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"Climate justice should not be a privilege. It's a fundamental human right." - Sylvia Wu, legal coordinator at Greenpeace Taiwan [1/11] Chinese girl with medium-length hair smiling
“My name is Sylvia Wu. As a legal professional, I aspire to use my legal knowledge to bring about positive changes.

In February of 2021, we filed the first climate litigation in Taiwan, Greenpeace East Asia and others v. Ministry of Economic Affairs. [2/11]
I worked closely with the individual plaintiffs, local NGOs, and our project team to urge the government to be more ambitious in climate change law amendments and to challenge the rigid judicial system. [3/11]
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"I saw this course advertised on my friend's WhatsApp story. And I thought it would enable me to work with my husband in our garage." Rutuja, a student from our two-wheeler automotive program, shared her story. Theirs is the only garage in Kogil, #Kolhapur. #Breakthebias #IWD2022
Rutuja is happy to learn about vehicles and their parts from this course. In the beginning, she attended online lectures introducing her to the field and followed it by practical training at her garage. "I always wanted to work after my studies, and now is the opportunity!"
She adapted to the garage so well that her husband could open another garage in the city and spend half a day there while Rutuja attends to the customers here. "I can do a battery & horn check-up, change the break-line, and I am continuously learning new things", she says.
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"I remember the first day of my job. A group of 15 people came to our restaurant. I served them & earned their appreciation. I have learned many languages too. Apart from Marathi, I know Gujarati, Hindi, English & Nepali. This is the beauty of working in this industry. #IWD2022 Image
Nandini's professional journey began from Bhavnagar in #Gujarat & after working in #Nagpur & #Rajkot, she is currently working as Food and Beverage Manager at #Ahmedabad. Originally from #Yavatmal, #Maharashtra, she oversees operations at two properties in the city. #Breakthebias
She chose Pratham's #hospitality course at Ralegaon as a career option against her parents' wishes. "My parents were not ready. But I wanted to gain experience, work in different cities and see the outside world. And I am happy where I am", she says. #InternationalWomensDay2022
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It's official: Senate Democrats have included the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act reauthorization bill in the omnibus spending bill.

It's been 3 years since Congress failed to reauthorize VAWA, and nearly 10 since they've passed a new VAWA bill.
This is a big deal because the main reason VAWA hasn't been renewed, updated, strengthened, etc is because Senate Republicans repeatedly blocked it. They even blocked their own damn bill on this.

This time around, it has 10-11 Republican cosponsors along with Dems.
So what does this new VAWA bill do?

It reauthorizes VAWA programs through 2027.

It also has new stuff in it that domestic violence prevention advocates say is badly, badly needed.…
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As a Black woman, I am very hesitant to join women’s movements or initiatives. In honor of #InternationalWomensDay2022 and #WomensHistoryMonth, I’ll tell you why. Let me tell you a story…(1/?)
Some time ago, I was working on a very sick hospital unit. I watched people on my medical team publicly berate an extremely shy, kind, and knowledgeable Black female pharmacist on OUR team. Yup, we were supposed to be working together. (2/?)
Their behavior was unacceptable and unprofessional. They began to YELL at her for not doing something they wanted in a particular way. That ‘something’ was not life-threatening nor urgent. And they had not been clear about what they wanted ahead of time.(3/?)
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On #IWD2022, we hope leaders will address how the pandemic has threatened to reverse progress in #GenderEquality by widening gender gaps that already exist in employment, education & gender-based violence, according to our new study in @TheLancet

🔗… IHME celebrates Internation...
According to our study, political and social leaders can address the gender gap by implementing programs that focus on supporting girls & women returning to school, ensuring women’s growth and empowerment in years to come #InternationalWomensDay2022
For #IWD2022, Emmanuela Gakidou, @luisaflorr, @JosephRFriedman expand on the aforementioned @TheLancet study about the #COVID19 pandemic worsening gender gaps in:

📚 education
💼 employment
‼️ gender-based violence.

Read more in @ThinkGlobalHlth ⤵️…
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Women have been working to study and understand our home planet from @NASA's very beginning. On #InternationalWomensDay2022 and all #WomensHistoryMonth, we’ll celebrate some of the women who help us see Earth more clearly. Group photo of the Ladies o...
Dr. Kate Calvin is @NASA’s Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Advisor. She connects climate science across the agency so we can better understand how our planet is changing. #IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay Dr. Kate Calvin headshot
Sascha Burton helped lead mechanical integration and test operations for the upcoming SWOT mission that will take @NASA’s first global survey of Earth’s surface water. She is now ramping up to support the NISAR mission with radar antenna deployment test campaigns. #IWD2022 Sascha Burton headshot
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I didn’t think I’d be telling this story soon enough but here we have it.

Stay with me. Image
Earlier today, my mom had me proofread a letter she had written and I had to make corrections.

Thing is, my handwriting is .. let’s say quite special and I knew I was in for a memory jog already, lol.
So, I had to re-write the thing and add my corrections. It was a formal letter, not lengthy.

As I was to hand her the sheet, I asked, will you be able to read this with your glasses or should I read it out to you?
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This #InternationalWomensDay2022 let’s revisit the progressive judgments of the Indian Courts reaffirming the rights of the women and providing them better protection of the law.

#ICLU celebrates 21 judgments of the #SupremeCourt on this #WomensDay
1. The Apex Court providing for detailed guidelines for safety of women at workplace in Vishakha & Ors. v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. (1997) directed employers to provide a mechanism for redressal of grievances of employees. (1/2)
These guidelines were eventually formalised as legislation with the passing of the Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. (2/2)

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☮️ "Peace is not possible without women."

On #InternationalWomensDay the press is paying tribute to women and the price they are paying for the war in #Ukraine️ 🇺🇦⤵️
🟣 In a special edition, @_51percent focuses on the plight of #Ukrainian women 🇺🇦 : the ones that chose to fight against the Russian army in #Ukraine, and also the ones forced to exile.

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay2022

🇺🇦 Olena Zelenska, #Ukraine's First Lady has been a key 🔑 player in keeping morale high on social media ⬇️
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I've a number of tributes to pay on this important day.

The first must obviously go to the women of #Ukraine

This picture demonstrates their suffering & their personal courage

I stand with them in #Solidarity

Photo from the front page @thetimes

It's a strange start to this tribute, but today is the 21st anniversary of my Dad's death. His life and of his Mother, Mary Breheny, is couched in real courage through #MotherAndBabyHomes #MagdalenLaundries

#Justice is coming!

I pay tribute to #BreedaMurphy from the #TuamMotherandBabyHomeAlliance

Her passion, compassion and determination against @cnalive @merrionstreet to deliver the stories & change of #Survivors #MotherAndBabyHomes & #Magdalene story is inspirational
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I used to identify as a Feminist.
I looked to the examples of the suffragists who marched for equal voting rights
I looked to the examples of notable African women who fought for the right of the African girl child to access Education.
I looked to the examples of women everyday around me who despite the hurdles they faced, continuously achieved their goals.

But recently, those who claim to be Feminists are not people I want to identify with.
They are those who are fighting misogyny with misandry forgetting that two wrongs don’t make a right

They are those who are kicking against basic human decency, forgetting that we are all capable of making our choices
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To mark #InternationalWomensDay2022 we are celebrating 24 trailblazing women artists, who are creating work inspired by Islamic tradition
Here are some of the amazing women artists on imagining a new future for Islamic art & culture #IWD2022

A thread…
1/ Iranian artist, Anahita Alavi specialises in Persian Miniature & Islamic Illumination. She trained in the art of traditional painting under the supervision of a number of great masters in Iran…
2/ For visual artist Margi Lake, the beauty, mystery & genius of Islamic geometric patterns is timeless & universal. They express the principles & realities that govern the cosmos, the natural world & human nature…
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It's #InternationalWomensDay2022 #IWD2022

Women and non-binary people are still systematically excluded from economic thinking and decision making.

A thread🧵.
1/ Students

Worryingly, the number of women studying economics is backsliding.

The proportion of UK economics undergraduates who are women was only 27% in 2019 - down from 31% in 2002.….
2/ Academics

Women make up 15% of economics professors. Only 8% of academic posts are held by Black women and women of colour.

At no point between 2012–2018 was a Black woman employed as a professor of economics anywhere in the UK, @RoyalEconSoc has shown.
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✊ Histoires et luttes de femmes en 10 #BD issues de nos collections💬

Un choix de Natalia La Valle-Torres, notre référente en #sociologie :

1⃣ Alison Bechdel, The essential dykes to watch out for, @HMHCo, 2008


2⃣ @martabreen, Histoire(s) de femmes : 150 ans de lutte pour leur liberté et leurs droits, @LAROUSSE_FR, 2019


3⃣ @MurielDouru & @Ovidieofficiel, Putain de vies ! : itinéraires de travailleuses du sexe, @boiteabulles, 2019

4⃣ @zainab_fasiki, Hshouma : corps et sexualité au Maroc, @massot_editions, 2019


5⃣ @FabienGrolleau et @pitznicolas, Traquée : la cavale d’Angela Davis, @GlenatBD, 2020

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Now taking over @SGarimella from @ARISEHub at @GeorgeInstIN. This #IWD2022 let's stand on behalf of women waste workers in India, to highlight their lives, livelihood and leadership.
#InternationalWomensDay2022 #AdvanceEquality
Are you #aware❓⤵️
#Womenwasteworkers in India work under grueling conditions & are exposed to various occupational hazards, including extreme weather conditions, contact with stray animals, exposure to toxins & risks of accidents, falls & injuries.
#IWD2022 #AdvanceEquality
#IWD2022 : #Reproductive & #sexualhealth needs are one of the major concerns of women waste workers which is disregarded in academic discourse & policy making.

👉Lack of availability & access to comprehensive #primaryhealthcare severely curtails utilization of health services! Women Waste Worker in IndiaA local healthcare facility
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👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚖️👩🏽‍✈️👷‍♀️👩🏼‍🚒 A l'occasion de la #JournéeInternationaleDesDroitsDesFemmes, voici quelques-unes de nos nombreuses ressources ayant trait à la condition féminine et au féminisme. Petit #thread à dérouler 🧶 [1/4]

🗂️Trois dossiers documentaires :

👩‍🏭Genre & marché du travail en France :

📖Simone de Beauvoir & le féminisme : l'impact du Deuxième sexe :

🏛️Citoyennes? Femmes & pouvoir politique en Europe : [2/4]
📚Dans notre catalogue :

Nos 324.000 ressources ayant pour sujet les conditions sociales, économiques, politiques, juridiques, historiques des femmes :

Nos 200.840 documents portant sur le #féminisme :

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On #InternationalWomensDay2022 I want to highlight that there is still a very real gender-based disparity in STEM by looking at the facts. These issues need to be addressed if we are to ever equity...a thread 🧵

Women in STEM are:
Cited less (papers cited 5.6 times on average compared men at 7.2) and whilst the difference may be small, long term cumulative effects of this have huge impact through the promotions process.…
Harassed more. Nearly 50% of women in science, 58% of women in academia and 43% of female STEM graduates report experiencing harassong behaviours.…
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THREAD: Laurie Penny v Julie Bindel and JK Rowling. Or to put it another way: Laurie Penny against the world.

The usual disclaimer applies before I start. I'm a man. This isn't my fight or my struggle. I'm just a bloke commenting on the internet.
I'm also not here to make Penny's suffering worse or something. I wish them well. I wish all fully paid-up members of the human race well.

Laurie says they're taking time off Twitter in any case. I do appeal for no pile-ons against anyone resulting from this thread.
I also have no doubt whatsoever about the very real trauma Penny has been through during her life. I'm not here to minimise that in any way either.

But that trauma is not some get-out clause for writing an objectively awful book.
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#CRCA ‘s got talent!
15 portraits of some of the great young scientists we are lucky to work with ☺️

@CbiToulouse @CNRS_Toulouse @UT3PaulSabatier #InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2022 #8mars2022
🐝 How do bumblebees optimize their flight routes? This what Charlotte Doussot wants to decipher during her postdoc
🐁 Some odors are dampening stress and anxiety in mice. How ? This is what Clémence Viguier will look for during her PhD.
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Happy Women’s Day 💕💕 - A Thread for all Mom/Wife/Sister/Daughter/female friends 😍💕#InternationalWomensDay2022
Cooking is so difficult until she comes to cook
Finding things are impossible until they find it for us 🥺
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Oh look! South Korea remains at the bottom of Economist’s glass ceiling index. Again.
We spent some time with both sides of the so-called ‘gender-war’ in South Korea during this presidential election to try to find out why feminism has become such a dirty word.

Why misogyny is at the heart of South Korea's presidential elections…
I would say this about my time with all of these dedicated young people - they are all politically active and involved. Both the men and the women.

All want change. So whoever wins the Blue House should be prepared for a young generation who will hold them to account.
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Some family news. My kid sister will be the next Mistress of @GirtonCollege Cambridge. Could not be prouder of you @Dr_E_Kendall!
Lis will follow in the footsteps of such great women as Sarah Emily Davies and Baroness Warnock. No pressure!…
Tomorrow is #InternationalWomensDay2022, what a proud moment for our family that our Lissie should be appointed to this position at the first women’s college at @Cambridge_Uni, and the first university college in England to admit women.
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My March #MusicTherapy Thread 🧵

The Reaper (Don't Fear) by Blue Öyster Cult 💀🪦…
Dangerous by Big Data Feat. Joywave…
Fuel by Ani DiFranco on XPN 📻

cc: @LeahCville Image
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