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To accommodate social distancing, they've also stuck voting machines in hallways in the coliseum....They aren't just on the main arena floor. Last week, election officials told there would be about 100 machines in the building. #laelex
This is kind of nice. Every time there's a new voter, an election official yells "FIRST TIME VOTER!" and everyone cheers. #laelex
And here's the voting scene on the main floor of the coliseum in Lake Charles. I count almost 70 machines. As I said earlier, there are more in the hallways. #laelex
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I'm here at the Burton Coliseum Complex in Lake Charles, where they've put 30 precincts in one location because so many polling places were damaged by #HurricaneLaura and #HurricaneDelta. This is the biggest polling location in Louisiana today. #laelex
Not sure if this photo really captures the situation but there is a very long line just to park your car in the coliseum's parking lot. It's well over 100 cars deep at 10 am. It moves pretty quickly though. I got myself parked in about 10 minutes. #laelex
Inside the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles - where they've put 30 precincts after hurricanes trashed original polling places - things are moving pretty fast! You have to walk through a maze of metal gates...but there are no choke points. #laelex
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#HurricaneDelta was the 25th named Atlantic storm of the 2020 hurricane season. After exhausting a list of prepared names, @WMO turns to the Greek alphabet to name storms.
Hurricanes typically get a massive boost of energy when they pass over warm waters. #HurricaneDelta rapidly intensified to a Category 4 storm. #HurricaneLaura also underwent rapid intensification in the Gulf of Mexico. Natural color satellite image of Hurricane Delta making landImage of Hurricane Delta making landfall with ocean colored
As it made landfall, #HurricaneDelta was generating heavy rainfall. Combining data from @NASARain’s satellites with computer models helps track precipitation to help those living in the storm’s path.
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COMMITTEES DAY: On this, the day #TheMandalorianseason2 trailer is released, I will spend part of my time at the #Rapides Parish School Board committee meetings figuring out when to start rewatching the first season - again. Don't judge me.
Just kidding. 😉
There's a special meeting of the full board scheduled for 4:59 p.m. to adopt adjusted millage rates. Next are the personnel, finance and education committees. Not a lot on the agendas, but there are 2 add-ons and one interesting item.
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(1) Gather round for tonight's #HWstormwatch update. Getting to be too much info for one tweet at the moment.

For now, if you're in the states that are usually affected, you should be checking the forecast at least daily, if not twice a day.

Link:… Image
(2) The X is where the storm is today. The circle is where it is forecast to be in 5 days' time.

The yellow one is going to move away from the US, phew. The orange one will likely end up getting a name. #Sally #Teddy or #Vicky. Image
(3) Storms develop and worsen quickly in the Gulf. So keep watch, if you are there.

In the recent #HurricaneLaura, at least one person died 200 miles inland, from a tree falling on their home.

So the risk these days can go far inland.
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#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 1/2

#HurricaneLaura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

It is difficult to quantify damages, but the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
#HurricaneLaura2020 sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️help to quantify damages around Creole, Cameron Parish

This is a comparison between 16 / 31 August 2020
#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 2/2

#Hurricane #Laura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The damages are widespread and the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
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Residents of SW Louisiana navigating minefield of hazards:
* #HurricaneLaura aftermath with 250K w/o electricity, over 100K w/o water
* Punishing heat/humidity...heat index values 105-109 today
* Coronavirus pandemic (1/x)
Several parishes in SW Louisiana still almost entirely without power, including Calcasieu Parish - home to Lake Charles - amid the relentless heat. “It’s terrible right now. I’m on my third shirt today," said resident. (2/x) Image
Generators are hard to find, expensive, and dangerous if improperly installed. 8 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Louisiana since Laura struck. (3/x)
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Starting tomorrow, you can donate to help our neighbors in East Texas and Louisiana recover from #HurricaneLaura.
The Mayor's H.E.R. Task Force is working with @kroger president Joe Kelly, @GFToday's Jim McIngvale and Trae Tha Truth's Relief Gang top coordinate Houston's Paying it Forward hurricane relief response to #HurricaneLaura.
All donated items will be sent to Port Arthur, Orange, and Beaumont as well as Sulphur and Lake Charles.

Drop off donations at @GRBCC and @GFToday from 9am-4pm.
@kroger stores will also have collection boxes at each of its locations.
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I am happy to announce that the city of @HoustonTX is partnering with local businesses and organizations to collect supplies for residents recovering from #HurricaneLaura.…
All donated items will be sent to our neighbors in Port Arthur, Orange, and Beaumont, TX as well as Sulphur and Lake Charles, LA. The supplies will be distributed to residents trying to recover after their homes and personal belongings were damaged or destroyed by #HurricaneLaura
The relief effort will accept donations beginning Tuesday, September 1st.
People can drop-off donations at the George R. Brown Convention Center and Gallery Furniture from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Kroger Stores will also have collection boxes at each of its locations. #HoustonGivesBack
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Involved in situation in #LakeCharles with senior home where staff abandoned.

Med volunteers on site. Residents currently in AC'd trucks due to heat exhaustion. Doing insulin and BP checks, as well as meal delivery.

2nd abandoned senior home found in #Laura.

Update: After our tweet, official comes by, saw the scene, said he was going to @GOHSEP to "raise hell".

Variety of agencies respond. Say residents will be taken to shelters in buses.

2 hours later... no buses. No responses.

Somebody get this fixed. Raise more hell.
Photo of the agencies responding. Glad they were there, thankful they responded.

Yet, low income seniors, still remain in the street overheating.

More resources than you can shake a stick at in LA.

So why is it up to underfunded VOADs and volunteers to solve these problems?
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🌎🇺🇸Biden y los demócratas se harían un favor enorme denunciando tajantemente los disturbios y virando hacia el cambio climático, ese que está creando mucha más devastación y destruyendo más vidas.

Ellos tienen un programa para atajaron. Trump, no.
🌎🇺🇸”Todo carece de precedentes. Bienvenido a tu Tierra más cálida”.

Sobre los incendios de California y la intensa temporada de huracanes que se está viviendo ahora con #HurricaneLaura.…
🌎🇺🇸Como dicen en el vídeo: todo se ha politizado. El cambio climático, el coronavirus, el racismo, ¡el uso de mascarillas!
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15 years ago today, one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. 1,833 lives were lost, with 40 percent due to drowning. That day made painfully clear our reality: the climate crisis is on our doorstep. 1/4
As #HurricaneLaura overwhelms the Gulf Coast, it's now painfully clear how supercharged these storms are by rising global temps. At the same time, we are fighting multiple interconnected crises - the pandemic, systemic racism & voter suppression among them. 2/4
We need a unified & coherent vision for change. We cannot continue to stand by and watch these disasters unfold. We need to learn from Katrina, Sandy, & now Laura, and demand better. We need leaders that listen to science. 3/4
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Policies @AndrewYang had on his platform that he was ridiculed or made fun of for having, that we're now getting to say #YangWasRight about is astounding.
See thread for each I've noticed so far.
1) Freedom Dividend…
We have somewhere between 45-60% depending on the polls that show adults in support of UBI
2) Fighting the rise of White Nationalism and Domestic Terrorism…
Ex. The 16yo boy in WI and all of the various "militia" groups like the Proudboys/Boogaloo/KKK
See Also: #3) Fight the spread of hateful ideas…
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Time to pop that top on the @GovAndyBeshear Fear Beer! 🍻 to only 3 more years!
Expect immediate gloating in reports from @BGPolitics saying the CDC reversed its decision on not being tested if asymptomatic.
Something is causing a holdup. @GovAndyBeshear is usually right on time.
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This will be done many times, I’m sure, but I wanted to compile some local/regional groups that are helping folks on the ground in the wake of #HurricaneLaura

A thread.

Second Harvest Food Bank- south Louisiana:…

World Central Kitchen:!…

Community foundation of SW Louisiana (based in Lake Charles):…

United Way of SWLA Disaster Fund:

Junior League, diapers and hygiene products:……
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When I was in New Orleans reporting out a story on the upcoming 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in mid-July, I had no idea a Category 4 hurricane would hit Louisiana the same week as the anniversary. But here we are. #HurricaneLaura's sustained winds outpace Katrina's.
During my week in New Orleans, I learned what happens after the storm is just as important as what happens during it. New Orleans, especially the 7th and 9th wards, hold lessons for other cities that are just beginning to grapple with severe flooding.
That's what this video that @heypenner and I published today is about. New Orleanians know nothing can stop a Katrina or a Laura. But there are things neighborhoods can do to mitigate flooding year-round that help bolster the city for storms to come.
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#HurricaneLaura made landfall in Louisiana. Forecasters warn an "unsurvivable" storm surge — up to 20ft — could go 40 miles inland.

▪️ 620,000 told to evacuate
▪️ At least 150 not leaving
▪️ TX: Evacuees with no money/shelter put in hotels, Austin/Dallas already out of rooms ImageImageImage
#HurricaneLaura made landfall as a Category 4 storm, the strongest to hit Louisiana in 150 years. It comes 15 years after Katrina killed over 1,800 people.

It is now Cat. 2. In Lake Charles:
▪️ 120mph winds blew out skyscraper windows
▪️ "No way to get to" stranded people Image
#HurricaneLaura killed at least 21 people in Haiti, including a baby and child.

Flash floods carrying rocks collapsed buildings, trapping some people as they slept: "Water rushed up to my neck in no time."

▪️ Almost 200 homeless
▪️ At least 3 others killed in Dominican Republic ImageImageImage
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#Laura has made landfall in Louisiana as a Cat.4 #Hurricane
@NHC_Atlantic warns of "unsurvivable storm surge with large & destructive waves which will cause catastrophic damage"
Our thoughts are with those affected
#Sentinel3 🇪🇺🛰 thermal view of #HurricaneLaura Image
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#NWS issued an update at 1:14am for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
Storm Surge for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
Flooding rains for

- Beaumont
- Nederland
- Port Arthur
- Sabine Pass

#Cat4 #PortArthur #Beaumont #LakeCharles #SabinePass #Nederland #HurricaneLaura #Laura #StormSurge Image
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#LA Shelter being provided at the Houma Municipal for evacuees, residents who need transportation to safety please call 985-873-6357. Bring a supply of food if possible. Household pets will be registered at a local shelter and reunited with owners once safe. #HurricaneLaura
#LA Alexandria Animal Shelter is accepting pets for boarding from those evacuating. 200 Animal Shelter Road, Alexandria LA 71301; (337) 291-5644.
Evacuees coming to Texas, FOUR centers have been established throughout San Antonio and Austin, will hotels available.
Evacuees should call 211 or Austin 311 (512-974-2000) for assistance in identifying the closest sheltering location
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LATEST: #HurricaneLaura has made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane. Cars and trucks drive away from the Gulf along Interstate 10 as Hurricane Laura strengthens.

#HurricaneLaura made landfall early Thursday in Louisiana as one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the state.

#Laura is threatening the region with “catastrophic storm surge,” flash floods and devastating winds
"We just trying, I've been homeless for 2 years boss.”

#HurricaneLaura forced people to leave homes in Texas and Louisiana in the largest U.S. evacuation during #Covid19
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Things are picking up in Lake Charles, as evidenced by a huge gust hitting Stephanie Abrams during her live shot on The Weather Channel #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
And here was another huge gust that almost knocked Stephanie Abrams down #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
You can tell the eyewall is coming into Lake Charles as both Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are having quite the time staying upright #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
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We will be shutting down the stream of Hurricane Laura soon. We will be replying to this tweet with the links to each of the streams so you can continue to monitor them after. Be sure to subscribe on Youtube for notifications on similar future content and more!

Top left can be found here:

Top right:

Bottom left:…

Bottom right:

Be sure to subscribe to our youtube as well for future content!…

Thanks for watching!
We also recommend checking out @IntelDoge stream as he continues to cover #HurricaneLaura
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