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I’ve heard this said about my son on more than one occasion, “he seems to think he can do what he wants, and doesn’t have to do something if he doesn’t want to.”

Um, well, yes.

He’s a human being after all, with free will and autonomy.

#GentleParenting #Parenting #WritersLift
Certainly all of our actions have consequences, and I mean naturally-occurring consequences, not adult-imposed punishments.…

#MediumWriter #MediumBlogger #ParentingBlog #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #MentalHealthAwareness #ADHDAwareness #Oppositional
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Mental health symptoms in men might include:

•Anger and Aggressiveness
•Substance misuse
•Trouble concentrating
•Persistent feelings of worry
Engagement in high-risk activities
•Unusual behaviour that concerns others or gets in the way of daily life
•Suicidal Thoughts

If you’re experiencing any of the above or your symptoms are not listed here but you feel the need to reach out for help,
send us a DM we will book you an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

#mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #MenToo #HealthTips
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CW: Suicidal Ideation A 🧵

I have suffered with suicidal ideation for most of my adult life. It obviously stems from my childhood abuse and was reinvigorated following my motor vehicle accident and after Millie was murdered.


#MentalHealthAwareness Image of sad female. Above ...
Whilst I have been in the passive stage for many years now, I have had multiple active stages as some close to me are aware of.

Following most of those episodes I was hospitalised.

2/ Passive Vs. Active Suicidal...
There are many reasons, environments and interactions (often innocuous to witnesses or participants) that can trigger the active state.

I give much thanks to my medication being supplemented with lithium that has prevented me following through with my plans.

3/ Image
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Today marks the end of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, and we'd like to say a word on mental health in #tech.

51% of tech workers have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. By contrast, 19.1% of U.S. adults experience mental illness.

How can we change that? THREAD 🧵
Above all, we've got to open up about our struggles.

In this thread, 3 of our #founders talk openly about their mental health and tools that help them maintain it - tackling issues such as burnout, work-life balance and fear of failure.

Let's see what they have to say.
Founder & CEO of @KairnApp, @patbsci, recommends writing something down when it bothers you, daily.

"If it consistently bothers me 7 days in a row, then it means it’s not going away", she says. "Do something to change it, don’t let it eat away your energy."
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#TexasSchoolMassacre happened after a kid dropped out at #Ulvade . #SalvadorRamos was bullied
#SalvadorRamos only just turned 18. Failed to graduate.
Shared information about obtaining weapons
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Last month, I conducted a survey on the well-being of professionals exposed to online extremist and terrorist content.
I will share more detailed results with you next week, but the Buffalo attack compels me to share some of my findings and advice already. 🧵 1/
The first and most important tip is to ask yourself if you truly need to watch the video. (You most likely don't ...) (According to my survey, 10+ hours of weekly exposure significantly increases the likelihood of sleep disturbances, nightmares, cynicism, overprotection, etc.) 2/
I am in the final stages of planning a conference on Gamification, Hate Speech, and Extremism (…
), and I read that the attacker admires the Christchurch shooter, posted a manifesto, and live-streamed the attack. 3/
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Last week I was dismissed from my role as class teacher on grounds of ill health capabilities. Now that it's been shared in the community I can begin to process it. A career I only ever dreamt of ended abruptly and it is quite honestly heartbreaking. #LongCovid
I feel it's important sharing how it feels because, especially as teachers, we are often 'fine'/have hard exterior but sometimes life throws something you can't control at you. Heading into #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek just know it's ok for things to be tough. #LongCovid
I am proud of myself that I've tried to keep on top of my mental health even when the physical has been so debilitating the past 18 months. But thanks to the hard work I'd put into my mind pre-covid, for other reasons, I really think those skills have kept me going. #Longcovid
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If you have trouble accepting that adoption involves complex & chronic developmental trauma because it makes you feel badly about using adoption as a “solution” to abortion, it’s time to re-evaluate your beliefs.
#RoeVWade #RoeVsWade #abortion #adoption #MentalHealthAwareness
Without trauma-informed services, it’s very difficult to ensure the stability of as many adoptive families as possible. If you only care that kids are adopted but don’t care if they achieve safety & stability post-adoption, you don’t belong in this life-altering conversation.
To add for fellow activists - yes family preservation comes first. In the case of my message here, adopted kids continue to be created and continue to struggle post-adoption. And I *have* to provide & fight for post-adoption support & societal understanding on their behalf.
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Coaches-Right now, our student-athletes are going through things we never did. It is more than just needing to toughen up. They need our support through and through. Here are a few thoughts to help:

1. Meet regularly with your players as people first. Talk to them as people
2. Share with them your vision for them in your program. Let them know if you have a plan for them and if you want them to improve, tell them how, don’t just say “you aren’t good enough.”

3. DO NOT EVER leverage mental health treatment as a point of weakness or investment.
Mental health treatment, counseling, and performance coaching should be viewed like strength and conditioning, not sickness, the infirmary, or conflict resolution. It is an investment into the person, not their performance/program

4. Be human as coach. They need to see u as real
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Alternative medicine is great (I use it myself) when practiced within a healthy, safe environment but shld never be offered-or sold-in lieu of NHS advice. It should harmonise.
If some1 ever implies that Doctors/nurses are not to be trusted then this shld be a red flag 🚩
🧵 2/ too often I read stories of alternative therapy practitioners telling patients scare stories & talking of NHS failures just to promote their specific, alternative treatments.
🧵 3/ any1 offering alternative medicine/treatment shld encourage your relationship W/ ur Dr & if your symptoms (mental &/or physical) persist shld equally encourage u to return to ur doctor for further tests. They shld not diagnose u because they cannot diagnose u.
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A 🧵
Today is #HanumanJayanti.
Do let me know which is your favorite story of Lord Hanuman.
I will start with mine.

I was really fascinated to learn of this story of young Hanuman who used to harass the Rishis in his mischief and Rishis were so angry that they cursed that he would lose his ability to fly from then onwards. 2/n
Later, Anjana, mother of Lord Hanuman pleaded to Rishis to forgive him who modified the curse to say that Hanuman will not lose his divine power to fly but he will henceforth lose the knowledge about his powers till reminded about it at an appropriate time by some wise man.
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Guilt Culture in South Asian Families.
This is such an impt aspect that impacts so many individuals growing up which leads to distress in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and mental health concerns which go unnoticed.
It isn’t always easy to understand what guilt is. In fact, guilt & shame are often confused with each other, though they’re distinct emotions. Guilt describes a sense of regret or responsibility that relates to actions taken.
People may feel guilt over things they actually did wrong, things they believe were their fault. Like every emotion has a purpose, Guilt also signals us when we may stray away from our values/beliefs. It nudges us to be mindful of our actions with genuine intentions.
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I am a high-achieving WOC in academic medicine. I am almost 9 months postpartum. I had my annual physical with my PCP today. I confided that I felt everything was a bit dull/sad lately. I asked for advice on who I could talk to to feel more like myself. Here's what happened (🧵):
PCP said: "Not everything is like a baby commercial, things won't always be happy and clean. It'll get better."
PCP said: "You just have to realize that your life is a bit messier now. You can't give 100% to your job anymore. Try giving 75%."
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
The weather over the weekend was amazing! Had a lovely walk down by the river on Sunday. I have my angle poise tablet holder, and I can see how I managed without one!! I played Tiny Tina's Wonderland and laughed
We watched MI: 3 and we constructed an IKEA shoe cupboard.
Phew, I feel knackered just remembering all that...

I hope your weekend was filled with excitement and laughter, and I hope that this week brings you some peace in your life.
I hope the voices of doom keep quiet
I hope the challenges of today are not to demanding of your spoons.

Always remember that you are in someone's thoughts today. I think about many of the people I have lost and found, each and every day.
You matter, your feelings matter and you are valid.
Be fabulous, be amazing
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The amount of sunshine, temperature and humidity have a great effect on our mood.
Extreme heat has been associated with a range of mental health impact like increases in irritability and symptoms of depression and increase in suicide.
In a study from 1984, APS Fellow Douglas Kenrick and Steven MacFarlane observed that drivers get more aggressive on hotter days.
The correlational link between high temperatures and aggressive behavior is called the "heat hypothesis"

It has been shown in behaviors ranging from murder and assault to car thefts. A 2015 analysis of 118,489 motor vehicle crashes in Spain found that the estimated risk of crashes was 7.7% higher during heat waves compared with similarly warm days with less extreme heat.
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Mindset Moment 🧠

Remember, it's not a loss until you sell.

With technology making it easy to check balances and stay up to date with stock prices, it can become a habit to check investment accounts regularly.

You don't need to keep looking and ruining your mental health.
Between online banking, home buying apps, and budgeting tools, having quick and easy access to your financial information is great from a monitoring standpoint. However, the reality is if you're not selling, it may not matter.

#mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #ShadowInvestor
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. Big day for me, a celebration! A time to reflect on the the journey I have undertaken, a moment to look at myself and appreciate just how far I have come. What is so special about today? I hear you ask...
Today is one of the landmark events in any Trans Persons life, today is a celebration of the day I started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).
4 years ago today, I placed the very first patch on my thigh. The nervous excitement of finally moving along the path to new adventures.
So much has happened since then, I didn't have a clue what life was about to throw at me. But I thought whatever it was I could handle it and I would make each day a celebration of renewed life.
I made new friends and lost others, discovered acceptance and found rejection.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters!
I look at the community I find myself a part of, and I see so many amazing people. I see folks trying to live their lives to the best of their ability, I see folks going above and beyond what is expected.
I see folks who radiate love, folks who always support their friends.
I feel honoured to be a part of a loving, caring community and I hope that I do my small part in belonging to that community.
I look out across the sea of faces that appear on my screen, and I see hope.
I see a community ready and willing to help, to reach out and lift others up. To build bridges and clear the way, so that those who follow will have an slightly easier route to follow.
I see you, I hear you and I am proud of you and I stand with you.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
Sometimes I find myself staring blankly at the screen, waiting for words to form themselves on the digital canvas before me. And today is one of those days...
But you're typing these words, I hear you say!
Well, yes I am.
Constructing this was not easy, it took many forms in my fingers, fired across empty spaces between synapses. Thrown around like aa bag of ping pong balls, until it finally took form on the screen. And even then, a garbled message appeared and was quickly deleted
Words don't come easy to me, I'm not the most logical of people. I tend to flit from idea to idea, and before anything tangible becomes reality, it's gone within the next moment. Then some days I turn around, and words have somehow fallen haphazardly onto the screen, with no idea
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The @CDCgov is listening! Today, @EthnicMediaSvc hosts a roundtable with Bhutanese, Burmese, and Uyghur refugees and how these communities have managed the pandemic. #refugees #COVID19 #healthequity #publichealth #RIM
Speakers include: Faustina Palmatier, Karen Society of Buffalo; Aung M. Naing, President and Co-founder, Network of Myanmar American Associations @netmaa Sudarshan Pyakurel, Executive Director, Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio
Also: Parshuram Chamlagai: Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh; Omer Kanat, Founder and President, Uyghur Human Rights Project @Omerkanat1 @uyghurproject
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. I'm in the process of cleaning the kitchen and have had to take a break, for me staring at light coloured surfaces for too long induces a headache as my brain tries to work out what's dirt and what's floaters.
That's why I like to make my surroundings darker, it's more pleasing and soothing to me as the darker colours negate the constant floaters in my eyes.
Life here in the Scottish Borders in proceeding nicely, we feel settled here.
I hope today brings you some peace from the constant barrage of noise from the world around you, and you find a reason to smile.
Reach out and tell someone you love them today, make sure you thank the folks that work to make our lives easier. Be patient, be kind
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. A rip roaring start to the day with a phone call from local Mental Health Services, had a lovely chat, some advice and local contacts. Starting again in a new area can be difficult at the best of times!
Washing is on and whirring softly away to itself, singing the cleansing song of Machima. Got some cleaning to do next, new rota in place to make sure neither of us forget anything that needs doing.
Hopefully going to play some Cyberpunk 2077 later, new character joy!
Do you have plans for today, do you have good news that you'd like to share? Let me know how you're doing!

To all my female friends today on #InternationalWomensDay especially my Sister @hellsmumof4 and my partner @JessicaNellH, I hope today brings you extra love and hugs.
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🧵Introducing : Darlene. This woman has organized @FreedomNova rallies since COVID19 restrictions began in 2020. From flat(earth) out denial of COVID19 being real to present day of supporting Putin's invasion of #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussianWar #Antivaxxer #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
@FreedomNova She has also organized these rallies with a local evangelical homophobic pastor named Bill.
How do I assume he is homophobic? Let's just say I have my reasons. The Pier boys he grew up with despise him. He also signed a petition with another NS evangelical church to open their doors during a COVID19 outbreak. #pride #homophobia ImageImage
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What is the "affirmative model?"
#healthcare #therapy #mentalhealthmatters
Let's unpack the difference between the “watchful waiting method” and the “affirmative model,” & how the “affirmative model” locks kids into confusion, distress & medicalization for life. (1/10)
“Watchful waiting” means that parents, therapists, and teachers neither affirm nor deny a child’s desire to be the opposite sex. When a girl says she wants to be a boy, the adults in the room wait to see if she’ll grow out of it on her own. #mentalhealthawareness (2/10)
“Affirmation” means that a girl who wants to be a boy is told she IS a boy. Her parents have her birth certificate changed. Her teachers call her by a boy’s name. Her peers are ordered to play along. She’s given drugs to prevent normal maturation, and told she NEEDS them. (3/10)
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