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Le virus se propage et reste dans l'air.

Ni le gel hydroalcoolique, ni les plexiglass n'empêchent de l'inhaler.

Pour que chacun et chacune soit protégé, adoptons les bons gestes.

En milieu clos, dans la foule, portons un masque.


Le virus se propage et reste dans l'air.

Ni le gel hydroalcoolique, ni les plexiglass n'empêchent de l'inhaler.

Pour que chacun et chacune soit protégé, adoptons les bons gestes : masques, aération, mesure du CO2.

#COVIDisAirborne #SantePubliqueDIY
2/2 Convid 19 : le virus se pro...
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It makes no sense that as COVID becomes more highly transmissible, the dominant policy has been to completely abandon masks, when the logical reaction should have been to do the opposite and increase mask protection by recommending and distributing N95s to everyone.
Early in the pandemic, cloth & surgical masks were recommended due to N95 shortages & the lack of understanding #COVIDisAirborne.

It's about time governments strongly recommended N95s as the default. N95s aren't just as a tool for the "cautious," they are essential for everyone!
The misstep about authorities not communicating about the N95 shortage is well documented, but sticking to the droplet transmission dogma for so long was also very harmful as it slowed the recommendation of more effective masks.
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1. Now everyone can stop raising their eyebrows when I say that I exercise outdoors wearing an N95 mask. Omicron is a game-changer for transmissibility. BA.5 takes that to the next level. It's dead wrong to assume that outdoor transmission is insignificant
2. The claim that you are a thousand times more likely to contract COVID indoors than outdoors is an urban myth that remains abject nonsense, no matter how often the fairy tale has been repeated. A lie repeated often enough remains a lie
3. As SAR2 evolves towards ever more efficient airborne transmission, it has become time to relegate foolish assumptions to the effect that outdoors transmission is insignificant to the dustbin of history
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Always interesting to look back at old threads as self-calibration, and this one aged ok I think. Even though admissions were still falling at that point, there was a strong enough signal in variant percentages to be confident they would rise very soon.
The comparison with South Africa was maybe a bit optimistic, but I think I was far from the only one hoping that would be true.
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In science, as in life, the most interesting details & surprises often come from secrets; what's never seen the light of day

I think now's the right time for one such 'secret' to be revealed

It concerns @WHO teams, & the word 'airborne'


Cast your mind back to 2021

We're in ongoing #COVIDisAirborne denial

☣️WHO 'It's NOT airborne' tweet Mar 2020
✅Pushback from aerosol scientists July 2020
☣️WHO reactionary COVID19 IPC work of bias fiction, July 2020, denying airborne transmission beyond AGPs

Mar 2021: WHO 'Living Systematic Review' is lauded as THE ANSWER

Heneghan, Conly, Jefferson et al conclude:

'The lack of recoverable viral culture samples of SARS2 prevents firm conclusions from being drawn about airborne transmission'


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Those are very important graphs.
New immune-evasive variants are appearing faster and faster.

Each reinfection increases one's risk of #LongCOVID, and other severe outcomes (including harm to immune system and cognitive impairment)
The only way out is to #TargetTransmission

There is a way out of this crisis.
We can strongly reduce the spread (hence disabilities, deaths, absenteeism & disruptions) and even achieve a state of SARS2 elimination or near elimination in 🇨🇦

For this our leaders need to seriously focus on #TargetingTransmission

2/ Image
Leaders need to
1. Acknowledge the reality that
a) SARS2 is here
b) SARS2 is harmful

2. Stop listening to promises of "defanging & decoupling"

3. Target the transmission ASAP (we have the tools: #CovidIsAirborne: N95 mask mandates, HEPA filters; vaccines, TTI and so on)

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Bonjour @gouvernementFR @Sante_Gouv

Nous avons bien compris que vous vous laviez les mains de la situation.

Demander à la population de faire de même en faisant croire à un geste barrière efficace est une honte.

#COVIDisAirborne et vous le savez.

Le matraquage de ce geste barrière quasiment inutile, laisse penser à la population qu'elle se protège correctement.

Qu'elle a un geste citoyen.

Qu'elle participe à la lutte contre l'épidémie.

C'est tout simplement de la désinformation.

Aussi, lorsqu'il s'agit d'ajouter un geste barrière présenté comme plus contraignant, tout le monde estime déjà faire sa part en usant régulièrement du fameux gel hydroalcoolique.

Votre communication trompeuse participe au rejet du port du masque.

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Airborne spread of SARS-CoV 1 in high-rise buildings

"Airborne spread .. appears to explain this large community outbreak of SARS, and future efforts at prevention and control must take into consideration the potential for airborne spread of this virus"…
"We analyzed the temporal and spatial distributions of cases in a large community outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong and examined the correlation of these data with the three-dimensional spread of a virus-laden aerosol plume that was modeled using studies of airflow dynamics."
Published in one of the top medical journals in the world the @NEJM in 2004
Very sad this evidence on SARS was poorly or not considered at all in early 2020 by our policy makers as regards SARS-CoV-2

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1/ Dangerous spread of misinformation by @BBC.

Do not be vaxed relaxed. Triple vaccination and prior infection with omicron #BA1 does not offer protection omicron variants #BA4 and #BA5 - which are currently driving the new wave of infection in the UK. 🧵
2/ #BA5 resists and escapes neutralising antibodies induced by triple-dose vaccination & antibodies induced by prior omicron (#BA1) infection.
3/ Please do all you can to prevent (re)infection. #COVIDisAirborne which means infectious particles are carried in the air we breathe. To protect yourself wear a good-fitting #FFP2 or #FFP3 mask 😷 especially when in indoor public spaces.
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🧵on being covid aware & cautious when the world says no to that. I’m in a new minority in the UK as someone who hasn’t (knowingly) had a covid infection. Once I understood how contagious C19 was, I understood risks went beyond just me alone but was more about everyone else
2/ Then I considered it was a new unknown to medics & scientists. By March’20 in the uk it was clear too little too late had been done, unprecedented levels of infection, it was traumatic to learn how many were dying everyday at an increasing rate. Definitely something to avoid.
3/ still I thought, what does it do to the people who survive it? Understandably focus remained on levels of mortality. Then I learnt that epidemiologists were very concerned not only about all the visible impacts but also about virus mutation.
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👀WHAT NOT TO DO: Australia 🇦🇺 gave up on containment of #COVID19 in 2022—➡️ever since their hospitals 🏥 are utterly light years MORE FULL than they were in 2020 & early 2021 when mitigation was a thing. PREVENTION MATTERS—please also help HCWs! #CovidIsNotOver

HT @AndrewHewat
2) And what was the horrendous result of mass infection in Australia after govt leaders gave up on containing #COVID19??? Soaring deaths. Leadership makes a huge difference in your life and death and health. Vote wisely.
3) if only Australia / other countries still cared for #COVID19 they they once did… #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
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1/ Bad advice. Do not be vaxed relaxed. Omicron variants #BA4 and #BA5 - which are currently driving the new wave of infection, - resist & escape neutralizing antibodies induced by triple-dose vaccination & antibodies induced by prior omicron (#BA1) infection. 🧵
2/ Triple vaccination & prior omicron infection with #BA1 confer no protection against the new variant.
3/ Please ignore notorious Covid-minimiser, Prasad.

‘93-98%’ of people will not get #COVID19 if they wear a good-fitting #FFP2 or #FFP3 mask.

(Re)infection is not ‘inevitable’ and should be avoided. Continue to protect yourself.
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John Horgan built his brand on Geoff Meggs' 'The Bonnie Henry Mom & Pop Show', with Bonnie playing BC's mom to John's paternalistic 50s throwback dad. John was told to stand near Bonnie from time to time and smile and wave. It worked for a time & ended badly.

A 🧵:
Who wrote Bonnie's script?

Why has Bonnie's script been joined at the hip to Deena Hinshaw's in Alberta?

Why have BC & Alberta been at variance with the WHO, the USCDC and global scientific consensus ever since we stopped banging our pots and pans together every night at 7 pm?
#HenryAndHinshaw both adhere to Dr. John Conly's opinions. See mark 1:17:09 in this June 22, 2022 webinar for John's shout out and his accolades for Hinshaw & Henry while he disparages critical scientists and his peers with ad hominem attacks.…
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NZ Emergency Doctor Describes Crisis Caused By Lifting COVID Public Health Measures…
The World Socialist Web Site recently spoke with Gary Payinda, an emergency doctor in Whangarei in Northland, one of the poorest areas of New Zealand, about the out-of-control spread of COVID-19 and the crisis in public hospitals.
In recent months, hospitals have been overwhelmed by COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses.
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I want to talk about COVID exposure, long COVID, safety culture, and consent and why I care so much about if you decide to walk around your shared office without a mask on.

In 2013, a skater came to a practice I was coaching with mono and infected me. She knew beforehand that she was sick but she felt fine, so she came to practice.
That decision changed my life forever. I slept for the next two months but what followed was inexplicably worse.

Brain fog. Extreme fatigue. Seizure like activity that led to my license being suspended. Full body chronic pain. This went on for 18 months before calming down.
The fatigue and forgetfulness never left.

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#dif22 potential zum größten #superspreader event aller Zeiten: Legt man Daten von zwei in Spanien untersuchten Outdoor mass-gatherings mit 45.622 untersuchten Teilnehmern um, errechnen sich für 2,5 Mio. Besucher rein mathematisch 77.758 neue Fälle. Studienlink im Thread. Studie zu 2 Outdoor Massenveranstaltungen in der letzten Cor
Studie zu 2 Outdoor Musikfestivals vom 3 & 8-10 Juli 2021) in Spanien belegt für 45.622 TeilnehmerInnen Risiko Covid Infektion von 4,12% vs 1,69% für Gesamtbevölkerung als Kontroll-Gruppe. Wocheninzidenz bei 669 mit Schutzvorkehrungen in Kraft, insb. Test für Zutritt & Masken. Die Corona Situation in Spanien zum Zeitpunkt der beiden unt
Zusätzlich zur höheren Inzidenz ( 1049 Wien statt 669 in Spanien Sommer 2021 ) sprechen höhere Infektiosität der BA.4 und BA.5 Variante und Fehlen von Schutzmaßnahmen für die #dif22 #superspreader event These. #Omicron reichten 1,7 Minuten für eine Ansteckung. #CovidIsNotOver Ohne Schutz steckt Omicron bereits in wenigen Minuten an, vi
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🧵 Repeating some COVID facts ppl keep forgetting/ignoring:
- New variants much more contagious than origin strain
- Vaccines & boosters less effective for new variants
- Vaccine & booster immunity wanes over time
- Vaccine focus on preventing severe acute symptoms
- COVID Vaccines do not prevent transmission: you are still similarly contagious
- Asymptomatic infections also contagious
- Even CDC which has been minimizing everything admits ~20% COVID patients get #LongCOVID
- You can get #LongCOVID even if asymptomatic acute infection
- Cloth masks are fairly useless. Surgical masks are better. N95 masks are v good.
- Disposable N95 masks can be safely reused w appropriate care
- You can get COVID infections outdoors
- COVID doesn’t stop if you take masks off for photos or eating/drinking in public
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1/ Please @sfchronicle retract this misleading article by @MonicaGandhi9 with immediate effect.…
2/ Quoting the results of a small-scale study, @MonicaGandhi9 misleadingly claims “… We should reassure the public that Long COVID can be prevented through vaccination. Studies with good controls suggest that vaccination reduces the risk of Long COVID significantly.”
3/ This is simply not true.
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Great work Ireland. Refreshing to see a public health message which promotes exercising caution and protecting others through social responsibility. @HSELive

This message could not be more timely as the UK starts its third wave of the year.
Last week, cases numbers in the UK increased by nearly half-a-million. This week, rates of hospitalisation increased 25% #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #WearAMask😷…
As we start a new wave, a
⚠️ public health warning ⚠️
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Yeah it's the other things not COVID causing the problems right now.

Denial is powerful powerful powerful
Maybe it's adenovirus
Maybe it's a ham sandwich
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Wir alle sehnen uns nach mehr Normalität und würden die Pandemie gerne hinter uns lassen.
Auch und vor allem für unsere Kinder, Enkel, Neffen und Nichten...
Doch leider steigen die Infektionszahlen #bayern-weit bereits jetzt schon wieder deutlich an. Ein🧵
Nachdem unsere erste Petition ( im Winter am politischen Unwillen der Bayerischen Landesregierung aus @csu_lt und @fw_bayern gescheitert ist, schauen wir jetzt mit Sorge auf die sich aufbauende Infektionswelle und weitere im Herbst und Winter./2
Auch wenn von allen Seiten einhellig beteuert wird, dass man diesmal vorbereitet wäre, nehmen wir doch tatsächlich keine ernstzunehmenden Schritte wahr, die auf eine bessere Vorbereitung für sichere Kitas (und Schulen) im Herbst hindeuten./3

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1/ Public health messaging has failed to warn the public on:

➡️ Long term infection harms

➡️ How to protect oneself from infection

Given we’re at the start of a new wave, case numbers & rates of hospitalisation are rapidly rising, here’s a

⚠️ public health warning ⚠️

This message is important to everyone, but is especially pertinent to those who erroneously believe #LongCovid is ‘just tiredness after infection’ and it won’t happen to them because they’ve had it and ‘it was just a cold’
First let’s discuss #LongCovid.

Long Covid is a chronic, multi organ, physical condition, currently absent of treatment or cure.

Latest figures show 2M ppl in the UK are affected. 376K have now been unwell for >2 yrs. While some slowly improve, recovery is not guaranteed.
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.@EIDGeek Dr. L. I was a big fan of yours. My consistent messaging with tens of thousands of tweets has been to clearly acknowledge #COVIDIsAirborne & encourage people not to give up. We need to make it clear there is so much we can do to reduce the number of infections. (1/2)
For whatever reason, you chose to add the word "eradication". If you do Twitter search of my tweets, I have NEVER used that word. I am deeply disappointed by your tweet accusing me of spreading misinformation when all I was trying to do was to help people keep fighting (2/2).
What I didn't say is this smear by a person who is a "big fan" is happening more and more. It is a reason I am seriously considering leaving Twitter. I don't have time or energy for these harmful accusations.
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This is insane:
Only 54 percent of district health board staff have had the flu vaccine! Nelson Marlborough District Health Board: just 39 percent of workers had been vaccinated against flu.
If you can prevent infection with something (the flu) that harms kids, older people, pregnant women, and others...and kills some people every year, how can you be a health care worker and not bother getting keep your patients safer?

Of course it should be required
Also this is becoming a trend, increasing/promoting free vaccines *after* a surge/peak
Prevention doesn't work that way.

We knew months ago that this would be a bad flu season, Australia got clobbered.
And yet we changed nothing.
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