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Listening to @PreetBharara @gtconway3d discusss “diagnosing Trump.” #PsychTwitter
@gtconway3d suggested neuropsychological testing to determine Trump’s level of cognitive functioning. Tbh, I don’t think Trump could sit & complete various cognitive tasks for 45 minutes without standing up & leaving the room. That in & of itself is diagnostic.
Ht @AllenFrancesMD got a shout out! Congrats Al.
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Need advice from the clinical psychologists out there: what are your must-have books/manuals/workbooks for evidence-based treatment? Looking to stock the library in our training clinic. Please RT! #CBTworks #CBTweeps #SoMePsychs #psychtwitter @ABCTNOW @ABCTAnxietySIG
@ABCTNOW @ABCTAnxietySIG I'll add Treating Bipolar Disorder by Ellen Frank. Any favorite IPT books? What about OCD recommendations?
@ABCTNOW @ABCTAnxietySIG This is getting hard to follow @ThreadReaderApp please unroll
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Quick Tutorial Thread for Twitter

Psychiatric Cardiology 101: QTc

Wherein a psychiatrist tries to teach cardiology (and hopefully doesn't embarrass themselves)

#psychtwitter #medtwitter #MedEd #psychchat #somemed #somepsych

Warning: MATH
What is QT? (Yes yes, it can be your texting shorthand to get your groove on)

QT refers to the interval on the electrocardiocgram, in milliseconds, between the START of the QRS complex to the END of the T Wave
(as the graph shows, if you wanna be super fancy, we calculate the end of the T wave by intersecting the maximum slope with the isoelectric baseline)
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So hey #medtwitter, I know that Invega and Zyprexa and Saphris are new sexy drugs, but for bipolar disorder, have you considered lithium? Yeah, I know, that drug rep WAS pretty hot... but... this medication deserves a rep.


#somepsych #psychtwitter #MedEd
I'm nowhere near sexy enough to be hired by a Pharma company, but allow me to be that rep.

(This is particularly targeted at my American psychiatric colleagues, who for whatever reason seem quite enthralled with every new medication that comes down the pipeline)
The last decade has brought out SO MUCH EVIDENCE for Lithium (Li+) in bipolar disorder (BD). Many old ideas about Li+ have changed, and our knowledge has just gotten so much stronger.
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"What's wrong with this BS?"

If you are #depressed, you are living in the past
If you are #anxious, you are living in the future
If you are at peace, you are living in the present
- Lao Tzu

WRONG! But good for teaching.
#meded #psychtwitter #somepsych #medtwitter
(quick trigger warning)

This is intended to be educational re: depression & anxiety. It mentions concepts that can be difficult to read about suicide, trauma, and depression. If you're not in a place to read it now, come back later :)

My cat distracts:
A psych mini-tweetorial and a bit more #philosophy, but this is important in #medicine and #psychiatry.

Ultimately, I hope it'll be obvious that this quote is simplifying, stigmatizing, and harmful. It's classic pseudo-profound bullshit.

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Lots coming out around @danielleofri ‘s latest NYT piece. Everything she says here is gold and points to the ways in which the altruism of physicians has been taken advantage of. As a psychiatrist, I always like to take it a little deeper.... (A THREAD 1/10)
Last week in #mdedgechats abt physician suicide, I brought up how strange it is that the most highly educated professionals in the US somehow ended up not being in control of their own profession? Lawyers CEO's, politicians make the decisions about medicine not doctors. 2/10
What @danielleofri writes touches on this too. People who go into medicine are do gooders & givers at their core. Do gooders have bad boundaries. (Most of us) will choose taking care of the patient over taking care of ourselves. If not, we don’t survive training. #MedTwitter 3/
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