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Improving Mental Health has become one of the most talked about needs over the last 5 years, making therapy, self-help apps, group support, alt therapy big opportunity areas.

This #MentalHealthDay, @BlumeVentures looked at what opportunities this market holds for startups👇
1/ Why is the demand growing?

1⃣COVID➡️spurt in anxiety, grief, loneliness, stress
2⃣Higher awareness, lower stigma💪
3⃣Later age pregnancies leading to more common developmental delays in kids
4⃣More nuclear families leading to breakdown of age old family support systems👩‍👦
2/ Mental Health covers a broad spectrum of needs, and not a singularly defined state.

Ranging from 'I want to work at maintaining my current state of mind' to 'I need intervention to solve for XYZ condition' with a wide range of needs in between. Image
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From taking care of her Schizophrenic daughter to being president of the Schizophrenia Awareness Association & helping draft the Mental Healthcare Act in 2017 to authoring a book on mental illness, Amrit Kumar's journey has been inspiring for all.
@amritbakhshy Image
“When my daughter fell ill in 1991, I hadn’t even heard of schizophrenia. The internet was new, so I used it to go through Wikipedia and other portals for preliminary information. Image
Over the years, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Image
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#MentalHealthDay #MentalHealthMatters
Forced to marry after finishing her Class 9 exams, Sumitra Gargai from Jharkhand's Ho tribe faced years of physical, mental and emotional abuse at her marital home.⁠
Fighting her way out of severe depression, Sumitra found her lifeline in working with Ekjut, an NGO that offers better mental healthcare to marginalized communities in rural India.⁠
Having seen her own sister lose her life to depression, Sumitra has been working tirelessly to fight the stigma and build community awareness.
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Depression, Angststörung, Alkoholmissbrauch: Bundesweit erfüllt einer von vier Erwachsenen im Zeitraum eines Jahres die Kriterien einer psychischen Erkrankung. Das führt zu massivem Leid für die Betroffenen selbst, für deren Angehörigen.
Aber auch zu enormen betriebs- und volkswirtschaftlichen Einbußen. Und die Quoten steigen.

Ihr als Führungskräfte könnt einen enorm wichtigen Einfluss auf die psychisch-mentale Gesundheit ihrer Mitarbeitenden haben. Das Zitat erinnert daran.
Mit realistischen Erwartungen, angemessenen Arbeitsbelastungen, erfüllbaren Deadlines könnt Ihr entscheidend dazu beitragen, dass Euere Team-Mitglieder brennen, aber nicht ausbrennen.
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nadine for @RankMagazine
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#hairbypaulnebres #nadinelustre
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Day 6 🎥
©️red_mikhail (09/14/22) Image
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🧵: last night at 18:15, I was the victim (yeah, victim) of a Wellness Check by the #ACAB @lpsmediaoffice in #LdnOnt. At 16:00 my wife and I got into an argument. I left the house and went for a walk. Concerned about my safety (as I have previously attempted suicide), /1
She called the police to do a wellness check. At approximately 18:15, no fewer than 5 police cars and 8 police officers surrounded me in a Tim Horton’s parking lot. At this point, I am extremely anxious. /2
Numerous officers try to make small talk. I repeatedly tell them that I don’t want to “do this” - meaning that I don’t want to end up back at the hospital - especially this time as I am not actively suicidal. /3
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The Premier League have announced that they're going to make 'a number' of their games Pay-Per-View in the middle of a health crisis at a time when fans cannot go to the games. All-but-one of the clubs voted in favour of this change. A rant...
Firstly, it's not the first time the Premier League has squeezed supporters for cash, lots of us already pay bloated prices for Sky packages, BT packages (which are full of adverts for more products and betting to waste cash). This is whilst also paying c.£500 for a season ticket
So, on the assumption that say, half of the Saints’ games, are in PPV from here. I pay about £35 quid PM for TV sports (which I only got this season for the football). 22 games left so say 12 x £15.
8 Months of TV = 280
12PPV games = 180
Total = 460
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#HBDRakulPreetSingh #mentalhealthday

Private Sector is better.

7 out of the 10 telecom companies have shut business and gone home leading to job losses.
All airline companies are in distress. Jet Airways shut down with 18,000 jobs as direct loss and ten times more as indirect loss. The banks too took a hit, same with King Fisher. Every other airline is struggling. Some have been declared by their auditors as no longer a
going concern, that means capital is completely eroded.

In UK, railways privatized over 30 years ago are in a mess. The government is now planning to take over and reverse the decision.

Subhash Chandra is out of Zee Television due to his massive debt.
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A friend encouraged me to share my #mentalhealthday story. So here it is.

I had my first major depressive episode when I was 14. It was five years before anyone even said the word “depression” to me, and another five years before I was brave enough to ask a friend for help. 1/5
Over the next 15 years, I was on and off different meds, in and out of therapy. I got married, had two kids, started a business, wrote a book, and traveled the world. I was mentally stable maybe 25% of the time. 2/5
10 years ago I finally received an accurate diagnosis of Bipolar II. This means I’ll be on meds the rest of my life. I’m still in and out of therapy. I’m mentally stable most of the time (I … think?). Everyone in my life knows, including my kids. 3/5
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We will be sharing 5 ways on how to build mental resilience. Re-share to inform others. #OandoCares #MentalHealthDay
Physical activity and exercise have immediate and long-term benefits on your mental health. #OandoCares #MentalHealthDay Image
Focusing on a particular object, thought or activity can help you handle negative feelings and emotions. #OandoCares #MentalHealthDay Image
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In honor of #MentalHealthDay here's a few things I know about mental health
It's important for anyone to he educated on mental health. Necessary for staying healthy and also to know what to do if one doesn't feel sound mentally. There are so many websites, articles and books on mental health that can be useful…
As someone who has panic attacks here's a few basic things that can be done- try to stay calm
Don't try to clear your mind, instead try diverting your thoughts to less stressful things
Go to an open place- field, Roof, garden anything
Try pacing around in open spaces
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