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If we want to avoid a Mad Max hellscape, the easiest, most effective big step is a tax on carbon, with the revenue returned to all Americans, evenly, as a #UBI.

This #CarbonDividend removes shadow subsidies on pollution, corrects market incentives, AND helps the poor.
Thread on #Hurricane Ida and how Climate Change affects hurricanes
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🇺🇸 : L'ouragan #Ida, de catégorie 4, a balayé la Louisiane. C'est l'#Hurricane le plus important à frapper l'État depuis 1850. Les vents sont terriblement forts. #idahurricane #HurricaneIda
🇺🇸 : OURAGAN #IDA D’importants dégâts matériels sont à déplorer sur la côte de Louisiane, notamment dans les environs de La Nouvelle-Orléans
🇺🇸 : La Nouvelle-Orléans & La Louisiane
Une partie des toits du bâtiment s'est envolée suite à l'impact de l'ouragan Ida.
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Simply terrifying.

#Louisiana #HurricaneIda #Hurricane 🌀 #Ida #GulfCoast

Here is additional video of a camp in Port Fourchon, near #GrandIsle, as #Ida came ashore.

Credit: Jeremy DiBenedetto

#HurricaneIda #Louisiana #zGulfCoast #Hurricane 🌀
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Live tweeting my listening experience for #donda
Wtf is track 1. Donda chant #dondatrack1 #donda
Track 2 jail. Kayne vocals are in the back ground and repeats. Jayzs lyrics are good
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🇺🇸 : #Louisiane L'ouragan #Ida a officiellement touché terre en catégorie 4 sur 5 à hauteur de Port Fourchon au sud de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Avec des vents max autour de son centre à 240 km/h 150 mph) et une pression de 930 hPa !
🇺🇸 : #Louisiane Les rafales atteignent 160 km/h à Grand Isle au sud de la Nouvelle-Orléans
#Hurricane #Ida
🇺🇸 : #Ida La ville côtière de #Biloxi dans le #Mississippi est touchée par l'onde de tempête de l'ouragan
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Well, it’s going to be an interesting day.
I always wanted to see Level 3…
Really it’s all a matter of timescales. For the last hour it’s been a windy, overcast, quite pleasant day in the city of New Orleans. In the extreme long term, the universe will reach maximum entropy and suffer a “heat death.” The next 48 hours? Well those numbers are arbitrary.
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Might go Cat 5!

Per @NHC_Atlantic: 700 AM CDT Key Messages for #Ida: Extremely life-threatening storm surge & catastrophic wind damage are imminent where core of #Ida moves onshore in next few hours
#Hurricane 🌀 #Ida #HurricaneIda #Louisiana #GulfCoast

9:20pm to 5:20am, #Hurricane 🌀 #Ida eye stabilizes & intensifies further just before landfall… winds topping 150 mph. Going to be devastating for those in and just east of eyewall. #HurricaneIda #Louisiana #GulfCoast #HurricaneKatrina 16 yrs ago today
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Hurricane Ida has an intensity of 100mph, with a pressure of 976mb. Ida has done a jog to the northeast, but the long term motion is to the northwest. Ida is forecast to make landfall along the central Louisiana coastline late Sunday afternoon and evening. #LAwx #Hurricane #Ida
As for Louisiana, Ida is expected to bring significant and long lasting impacts to the state. Ida upon landfall is forecasted to be a entry level category 4 hurricane with 130mph winds. #lawx #HurricaneIda #Ida
Areas along the central and eastern coastline are expected to see destructive winds greater than 130mph. Catastrophic wind damage to structures is expected with some well built structures severely damaged. Power outages and tree damage will be universal. #lawx #HurricaneIda #Ida
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#Hurricane 🌀 #Ida will likely be the first major hurricane of 2021 season impacting #Louisiana #GulfCoast

#HurricaneIda ImageImageImageImage
From the 11am EDT, Saturday, 8/26 #Hurricane 🌀 #Ida Forecast Discussion Number 9, NWS National Hurricane Center, Miami FL. #HurricaneIda #Louisiana #GulfCoast Image
3 hours of Hurricane 🌀 #Ida satellite 🛰 imagery (9:28am to 12:28pm), the eye clearly emerges as Ida begins its predicted rapid intensification. #Louisiana #Mississippi #hurricaneida #gulfcoast
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starting the weekend thread to force my sober self to embrace the CLIT
WEEKEND thread on challenge mode
BIDEN screwed up so much this week that it brought Mister Metokur back from the dead Image
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#Ida is now forecast to be a Category 4 #hurricane in the northern Gulf. 5 hurricanes have brought sustained Cat. 4-5 winds in Louisiana per NOAA on record (since 1851):

Last Island (1856)
Cheniere Caminanda (1893)
Betsy (1965)
Camille (1969)
Laura (2020)

Katrina was Cat. 3.
Camille brought sustained Cat. 5 winds to Louisiana. Four other storms brought sustained Cat. 4 winds. NOAA's hurricane impacts database is here:…
We also have recently advocated to categorize hurricanes using pressure rather than wind, as it correlates better with storm size and normalized damage. Using that categorization, Katrina would have been classified as a Category 5 at landfall:…
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1. #HurricaneIda. I'd take this one seriously. Here is the spaghetti models that echo the official report from National Hurricane Center Miami that says there's very little disagreement in the models.…
2. Here is the recent NWS report.…
3. One thing about a #hurricane, we usually have time to prepare. Let's get it done. @LouisianaGov @tatereeves @GregAbbott_TX @NationalGuard @WHCOS @PressSec
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@NjHassel sadly passed away on January 8th. He was an exceptional human being, father, husband, friend and scientist.

A 🧵highlighting some of his many scientific contributions.
#fungi #nitrogen #isotopes #climatechange 1/n Image
@NjHassel did this MS with Matthew Germino at @IdahoStateU

He tested how Cenococcum colonization influences establishment of young conifers at alpine-treeline. 2/n…
He did his PhD with Michael Allen at @UCRiverside focusing on ecophysiology of #tropicalforests

He described strategies by evergreen and drought-deciduous trees to overcome seasonal water limitations in tropical forests. 3/n…
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Extreme #Weather Events Like Devastating #Floods Cost #India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report…

(📸: C Suresh Kumar/TOI, BCCL, Chennai) Image
Fifteen extreme weather events, influenced by #climatechange, were identified globally this year, including the terrible #floods that struck India cost $10 billion, killing 2,000, a UK charity report said on Monday.

The #London-based Christian Aid's report, 'Counting the cost 2020: A year of climate breakdown', said 10 of those events cost $1.5 billion or more.The #US was hit by the highest costs due to the record-breaking #hurricane season and #fires.

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Parts of the Arctic averaged up to +14 °C above normal for the entire month of November.

Preliminary data suggesting we witnessed the hottest November globally on record.

2020 is on track to be the hottest year on record.

Cold in Canada,
Cool La Niña in the pacific,
Cold in Central Asia...

But that's about it for cold.

Enormous warm anomaly over the Arctic from Arctic amplification with significant heat records tumbling in Australia.
Speaking of Australia (again)...

-Hottest November ever.
-Hottest Spring on record and +2 °C above the 1961-1990 average.

First ever spring with an anomaly above +2 °C.

🇦🇺 Stats via @BOM_au ImageImage
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#Nicaragua #Honduras #ElSalvador #Hurricanlota

Hurricane #Iota Advisory 13A: Category 5 Iota Headed For Nicaragua. Expected to Bring Catastrophic Winds, Life-Threatening Storm Surge, and Torrential Rainfall to Central America.

Stay save everyone💙
For the 1st time on record (since 1851), we have 5 straight years with a Category 5 #hurricane in the Atlantic.

2016: Matthew
2017: Irma/Maria
2018: Michael
2019: Dorian/Lorenzo
Now in 2020, #Iota.

The latest we've ever recorded a Cat. 5 in a year. Just the 2nd in November.
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50 years ago today was the Bhola cyclone, one of the deadliest tropical storms in world history. It killed up to half a million people in what was then East #Pakistan, and triggered the #Bangladesh liberation war
The Pakistani authorities were negligent & frankly unconcerned about the devastation in their eastern wing. (A bit like President Trump's response to #hurricane Maria in #PuertoRico). Weeks later they held the first democratic election in #Pakistan's history
East Bengali nationalists Awami League @albd1971 campaigned against the failures of the Pakistani state & won one of the most stunning democratic victories ever.
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#EUSpace for global monitoring

#Hurricane #Sally has caused catastrophic #flooding in #Florida & #Alabama 🇺🇸

⬇️ @CopernicusEU #Sentinel1🇪🇺🛰️ radar image of the eye of #HurricaneSally off the #US coast, before it made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama Image
Thanks to @ai6yrham for the inspiration!
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#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 1/2

#HurricaneLaura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

It is difficult to quantify damages, but the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
#HurricaneLaura2020 sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️help to quantify damages around Creole, Cameron Parish

This is a comparison between 16 / 31 August 2020
#ImageOfTheDay - Thread 2/2

#Hurricane #Laura sowed death & destruction on the Louisiana coast 🇺🇸

The damages are widespread and the images of @CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️give an idea of the devastation around Cameron Parish

Check the before/after comparison below⬇️ Image
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#Laura has made landfall in Louisiana as a Cat.4 #Hurricane
@NHC_Atlantic warns of "unsurvivable storm surge with large & destructive waves which will cause catastrophic damage"
Our thoughts are with those affected
#Sentinel3 🇪🇺🛰 thermal view of #HurricaneLaura Image
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Major changes in the last 12 hours: A new center of circulation has formed in the depression, and 45 mile per hour (75 km / hr) winds were detected in what is now classified as Tropical Storm #Laura.

** en español en…

This new vortex location, no less than 70 miles south of where the National Hurricane Center (NHC) had estimated it was located, puts the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in play.

Tropical Storm Warnings will likely be issued at 11 AM for everyone, with the possible exception of the Dominican Republic where they may start with a Storm Watch first. In other words, it is now much more likely that storm winds will be felt…

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6 months ago this morning, Category-5 #Hurricane #DORIAN, with winds of 160 knots (185 mph), made perfect, direct hit on Marsh Harbour in #Bahamas. I was there. This morning I’ll tweet like I would’ve in real time, if I’d still had connection to outside world. Check back here.
11:30 am (01 Sep): In a school on a hill—hunkered down in solid-concrete classroom with 11 others, including toddlers. Radar says hurricane’s inner core is just about here. Winds getting nasty—trees coming down, stuff flying. Feel like I'm about to get on rollercoaster. 973.4 mb.
12:12 pm (01 Sep): Getting deep in cyclone's inner core. Wind coming in big, sweeping pulses—& getting worse. Roaring. Gusts hammering walls with force of dynamite. Watching it all through cracks in shutters on downwind side of room. 952.4 mb.
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Time for countdown: my Top 10 chases of 2010s! I've got lots of war stories, & it hurt to limit myself to 10. Criteria varied, ranging from intensity to fear factor to footage coolness to quality of my data. Rankings are subjective, & y'all may hate my decisions. Ready? Let's go!
No. 10: #Typhoon #KAMMURI
Dec 2019 – Legazpi City, PHILIPPINES – Cat 4
Intense Christmastime cyclone slammed Filipino port city. Despite nighttime darkness, I caught some of my best footage of combo wind/water assault on waterfront. Bonus: weirdly violent wave action in calm eye.
My timestamped footage from #KAMMURI. The real pounding (in the front eyewall) happens from ~11:16 pm to ~12 midnight. Wind & water become one ferocious flow of energy ripping in off the gulf:
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1/5—Full report coming! In meantime, remarks Re: my #Hurricane #DORIAN data:

Buildup to peak winds was gradual—even once I was in eyewall—likely because of cyclone’s slow forward motion.

Eye had bright, misty quality—I didn’t get stadium effect. Lull lasted long: ~1:05-2:30pm.
2/5—I collected data w/ 2 devices. They matched well: 913.4mb (1:50pm) & 913.7mb (1:53pm) in eye. I sadly ended data collection in eye, as I needed to relocate to safety. I believe I caught min pressure, as it was starting to edge upwards when I relocated—but can’t be sure. Grrr.
3/5—It’s clear my location was stricken by high-energy mesovortices. Couldn't see them in 100% whiteout, but that’s only explanation for crazy pressure fluctuations & also damage—i.e., car thrown from parking lot up onto lawn next to our bunker, *against* primary wind flow.
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