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#QALA - From the eyes of a Psychiatrist.
P.S. Spoilers ahead.
Read on for some themes I could find.
A 🧵
#MedTwitter #moviereview
#psychtwitter #mentalhealth
1. The concept of unwanted child

QALA's twin brother dies in utero, which is a big shock to her mother Urmila Manjushri, who blames Qala for taking away all the nutrition from her brother in utero & even tries to smother her. Qala becomes an unwanted child in the process.
2. Critical parenting

Though her mother tries to teach Qala the art of music, she is never satisfied and goes to on to punish her by keeping her out of the house in the chilling snow as Qala is not able to perform to her satisfaction.
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Son dönemde izleyip önerdiğim 5 film;

1- Big Short (Büyük Açık) – 2015
2- Moneyball (Kazanma Sanatı) – 2011
3- American Factory – 2019
4- Sleepers (Kardeş Gibiydiler) – 1996
5- Atonement (Kefaret) – 2007

#film #fivemovies #moviereview #filmtavsiyesi #sinema
1-Big Short (Büyük Açık) – 2015 yapımı

2-Moneyball (Kazanma Sanatı) – 2011

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Je viens de revoir Under The Silver Lake de David Robert Mitchell et vraiment, je trouve ce film prodigieux sur ce qu'il dit de notre société, du complotisme, du sectarisme, du voyeurisme et de la tristesse des jeunes générations. ⤵️

#MovieReview #FilmTwitter
Une séquence me marque particulièrement : celle de Sam et son pote qui lancent un drone-caméra. Une version plus moderne et intrusive que les jumelles employées par Sam depuis le début du film. Tandis que son ami explique la paranoïa moderne par excellente : être suivi/espionné⤵️
On y voit une jeune femme s'installer face caméra par une fenêtre et se déshabiller devant le drone. En réalité, ce n'est pas ce déshabillage qui déstabilise mais le fait qu'elle se mette à pleurer devant nous, spectateur-voyeur. ⤵️
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#MovieReview Just Watched #Lostcity which is a Romance and Adventure #Comedy .

And here is my 2cents on the movie.

#Thread Image
1. Stress reliever needed
I HAD A BLAST watching this movie, nothing to strain your brain but good enough to make you laugh in the theater or at the comfort of your TV!
It is just a stress relief and they delivered.
#Sandra falling off the car rolled my ribs off. Image
2. Awesomeness in this #movie and the #cast

The characters were top notch.
At first I was heck no to blonde Dash aka #ChanningTatum then it happened to grow on me. Great character development. Image
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Theatrical Releases During 2022
1. #Sing2
Bigger adventure and slightly better sequel to get us teary-eyed and smiling at certain moments. Garth Jennings dig deeper on some main characters' personal journeys until "out-of-this-world" show in the end. You'll be sing along with them if you know those songs.
3.5/5 Image
2. #HappyNewYear
Enchanting homage to love in luxury hotel's holiday season. Kwak Jae-young got typical 'K-drama' romance with expected sentimental moments. At least famous cast delivered good performances and very easy on the eye to create warm and fuzzy feel in our hearts
3.5/5 Image
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Blue Ruin - 2013
இது ஒரு Violent ஆன Revenge movie .

தனது பெற்றோர்களை கொன்றவர்களை பழிவாங்கும் மகனை பற்றியது.

இந்த கதையை தான் நம்ம காலம் காலமாக பார்க்கிறோமே என நினைக்கலாம்.

இதுல என்ன வித்தியாசம் என்றால் ஹீரோவை ரொம்பவே சாதாரண ஒரு மனிதனாக காட்டி இருப்பது தான்

#Tamil #MovieReview Image
ஒரு அமைதியான வாழ்க்கை வாழ்ந்தவன் திடீரென பழி வாங்க கிளம்பினால் அவன் என்ன பண்ணுவான் என்பதை படத்தில் காட்டி உள்ளனர்.
பெற்றோர்கள் ஏன் கொல்லப்பட்டனர்? பழி வாங்கினானா என்பதை படத்தில் பாருங்கள்.

ஸ்லோ மூவி தான் ஆனால் நன்றாக இருக்கும்.

Available @PrimeVideoIN , tamil dub illai
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Review: Space Moms

Radha Bharadwaj’s Space Moms is a film that slowly draws you in and then engrosses you so completely, even though you know how the story ends.

#SpaceMOMs #MovieReview
After all, that image of saree-clad rocket scientists and engineers with gajras in their hair, laughing and crying at the joy of having successfully accomplished India’s Mission to Mars remains with us, forever imprinted thanks to our television and newspapers of that time.
The characters of the three women protagonists, who lead their teams of scientists and engineers, are etched so delicately and yet with such steely strength that the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary before our very eyes.
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Movie Title: An Interview With GOD

If you had the opportunity to ask God a question, what would it be?

That’s the fascinating notion posed by the movie, “An Interview with God.”


👇🏾 Image
An Interview with God is a unique, thought provoking and well produced film that is a great starter for discussions of who God is, and wondering what questions we would ask God while looking at our lives and faith.

It was written and produced by Ken Aguado and directed by Perry Lang. This christian-based movie is available on Netflix.

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1. #Spoilersahead: As much as I love the potential for #minorityandfemalerepresentation in future #MarvelCinematicUniverse films, I still think the way that #Falcon (@AnthonyMackie) got the #CaptainAmericashield is a #copout by @Marvel /@MarvelStudios, since its previous
2. representations of him (including #EndGame) have been less than ideal (a secondary character who got knocked out of fights all the time, paving the way for the observation / reservation that this #passingofthetorch was not earned). And the fact that #SteveRogers (@ChrisEvans)
3. only gave up his shield for his love (#PeggyCarter / #HayleyAtwell), though a nice sentiment in itself, leaves room for his return in the future. Thus, giving @Marvel / @MarvelStudios the option to #swaywiththepoliticalwinds. While #TonyStarks (@RobertDowneyJr) sacrifice was a
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kami lagi melakukan 14 Days Movie Challenge buat mengapresiasi film-film dengan rating yang cukup tinggi dan termasuk dalam list film terbaik sepanjang masa.

14 hari, 14 film.

ada beberapa yang sudah kami tonton dan kami tonton ulang agar lebih menghayati semua elemennya, ada juga yang baru kami tonton untuk kali pertama.

dan kami akan membagikan pengalaman nonton serta review film-film tersebut di blog kami

film pertama yang kami tonton di hari pertama adalah:

A Clockwork Orange (1971).

baca review dan sharing experience kami di link ini ya.

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