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Is Vanity Godliness?
If not, why all the botox and fillers and wigs and toupees and plastic surgery and Just For Men and veneers and and and for evangelical "leaders"?

vanity is godliness
financial wealth is spiritual wealth
idols should be prayed to
hate thy neighbor

These are the lessons these people teach.
cast stones
blame others for your own moral failings
cover up your sins
do as i say not as i do

no wonder so much of the American right is #MorallyBankrupt
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Maybe unconsciously I have given myself no break during several weeks I have spent in Homestead. Although unlike at Tornillo, I leave at night, only 2 rtn in morning, parking across from main entrance & unloading chairs and stepladders and banners from the back of my car.1/7
No break, in some sort of acknowledgment of the indefinite prison term the children inside suffer and live. Marty keeps trying to get me to take a drive with him down to Key Largo for a nice lunch, and so far, it always seems to me that I will be gone too long.2/7
I am being foolish. Even with frequent visits to the place along the fence, where we set up our stepladders and wave and exchange gestures with the kids inside, no one would miss me for a couple of hours. The guards, who ring the perimeter and watch us all the time... 3/7
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Arma Global Services. They wear reversed flags on their sleeves; do military base support around the country, perhaps the world. Had 2 hire a lot of people 2 guard internal & external checkpoints, cruise roads in carts & trucks at the largest child migrant prison in the country.
Not much time for training it seems. Sometimes, all it takes to trigger a Keystone Cops flurry of activity is for a lone protestor with a sign to wander down a public road to wave at the children inside. Who often wave right back, by the way.
Golf carts scurry to the scene of the “crime.” Warnings are issued. Trucks pull up parallel so the drivers (the supervisors of the guards get to drive trucks) can consult. What are they consulting about?
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When the children who are kept behind the fences & in the tent prisons of Homestead reach the age of 18, they are taken out in chains. Their ankles are chained to their wrists and they are moved to adult detention. Until then, they spend their days in a strange sort of suspense.
They wait while a conspiracy between the Office of Refugee Resettlement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement goes through a procedure that aims at three things.
It aims at luring and catching sponsor families in the U.S. who may be undocumented, so that they can be deported. And it serves its second purpose, to punish children as a warning to desperate people in Central America. Third purpose: to make some rich people richer.
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This is about children being held inside the fences, barracks & tents in an influx shelter (read: prison camp). It is not about squabbles between guards & a few folks that have come to bear witness to this atrocity on the edge of an Air Force base in the hot sun of south Florida.
So, it is with considerable relief that I can tell those reading here that we appear to have reached an accommodation with the local police & the guards at this camp that will allow us to focus our attention where it belongs: on the children inside.
Some of them have been inside for more than 9 months. We can see them over the fence. We can show them signs that say No Están Solos. We can wave.
And they can wave back. And call out to us.
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Let's start here: Dan Rather does a good job summarizing the Sinclair propaganda facet of Trump's authoritarian regime.
Rump's authoritarian behavior includes subverting democracy, failure to be transparent, failure to be accountable, nepotism, cronyism, and many dimensions of financial corruption.
Trump's authoritarianism includes thwarting the will of congress, obstructing the protection of the environment, and putting property & people & planet at unprecedented risk.

#EPA #BootPruitt #DumpPruit #FirePruitt #PruittMustGo #PruittMustResign
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