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We can march. Hell, we can set shit on actual fire for #RoeVWadeprotest but it will not matter. It won't move a single GOP vote or oneSCOTUS Justice. What matters is the really unsexy work of local and state politics, canvassing for pro-women candidates, and fuck-tons of MONEY. +
The capital, and the country are not no longer moved by marches and #streetprotest. They might be effective for local political pressure, but at the national level? Nope. Dems have had many chances to codify Roe, but they haven't. They keep using #abortionrights as both carrot +
and stick. But the GOP, Sen. McConnell, they are not fucking around. They will outlaw abortion. It's only been their stated, a deepest, political goal since I was 4 years old. Sure, get in the street, get your blood up, make connections, but remember +
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Farmer @RepHawthorne thinks life begins when a MAN plants his SEED in her egg. Like a flag on Moon. If you plant any seed: ya can’t just plant it and ta-da: it’s alive! A tomato! A radish! A baby! For a human? In 24 weeks it will be LIFE! {AND, a CITIZEN—if BORN!
If a child, you might consider a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg within their own bodies also “babies.” But NO. Produce anyone of those outside the body before 24 weeks (sperm, egg, or, combo)? None of them will be a baby, Farmer @RepCawthorn . There is no “instant” baby mix.
Sure, could pick fertilized seeds out and put them in Petri dishes: with lots of science/attention: can replant: and, again, with a human, still NOT a baby for…24 weeks. And, by Constitutional Law, NOT a CITIZEN til birth. The WOMAN is the CITIZEN. SHE is BORN. @RepCawthorn
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Women’s rights and democracy – America is backsliding on both. A 🧵 for #WomensHistoryMonth @BrennanCenter 1/14…
In 2021 the U.S. was flagged as a backsliding democracy by @Int_IDEA – w/ noted lapses in effect­ive legis­lat­ive bodies and freedoms of expres­sion and assembly 2/14
Around the same time, when TX #SB8 went into effect some smart folks looked at the correlation between abortion rollbacks & back­slid­ing demo­cracies @nytimes @Max_Fisher 3/14…
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A thread with suggested readings by female scholars & authors shedding light on why the US has been unable to make women's equality the law of the land #ERA It's partly because men don't read/listen to women as much as they should. #womenknowlaw @womenknowlaw @eraprojectcls
Reva Siegel, Constitutional Conflict and the De-Facto ERA…
Martha Davis on ERA Then and Now…
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Amy Coney Barrett's remark about abortion and adoption today was absolutely reptilian. Does she think the average woman, even one who would choose an abortion, could carry a child for 9 months with no affect on her psyche as well as her body? Most women keep the child.
Giving up one's own flesh and blood for adoption is not simple - it is traumatic for both mother & child. Our foster care sytem is dangerous and poorly run. Our social safety net is nothing compared to other wealthy countries. Abortion takes place before any attachment is formed.
As to religion, let me add my religious views here because no one else has. A woman's sexual & reproductive autonomy are sacred and absolute in my faith. Because a woman risks her life in continuing the species, that sacrifice and risk should only be undertaken by her own choice.
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#BackToSchool Conservatives like to insist that they revere the U.S. Constitution, though many have very little familiarity with it. There’s many more amendments than just their favorite, #2.
1/ Thread #Constitution #DemsWork4USA
We have 3 Branches of Government:
1. Legislative: makes laws; Article 1
2. Executive: enforces laws; Article 2
3. Judicial: interprets laws; Article 3
2/ #backtoschool #Constitution
When the Constitution was written there were two entrenched factions. Federalists: supported the Constitution; wanted a strong central government,;  Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote Federalist Papers trying to get the public to support the Constitution.
3/ #backtoschool
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“A Tedious Explanation of #Cannabis #Oilpens” - PART TWO starts here! You can find PART ONE here:

We are continuing our look into #hybrid #oilpen #systems:
16. Jupiter Research: I can’t quite figure out where @we_are_jupiter ends and @CCELLofficial begins. These two companies are very inter-related. The company founders helped develop the #CCell heating technology. They then brought over #CCell products to the US beginning in 2016.
They also create 510 carts, and offer several pod-based systems. There’s the #Liquid #Que - their first pod system that uses a magnetic snap-in pod with ceramic heating. There’s the #Jupiter #Liquid9 with a unique 9-sided design and pod with a built in “septum”. ImageImage
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NEW: Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi's first woman senator, claims the ERA is "divisive" & threatens women's rights.

The ERA says: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”…
“Democrats need a new reason to defend their radical efforts to destroy innocent lives—& they are hiding that cause under the guise of women’s rights,” Sen. Hyde-Smith wrote.

She thinks Dems will use it to expand abortion rights & trans rights.…
"Enacting the ERA could actually harm the protections that celebrate the differences between men & women in law–threatening women-only prisons, locker rooms, & Title IX protections for women’s sports, just to name a few," MS's first woman senator says.…
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New #womenshistorymonth thread. Most people are familiar with the idea of the stereotypical 1950s #housewife, popularized by TV sitcoms, like Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver. #whm2021 @womnknowhistory (1/15)
That imagery, though, is flawed because it overlooks the paradoxical impact of #WWII and its effect on women’s participation in the workforce. #womenshistory #whm2021 #twitterstorians (2/15)
#WWII made extraordinary economic demands on women and it pulled an unprecedented number of women into the labor force. #laborhistory #genderhistory (3/15)
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The text of the Equal Rights Amendment states "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." That's all we're asking for. #ERAnow
The #ERA was passed by Congress 49 YEARS ago, and ratified by the required 38 states. There's no excuse for denying #genderequality in the Constitution.…
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BREAKING: The U.S. House passed a bi-partisan resolution introduced by @RepSpeier to remove an arbitrary timeline for #ERA ratification. #NoTimeLimitOnEquality…
"There is no expiration date on equality... It's about building the America we want and becoming a more perfect union" said @RepSpeier in a press briefing after the vote. Image
.@SpeakerPelosi: "When women succeed, America succeeds, so this is about our entire country." #NoTimeLimitOnEquality Image
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Women don’t realize how much of what we take for granted relies on the law recognizing our sex. Opportunities, privacy, even our safety, all reliant upon the law recognizing that our biology must be accommodated.

Ds now trying to blow all that up with #EqualityAct & #ERA.
Don’t want to be imprisoned in a cell with a man? Don’t want to use locker room showers with men? Don’t want to run track and box with men? Too bad! Those are all legal recognitions of the reality of sex and going the way of the Dodo.
These consequences are unpopular in every poll, including among Millennials. Even Gen Z is split basically 50-50. You wouldn’t know it from the way our “team” tucks tail and runs away because they don’t want to be pegged as “anti-Equality.” It is clever branding, that’s it.
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New #Womenshistorymonth thread. Was the #NineteenthAmendment only about women’s right to #vote?
#suffrage #whm2021 #whm #womenshistorymonth2021 #feminism (1/15)
That is precisely the question that politicians, activists, and legal authorities fought over in the years following the #NineteenthAmendment ‘s ratification. #whm2021 #suffrage #rights (2/15)
The Nineteenth Amendment explicitly forbid withholding the right to #vote on account of sex. #whm2021 #rights (3/15)
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For Day 1 of #BlackHistoryMonth I’m celebrating the Black pioneers who have brought the Equal Rights Amendment through a century of struggle & are constitution makers— Pauli Murray, Barbara Jordan @Senatorspearman @LtGovStratton @JCarrollFoy & @JennMcClellanVA & many more #ERANow ImageImageImageImage
Read more about Pauli Murray, Barbara Jordan & @Senatorspearman in my recent piece for @TheAdvocateMag…
Read more about Pauli Murray's ERA advocacy & the struggle of Black women for the amendment in this @VirginiaLawRev by the indomitable @JulieCSuk…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Women’s Rights
Only one party has a specific plan to ensure the rights of women, over half our population, is codified in law. This plan includes finally passing the #ERA 1/8 #ERANow
#Democrats will fight to guarantee equal rights for women, including by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and at long last enshrining gender equality in the U.S. Constitution. 2/8 #DemPartyPlatform #ERA #ERANOW
#Democrats will take aggressive action to end pay inequality, including by increasing penalties against companies that discriminate against women and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act. 3/8 #DemPartyPlatform #EqualPay
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1/16) BREAKING NEWS: A major development in the main ERA ratification case, VIRGINIA v. FERRIERO, filed in Washington, D.C. Federal District Judge Rudolph Contreras (Obama appointee) has GRANTED the motion of Alabama (+LA,NE,SD,TN) to intervene in the case --
2/16) i.e, become parties themselves. This is the case in which Virginia, Illinois, and Nevada sued the Archivist, arguing that the 1972 ERA has already been ratified, and that the ratification deadline imposed by Congress was unconstitutional.
3/16) The judge's order, entered over opposition from VA, IL, NV, is a big win for ERA skeptics. It substantially increases the likelihood that major legal issues surrounding the viability of the 1972 ERA (e.g., whether the 1972 ERA in fact died decades ago,
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Watching the series #MrsAmerica (@MrsAm_FXonHulu), I suddenly realized that an entire generation of women and queer people grew up not knowing the terror that was Phyllis Schlafly.

Schlafly’s activism constantly shamed gay kids like me growing up in evangelical homes in the 80s. A promotional image from th...
At the same time, I’m really happy that the series has humanized Schlafly. She was human. She did what she did out of love.

That might be odd to hear, but rarely are people pure evil. Often, the most damaging things people do are done from a place of good intent. An image of Phyllis Schlafl...
Being on the receiving end of Schlafly’s activism also taught me early on about the power of true grassroots organizing. Hers was a model I learned from and adapted...deliciously taking those lessons and using them to organize for LGBT rights (and now autistic equality).

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Thread (1/28) Today, @Hulu drops the 1st episodes of #MrsAmerica which tells the story of our failure to ratify the #ERA in the 70s/80s. I know this story-You should too. Why? B/c it explains the 2016 election. Really? What does the ERA have to do with Trump’s win? Glad you asked
(2/28) “At one time, ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment seemed like a foregone conclusion. In fall 1971 and spring 1972, the #ERA sailed through the House & the Senate by votes of 354 to 24 and 84 to 8” from my piece in @washingtonpost #MrsAmerica…
(3/28) On 3/22/72, the #ERA moved to the states for ratification with a 7-year timeline. It needed 38/50 victories to become the law of the land. 3 states passed it in less than 24 hours (HA, NH, DE)! 5 more passed it by the end of month (IA, ID, NE, KS, TX)! #MrsAmerica
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Interesting developments in #ERA litigation. I was on a call with the parties & the judge two weeks ago in the Alabama federal case, when the lawyer for the AGs from AL, LA & SD told the judge they were dismissing the case with the agreement of the Archivist. This was AFTER ...
a group from Oregon filed a motion to intervene on behalf of women & in favor of ERA. The judge had not yet allowed the Oregon people to intervene when the AGs & Archivist filed a notice of dismissal of the case on 2/27/20. The Oregon people nonetheless filed an objection to ..
AGs dismissal on grounds it attempts to establish an agreement of the parties re: ratification of ERA. A dismissal notice is supposed to be a simple statement that the parties agree to dismiss, but AGs & Archivist tried to use the notice improperly to the disadvantage of ERA...
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Congressman John Lewis once said “Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic.”

What makes you hopeful? Seriously. Share it!

If you’re like me, you could use a few reasons to keep your head up.

Here are 50 reasons to stay hopeful from the past 3+ years.
50. On Jan. 28, 2017, thousands showed up to airports in support of Muslim families impacted by Trump’s unconstitutional #MuslimBan.

That night, a federal judge in NY issued a stay allowing people stranded in airports to temporarily avoid deportation.

📷: Stephanie Keith/Getty
49. Much to the dismay of Donald Trump, #Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars, making it the first non-English language film to win in the 92 years of the Academy Awards.

📷: Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images
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Aiming to include an explicit bar against sex discrimination in the U.S. Constitution, the House will vote today on whether to nix the deadline for states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

My report ahead of today's vote
The House will begin debate on the vote to remove the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment shortly, inching it ever closer to perhaps, one day, becoming the 28th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Story to come for @CourthouseNews
@CourthouseNews BREAKING: The final vote tally is coming up but the majority of votes needed to pass the resolution removing the deadline for ratification of the #EqualRightsAmendment has been reached.
cc: @CourthouseNews
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"The Equal Rights Amendment 2020" is a stage-magic show -- a glitzy production, playing now in the media, Congress, and the courts. The real ERA is 40 years dead. What you see now is a political hologram -- it looks real, but you can walk right thru it. Let's take a closer look!
In 1972,the 92nd Congress, by the required 2/3 votes, approved the ERA Resolution (H.J. Res. 208). Like every proposed constitutional amendment since the First Congress, it contained a Proposing Clause--which is not a "preamble," but required under Article V of the Constitution.
Congress need not include a deadline in a Proposing Clause, but the Supreme Court has said it can do so and they're binding. The ERA Proposing Clause had a 7-year deadline for ratification--just like Proposing Clauses of the 23rd, 24th, 25th, & 26th Amts, & failed D.C. proposal.
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Phyllis Schlafly Eagles’ President @EagleEdMartin just forwarded me the newly released OLC opinion on the question whether the Equal Rights Amendment can be ratified despite the fact the deadline Congress imposed expired over 30 years ago. The OLC says: no.

#era #feminist Image
@EagleEdMartin This is the constitutionally correct conclusion, as was authoritatively explained by Elizabeth Foley at the House hearing on ERA in April. Foley herself supports an ERA, but supports constitutional constraints first. Justice #RBG has also said the ERA needs to start from scratch.
@EagleEdMartin The ERA almost snuck through in the 1970s, until @PhyllisSchlafly, with remarkable energy, educated the public quickly enough on the many disasters ERA would produce. Her work prompted multiple states to rescind approval, and no more ratified, thus killing the ERA.
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