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Please can as many people as possible show your support to #AngelaRay and #JusticeForChildX. Last week the numbers were massive so hopefully it will be the same again this week #JusticeForAll #TuslaExposed
There are 2 Entrances into The Four Courts, you can use either & then make your way to the Main Hall where everyone normally meets before going into the Court.
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This is a core part of the Brexiteer playbook - portray #Ireland as the problem & encourage other Member States to force them to move. The problem for them is that this isn’t how the #EU works. #Brexit
Any belief that this will work is based on three false assumptions:

1. That there is an appetite amongst big Member States to bully a smaller Member to cast aside its red lines to help an exiting member get out of a domestic political bind.

2. That large Member State’s red lines (read Germany) are not the same as, or at least compatible with, Ireland’s.

3. That the EU will panic if no-deal looks like a genuine possibility.

I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that any other these assumptions are correct. #Brexit
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#BREAKING -- #EU Parliament's #Brexit Committee sees UK govt's new proposal 'not a basis for an agreement'.
UK's proposal to give Northern Ireland assembly a say over regulatory arrangements not acceptable ~senior #EU official
The Northern Ireland issue is extremely problematic over any Brexit solution. Even if unionists now agree to an Irish Sea customs border, there are no possible guarantees that a future Stormont constellation will not blow the whole thing up and claim alignment with the UK.
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@Aaawell1 @angelar05702940 @Davidgo56118522 I think that's what these #Tusla trainees wanted too but I'd say most of them left the country for work by now 🤔
@Aaawell1 @angelar05702940 @Davidgo56118522 #TuslaNotFitForPurpose #AngelaRay from my own investigating point of view as a MAN backing up the WOMEN OF #Ireland against the #corruption, #parentalienation, #childabuse, #perjury, #profiteering, #childtrafficking and much worse 🧐 This is how #Tusla conduct their #business in
@Aaawell1 @angelar05702940 @Davidgo56118522 relation to #mothers and #children, when a mother successfully completes the tasks set out by the #CFA/#Tusla ie (treatment and recovery) the agency do everything in their power to break that mother again including full care orders AFTER telling #FamilyLaw #SecretCourt #Judges...
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#BreakingNews #Ireland #FamilyLaw #SecretCourt #OpenCourt #October1st #FourCourts #Dublin #Tusla #Barrister calls the people in the #courtroom CRAZY 🇮🇪🤔🇮🇪 #AngelaRay V #Tusla #ChildAbuse
🇮🇪🧐🇮🇪 #WeThePeople ARE NOT CRAZY WE ARE #Parents been subject to "Legal Abuse Syndrome"
Learn more here and add any information or stories of #Tusla #corruption and #childabuse to Angelas video with the #AngelaRay hashtag and any other hashtags of choice and don't forget to like and #RT to help someone else fighting these animals #TuslaNFFP
#TruthBeTold It's true you know
#AngelaRay V #Tusla

🇮🇪🤔🇮🇪 @angelar05702940 will you post the video from a few days ago of you approaching your one #Ryan in the #Carlow #Tusla office when the evil witch turned her back like satans 👿 favourite #child 👇
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Globally there are more than 65 million displaced people/ #refugees. A vast majority of these are feeing wars, conflicts and gross human rights abuses. Most of the refugees are hosted by countries outside Europe. /1
#Oughterard #DirectProvision #Ireland
Some refugee hosting nations are among the poorer countries. #Turkey #Lebanon #Bangladesh #Jordan #Egypt #Sudan #Pakistan #Uganda #Iran #Ethiopia host majority of the global #refugees /2
When someone is fleeing war or torture or human rights abuses, the first and foremost duty of humanity is to open our doors to refugees. No good to let people die at our doorsteps while we discuss where and how #AsylumSeekers should be hosted.
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I started a thread about Vice President Pence going in President Trump's stead to Poland. The President announced it on the 29th from the rose-garden of the White House. Hurricane Dorian changed everything, so today ~
.@VP & @SecondLady #ForTheRecord ❤️🇺🇸

@VP @SecondLady ❤️🇺🇸 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII 🇵🇱

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This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough.…
"I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records. I am confident of this because I was sex trafficked by CIA head psychologist John W. Gittinger to both men as a young child." – Fiona Barnett.
"I am not the first to publicly accuse Billy Graham of being a CIA agent, Freemason, and rapist. MK-ULTRA victim Kathleen Sullivan, who wrote 'Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control', said he raped her." – Fiona Barnett
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#ireland #brexi

Having spent an hour tring to explain what's happening here to a #Brexit person in #England I'm now convinced that we are in serious trouble /1

#ireland #gfa
I don't believe that most people who voted leave have any malign intent towards us. I'm not a fan of the EU myself. Still less do I think its an England/Ireland thing, I was born in England, I was schooled there & my partner is English /2
But there is a yawning gap of comprehension about the troubles & what it took to stop it. /3
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2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
By @LouisDiko
ISIS commander Abu Yussuf al Australi from #Australia🇦🇺was killed in Raqqa in 2017.
#Australian🇦🇺ISIS fighter was killed in Manbij in 2016.
Khaled Sharouf from #Australia🇦🇺was killed in Raqqa in 2017.
#Australia🇦🇺ISIS fighter Mohamed Elomar was killed in syria.
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New thread starting ready for 26 Aug @NationalDogDay! 'Irish Dogs, Myths, Saints & Other Interesting Facts!' Suggestions welcome (you might think of something I haven't)! @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans #FolkloreThursday #dogsoftwitter #NationalDogDay #InternationalDogDay! 🐶🐕🐩🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans Irish Wolfhound, symbol of #Ireland! Wolfhounds one of the oldest breeds of dogs recorded in world! Its impossible to know for sure, but skeletal remains suggest they arrived c 8,000 BC! 📷: Aella Grace, with owner Rebecca at neolithic Newgrange, Co Meath (younger; c 3200 BC)! 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans 279 BC when Celts sacked Delphi📷 #Greece, survivors left accounts of fierce Celts & huge dogs who fought with them & at their side. No doubt Wolfhounds! PS-Ancient Greeks considered the @UNESCO Delphi the centre of the world, marked by the omphalos📷stone! #FolkloreThursday
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@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries Redress schemes can hardly be improved upon. Measures to optimise cost cutting include
@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries 1. The introduction of closing dates for applications. Redress schemes progressed from being open (HepC/HIV) to closed in some cases. The time period was reduced from 60 days (Lourdes) to 20 days (#symphysiotomy).
@maeveorourke @SenLynnRuane @Donnchadhol @seansherlocktd @CharlieFlanagan @ConorUCCLaw @maireadenright @maglaundries 2. The introduction of exclusions
The Lourdes scheme introduced two, age (no #redress for ovariotomy if 40 or over) and doctor ID (women similarly abused by doctors other than Dr Neary were excluded from redress).
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A short positive thread on #CitizensAssemblies 👇
I’ve put a lot of effort into arguing the case for a #CitizensAssembly in Scotland & I’m totally committed to having a gold standard process
I stand by my comments that the #CitizensAssembly is a good way forward for Scotland in the #Brexit crisis. I see the ultimate destination as #independence. Others disagree. That’s the joy of democracy
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All About the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Excellent crash course about the history of the conflict. Please share. Spread the truth and educate people one by one about the true history of Israel.

Évian Conference, July 6–15, 1938, at Évian-les-Bains, France, organized by FDR who hoped to obtain commitments to accept Jewish refugees from some of the invited 32 nations & 24 organizations, and to deflect from the U.S.'s severely limited quota. Ireland declined to accept any.
The conference to obtain commitments to accept Jewish refugees was attended by 32 countries, 24 orgs and Golda Meir, representing British Mandate Palestine. She was not permitted to speak or participate. 200 international journalists were at Évian to observe and publish reports.
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Here’s a thought experiment: would the US put the 10,000-50,000 undocumented Irish citizens in America today in the border camps? Would we separate their children from their moms & dads and then lose them in the system?
How about all the Israelis in America who overstayed their visas. They exist too.… Would Trump & Stephen Miller put them in the camps?
Would we separate Israeli children from their Israeli mothers and fathers for overstaying their visas? Well, I think we would under the “zero tolerance” rules.
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Last #POTUS tweet 25 Jun 2019 - 10:34:41 PM
[4.13] Delta
#QPosts: 1034, 413, 53 & 140
When was Hussein in China?
Track events.
We are in control
Track CEO resignations.
Alice & Wonderland = 140 same numbers as 1034
@realDonaldTrump 1034 & 413
Both have the track word
Track = 53
Corrupt Foundations and IRS
Alice & Wonderland = 140 Same numbers as 1034
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A short thread on some #porn research (could be longer but I'm sick and trying to finish a PhD on porn also). We have seen a lot of media talk lately in #Ireland, for obvious reasons. I want to share some recent studies in an effort to add some research into the discussion
Im not defending porn (my personal opinion is the idea of porn is fine, however I recognise the industry has some issues- like any industry). But I am concerned with how we use porn as a lazy scapegoat, especially in the media.The last time we had a national conversation on porn,
it was a lot of fearmongering rather than science, and soundbites rather than funding for sex education. See my analysis of this here:…
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#realcarersweek 1/
Carer poverty is increasing - as the benefit system is devastated; as care charges increase exponentially, as carers are forced to leave work to care, many find themselves struggling to afford the basic and subsidising care costs and paying for equipment.
#realcarersweek 2/
Carer health is suffering - mental health, anxiety, physical pain, putting off their own health checks, often because there is no support to allow them to do this. Emergency planning to take account of carer needs/wellbeing is patchy at best.
#realcarersweek 3/ Where is the future planning? How are we planning for the future of disabled children and adults who may outlive their immediate family? The greatest fear of carers is what happens if they are no longer there to care for our loved ones.
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Look, they're even reporting the #Cardiff1919RaceRiots in #Ireland. This is from 14th June 1919

#Iwerddon #Newyddion #Wales #Cardiff #Cardiff1919RaceRiots
dyma bapur newydd o Iwerddon 🇮🇪, darllenwch👀 mwy am y digwyddiadau yma. Cafodd ei gyhoeddi heddiw am Dydd Sadwrn, Mehefin 14

@CenturyIRL has led on the #CardiffRaceRiots photo with an image of #StMarysStreet in #CardiffCity. On the left is currently a whole bunch of businesses including @KongsCardiff, @sainsburys along w/ @cardiff_castle and @TheGoatMajorPub in the distance

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Decomposition time of our garbage

paper towel: 3 weeks
paper bag: 4 weeks
newspaper: 6 weeks

plastic bag: 20 years
styrofoam cup: 50 years
plastic straw: 200 years
plastic bottle: 450 years
coffee pod: 500 years

Sharing is caring. #WorldOceansDay
Countries polluting our oceans the most

12. USA
11. Brazil
10. Bangladesh
9. Nigeria
8. Malaysia
7. Thailand
6. Egypt
5. Sri Lanka
4. Vietnam
3. Philippines
2. Indonesia
1. China

(WSJ) #china #ocean
There are only two problems with plastics

1. they are designed to throw away
2. but made to last forever

Worst combination ever. #pollution
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Trump totally insulted Ireland and the PM. First, he wanted the PM to come to his golf course for a state visit (even though it was approx 180 miles from the capital) and so instead they met at Shannon Airport. #trump #Ireland…
Then, just as the reinstitution of a border with Northern Ireland under Brexit has heightened tensions and fears of a return to sectarian violence, Trump comes in praising borders and walls. #trump #Ireland…
Finally, when asked if his trip to Ireland was just to promote his golf course, he said "this trip is really about great relationships that we have with the U.K" ignoring the fact that Ireland has not been part of the UK since 1922. #trump #Ireland…
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*THREAD* As many of you now by know, last week a sitting FG #MEP & candidate in #MidlandsNorthWest (name is disclosed this time) tried to publicly dismiss the data I presented re: our health system. I've thought about this a lot & am now asking people to #refute or #clarify ⬇️
2/ I said: "Ireland statistically has the WORST #waitinglists in Europe."
(Said MEP suggested waiting lists numbers were high because patients don't attend appointments - and that the technology to collect data could be wrong)...
3/ Throughout the meeting I said:

⛔️500,000 + people are on #waitinglists for #appointments
⛔️70,000 + await #daycase and inpatient #procedures
⛔️80,000 + women await smear test results
⛔️10,000 + patients left on #trollies incl. elderly, and children...
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