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27 Jun
🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates Pride🏳️‍🌈

Today: And The Band Played On

A book by journalist Randy Shilts, adapted into a movie about the rise of AIDS in the 1980s & the part politics, bureaucracy & homophobia played in the failed response to the crisis.
The movie And the Band Played On was made in 1993 & told through protagonist Don Francis — an epidemiologist with the CDC who worked on the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak in 1976.

In 1981, Francis became aware of a growing number of deaths in gay men in LA, NY & SFO.
The movie And the Band Played On (1993), is told through protagonist Don Francis played by @MatthewModine an epidemiologist w/the CDC who worked on the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak.

In 1981, Francis becomes aware of a growing number of deaths in gay men in LA, NY & SFO.
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2 Jun
Say every one of their names—Then #SayTheirNames again.

It matters.

Beloved children, spouses, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, neighbors.

Denial of racism IS racism
Silence IS compliance

#BlackOutTuesday, no commentary needed—A Thread
#GEORGEFLOYD, 46 —911 call from a grocery worker claiming an attempted forgery.

Responding LEO w/17 previous infractions held him down for 9 minutes by the neck as 2 LEOs assisted & 1 did nothing.

His life drained out of him as he said #ICantBreathe

4 Officers fired—1 charged.
#AHMAUDARBERY, 25—Jogging, hunted down & shot by 2 men while a 3rd videotaped the murder. They claimed they suspected him of a burglary. Homeowner of house being built states nothing was taken.

2 men charged with murder & aggravated assault. Videotaper claims bystander—Pending.
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31 May
When I’ve been pulled over by the police for a traffic violation—I’ve only ever worried about if I’ll get a ticket or not, how much it will cost & the inconvenience of traffic court.

I’ve never worried about whether or not I‘ll live or die.

But I’m white.

When I’ve gone to a grocery store (or any store) and written a check, or paid with cash or credit, I’ve never worried about a store employee calling the police to claim I was committing forgery.

But I’m white.

When I’ve gone out for a jog or explored a house being built, I’ve never worried if anyone will hunt me down to kill me— then try to falsely claim theft to justify murder after video evidence surfaced 2 months later.

But I’m white.


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5 May
This is flying under the radar—

As #COVID19 spreads like wildfire in US detention Trump’s regime is:

—Not protecting/testing detainees

—Intentionally underreporting migrant cases

—Deporting them KNOWING they’re infected

—Deliberately spreading COVID19 worldwide

Last weekend—25 migrants housed in MA Bristol County JAIL were assaulted & pepper sprayed, sending 3 to hospital for refusing to sign papers that said "everything is okay w/conditions"

The Trump ally sheriff claims they refused testing & damaged property.
No surprise —

@ICEgov sided w/trump ally @BristolSheriff Hodgson & his guards who brought dogs in, pepper sprayed & claimed detainees caused "severe damage to property“

…Despite recent building records submitted to a judge proving contrary evidence.

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14 Apr
A delivery of #COVID19 test kits to WA State was seized & diverted by the federal gov’t.

They were forced to order them overseas due to Trump’s incompetence & still ongoing test shortages.

At today’s #TrumpPressConf he repeated—states are on their own.…
The LA times reported about the federal government seizing, diverting & stockpiling medical supplies from overseas last week.

FEMA’s response: “Reports of FEMA commandeering or re-routing such supplies are false.”

Oh. Look at that.

The governor of Illinois has been reduced to chartering flights from China in secret to avoid Trump’s authoritarian government from stealing medical supplies.

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23 Mar
In plain language, here’s why every single Dem shot down the $1.8 TRILLION Taxpayer funded NON-BIPARTISAN GOP Senate #COVID19 bill 2x in which McConnell chose not to consult with one Dem & are currently vilifying them for…

Grab a coffee & please read……
McConnell’s GOP bill includes a $500,000,000,000.00 corporate slush fund to do as Trump & the GOP please, at will, w/Zero transparency, for CEOs & the ultra rich, incl Trump businesses.

Sum total = ZERO for American citizens, workers & families/children

McConnell’s GOP bill has weak Corp stock buyback language that can be waived by Treasury Secretary:
—Executive compensation limits only last 2 years
—Language on worker retention is weak, incl easy outs for corps—can fire at will
—Zero assurances/any proof US workers will benefit
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12 Mar
PSA from a good friend of mine, a PhD in nursing & professor at U of WA School of Medicine, after working a triple shift:

“Please please please stop hoarding masks! Unless you‘re providing direct care to patients coughing in your face, YOUR MASK WILL NOT PROTECT YOU
Staying home & washing your hands may protect you, but MASKS WILL NOT.

Do you know who your masks will protect? Those of us in the healthcare field who are RUNNING OUT OF MASKS because people keep stealing them from our waiting rooms & off of personal protection equipment carts.
All Seattle-area hospitals are now mask rationing because there is a critical shortage of masks here. And they are getting really hard to replace - BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE HOARDING THEM.

This means my nurses working double+ shifts get one mask per day to protect themselves.

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25 Jan
With #ImpeachmentTrial this isn’t getting the attention it deserves…

After Trump completely wiped the Clean Water Act in Nov. he’s now obliterating Obama-Era protections for waterways.

This should alarm everyone, despite politics. This will affect every single American.

Nov 2019—Trump announced his repeal of all major Obama-era CWA
that limited the amount of pollution & chemicals in rivers, lakes, streams & wetlands.

More—Trump forced the EPA to limit Scientific evidence/facts used to write public health laws & regs.…
Our water, etc. are already contaminated due to Trump’s rollbacks on
—Deadly pesticides

Arsenic, lead, carcinogens & more have increased under the EPA SDWA acceptable toxic levels bc of Trump.

L—Coal ash in H2O
R—Pesticides/arsenic in H2O
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9 Jan
Since I’ve experienced it 1st hand more than once— I’m going to tell you what it’s like when you have a loved one & immediate family member who’s serving in a combat zone away from you, or is suddenly deployed with less than 24 hours notice to a war zone…

Before they leave, you scramble to make sure everything’s in order:
—Last minute checks for next of kin notifications…just in case

Time always comes too fast—You wait til the last second watching their plane & your heart depart.
And you feel gutted & terrified.
You spend hours, days & sometimes, weeks waiting to hear from them.
And when you don’t, even though you swore you wouldn’t, you finally give in—terrified of what you may find & check the news anyway—to look for stories of air strikes or hostile activity in their part of the world
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23 Dec 19
‘Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the House.
They gathered in Congress,
and finally impeached the louse.
All roads with Trump lead to Putin,
‘cause he got him “elected”
The dotard thought if he cheated AGAIN,
it would go undetected.
His lies and his legitimacy
will never be believed.
The people have spoken: You’re #IMPEACHED Donald,
Please leave “President” Number Three.
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17 Nov 19
A summary of the first week of #ImpeachmentHearings

Here are all the witnesses’ opening statements & key excerpts before the @HouseIntel committee in one thread.

William Taylor
George Kent
Marie Yovanovitch
David Holmes
Timothy Morrison
Jennifer Williams


William Taylor—Acting Ukraine Ambassador, Nov 13, 2019 Opening Statement:




George Kent—Deputy Asst SOS, EU & Eurasia, Nov 13, 2019 Opening Statement:



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13 Oct 19

Dear @facebook

You aided & abetted Cambridge Analytica & Russia to favor Trump in 2016.

It didn’t matter to you that a tyrant was installed, not fairly elected due in large part to your platform—all for profit.

You’re clearly favoring him again for 2020.


Cambridge Analytica harvested data on 50 Million people & had data on 230 Million more from @facebook

C-A, now Emerdata, is owned by Mercer & was run by Steve Bannon who compiled & used this data to sway the outcome of 2016 elections to favor Trump.

Christopher Wylie blew the whistle on @facebook allowing the harvesting 230M user’s data to C-A, who then used the data to target & sway American voters.

FB deleted his account.

C-A/Emerdata’s entire endgame is to infiltrate & sway elections; Globally

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11 Oct 19
Last year on #NationalComingOutDay, a young man I know had a life altering effect on me when he became a statistic.

25% of youth who come out to their family immediately become homeless. If you’re POC, the statistic is higher.

Here’s Jack’s story from #NationalComingOutDay 2018
Last Sunday— October 6, 1998 was the 21st anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepherd. He was driven to a remote, rural area in WY, robbed, pistol-whipped, tied to a fence, tortured & left to die all because he was gay.

He would’ve been 42 years old.

Had the world had not known Matthew Shepherd & seen how hate let him be beaten, bruised & forgotten to die on a fence post—or Jack become homeless— days like #NationalComingOutDay or #Pride month wouldn’t need to exist.

I long for the day when there is no need to declare this.
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2 Oct 19
So…Let’s recap: One week into the official #ImpeachmentInquiry
The following NEW information has come to light:

🔹Trump/Zelensky redacted transcript released; proves Trump’s extortion
🔹Trump personally pressured Australian PM to help discredit USIC/Mueller probe findings


🔹Trump regime hid the transcript of the call with Australian PM on codeword, secret NSA server
🔹Trump implicates Pence for his phone calls w/Ukraine #PenceKnew
🔹Trump rants on twitter about arresting Adam Schiff for Treason
🔹Trump threatens a Civil War if he’s impeached
🔹Trump mocks 16 y/o climate activist Greta Thunberg on twitter while at the #ClimateChange Summit
🔹Trump wanted to build moats w/reptiles & wanted US CBP/Military to shoot immigrants at the border
🔹Trump personally called UK PM Boris Johnson to help him discredit Mueller probe
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15 Sep 19
His debt inexplicably disappeared
They refused to release 96% of his records
He lied under oath
They mocked ALL sexual assault allegations
Their “investigation” was a sham
They destroyed the life of Dr. Ford

For of us who are victims—WE KNEW. And it’s triggering all over again…
Groups who came out against Kavanaugh & called for a legitimate FBI investigation:
—American Bar Association
—Amnesty International
—650+ Law Professors
—SJ of Catholic Priests
—Natl Council of Churches
—Yale Law School
—His former law clerks

The Kavanaugh hearings & the so-called FBI investigation were fraudulent. 40+ 3 victims pleaded w/the FBI to testify. Truth was silenced.

He repeatedly lied under oath, his debt disappeared & 96% /1M of his records weren’t released


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3 Sep 19
I live in a country where a man— who will Never have laws giving the government power over his body, but wants no government legislation on an exponentially growing gun epidemic— will always predictably deflect to & cite lies about abortion in response to a tweet on gun violence.
I live in a country where the “pro-life” party tries make the abortion rate go down by denying women:
Healthcare & Birth Control
Maternity benefits
Equal pay & an ERA

And enable a rape culture society,
allow 99.4% of rapists to walk free & demand women & girls give forced birth.
I live in a country where 9930 victims who had heartbeats have been shot dead this year—so far.

How the “pro-life” party cares soo much about heartbeats:
—Take #NRABloodMoney
—Give thoughts & prayers to the victims
—Block all gun reform & votes
—Enable a continuing gun epidemic
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30 Aug 19
A few months after Hitler became Führer, the Nazis wanted power beyond their borders.

On Hitler’s orders, Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess charged German-American immigrant Heinz Spanknobel to form the pro-Nazi movement in the US

The Friends of New Germany was est. Jul ‘33 in the US…
The Friends of New Germany advocated Hitler’s Nationalism, restoration of Aryan race & the fascist Nazi cause.

They attacked the press, stormed newspaper offices, targeted Jewish people & businesses & held swastika laden rallies in black & white uniforms

In an anti-fascist 1930’s functioning US democracy, Spanknobel was quickly deported 3 months later in Oct 1933 for failing to register as a foreign agent.

But the seeds of Naziism & fascism were already planted…

A successive group was formed—the German American Bund.
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20 Aug 19
So this happened a week ago & it’s getting zero attention—
The 3rd annual hackers convention @defcon @VotingVillageDC

The vulnerabilities found on easily hacked voting machines were astronomical & alarming.

Result—Congress must mandate US election security.

Let’s unwrap this…
2017 was the first year hackers were given free reign to try to hack US voting equipment of all types.

In 2017, Hackers @defcon @VotingVillageDC were able to hack all machines used in the 2016, in as little as 90 minutes.

In 2017, they found a CF card in a surplussed Diebold electronic voting machine (EVM) with active voter rolls from the 2008 election in a SQLite database, plain text.

Folks…this is an alarming example of how secure state’s voting records are:

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20 Aug 19
April 5, 1968—the day after Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, Jane Elliot put her 3rd grade students through an experiment to teach them about racial prejudice.

It’s been 51 years since her famous blue eyes vs brown eyes experiment.



Jane Elliot’s famous experiment on racial prejudice: She divided the children, who were all white, by eye color, then she told the children that people with blue eyes were smarter, faster & better than those with brown eyes.

His entire presidency is based on his racism, as is his re-election strategy.

Hate crimes have increased exponentially in just 3 years— they’re emboldened by rhetoric “infested” with racism & xenophobia of a white Nationalist at the helm.


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14 Aug 19
Still reeling from the gross hypocrisy of Italian-Irish descendant, @USCISCuccinelli overt racism—it’s appalling.

I’m an Italian-Irish descendant of immigrants— Anyone w/Italian or Irish origin grew up hearing stories of bigotry against their immigrant ancestors who weren’t WASP
Cuccinelli is Italian—He only wants immigrants from Europe, from where his ancestors came from.

Italians were banned from immigrating to the US <100 years ago.

This is how his immigrant ancestors were treated—he’s doing the same thing to immigrants now
Cuccinelli is Irish—they were the 1st US targets for deportation and sent back for being “public charges”—the words he used.

Fact—An 1840s Anti-Irish law is the basis of Trump’s latest plan to ban immigrants who receive food stamps or other benefits.
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23 Jun 19

A brief list of the horrific atrocities occurring, that we know of in #TrumpConcentrationCamps

They are the legal definition of Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide

⚠️Children have disappeared, records weren’t kept, some “adopted” out—murmurs of trafficking

⚠️Lack of soap, toothbrushes, towels, diapers, formula, feminine supplies
⚠️Forced to sleep on concrete floors or outside in the dirt & heat, in cages
⚠️Frigid & overcrowded cells
⚠️Lights kept on all night long, ensuring little to no sleep

⚠️Inadequate/inedible food
⚠️No running/potable water
⚠️Overflowing toilets
⚠️No sanitation measures
⚠️Illness/disease is rampant
⚠️Denied medical care
⚠️Medicine including insulin is confiscated
⚠️Menstrual records kept on female detainees
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