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La #Identidad y la #Memoria siempre han sido temas recurrentes en el CINE.

¿Somos lo que DECIDIMOS ser conscientemente o lo que APARENTAMOS inconscientemente?

¿Cuánto de nuestros deseos configura la personalidad desconocida del otro?

Hoy toca #HILO de pelis sobre ello ⬇️⬇️ Image
Los temas de la #memoria, los #recuerdos, la #idealización o la #identidad pueden suponer SPOILERS de la trama en sí...

Avisados quedáis.
#Rebecca (Hitchcock, 1940) Image
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Some alternative posters for Cry Danger (1951), along with what they used to call a lobby card - there are a few others on the film’s IMDb page too. #Noirvember #CryDanger ImageImageImageImage
Contrast the American posters with these two much racier French and Italian posters, both of which foreground Fleming. #Noirvember ImageImage
This was great fun. Powell plays Rocky (it doesn’t suit him), an ex-con who gets out of jail after serving 5 years for a robbery he didn’t commit and goes after the gangster who framed him. Fleming plays the wife of Powell’s supposed partner in the robbery, who’s still in jail. Image
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(1) #HWstormwatch update 5.30pm EDT Thursday.

#Wilfred will likely be the name of the storm currently brewing in the Gulf. NHC says it will move NNE, which is bad news for the US Gulf coast.

#Alpha will probably be the name of the orange storm below. Future track uncertain.
(2) Post tropical storm #Sally still has a few more days of heavy rain for the Carolinas, Virginia and maybe other states. Flooding in AL and FL will take a while to go away. Please keep these & #Laura folk in your prayers, and donate if you can.

#Vicky is remnants now.
(3) Weatherfolk and Democrats are trying to talk up the danger from an above-average hurricane season but always do your own fact checking, esp. when someone is trying to provoke fear.

Most recent Atlantic storms were never a threat to the US. Numbers tell only half the story.
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#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 1/2

#HurricaneLaura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

It is difficult to quantify damages, but the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
#HurricaneLaura2020 sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️help to quantify damages around Creole, Cameron Parish

This is a comparison between 16 / 31 August 2020
#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 2/2

#Hurricane #Laura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The damages are widespread and the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
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Involved in situation in #LakeCharles with senior home where staff abandoned.

Med volunteers on site. Residents currently in AC'd trucks due to heat exhaustion. Doing insulin and BP checks, as well as meal delivery.

2nd abandoned senior home found in #Laura.

Update: After our tweet, official comes by, saw the scene, said he was going to @GOHSEP to "raise hell".

Variety of agencies respond. Say residents will be taken to shelters in buses.

2 hours later... no buses. No responses.

Somebody get this fixed. Raise more hell.
Photo of the agencies responding. Glad they were there, thankful they responded.

Yet, low income seniors, still remain in the street overheating.

More resources than you can shake a stick at in LA.

So why is it up to underfunded VOADs and volunteers to solve these problems?
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La casa y propiedades de la familia Lovelet en Lake Charles, Louisiana, destruidas por #Laura.

Su historia en @NTelevisa_com y @Foro_TV ImageImageImageImage
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With @GovAbbott and other leaders for a press conference in Orange, TX today. Great to see so many Texans helping Texans – in true Texas fashion, people are already stepping up to help their neighbors in need. Image
I’ve always been a strong supporter of storm surge protection projects to ensure Texas is prepared for any storm that comes at us. These systems help minimize damage when a storm like #Laura hits our shores.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I helped secure $3.9 billion in federal funding to advance the Sabine Pass to Galveston Bay (S2G) project & have supported accelerating the Coastal Texas Study. Projects like S2G & the Coastal Spine are critical in helping keep Texans safe.
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O furacão #Laura chegou causando destruição. É o furacão mais intenso até agora da temporada de ciclones tropicais do Atlântico em 2020, que atinge principalmente os EUA, o México e o Caribe. Mas você sabe como eles se formam? Sou @_camillacosta e conto mais nesse 🧶
Para começar é bom saber que quando falamos de, furacões, ciclones e tufões estamos falando basicamente da mesma coisa: ciclones tropicais. Eles recebem nomes diferentes porque ocorrem em regiões diferentes do planeta. Essa é sua distribuição: Image
Em quase 60% das vezes, os furacões que chegam até o Caribe, EUA e México começam como ondas tropicais, áreas de baixa pressão atmosférica que se formam na costa leste da África e viajam empurradas pelos ventos alísios. Image
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Chronicle reporters and photogs are covering #Laura from locations across SE Texas. Be following @godovasquez, @jonjshapley, @sarahesmith23, @DugBegley, @emfoxhall, @CurrieEngel for more throughout the day.

A couple of stories to get you up to speed:…
Via @CurrieEngel, Over half a million people are without power this morning across the Gulf Coast following Hurricane #Laura's landfall…
And here's the Chronicle's liveblog, with updates coming throughout the day:…
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#HurricaneLaura made landfall in Louisiana. Forecasters warn an "unsurvivable" storm surge — up to 20ft — could go 40 miles inland.

▪️ 620,000 told to evacuate
▪️ At least 150 not leaving
▪️ TX: Evacuees with no money/shelter put in hotels, Austin/Dallas already out of rooms ImageImageImage
#HurricaneLaura made landfall as a Category 4 storm, the strongest to hit Louisiana in 150 years. It comes 15 years after Katrina killed over 1,800 people.

It is now Cat. 2. In Lake Charles:
▪️ 120mph winds blew out skyscraper windows
▪️ "No way to get to" stranded people Image
#HurricaneLaura killed at least 21 people in Haiti, including a baby and child.

Flash floods carrying rocks collapsed buildings, trapping some people as they slept: "Water rushed up to my neck in no time."

▪️ Almost 200 homeless
▪️ At least 3 others killed in Dominican Republic ImageImageImage
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#Laura has made landfall in Louisiana as a Cat.4 #Hurricane
@NHC_Atlantic warns of "unsurvivable storm surge with large & destructive waves which will cause catastrophic damage"
Our thoughts are with those affected
#Sentinel3 🇪🇺🛰 thermal view of #HurricaneLaura Image
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#NWS issued an update at 1:14am for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
Storm Surge for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
Flooding rains for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
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LATEST: #HurricaneLaura has made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane. Cars and trucks drive away from the Gulf along Interstate 10 as Hurricane Laura strengthens.

#HurricaneLaura made landfall early Thursday in Louisiana as one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the state.

#Laura is threatening the region with “catastrophic storm surge,” flash floods and devastating winds
"We just trying, I've been homeless for 2 years boss.”

#HurricaneLaura forced people to leave homes in Texas and Louisiana in the largest U.S. evacuation during #Covid19
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[A LA UNE A 8H] Le tueur des mosquées de Christchurch, Brenton Tarrant, a été condamné jeudi à la prison à perpétuité sans possibilité de libération conditionnelle pour avoir assassiné 51 fidèles musulmans en 2019 en Nouvelle-Zélande #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 8H] L'acte est aussi fort qu'inédit dans le sport américain: protestant contre les tirs policiers sur Jacob Blake, les Bucks de Milwaukee ont boycotté leur match NBA, suivis par des équipes de baseball, football et la tenniswoman Osaka #AFP 2/5
[A LA UNE A 8H] Les habitants de Louisiane et du sud du Texas se préparent à affronter l'ouragan monstre #Laura, considéré par les météorologues comme "extrêmement dangereux", puisqu'il s'approche de la catégorie 5, la plus haute sur l'échelle d'intensité #AFP 3/5 Image
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Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, including Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes.

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Cameron #HurricaneLaura #Laura Image
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🚨 O furacão Laura está prestes a alcançar a categoria 5.

Deve atingir Louisiana e Texas.

Possibilidade grande de uma catástrofe de níveis históricos Image
“O Centro Nacional de Furacões dos Estados Unidos classificou o furacão Laura, que se aproxima dos Estados do Texas, da Louisiana e do Arkansas nas próximas horas, como impossível de sobreviver”…

O furacão #Laura está cada vez mais próximo da terra. Image
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For this elevation (beam height from KLCH is around 16,000ft which is ~550-hPa), these radial velocities seen in the E eyewall of #Laura are incredible. Yes that is an inbound 160-mph velocity... at 550-hPa!

This is a very powerful and deep vertical circulation.
And if you go pixel hunting for the maximum velocity pixel, there are values that are larger than that too. The latest scan for example has a 169-mph pixel!

The @53rdWRS normally samples strong hurricanes at 700-hPa as winds decrease w/ height. This is well above that level!
I’m just gonna continue sharing incredible #Laura velocities in this thread. Now up to 173mph in the NE quad.
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ℹ️🌀 #HurricaneLaura - Furacão Laura, já atingiu a força de categoria 4, com ventos sustentados máximos de 230 KM/H, encontrando-se a 250 KM - Sul, de Lake Charles, LOUISIANA, US. Esperam-se inundações rápidas nas zonas costeiras afectadas por este sistema tropical.
ℹ️🌀 Image
ℹ️🌀 #HurricaneLaura Para quem vive nas áreas que irão ser afectadas, é importante ter atenção à checklist preparada pela @NOAA para estas situações. ℹ️🌀 Hurricane Preparedness
ℹ️🌀 #HurricaneLaura For those who live in the areas that will be affected, it is important to pay attention to the checklist prepared by @NOAA for these situations. ℹ️🌀 Hurricane Preparedness
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1 pm update from #NHC

#HurricaneLaura is rapidly intensifying. "Catastrophic storm surge....extreme winds & flash flooding. Little time to protect life & property!"

#PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #Galveston #StormSurge #Laura Image
"Hurricane Hunters indicate the max winds have increased to 140 mph. Some additional strengthening is possible."

#PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #Galveston #StormSurge #Laura #HurricaneLaura #HurricaneWarning #StormSurge Image
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Here's a thread with the latest on Hurricane #Laura. It continues to strengthen as it moves toward the NW Gulf Coast. Minor to moderate impacts are expected across portions of SE LA and S MS. #lawx #mswx (1/5)
🌊 Life-threatening storm surge flooding is possible across coastal portions of SE LA generally west of Grand Isle.

🌊 Water levels will be highest during high tide today and tomorrow

🌊 Expect several roads to become impassible and some areas to become inaccessible

🌬️ Tropical storm force winds, especially in gusts, will be possible across much of the area

🌬️ The greatest threat for damaging winds will be across areas generally near the Atchafalaya River

🌬️ These winds could cause damage to trees, powerlines, and weak structures.

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ℹ️🌀 O Furacão #Laura está prestes a atingir a costa sul dos 🇺🇸 nos estados do Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi e Alabama.

Laura está a mover-se a 24km/h para NW e tem ventos máximos sustentados de 185km/h, com uma pressão atmosférica de 963mb. 🌀ℹ️ Image
ℹ️🌀 #Laura é um furacão de categoria 3, mas as previsões apontam que continue a ganhar força e atinja a categoria 4 esta noite.

O NHC alerta para uma maré de tempestade potencialmente catastrófica, ventos extremos e inundações repentinas ao longo da costa do Golfo Noroeste.🌀ℹ️ Image
ℹ️🌀 Prevê-se que depois de atingir a costa, o furacão #Laura adopte uma trajectória para Norte em direcção ao estado do Arkansas, onde deverá chegar já enfraquecido.

Para mais informações, acompanhem a conta do National Hurricane Center (NHC) 🇺🇸 @NHC_Atlantic. 🌀ℹ️ Image
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