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Thread. Yesterday the account “Rachel” Swindon much loved by @jeremycorbyn’s office, tweeted a fake video of soldiers beating up a child. She said it was Israel - it wasn’t, it took place in Guatemala.

As you can see, she’s trying to excuse herself. 1/11
Why was this antisemitism, some of you may ask?

Firstly as the IHRA definition of antisemitism states:

“Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.”2/11
The second reason is historical, and it's exceptionally repulsive.

There is an old antisemitic trope which took place at Easter called the “blood libel”. In 1144 a child, William of Norwich was murdered at Easter, without evidence the Christian community blamed the Jews. 3/11
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1/4 A thread on Thomas Martyn Wood-Bevan (@TomMapfumo), a virulently antisemitic @UKLabour member and @jeremycorbyn supporter from Swansea who thinks that Jews monopolise the Holocaust and don't care about poor people. @gnasherjew @LabourAgainstAS @tom_watson @JennieGenSec
2/4 Like so many of @UKLabour's antisemites, he is a vicious misogynist who routinely targets and antisemitically abuses Jewish women. To Wood-Bevan, they are all just 'dishonest Zionists'.
3/4 He also embraces the most offensive aspect of #LabourAntisemitism by adopting a phony 'Jewish' persona and joining @JVoiceLabour - an organisation peopled by a motley cabal of antisemites whose agenda is to legitimise antisemitism in @UKLabour and gaslight Britain's Jews.
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Oh just @UKLabour MP Grahame Morris on *Easter Monday* the day when historically mobs slaughtered Jews, RTing a Jew-hating conspiracy theorist w/ a video from GUATEMALA with a fucking BLOOD LIBEL about the Jewish state killing kids for FUN & exhorting G-d to forgive them for it.
This is basic old school, Christian 'Jews kill non-Jewish kids for fun' Jew-hate. Plain, old-fashioned, despicable Blood Libelling Jew-hate masquerading as concern for the Palestinians. It's not. And if you can't see it you're CHOOSING NOT TO & COMPLICIT #EnoughIsEnough #BeLouder
*WHAT* are you going to do @tom_watson @EmilyThornberry @Keir_Starmer @jessphillips @stellacreasy @DavidLammy @YvetteCooperMP, you so-called moderates? YOUR fellow Labour MP is spreading BLOOD LIBEL on Easter Monday. This is dangerous & you sit alongside him. #LabourAntisemitism
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So as the news breaks that the EHRC are about to investigate @UKLabour over #LabourAntisemitism I want to share my evening with my wonderful friend @mishtal and attending my first sedar with his lovely family.
I was reluctant to tweet about this because it was so warm, such a good time, and sometimes I dont want to have things pulled apart on here. My friendship with David, his lovely family, and being part of an ancient ritual of survival and pride.
But here's why.
The effect of antisemitism in labour could not have hit me harder, from a young member of his family at university, to the oldest member of his family, they all knew what it meant.
It was the understanding of this line.
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A thread on the abuse that @RachelRileyRR & other Jews received in the space of 8 hours yesterday, here is a small sample.

The most revolting is an @jeremycorbyn fan taunting several offspring of Holocaust victims, in a thread of Jews, with putting their heads “in the oven”.1/3
A little more of the @jeremycorbyn fans abuse. @RachelRileyRR :

“mouth is full of c*ck”
Rachel is a “Nazi”
Eats her own “sh*t
Needs a “psycho therapist”

This is how Jews are treated when they call out antisemites in @uklabour 2/3
Onwards with another small sample of abuse that @RachelRileyRR @jewishpeacock @kenaidel @emmacpicken & others were subjected to, by an obviously coordinated antisemitic dogpile. Designed to shut down the voices of Jews complaining about #LabourAntisemitism - its disgusting. 3/3
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Short thread on #LabourAntisemitism

This week sees the start of Passover, so naturally we Jews do some thinking about the nature of our particular situation and history.
This year, as in the last 4 years, my thoughts turn to the current wave of anti-Jewish racism from the Left.
For all sorts of reasons, I’ve had to put my fight against the racists on the Left on the back burner recently. But this week I decided to have a brief look at the social media profiles of some Labour councilors/candidates to see what the mood was.
Obviously, I have come across a couple of obsessive haters of all things Jewish and Israeli. These will be reported via the appropriate channels.
I’ve also come across a good few who, whilst not obsessive & not overtly racist, parrot the simplistic “Free Palestine” mantra.
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I had to take a break from the mad house of Twitter. I will admit I was scared, I'm scared of #LabourAntisemitism, I'm scared enough people dont care and I'm scared enough people don't think its real.
I'm scared people think @UKLabour can handle it.
I'm scared because I've been a witness to the abolition of decency in the party. This comes from the top, and many people find it abhorrent from all areas of the party.
The issue is they don't find it abhorrent enough.
They think they can *manage* it, or even, amongst the very arrogant, educate it out of the party.
This is despite the EVIDENCE that Corbyn and Milne are utterly committed to this path.
This is the biggest political attack of the Jewish community I've ever witnessed.
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.@RichardBurgon is bare faced lying to @afneil he was caught on camera saying “Zionism is the enemy of the peace”

Burgeon also believes in singling out MPs who support Israel.

This is #LabourAntisemitism
Just to clarify: IHRA definition of antisemitism: “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”
IHRA definition of antisemitism “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.”
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Let me introduce you to Justin Sanford, a labour member of the South West Wiltshire constituency. Justin is a racist. But Justin is a member since 2015 and seems to be a very active member too!
However Justin's enthusiasm for Labour Party values since 2015 is a stark contrast with the views he held previously.

Back then, Justin didn't like the Muslims. He was a racist.
Prior joining the Labour Party, Justin hold extreme far-right views and posted hundreds of Islamophobic posts on his facebook, accusing British Muslims of being terrorists etc... Yes it is bad. And yes his views are incompatible with Labour membership. But there is a twist!
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Corrupt, racist falsifiers caught. #LabourAntisemitism
Hi, Owen Jones, Novara Media, Billy Bragg..

get back to us when you can
Perfect example of anti Zionism, not antisemitism. For young Labour upstarts, This is how you do it
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I'm not Jewish, so when the vast majority of the Jewish community say Corbyn is an antisemite or believe labour has an antisemitism problem, I believe them and trust they're not lying.

It's just basic respect and then I can look at the evidence. Evidence suggests they're right.
It seems some of Corbyn's most notorious pro racist antisemites have joined this tweet to obsess about it and demanding I show them evidence.

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HUGE Mother’s Day question for @UKLabour - why just 2 weeks ago did you choose this raving conspiracy theorist racist antisemite as a Labour candidate for the coming @Torbay_Council 2019 elections?!?!?

@LabourAgainstAS #LabourAntisemitism
Virginia ‘Ginny’ Keyes has a long history of supporting David Icke - the infamous antisemitic conspiracy theorist who tours the country preaching that the world is run by secret Jewish shape-shifting lizards - ‘Rothschild Zionists’ naturally.
She’s also a fan of one of the barmiest conspiracy theories out there - the New World Order (of secret groups aiming to take over the world). Pesky ‘Zionist Jews’ again wanting to ‘destroy every non-Jew’, plus linking ‘secret societies’ with paedophilia & satanism. Hmm rational.
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Thread: @uklabour knowingly let off a woman who’s been arrested for HOLOCAUST DENIAL & conspiracy theories, because they felt she’s not “anti Jew” just “anti Israel”

Patrica Sheerin-Richman was arrested & questioned for antisemitic hate crimes 1/4…
Reported by @labouragainstas, Laura Murray in @jeremycorbyn’s office decided to let her off, in the full knowledge of Andrew Murray (her father) & Milne

They believe she is only “anti Israel” & not “anti Jews or Jewishness etc” SHE IS A HOLOCAUST denier & conspiracy theorist 2/4
Examples of posts which we believe got Patricia arrested, and, as we can infer from the article, Seumas Milne, Laura Murray & Andrew Murray appeared to believe weren't antisemitic are below ¾
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What’s shown in this thread is heinous and desperate.

Hamas is a militant Islamist terrorist regime who’s had full control of Gaza since 2007, with literally billions of dollars in aid, and this is how they treat their own people.

Hamas are ‘friends’ to no-one.
Posting this has already enraged some people, as it doesn’t fit with their worldview that people are either oppressors or oppressed.

I and other British people fighting antisemitism get #FreePalestine replies daily, to posts about cats or football - that’s racist.
I rarely talk about Israel, except in its right to exist, but when you see videos like these, I do wonder where the outrage is by those who seek out British Jews to abuse them.

Many people truly truly care. But many people are ignorant or racist or both.
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In my latest thread on #LabourAntisemitism I wanted to look at the personal impact of it.

We concentrate on the statistics, how the Jewish community overall feels, the processes and the challenges.

This is worthy, but let's remember the impact on so many Jewish individuals. /1
I am going to tell the story about my personal heartbreak over #LabourAntisemitism through the story of my life. The story of a proud Brit and a proud Jew, who has friends in all communities and does his best to contribute to this country. /2
We start at the beginning. I was born on May 6th 1990 in Jersey Farm, St Albans. I am the son of a Solicitor and Pharmacist who were active in St Albans Masorti Synagogue.

We were typical middle class family. /3

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Thread —— response to a tweet by @aaronbastani who appears to place the blame for antisemitic abuse on campaigners against #LabourAntisemitism...>>
Some upsetting audio has surfaced of horrific antisemitism directed towards Jenny Manson. Whatever anyone thinks of her and her organisation, racism is never the solution and it should be condemned in the strongest possible terms...>>
The message was clearly far right jew-hatred. Bastani’s implication that a Jewish person who fights antisemitism would say ‘I hope you burn in the gas ovens’ is ridiculous and downright offensive...>>
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1/ Why do Jewish people feel so connected to and such a love for Israel? Many reasons - some religious, some historical, some because of the beaches.
2/ But most of all, it’s the one place where we don’t have to ask anyone else to look out for us. It’s the one place where we are in the majority.
3/ It’s the one place where being hated for supporting the existence of Israel isn’t the order of the day.
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We've been knee deep in acronyms and acrimony in the #LabourAntisemitism crisis lately. In amongst the political, there are ongoing human costs of AS. Lost friendships, a broken sense of belonging, fear and stress. It's been tough for our family and many others. /1
Since it began, Labour’s AS problems had been in my peripheral vision. My Jewish hubby kept an eye on it while I recovered from cancer treatment. I was diagnosed for a 2nd time in Aug 2017 so it wasn't until some months later that I felt the full impact. /2
‘Muralgate’ and the protest that followed triggered an explosion of hate in my circles. As my surgical scars healed, fresh ones were cut with each AS news story. I couldn’t stay silent and was called a Tory, baby-killer, liar. A few friends spoke but the majority were quiet. /3
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1/ Let's take a quick look at the @UKLabour spokesman’s statement tacked on to the end of every article about its antisemitism problem:
2/ “The Labour Party takes all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously…”

3/ “…and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms…”

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Can a Jew be antisemitic? History provides many cases of Jews being antisemitic. Individuals who seek to curry favour with a social/ political group they are attached to. Often they become more AS than the group, as a way of proving their credentials. 1/6 #LabourAntiSemitism
Whilst self-hatred is a phenomena which affects many people, it has always been present around the margins of Judiasm. In many respects they are more dangerous than antisemitic non-Jews because they provide a tacit respectability by giving ‘Jew-hate’ a faux legitimacy. 2/6
The self-hating Jew was a phenomenon of late 19th Century Germany, where many assimilated Jews were embarrassed by the poor and backward Eastern European Jews, and sought distance. Some went to great lengths to distance themselves and actually turned against their kin. 3/6
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When none of the mainstream human rights organisations, anti-racist charities and campaign groups were acknowledging the scale of the #LabourAntisemitism crisis, committed activists in @LabourAgainstAS and @GnasherJew were there. 1/7
When I sought detailed information about cases and the institutional failings of the Labour Party, it was @LabourAgainstAS and @GnasherJew who provided the evidence. 2/7
When I sought support and camaraderie, they welcomed me with open arms. This was long before those now throwing them under a bus even acknowledged there was a problem let alone did anything significant about it. 3/7
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When someone says talk of rising antisemitism in @UKLabour is a smear against Corbyn or that it doesn't exist, tell them this:

1. The EHRC an independent body to monitor treatment of people and prejudice is investigating complaints of antisemitism in Labour. Its that bad. /1
2. It took nearly four years to finally suspend Chris Williamson MP, who spent most of his time as MP insulting the Jewish community.
#LabourAntisemitism /2
3. Recently 8 MPs left @UKLabour, all citing rising antisemitism in the party.

One of these MPs @lucianaberger received antisemitic abuse from supporters of Corbyn, including @UKLabour. /3

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1/18 Because I am not Jewish myself, I decided to ask my local Rabbi about #LabourAntisemitism. Here's what I learned.

(Please bear in mind this is only the opinion of the one persom to whom I spoke and that my memory is fallable.)
2/18 I have omitted a lot of tropes etc which I took to be self-evident (such as bringing up Israel when a British Jewish person is talking about antisemitism, and most of the many and varied tropes covered by the IHRA).

I acknowledged that Nazi comparisons are unfair and offensive. What comparisons, I asked, were fair?
The Rabbi responded that all comparisons are problematic because none of them can, by definition, be exact.
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George, I understand your issue with "never having seen any" and I'm here to help
Some of your own.. does this jog the memory with regard to what "is out there"
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