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1/11This is the bizarre thing @joanna_brady ….

@UsforThemUK are repeatedly heard saying “NO” to ANY form of protection from #COVID19, a virus that we know can cause significant morbidity & mortality in both adults & children.

But they NEVER offer any practical solutions.
2/ Obvs it’s good news that serious illness/death in children from #COVID19 is rare, but there’s no good way to predict which 1 in roughly 10 children’ll be left w/ long term debilitating symptoms, so letting them be so CRUELLY EXPOSED every day they’re @ school is NEGLIGENT!
3/ Negligent, cruel, unnecessary, unconscionable, wicked, brutal, reckless, unforgivable…..
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1/10 How fortunate to have both @lensiseethrough & @JuliaHB1 in one place together!

Molly, Julia & @UsforThemUK - Let’s put the physical risks of #COVID19 & #LongCovid to individual children & adolescents to one side for a moment.
2/ And let’s also ignore the devastating effect on any child, of a close family member having serious #COVID19, #LongCovid or dying from #COVID.
3/ And for completeness let’s just forget that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US wants to “get back to normal” & for the final restrictions to be safely eased…..

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1/9 Dear @adilray, you & @susannareid100 are 2 of few presenters prepared fo challenge government rhetoric.

Can you ask @MattHancock why, in the face of ⬆️cases & hospitalisations of the #DeltaVariant, schools have virtually no mitigations to ⬇️transmission of an #airborne🦠?
2/ Children account for a significant proportion of ⬆️cases (10,000+ today) & can transmit #COVID19 to their families.

A worrying number of children have got #LongCovid (maybe 10%) & campaigners are trying to prevent them being vaccinated.
CV/CEV kids are a particular concern.
3/ There are several weeks of term left & ⬆️numbers of schools have outbreaks, risking not only the health of pupils, staff & families but also MORE EDUCATIONAL DISRUPTION.

WHY are the lives of CHILDREN being dismissed so callously?

WHY is NOTHING being done to protect them?
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The documents proving that Canadian government knew since July-August last year that #COVIDisAirborne are here. The questions we all are aksing are: why are Public Health Officers still denying this? Why haven't policies updated to inform the public how to protect themselves?
Among the docs, the "Evidence Brief of Maximum Incubation Period" reports multiple cases of incubation periods over 14 days and also mentions that children were identified to present longer incubation periods. Date of the Canadian report is January 2021. Policy didn't change.
The Summary of Transmission of Aug 2020 states that there is evidence that SARS-CoV-2 may be transmitted through HVAC systems in healthcare settings. How many hospital outbreaks have happened since then? Any comment on Foothills outbreak that is still taking lives @CMOH_Alberta ?
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Progress report, Aus.

COVID-19 is not airborne
COVID-19 droplets might get blown in special situations
Tiny Floating Droplet in gale force winds.
Fine you can have some PPE but only if you are scared. ->
OK #COVIDisAirborne but it’s really not the main issue.

We won’t move HQ to airgapped facilities because we have much bigger problems like people touching their face and breaking protocol!

(Worker blaming +even if it were a problem, less contamination would occur outdoors!)
Honestly, anywhere west of Concorde is too remote for staff to travel to… this kind of remote medicine is not suitable for returned travellers. There’s no health infrastructure out there. How would you even get there?

(This is true. Half of Sydney has underfunded health)
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1/11 Just for 1 minute, put acute #COVID & #LongCovid to one side.

How exactly do those in the #DfE, #UsForThem, #CRG & the #HartGroup intend to protect children from more educational disruption w/ a highly contagious virus whirling its way through schools across the UK?

2/The ongoing educational damage done by CHOOSING NOT to adequately & effectively mitigate for an #airborne virus w/in UK schools (English esp) was completely avoidable.

IT WAS (& CONTINUES TO BE) A CHOICE, sanctioned by Gvmt AND a mostly complicit media.
3/ Our political leaders chose to follow a THEORETICAL #HerdImmunity “strategy” with a novel virus which RELIED ON unmitigated spread within young, fit parts of society & FACTORED IN that sadly some of those would also become seriously ill or die.
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Le saviez-vous? #LeSaviezVousCOVID

La @SFAR_ORG vient de publier des nouvelles recos dans le cadre de la pandémie COVID
#MondayMotivation car c’est drastique‼️

Le travail de synthèse des experts a abouti à 65 recommandations.
#thread de morceaux choisis en 1️⃣5️⃣ tweets 👇🏽
1️⃣⚠️Organisation des consultations
Cela dit c’est aussi valable pour tous les types de consultation #CovidIsAirbone poke @corinne_depagne
2️⃣Les experts suggèrent que, lors d’une procédure à risque d’aérosolisation chez un patient, quel que soit son statut COVID-19, tt soignant porte un masque FFP2,une coiffe et une protection oculaire (lunettes de protection occlusives ou écran facial). #CovidIsAirborne #aerosols
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📍Nearly 2/3 of Russians say they do not plan to get the Sputnik vaccine. Analysts attribute hesitancy to: widespread distrust of 🇷🇺 authorities, & frequent state television reports that #COVID19 as mostly defeated or not dangerous… And now a new surge.🧵…
2) “Russian officials scrambled on Saturday to slow the spread of a new wave of the coronavirus, ordering workers in Moscow to take next week off and pleading with the populace to make use of widely available vaccines.
3) “The biggest spike appeared to be in Moscow, the Russian capital, which reported 6,701 new cases on Saturday — more than double the rise five days ago, and the highest single-day total since December. “
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Some thoughts on ventilation and cross contamination of air between mid/high-rise suites that I've observed over 10 years of working in condos, apartments, hotels, and group homes.
So you've checked that the ventilation in your suite is working but where is that air going? /1
Many exhaust ducts especially in older buildings break and become disconnected inside wall and ceiling spaces. Let's remember many of these ducts are held together with a few screws and "duct tape". /2
Drains, drain stacks and water supply risers are replaced for renos and repairs. The sleeves (holes through the concrete floor which pipes/ducts travel through) are supposed to be sealed as per local fire code but that is up to the repair tech and is almost never inspected. /3
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Arbetsgivare försöker förklara varför det är viktigt att personalen nu skall ha andningsskydd vid vård av Covid-19 efter att ha tvingats till ändring av Arbetsmiljöverket efter anmälan av skyddsombud. Utdrag ur utbildningsmaterial
#COVIDisAirborne #onlyinSweden
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📍Wasted $750 million on #COVID19 plexiglass instead of air quality. ➡️ “We spent a lot of time & money focused on hygiene theater. Danger is we didn’t address the real threat—airborne transmission—real $, time & attention.” @j_g_allen. #COVIDisAirborne…
2) Not a single study has shown that the clear plastic barriers actually control the virus, said Joseph Allen of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
3) For the first months of Covid-19, top health authorities pointed to larger droplets as the key transmission culprits, despite a chorus of protests from researchers. Tinier floating droplets can also spread the virus, they warned, meaning plastic shields can’t stop them.
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Herd immunity wont protect you: #COVIDisAirborne

80% of your network is vaccinated. They form a ring of immunity around you, they reduce your chance of contact with an infected person.
But virus is airborne, so it floats right over that immune ring and gets you

A thread 🧵
When a substantial number of people are vaccinated COVID-19 cases will drop, we will even contain the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean unvaccinated people are safe!

Imagine you work in an enclosed office without ventilation or air filtration. No attention to indoor air quality
80% of office co-workers are vaccinated. 10% aren’t vaccinated but recovered from COVID-19. 10% are not vaccinated nor have had COVID-19, they’re unprotected. Sam is one person in the unprotected group. Sam goes out to bars. Sam likes to party. Lovely chap. Good for a pint.
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WOW—Belgium announces that CO2 meters (of air ventilation) will be required in hotels, restaurants, bars, banquet halls & fitness centers — and required to be **visible** to all customers.

Amazing #COVID19 leadership by @PedroFacon—advocacy by @mdc_martinus. #COVIDisAirborne.
2) CO2 does not cause infections directly per se. but it is a proxy of poor indoor air quality that allows #SARSCoV2 virus particles to build up, which is hard to measure. Thus, CO2 allows a quick and easy way to assess potential chances of virus buildup and infection risk.
3) And we know CO2 improvements also helps decrease other airborne infectious pathogens like TB.
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Dank aan @PedroFacon 💐 voor de kristalheldere uitleg!

Covid-19 verspreidt via de lucht (aërosolen)
Wat zijn #aerosolen?

@mdc_martinus @CO2meetactie @DasUlrike @Tweedle65921973 @CarlvKeirsbilck @jdceulaer @HarrySpoelstra
In slecht geventileerde/verluchte ruimten blijven de kleinste deeltjes (#aerosolen) hangen, zodat andere mensen ze weer inademen, zélf bij een afstand van 1.5m!
Je kan het eigenlijk BEST vergelijken met hoe 🚬SIGARETTENROOK 🚬 zich verspreidt in een ruimte.

In de #aërosolen kunnen ook virusdeeltjes zitten van een besmette persoon.

‼️ Daarom: #VENTILATIE /#verluchting = cruciaal ‼️
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“There's been a shift from ignoring the data to suppressing the data” Stephen Reicher on @allthecitizens 3/6

Had Twitter’s tech played ball, we’d have borne witness to obfuscation of schools data over the last 13 months, & the fight for transparency 🧵

After founding our parents Facebook group on 3rd May 2020, our members started telling us about Covid cases in their schools. Their comments were usually followed up by them posting a link to a local newspaper report of the case.…
It was clear members felt this information should be publicised to challenge the “kids don’t get covid” and “schools are magically safe places” narratives dominant at the time.

The maps were born.…
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1. “Don’t leave the borders open, you’ll put the vaccine programme at risk”
2. “If we relax restrictions too soon without proper border controls, we will increase the risk of another lockdown.”
3. “Don’t get rid of masks. Implement other mitigations like ventilation and filtration in classrooms. Schools are an important source of transmission.”
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BREAKING—Victoria🇦🇺 extends lockdown. Worse, Chief health officer Brett Sutton says cases now infected in ways “not seen before”. 📌One person infected at an indoor space “2 hours after infectious case had left” &📌another case in outdoor dining.🧵#COVID19…
2) “(It) was therefore a substantial period of time but they had left two hours before the next exposed individual came in who has become a case.”
“That’s in the kind of measles category of infectiousness.” ⚠️
3) “It may be on surfaces but it could absolutely be through airborne transmission as well because of that indoor setting.”
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1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that “PEOPLE” just don’t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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1/ Where is @GavinWilliamson?

Whatever your opinion of #DominicCummings his testimony FITS with what’s happened on the ground in our #COVID19UK experience.

Little mention of schools but school children, families & staff are STILL NOT BEING PROTECTED ADEQUATELY...NOW...TODAY!
2/ School-age children, many parents & young staff are
UNVACCINATED against an #Airborne 🦠.

HOW MUCH LONGER must we wait for @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk @NickGibbUK & @halfon4harlowMP UNDERSTAND BASIC SCIENCE?…
3/ IF they CAN’T, or WON’T, understand & accept that #COVIDisAirborne & that #VentilationMatters & #MasksSaveLives
then quite simply they’re unfit to be in positions of such power.

Department for Education had no Covid plan, say MPs…
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Droplets Drop


Schools "should stop enhanced cleaning,
disinfecting, “deep clean” days, and any other expensive and disruptive cleaning. "…

More: "US government should convene a federal task force dedicated to school air quality to develop guidance for long-term, sustainable, cost-effective, improvements to indoor air quality in schools."
"they should develop guidance for improving, monitoring, and maintaining good indoor air quality....importantly, should provide recommendations for oversight and accountability."
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1/6 The figures are indeed devastating Mr Hunt & #ventilation in healthcare settings MUST be improved.

BUT you fail to comment on the INADEQUATE LEVEL of #PPE STILL worn by so many HCWs which undoubtedly resulted in many patients becoming infected as well as HCW illness & death.
2/HCWs are justified in being angry & patients have a right to be angry too.
The failings of UK Gvmt & @PHE_uk on #PPE are significant.

#OperationCygnus results ignored.

Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs.

#VIP lane for contracts but known #PPE suppliers ignored.
3/Would you feel SAFE caring for patients w/ known or suspected #COVID19 in a FRSM😷& plastic apron?

We know that those working in A+E, acute medical units & primary care are particularly vulnerable, seeing patients when they are likely to be highly infectious.
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1/Those of the “but there’s no significant transmission in schools” persuasion must surely now accept that whether it’s kids➡️parents or parents➡️kids, a HUGE⬆️in CASES in SCHOOL AGE KIDS & PARENTS of SCHOOL-AGE KIDS is NOT GOOD, as they’re mostly UNVACCINATED!
2/ Please TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY @GavinWilliamson @NickGibbUK @halfon4harlowMP & @educationgovuk.

Failure to adequately protect so many children & young adults from AVOIDABLE INFECTION after 15Ms is a completely unacceptable abuse of your power.
You cannot claim ignorance again!
3/ I promise you #PrimeMinister , I & many like me who’ve repeatedly BEGGED you to #MakeSchoolsSafe by effectively mitigating for an #Airborne 🦠,WILL NOT FORGET or FORGIVE YOU for what you’ve done!
Natural #HerdImmunity was always the plan,at least have the decency to admit it.
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1/ Tragically I can @carolecadwalla.

From the v start of the pandemic, #PHE have made a number of decisions that have definitely NOT been in the public’s or healthcare workers’ interest & will have resulted in many more lives lost or irrevocably damaged than was necessary.
2/ Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs was one such example.

Few HCWs doubt that the decision was based on supplies of #PPE available.
Anyone in doubt should try to watch this @BBCPanorama by Richard Bilton which is bizarrely no longer available?!
3/ @DrRCoull & I were 2 of many GPs who raised concerns last yr over the LEVEL of #PPE HCWs expected to wear when dealing directly w/ confirmed or suspected #COVID19 pts.
@drmeenalviz @ThePalpitations @DAUK_GP & @EveryDoctorUK @DrSimonHodes +others REPEATEDLY RAISED THE ISSUE
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1. I'm preparing for another set of 'no one could have foreseen' soundbites from ministers in 3 or 4 months. Will they get away with yet another 'pile'? And before you come at me with 'lockdown fanatic', read on 👇
2. The government says we must learn to live with the virus. In order to do so we must understand two things: maths and biology. The maths of our current situation isn't good.
3. SAGE estimates a wave larger than January if the B.1.617.2 variant is more transmissible (which it seems to be) and partially escapes the vaccines (which it seems to). @dgurdasani1 offers analysis here:

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