeL...Image
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This is my "The Batman" review. I don't know how long this will be so buckle up. The way I'll be doing this is by categories.

1. Aesthetic
2. Plot
3. Characters
4. Final thoughts

There may be more, but for right now this is the way.
The film is aesthetic is amazing. Gotham actually feels like Gotham. The dark corners make you feel claustrophobic.

It makes you like someone could be around the corner about to shank you.

It really does the job really well of inviting you in this terrible city 1/
This is where Matt Reeves out does Nolan. Many of you know I'm a Nolan fan boy, but I never felt Gotham as a city in his interpretation of it. Matt's Gotham seems a lot more flushed out and dangerous. It doesn't look like a regular city. 2/

This is Nolan's Gotham 👇
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Del 100% aparece esto
Al darle click para aceptar la recompensa se te descarga una carpeta con 23 imágenes y un archivo PDF.
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Bueno, no quise hacer este hilo ayer porque estaba muy encabronada y esperé a que me bajara el coraje, les voy a contar como @Cinepolis en #LaPaz me arruinó (de nuevo) mi experiencia en el cine, y no fue cualquier película fue con #TheBatman lo cual es IMPERDONABLE
Como no había funciones subtituladas en la sala macro pues nimodo, a comprar boletos en una de las salitas, finalmente lo que yo quería era ver la película en el cine al cual no iba desde hacía 3 meses por lo mismo de malas experiencia, pero bueno, les iba a dar otra oportunidad
El día llegó y pues llegamos al cine y la primera red flag en el @Cinepolis es que tenían cerrado el coffe tree o como vergas se llama entonces no había crepas ni baguettes, pero OK, aun iba a ver #Batman y eso era lo que importaba, me dirigí a gastar $400 en la pinche dulcería
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84.01/ Week eighty-four, February 19-25, 2022 thread begins here.

Week 83 below.
84.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight put off a night because of social obligations. Monday is a legal holiday so we will hopefully have movie night tomorrow night.
84.03/ Couldn't be happier, or prouder, as a #Steelers fan to see they hired Brian Flores to be a senior coach. The team gets top notch talent and they take an anti-racist stand. And, as seen below, it earns respect from players:

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