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Last year on #NationalComingOutDay, a young man I know had a life altering effect on me when he became a statistic.

25% of youth who come out to their family immediately become homeless. If you’re POC, the statistic is higher.

Here’s Jack’s story from #NationalComingOutDay 2018
Last Sunday— October 6, 1998 was the 21st anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepherd. He was driven to a remote, rural area in WY, robbed, pistol-whipped, tied to a fence, tortured & left to die all because he was gay.

He would’ve been 42 years old.

Had the world had not known Matthew Shepherd & seen how hate let him be beaten, bruised & forgotten to die on a fence post—or Jack become homeless— days like #NationalComingOutDay or #Pride month wouldn’t need to exist.

I long for the day when there is no need to declare this.
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📺NEWS Thread📰
#ncga #ncpol #ERA

NC may just become the 38th state to ratify the #ERA this year!

NC State Senator @EricaforUSSen20 made NC history Thursday filing a discharge petition to free ERA bill S184 from committee to force a floor vote this session! 1/

@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg @EricaforUSSen20 employed the same Discharge Petition process first used by US Rep. Martha Griffiths in 1970 to force Congress to vote on the #ERA. Introduced in 1923, the #ERA bill was ignored for 47 years! That is 'til Rep. Griffith got fed up! 2/
@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg US Rep. Griffiths initiated a Discharge Petition, a method lawmakers use to free a bill intentionally buried in committee. By gathering enough petition signatures, Griffiths' #ERA DP forced a floor vote and accountability on her colleagues. in 1972, Congress passed #ERA and..3/
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Inspired by @erataskforceaz @FairUtah & @VAratifyERA to do an Equal Rights Amendment MYTHS thread!

MYTH #1: We don't need the ERA/ There are no rights men have that women don’t/ Women don’t need the ERA bc they already have rights under the protection of the 14th Amendment.
@erataskforceaz @FairUtah @VAratifyERA FACT: 14th A did not even allow women the right to vote (19th Amendment did) & is subject to judicial interpretation. SC Justice Scalia said: “Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn’t.”
@erataskforceaz @FairUtah @VAratifyERA What do we want? "STRICT SCRUTINY" When do we want it? NOW!

What do we want? "STRICT SCRUTINY" When do we want it? NOW!

What do we want? "STRICT SCRUTINY" When do we want it? NOW!
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I’m getting a lot of this:

“I supported the blue wave and for what? Democrats aren’t living up to their end of the bargain.”

It’s time to dispel the myth that blue wave activism was a down payment on impeachment.

It was not. Zero seats flipped on an impeachment platform. /1
I get it. This is very frustrating and slow. It seems so obvious. And we expect people to lead on principle, not on politics.

Set aside your frustrations with Dem leadership for a moment and think back to the blue wave districts that flipped red to blue. /2
I interviewed and published a sizable chunk of Dems who flipped seats in 2018. I asked them explicitly about impeachment. They were across-the-board non-committal. That’s not what they ran on. They ran on healthcare. They ran on voting rights. They ran on the environment. /3
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Why is @nationalNow supporting the US #EqualityAct and insisting "trans women are women" and there's "no debate"? Well I did some digging to find out. +
Since it's founding in 1966, the National Organization for Women, @nationalnow, has had as it's non-profit purpose to "take action to achieve full equality for women in the United States." But that changed in 2016. +
In 2016, @NationalNOW changed it's purpose to "to take action through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals & lead societal change." After 50 years of working for equality for women, they've decided that feminism is about 'ideals" & all social problems?! +
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#AbigailFillmore created the WH library.
#EdithWilson basically served as POTUS after Woodrow had a stroke.
#EleanorRoosevelt desegregated the WH, was on the board of #NAACP, helped create the UN, and was the first chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission.
#BeBest 1/
#JackieKennedy restored and refurbished the WH and was a style icon.
#BettyFord fought for the #ERA and abortion rights, raised awareness for both breast cancer and addiction.
#RosalynCarter attended all Cabinet meetings and advocated for mental health awareness.
#BarbaraBush raised awareness about literacy.
#HillaryClinton was head of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform and created #CHIP. Her speech on women's rights as human rights at Beijing was an international sensation. She also won a Grammy while in the WH.
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Why is equality so damn hard?

I went to the #ERAHearing today, and it was an historic event, to be sure.

The issue: if 1 more state (hopefully Virginia!) ratifies the #ERA, can it become a part of the Constitution given that the original date for ratification has expired?
If they extended it once, can Congress remove the deadline?

I think it's pretty clear the answer is yes, and it shouldn't take the Supreme Court to figure it out.

I showed up to today's hearing because I'm a fan of equality. But part of me left the hearing scratching my head.
Why should anyone have to be a "fan" of equality? That's like saying you're a fan of justice, or good, or fairness. Some things just need to be presumed.

But as several speakers pointed out, equality is never presumed. It's always debated. Impediments are thrown up.
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The 19th Amendment, - the right to vote regardless of sex - was never expanded beyond voting boundaries. ERA would prohibit ALL discrimination. - Sullivan notes.
Spearman, who is black, a woman and a veteran adds: Whether its about sexism, racism, or homophobia, "we always parse words about whether someone has the right to equality. " Civil rights in the US were ratified because "it was the right thing to do."
The #ERA should be considered in the same light, Spearman says.
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"I would like to be able to take out my pocket Constitution and say that the equal citizenship stature of men and women is a fundamental tenet of our society like free speech." - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2017

Will we get any closer to making this a reality? Join me at 10.
A link to a live stream of the hearing will also be available here:…
“Women shall have equal rights in the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction. Equality of rights under law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”…
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Join me Tuesday at 10AM ET as I live-tweet the House Judiciary Committee's first hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years.
If you're thinking, what is the Equal Rights Amendment and don't women have all the same rights and protections as men? No, they do not. The only right that the Constitution explicitly guarantees women is the right to vote.
If ERA was amended to the Constitution, it would be explicit for once and all - you cannot violate a person's civil rights based on their sex.
This is a big deal.
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Heading to DC for the 1st Congressional hearing on Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years‼️ & most exciting #ERA event since the 2012 We Are Woman Capitol rally 🙌

Here's why all lawyers➕lawmakers➕everyday Americans should care abt #ERANow & why arguments v #ERA are 🗑️ (a thread):
We are FINALLY only ONE STATE away from actually ratifying this sucker & getting equality on the basis of sex into the Constitution! WE ARE SO VERY CLOSE & everyone should care! Changing our Constitution is one of the most difficult processes in the world.

2/ LAWYERS should care about the #ERA bc the 1st section of the amendment will be used to litigate cases abt discrimination on the basis of sex.

The ABA (the largest bar association in the US) actively supports ratification of the #ERA:…
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Thank you, @TerryMcAuliffe. Under your leadership and respect for diversity, Virginia grew stronger.

Now only a few seats away from taking control of the General Assembly, we're dreaming about what will be possible without @VA_GOP obstruction.

It's time to #ShowUpVirginia!
The #ERA.
Criminal justice reform.
Ending debtor prisons.
True community policing.
ICE out of our neighborhoods.
Smart growth.
Clean energy jobs.
Dramatically raised teacher pay.
Early childhood education.
Resources for the abused.
Language immersion.
Driver's licenses for all.
Enhanced in-state tuition.
Clamping down on payroll fraud.
The end of right to work.
The rise of collective bargaining.
A living wage.
Expanded Medicaid, again.
Affordable housing investment.
Enhanced hate crime reporting.
Public works project PLA's.
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My top three issues are education, the #ERA, and criminal justice reform. Today I'm proud to announce Prince William County School Board chair @lateef4chair has endorsed our campaign!
I’m honored to have the support of so many public servants and leaders who live in our communities and have a long track record of investing in our children.
"We need a partner in the Genl Assembly who is willing & able to advocate for our kids, to ensure we have the resources to adequately address the needs of our vibrant community. Hassan is the candidate best suited for that task; I'm proud to support him,” said Chair Lateef.
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#Missouri #SCR7 being presented by Senator @JillSchupp in #moleg Senate Rules Committee #ERA #ERANOW Rowden Bernskoetter, Hegeman, Schatz present, from what I can tell.
Lots of hands go up to testify in favor. Fewer will testify opposed.
#SCR7 #moleg
Schatz inquires about the impact of the original #ERA deadline.
Jason Holsman, who has sponsored ERA in 2013 or 2014 is now present. #ERANOW #MOLEG #SCR7
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Below Are The Many Ways To Help The #ERAyesAZ Efforts

We have until April to #RatifyTheERA in Az, good news is we have the votes, all we need is YOU!

This thread will go over how anybody can help this effort, from anywhere in the nation

#WomensHistoryMonth #38Miles #ERANow

There is a huge 3 day hike in Phx spanning #38Miles, in honor of Alice Paul & her band of suffragists who hiked for equality back in 1913

Women from all over the country will be attending

March 11-13, you can attend 1 day or all 3

Register below 👇🏼…

If you cannot attend the #38Miles march, you can sponsor someone!

With your donation of $1 per mile ($38), you will recieve a sash handmade by the volunteers at @erataskforceaz

Please remember to include your name & address in the PayPal notes at
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"The child reported the assault and declared she believed the negro scoundrel was one Owen Anderson, but that he was disguised so that she could hardly tell. He was taken in charge at once and brought before her, but she failed to identify him..."
"...The prisoner was taken down Church street to the depot...and Anderson was raised up and was dead in a few minutes...One ball struck in the head, one in the body, and one in the leg."

Richmond Dispatch, Saturday, Nov. 9, 1889
Virginia is one of the capitals of the Confederacy. We have a dark and painful history of slavery, defending it, and then creating a different "peculiar institution" to perpetuate it.
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For all the men who relentlessly say things like "What rights do men have that women don't?" & other ignorant, regurgitated talking points designed to shut down conversation:
Also, if the #ERA would add absolutely no new constitutional protections, it would essentially just be there to make us feel better & more included in our country. Why would you oppose something you think is truly toothless? 🤔

(*whispers: you don't actually think that 👋🏼*)
It can be hard for men to see the protections they have that women don't.

There simply aren't as many laws that discriminate against men. Tho, RBG managed to find some & litigate those cases so that the all-male SCOTUS at the time could actually SEE the discrimination 👀
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The @vahousegop just killed the floor vote, and hence the #ERA, blocking Virginia from becoming the 38th and final state to ratify it and make gender equality part of the US Constitution.

166 million women are affected by the VA GOP's action this morning.

I spoke to a voter yesterday who told me, "We keep voting against people, but we never vote for the people."

His words will stick with me. If an elected official can't act in the interest of 50.8% of the population, that official is not acting for the people.
Here in Virginia, we've gotten it wrong for a long time.

We got it wrong on the Civil War.
We got it wrong on segregation.
We got it wrong on suffrage.
We got it wrong on interracial marriage.
We got it wrong on disallowing women into VMI.
Today, we got it wrong again on #ERA.
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Today may be a day to celebrate love, but #VDay will forever be stained with the blood of 17 kids shot to death at #StonemanDouglas one year ago today.

The #Parkland students didn't ask to become the mouthpiece for calling out the @NRA and its decades old fraud. But they did.
Fraud? Yes.

Those are the words of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger (1969-1986.)

Let me state it clearly:


That is not, that is never, what the #2ndAmendment has said.
Watch for words like "school safety" and "God-given right" and "patriotic." The @NRA has spent lifetimes of money creating this narrative.

In my home state of Virginia, the Safe VA Initiative released policy recommendations for the 2019 term:…
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Confused about the Equal Rights Amendment, or #ERA?

Maybe you think women already have equal rights. What rights are missing? What can't a woman do in the US? We're much better off than women in other countries that have equality in the Constitution.

Why do we need the ERA?
First, I'm a man. I'm also running for office in Virginia, a state poised to be the 38th and final state to ratify this amendment and make it a part of the Constitution. I'm also a lawyer, and a huge fan of equality.

I read @JessicaNeuwirth's book "Equal Means Equal."
As a man I'm ashamed I only recently became aware of this struggle which is nearly 100 years old. That as a law student, I ignored the feeling when I first read that sex-based classifications weren't entitled to the strict spotlight reserved for race-based classifications.
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The Florida state legislature has been filing bills and advancing previous bils to committees over the last week.

Here’s a synopsis of some of the ones I find interesting.


Congresspersons Audrey Gibson (@SenAudrey2eet), Dotie Joseph (@DotieForFlorida), and Evan Jenne (@evanjenne) introduced legislation to ratify the #ERA.

S 266 & H 209
Representative Patricia Hawkins-Williams (@PHW4District92) introduced a similar bill 2 days later.

H 255
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Illinois ratified the ERA in June, leaving just One state needed to change constitutional hurdles to ratification.

The 14th & 19th aren’t enough.

The ERA ensures equal rights regardless of gender, was passed in 1974 - 44 years ago. Why is this still even a thing?

The ERA is also an economic issue. It’s proven that when women earn the same as their male colleagues it stimulates the economy.
Gender equality will boost the economy over $4.3 trillion in a decade.
Reminder: the GOP #TaxScam will cost $1.9 trillion in the same time.

73% believe the #ERA is part of the Constitution. It’s not.

It was passed in 1974 but 44 years later it still hasn’t been ratified.

Even guns have a constitutional amendment.

The only guarantee women have in the Constitution is the 19th amendment-The right to vote.

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Thank you, Illinois! We need just ONE more state to ratify and we need Congress to do its part by passing S.J.Res. 5, which would immediately remove the arbitrary and unnecessary deadline for states to ratify the #ERA.
Most Americans are shocked to find out that the U.S. Constitution still lacks a provision ensuring gender equality. It's long past time to recognize the equality of women in the foundation document for U.S. law.
The 27th Amendment, which prohibited immediate congressional pay raises, was ratified after 203 years. There should be no deadline keeping America from recognizing women as equals under the law.
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Did you know women are not guaranteed equal justice under the law of our Constitution? True story. That’s why in 1923 the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in congress.

#7in10forRoe #ERAnow

"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

The Equal Rights Amendment proposes an amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing equal rights for all citizens regardless of sex. Equal means equal.

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