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I've a number of tributes to pay on this important day.

The first must obviously go to the women of #Ukraine

This picture demonstrates their suffering & their personal courage

I stand with them in #Solidarity

Photo from the front page @thetimes

It's a strange start to this tribute, but today is the 21st anniversary of my Dad's death. His life and of his Mother, Mary Breheny, is couched in real courage through #MotherAndBabyHomes #MagdalenLaundries

#Justice is coming!

I pay tribute to #BreedaMurphy from the #TuamMotherandBabyHomeAlliance

Her passion, compassion and determination against @cnalive @merrionstreet to deliver the stories & change of #Survivors #MotherAndBabyHomes & #Magdalene story is inspirational
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1/ I’ve never, ever shown this photo but for the day that’s in it, the story needs to be told. Sit back and strap in. #MotherAndBabyHomes
2/ My late mum, Josie, was the last of four children born non-maritally in Wexford in 1933. Adoption didn’t exist then and her two older brothers were raised in-family, because they were boys and useful. A sister born before her died age 4 in the county home.
3/ Josie was packed off to St Dominic’s in Waterford where she spent roughly 4 years getting an “education.” She fondly remembered day trips to Tramore and only ever referred to this time as “when I was in school in Ireland.”
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August 20, 2012

#OperationDreamland is an operation of the Light forces to start a #newRenaissance on the surface of this planet.… Image
The first #Renaissance 500 years ago has been initialized by a certain positive occult group behind the #WhiteNobility in 15th century Florence. Image
The second #Renaissance will be started by the same occult group worldwide and will herald the final victory of the free human spirit over the forces of limitation. Image
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Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary outpost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with #Sirius via #Jupiter and Jupiter Command.

The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara.
The inner circle of the #BrotherhoodOfTheStar are Masters and Arhats that have reached their #Ascension on this planet. ImageImage
The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the #AscendedMasters that have reached the seventh subdegree of the third Initiation.
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@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries Redress schemes can hardly be improved upon. Measures to optimise cost cutting include
@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries 1. The introduction of closing dates for applications. Redress schemes progressed from being open (HepC/HIV) to closed in some cases. The time period was reduced from 60 days (Lourdes) to 20 days (#symphysiotomy).
@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries 2. The introduction of exclusions
The Lourdes scheme introduced two, age (no #redress for ovariotomy if 40 or over) and doctor ID (women similarly abused by doctors other than Dr Neary were excluded from redress).
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I interviewed the wonderful Sheila O'Byrne in her lovely house off Blarney Street. Sheila is a Magdalene survivor, 19 years of age when she was sent to St Patrick’s Magdalene Laundry on Dublin’s Navan Road in 1976 for the crime of being pregnant. #Magdalene
Sheila hasn’t seen her son since he was a little baby, taken from her arms and sold by the nuns. He’d be 41 now, wherever he is. Sheila is desperate to know where her little boy is. She never married, never had any other kids. “Not after what was done to me,” she told me.
Sheila lives not far from the site of the former Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry in Sunday’s Well, and she is disgusted at the thought that a place of such horror might be concreted over and have an apartment block built on it.
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