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‘The Nature of place #001 - Great Copse, Wiltshire’
Epitomising a location in a single image
From the archives
‘The Nature of Place - An unnamed roadside copse, Wiltshire’
Epitomising a location in a single image
Unseen from the archives
#film #5x4 #englishwoodland
‘The Nature of Place - An unnamed copse, Wiltshire’
Epitomising a location in a single image
Unseen from the archives
#film #5x4 #englishwoodland
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Female speaking time in Best Picture noms

8% - Bohemian Rhapsody
10% - BlacKkKlansman
12% - Green Book (winner)
18% - Vice
30% - Black Panther
36% - A Star Is Born
69% - The Favourite
90% - Roma

(Ceretai) #0urWorld #Oscars
A movie passes the Bechdel Test if:

1. it has at least two (named) women in it
2. who talk to each other
3. about something other than a man

About 40% of movies fail this test.
Bechdel Test for top-rated IMDb movies

❌ The Shawshank Redemption
❌ The Godfather I & II
☑️ The Dark Knight
❌ The Lord of the Rings 1-3
☑️ Pulp Fiction
☑️ Schindler’s List
❌ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
☑️ Inception
❌ Fight Club
❌ Forrest Gump
❌ Star Wars: Episode IV-VI
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Freedom of Movement: we can control who stays after 3 months. We've always been able to but successive governments have chosen not to. FoM means we can quickly fill skills shortages in the NHS, teaching, research, hospitality industry, construction, agriculture.
Freedom of Movement also means we can fall in love with whom we like and not worry about being able to get visas, and know that our children are safe in their family home, be it in the UK or another member state of the EU. #LoveEU #Reasons2StayInEU
Freedom of Movement helps us with aged parents or relatives who live in another EU member state but who we need to care for, knowing it doesn't matter about health bills as the EU deal is reciprocal. #EU looks after our health and wellbeing. #Reasons2StayInEU.
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Has anybody revisited the 1962 Sidney Poitier movie "Pressure Point" in light of the persistence of white supremacist politics in our time?…
In one scene, the white supremacists are singing "The Star Spangled Banner," the anthem of the United States, at one of their meetings, with USA & 3rd Reich flags displayed
In another scene, the white supremacist prisoner scoffs at Poitier's suggestion that White Supremacy will fail because it is built on a lie. He says, "This country is built on a lie." He asks if it treats people like "All men are created equal." #film #history #racism
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Internet was crazy low to no today as the crowd level went up.

Some more lovely #costumes, and a neat #drawing of five spot charlie, from "Oscar" (drawing by @mooncowhand )

#Sims #Greg #OverTheGardenWall #Galactos #oscar #comedy #film
@mooncowhand A note without pictures, soooooo many lil gaybies there today ❤❤❤

Wearing their rainbow flag capes, or running about with their bi, pan, or trans flags..... Just out and hopping about at the con ❤💛💚💙💜

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Khamenei Wild Animals under the name of Ethical or moral Police do like this with Iranian girls and women every day. What do you think the response of these criminals is?
Pls share
#FreeIran #Iran #HumanRights
A painful scene!...
The mullahs regime have turned Iran to a hell for Iranian women
These measures will lead to the Iranian Uprising.
#FreeIran #Regimechange
This is the regime forces brutal behavior with the people of #Iran
Accepting Zarif is tantamount to legitimizing the suppression of the #Iranian,s #women.
#IranProtests #RegimeChange #FreeIran
@realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley @StateDept @usmissiongeneva @statedeptspox
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think MODELS #Models #fashon and #camGirls think #NXIVM & #rayChandler are many cam girls on / referred 2 as models? what if these kinds of sites R massive trafficking rings? think #catWalk #fashionTV (same?) sad eyes?
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