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Madonna says she felt ‘raped’ after song leak, hates hearing her old music #washedup incoming outrage?…
Madonna angry over New York Times profile, says she still feels raped

Waiting for the outrage from the left...…
#DumpsterFire Madonna is comparing a recent interview and subsequent magazine article to being “raped” — and she is not backing down from her statements.…
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THIS is why I love Brandon!!! This is just FANTASTIC.
Please share this if you agree - #LoveTrumpsHate
Looks like she closed it down with the inpouring of love 🤷🏻‍♀️
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New Q: Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Info (TS-SCI) clearance req to enter SCIFs. Uncleared visitors not allowed. Appropriate level badges req & electonic logs exist. Q has logs fm 29 Jan 18 mtg in DC Capitol basement SCIF. Assuming Hussein present.
2. Reporters lurking the boards? You don't say! She wants to do a "balanced story on Q". Do you believe it will be "a fair article"?

Not sure why @johnmcdonnellMP replied to that tweet with a "Q". He is Labour Party (left leaning). I can't find it on his timeline now.
3. Seems we are getting closer to a reporter asking POTUS about Q.

We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.
What are they waiting for?
They can end this at any time simply by asking POTUS, right?
We may have to ‘force’ this one.

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A mega-thread on why you must #VoteBlueToSaveAmericanDemocracy
Midterm Elections are always a referendum on the job #POtuS is doing
So unless you are one of the willfully ignorant or only watch #FoxRussia
You must Vote for @TheDemocrats
Democrats are a "big tent" group & often our different passions conflict but we have NO room for that this year
Let's start with what America stands for-
As a democratic republic-we elect people to Congress who represent US
Did @GOP just do that with Kavanaugh confirmation?
Or did we see the raw abuse of power of #GOPCorruption where a minority of old white men not only flouted the Rule of Law & squelched @FBI from it's mission but rammed him through despite the fervent opposition of the overwhelming majority of US?
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My reflections last night on manipulation of people with #fakenews #propaganda On seeing #mural I was struck by similarity with early 20thC graphics in fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion, used by many - including Hitler in Mein Kampf - to attack Jews. @mrjamesob
That got me thinking about another famous fake, the Zinoviev letter, used against Labour in 1924. It was published by Daily Mail 4 days before the election. Did that swing it? When MI5 found it was fake, they were too embarrassed to tell new Tory govt.
Then I thought about fantastic #JuliusCaesar I've just seen, where oratory is used cynically to sway people. This apposite production makes clear how the people (promenade audience) are pushed first one way then another by sophistry. Brilliant performances btw @NationalTheatre
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(1) Anatomy of an MSM segment:
A: Present two extremes of a topic and pander to their differences.
B: Hire "experts" to compete for camera time.
C: End segment unresolved. It's too complicated to discern the right answer.
Now, let's analyse this chemically. #mkultra #qanon
(2) When we are beset by two extremes, we end up with tunnel vision. This is fight/flght. It puts the viewer in a reptilian mindset. The drama, the music, the quick segments. This or that! Now the actors come in pretending to be experts. They are here to etract adrenalin. #qanon
(3) It doesn't matter which "expert" you choose. If he is attacked you feel his shame. When he scores a point you get hit with the same dopamine. This is the dark magic of the checkerboard. It's the confusion of light and shadow. The segment ends unresolved. Why? #mkultra #qanon
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