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I’ve been a big supporter of my hometown newspaper, The Santa Clarita Signal.

I’ve written free columns for them. Encouraged my neighbors to subscribe. Sent high-fives to reporters covering the town.

Real news matters. Local news matters.

And here’s where it gets weird...
New owners just bought our hometown paper.

I was optimistic.

This is a political battleground, evenly split between left and right. The stakes are high. So are tensions.

We need local news we can trust. We need a balanced op-ed page.

But ...

But ... readers discovered the new newspaper owners’ Twitter feeds this week.

They have shared bonkers conspiracy theories & the most vile fake news imaginable. It’s nauseating.

And now they control my town’s ONLY daily newspaper.

Read this:… /3
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Trump’s Office of Refugee Resettlement Is Budgeting for a Surge in Child Separations.

The agency is planning to move funds for refugees and HIV/AIDS patients to cover the possible costs. #FamiliesBelongTogther

Details and quotes THREADED 👇…
Via @Slate: "The Office of Refugee Resettlement is preparing for the possibility of another surge in family separations. [...] ORR has modeled a scenario in which the Trump administration’s border policies could require the detention of thousands more immigrant children."
Via @Slate: There are currently about 11,800 children in ORR’s care. #Azar states somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 of those children were separated from their parents at the border. Remainder are children who crossed the border without a parent or guardian.
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🚨 Update on our family separation case:
The Trump administration failed to meet the deadline to reunite all kids under 5. We’ve asked the court for specific remedies to ensure this does not happen again.

We won't allow the government to waste time. #FamiliesBelongTogether
The administration claims to have reunited 58 children as of today. The government said they would give us notice of a time and place for each reunification so that we could arrange for nonprofits to be onsite to help families and verify reunifications.

That didn't happen.
Not only did the government fail to give notice, we heard reports of troubling situations, including ICE leaving a parent and kids, one of whom is 6 months old, alone at a bus stop.

The government's lack of communication caused hardship for families who have been through enough.
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Yesterday, the Trump Administration notified the court that it has identified 102 separated children under the age of five – and that only four of these children were reunited with their parents before the deadline.
The Administration has failed to even identify the parent of one child and has made no effort to contact 12 parents who the Administration itself deported.
Contrary to what HHS Secretary Azar told Congress, many parents of separated children reportedly still do not know where their children are, and their attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.
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José, a man represented by our Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative in his asylum case was today reunited with his son thanks to @ACLU. Here’s how the Trump administration tore apart this family:
1. José fled Honduras with his 3-year-old son because he feared for their lives. The two had rarely been apart, and they came to the country together — with José’s identification and his son’s birth certificate. They presented themselves at a port of entry seeking asylum.
2. Despite the government's insistence that people who present themselves to immigration officials at ports of entry would not be split apart from their children, this, officials took his son away.
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Tomorrow is the deadline for the government to reunite 102 separated children under the age of five with their parents.

Today in court, the Trump administration said just over 50 children would be reunited by the deadline. #FamiliesBelongTogether
It's extremely disappointing the government will not be in full compliance with the court order by tomorrow, but the most important thing is that the court will continue to hold the administration's feet to the fire to get these kids reunited with their parents.
A federal judge has stepped in to manage this mess truly of the Trump administration's making.

Make no mistake, we will hold the administration to account until every single child is reunited with his or her parents. #FamiliesBelongTogether
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"“We couldn’t do anything about the orders from the U.S. government. I just lived from day to day without any purpose. I felt empty.… I frittered away every day. I don’t remember anything much.… I just felt vacant.”
— Osuke Takizawa, Tanforan Assembly Center, San Bruno"
“We went down Pine Street down to Fillmore to the number 22 streetcar, and he took the 22 streetcar and went to the SP (Southern Pacific) and took the train to San Jose. And that was the last time I saw him.”
During the #JapaneseInternment the families were kept together. Notice the paper tags? These stories and photos are haunting and reminiscent of what is happening today, except today there are plastic wristbands with barcodes.…
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We were back in court today in our family separation class-action lawsuit.

The judge made it very clear he wasn’t going to allow the Trump administration to drag its feet on reunifying these children with their parents.

After the government was unable to give a precise update on reunification, the judge ordered the Trump administration to produce a list of all kids under 5 whom it forcibly separated from their parents.…
The administration should stop trying to further prolong the suffering of these families.

Families belong together. No more excuses.
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The outcomes of long term/indefinite detention of asylum seekers.

#FamiliesBelongTogether, but locking them up together long term leads to abuse, rape, self harm and prolific mental health issues.

The children below are on Nauru; they tried to reach Australia.
“Abuse, self-harm and neglect on Manus and Nauru: Senate Inquiry Report 2017”

The link below is a summary of the report above by the Refugee Council of Australia.…
Key takeaways from the report:

• Damaging living environment
• Uncertainty about the future
• Lack of approximate regulation
• Lack of transparency

Is this raising alarm bells yet? 🚨

#DontBeLikeAustralia #AsylumSeekers
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Update from Port Isabel Detention Center - THREAD.
I’m struggling with this update as emotions are overwhelming. To see familiar faces smile at seeing me — but to know I don’t bring answers or hope. To hear more stories of horror and despair. Read more... #FamiliesBelongTogether
To many detainees, having someone to care about them means the world. Especially as they’ve lost all they have, including their children. Some, upon learning children are in foster care, fear they’ve lost their children forever. Others still wait to hear their child’s voice.
Others face the dismal process of routine findings of “No credible fear” despite having strong cases and supporting evidence. Oh - and they didn’t have their volunteer lawyers present at the interview.
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Imagine a time when...

#Immigration reform is a political success, but a moral disaster.
Congress votes on a new Immigration Agency.
#POTUS uses immigration for political gain.

What if I tell you the year is 1872?

A History Thread for #IndependenceDay #4thofJuly2018
I was scanning through historic remarks to quote for a thing, when I found this line from President Grant: "I see no subject more national in its character than provision for the safety and welfare of the thousands who leave foreign lands to become citizens of this Republic."
That's from a letter #Grant sent to #Congress in 1872 on #ImmigrationReform (without using the precise term). No surprise he's today's hottest candidate for most under-rated President, right? He's, like, totes progressive.

Nope. Read on:
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We talked to some of the immigrant children and parents who have been torn apart by the Trump administration’s illegal family separation policy.

What they are going through is inhumane and un-American. These are just a few of their stories. #FamiliesBelongTogether 1/x
Without their parents, kids are going through extreme trauma.

In one instance, a boy was sent to the hospital because he was about to jump out of the window of the group home he had been sent to after being taken from his family.
Parents struggle for weeks to get in touch with their children. Kids are scared and confused about what is happening.
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Call/email these people & ask them to stop this:

County Judge — Hon. Aurelio "Keter" Guerra
Office (956) 689-3393

County Commissioner Precinct 1 — Hon. Eliberto "Beto" Guerra Office (956) 689-4214
County Commissioner Precinct 2 — Hon. Oscar Deluna
Office (956) 689-4214

County Commissioner Precinct 3 — Hon. Henry De La Paz
Office (956) 689-4214
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We need to get these mothers out of Hutto & reunited with their children! Please read these heart breaking accounts from women inside this detention center. #FamiliesBelongTogether thread 1/…
One mother writes "“We beg you to help us, return our children. Our children are very desperate. My son asks me to get him out and I’m powerless here.”… #FamiliesBelongTogether
Another mom writes: "It’s been a month since they snatched him away and there are moments when I can’t go on" #ReuniteThe2300…
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We have seen our country take a nosedive into becoming "Fourth Reich."

United States of America is now running internment camps.

Our concern now is all the children who are in these camps.

➡️So, where did they come from & why did their parents bring them here?

Tornillo, TX is on US/Mexico border. There is “tent city facility” setup there. Facility is housing 326 children (312 boys, 14 girls):

162 from Guatemala

117 from Honduras

40 from El Salvador

4from “other countries”

3 from Mexico


So if less than 1% are from Mexico, why?

Reason - out of 195 countries:

El Salvador has 2nd highest rate of violent deaths.

Honduras has 4th highest rate of violent deaths.

Guatemala has 17th highest rate of violent deaths.



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#Sunday #July4thweekend
#walkaway #MAGA #FamiliesBelongTogether
🚨I'm gonna tweet about this EVERY DAY! "No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case"
•Gross negligence👉extremely careless
•Didnt know what she (Huma) was doing was wrong (the too fcking stupid defense)…
"No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case"
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(THREAD) I think it is more insidious than that. I had a 3 hour conversation with a Trump supporter who showed up at the #FamiliesBelongTogether rally in Ft. Wayne yesterday. Two of us drew him away from the rally to prevent an incident and we eventually went out for pizza.
He gave us the "illegal immigrants" and "permanently separated" talking points from Fox News/Trump. The two of us from the rally checked him with facts. We kept talking and kept it civil. We asked questions and listened to his answers. It dawned on me that we agreed frequently.
I suggested we all go to a local pizza Parlor (@PintandSlice if you're in the Fort, highly recommended). Over the meal (because the two of us were at the rally all day and had gotten hungry), we were talking about all kinds of political points and then sharing stories.
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ICE should be deporting dangerous felons, not toddlers and immigrant families fleeing danger. #FamiliesBelongTogether
With the worst drug crisis in our nation's history, ICE and DHS should spend their resources on keeping drugs out and stopping drug money from being exported to gangs and cartels south of the border.
It’s clear that ICE is unprepared and seemingly unwilling to reunite the infants and kids they forcibly removed at the border. We need a different solution to this humanitarian crisis.
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Remember this: Children with representation are 5 times more likely to be successful in their case than children who go to court alone. Representation is often the last line of safety for children vulnerable to exploitation by both a system and a country hostile to their presence
Through our work with unaccompanied children, RAICES stands in these spaces where children are alone as their advocates and we witness the trauma and injustice of hundreds of children being taken from their families.

Simply, children are being taken from their families...
... put into a system not equipped to ensure their safety, & lose access to the representation designed to be their safeguard through this process.

RAICES has seen hundreds of children taken from their families in the last 18 months.

Enough is enough.

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As uplifting as our day of #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch events is - we have to talk about #MeTooICE and the sexual degradation of prisoners. Trump is traumatizing a generation of people. We must dedicate ourselves to moments of re-unification and lifetimes of healing. #MeToo
We don’t fully know the answer to #WHEREARETHEGIRLS? Having worked in sexual assault prosecution and prevention, I know #metoo incidents are astronomical among female prisoners & girls in state custody. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch is a cry for HEALING.
The assaults, pregnancies, and degradations must be a part of this conversation. STOP government from separating families, imprisoning children, or sanctioning assault & trauma. We must include not just FREEDOM but HEALING in our demands. #FamiliesBelongTogether #MeToo #MeTooICE
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Parents & children are not just being separated at the border. They are being separated in every state by @ICEgov - an immoral force ripping apart families everywhere. It’s time to #AbolishICE so we can #FreeOurFuture and #EndFamilySeparation.
U.S. Citizens - Call Congress and ask them use their oversight authority to #EndFamilySeparation. We must ensure the rights of children and parents are respected, and our legal system is allowed to work. Call- (202)224-3121 to share this important message. #ReuniteFamiliesNow
@DHSGov - the @UN has recommended guidelines for human rights at international borders . The actions the DHS is taking do not comply with these guidelines. Stop the human rights abuses! #ReuniteFamiliesNow #EndFamilyDetention @womensmarch @UnitedWeDream
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